January 24, 2009

In addition to or place of weight-loss challenges

why not try a Brain-Gain challenge for 2009? As a lover of books and bookstores, I was quite inspired by this Independent Bookstore Readers Challenge. (They also have other great reading challenges to peruse.)

In addition to holding myself to that challenge, I'm also going to challenge myself to attend at least two more literary/educational/art/music/theatre events than I did in 2008, and, more importantly, to make a greater effort to discuss the experiences. I forget the importance of reflection - it'd be nice to share more of those experiences so we can all be a little more informed and inspired for the next event!

January 16, 2009

Raise the Roof with Joy


January 10, 2009

For those of you wondering...

...Takk for Maten - the Scandinavian cafe downtown on Lake Avenue - has suffered a bit of a setback but WILL REOPEN!

A steam pipe malfunctioned, flooded the store with like 200-percent humidity air, and did stuff like warping the floors and melting all the chocolate.

They're cleaning things up and will be closed a few weeks. There already was some ongoing renovation work on the front of the building - so it may kind of look like the place is gone - but they're planning on coming back better than ever.

If you hadn't yet heard about Takk for Maten, here's a link to an earlier PDD post

January 05, 2009

Voices of the Lake Speaker Series


“1855-Lake Superior’s First Tourists Arrive”

Join us for the Voices of the Lake speaker series on Thursday, January 8th, 2009 at 6:30p.m. as Duluth Historian Ronald Mershart gives us a glimpse into the expansion of tourism to the Lake Superior Region. Today tourism is the backbone of our local economy but not so long ago, the Lake Superior Region was considered a wild unknown to settlers in the east. In the middle of the 19th century city folk began to explore this area lured by the opportunity to see new people, wildlife and landscapes. The middle of the 19th century was a time of great exploration and expansion throughout North America. People were heading west to “wild” parts of the United States, and this included the Northern Frontier. Railroads began to expand west and steamships carried tourists to new destinations. Newspapers, magazines, and novels began to romanticize the Wild West piquing the interest of travelers. Duluth was easy to access by train and steamer and thus became a popular tourist destination.
The Voices of the Lake speaker series takes place on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in the Great Lakes Aquarium lobby. The cost of the presentations for the general public is $3; GLA members are free. Parking is complimentary. For more information on the speaker series please contact Sara Kubarek at [email protected].

December 31, 2008

2008: Bad year for Duluth

We lost Pasek Pharmacy (in its original incarnation), Bayside Market, European Bakery and Daugherty's Hardware. All were long, long-time Duluth business, and I would argue, institutions of the community.

We are all poorer for the loss of these businesses.

What does this say about Duluth? What does it say about the businesses themselves? Is this a factor of the current economy, or has this been a long time coming?


December 13, 2008

Speaking of 19th Avenue East

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December 11, 2008

Chris Monroe Holiday Party. This Saturday.

December 09, 2008

Pinewood Racing at Carmody.


Overall winner Anthony and his Beer Truck.
Fastest car-Chad
Best in show-Starfire and his Pirate Ship car/boat.
Best paint-Carolyn and her Partridge Family Bus.
Peoples choice-Steve and the Black Cloud.
Most offensive-Dick and his Bloodstool.

More pics after the jump.

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December 05, 2008

Two Tremendous Twin Ports Readings

Prolific Prose Poet, Louis Jenkins, reads from his newest collection of prose and poetry, European Shoes this Sunday, December 7th, 3:30pm at the Quaker Meeting House 1802 E.1st. Always entertaining - make sure to come out to hear him read and to pick up a copy of his book!

For more information on Jenkins or European Shoes, clik on to Norlight Lit Life

Savvy Short Story Master, Anthony Bukoski, will be reading from his revised and expanded collection of short stories Twelve Below Zeroon Thursday, December 11th, 7pm, in the Multicultural Center at UW-Superior, Old Main building room 232.
(a review of his work to be up on Norlight Lit Life in the not too distant future!)

Hoping you can support local literature as you enjoy local music, theatre, food, crafts, etc. etc.!

December 04, 2008

A Beautiful Rescue


Yet another cool thing getting its start in Duluth. Silent Auction and Benefit Concert for the kick-off is tomorrow night. So ... if you show up you'll be getting in on the ground floor. How often do you have an opportunity like that?

It's Christmas at the Duluth Playhouse

November 14, 2008

We hope you will join us for the debut event of the Arrowhead Alliance of Artists With Disabilities

To give you an idea of who we are and what we're up to, we recently created a video at PACT studios in Duluth, and asked local band Tangier 57 to make us a soundtrack.

Click on the following link to find out more about AAAWD and our upcoming event:

Announcing AAAWD's multi-media debut at the Play Ground!

Friday & Saturday, November 21-22, 2008
"An AAAWD Evening"
The Play Ground
Technology Village (main level)
11 East Superior Street, Duluth, MN
6:30 pm | Artists' Reception featuring Harpist, Christina Cotruvo
7:30 pm | Part I: AAAWD Little Films
8:30 pm | Part II: CHOICE Dancers & BOLD-Choice Theater Company
Tickets $5 (general admission at the door)
Box Office: 218-733-7555

Wheelchair seating, Audio Description and ASL Interpreter services will be available for both performances.
Complimentary refreshments will also be provided.

(posted for Bridget Riversmith)

November 13, 2008

Voices of the Lake Speaker Series

voices logo.jpg

Diving the Depths of Lake Superior

Presented by: Jay Hanson

Superior Scuba Charters

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

6:30 pm-7:30 pm

General Public: $3; GLA Members: FREE

Dive into the deep end of Lake Superior with scuba diver Jay Hanson of Superior Scuba Charters. Discover what it's like to dive up to 400 feet! Mr. Hanson will share his deep sea diving techniques, equipment used, and his personal experiences. Explore the depths of Lake Superior through the eyes of a scuba diver and listen to his diving adventures from around the world!

For more information please contact Sara Kubarek at [email protected] or 218-740-2013.

November 06, 2008



Scenesters or PDD Get-Together? You decide!

November 01, 2008

Voting in MN

Tuesday is election day.

MN law does not allow for people to wear campaign material at the polls. If doing so you will be asked to remove, or cover up the item/s before you are allowed to vote.

MN is expected to reach between 80% to 90% voter turnout and it may be higher in Duluth (2004 had about 77% Statewide).

You can register at the polls as long as you have lived in MN for at least 30 days, to do so you will need either:
A) Current state Driver's Lisc, or State ID
B) College ID/Tribal ID/Passport with your most current Utility Bill (within 30 days) that has your name/address on it (credit card bills are not utility bills, rent statement are not utility bills unless they have utilities itemized)
C) A college ID with a current on-campus housing statement.
D) A voter in your district who is already registered to vote may vouch for you.

There are some other documentations, but these are the most likely/common scenarios.

To find where you can vote in St. Louis Co. use this page

When voting, especially if you are doing so late in the day, keep in mind Election Judges are working a 13-16 hour day, and this year is shaping up to be a long busy day, for just above minimum wage. Be kind, be smart, go vote. It is going to make history no matter how it turns out.

October 30, 2008

Election Eve Parties?

I am feeling the need to watch the election results surrounded my food and booze, preferably supplied by someone else (guess it's my socialist background). Where are people going on election night?

Halloween on Superior Street

[Apologies to Zoey. This was taken five years ago.]

Holy crap there's a lot going on this Friday.

Fitger's Brewhouse | The Freewheelers Halloween
Jamie Ness, Jim Hall, and Brad Nelson cover Bob Dylan songs. Attendees are encouraged to dress as a character from a Bob Dylan song. Maybe I'll go as Arnold Friend, the character from Joyce Carol Oates' short story "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?" which was based on Dylan's song, "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue." God, this is like another kind of Geek Prom.

Carmody Irish Pub | Tangier 57, Haus Meeting, and Tim Kaiser
A/K/A the three weirdest acts in town. I heard a rumor today that there will also be a chartered bus running back and forth between Carmody and the Blue Crab (?) in the West End, which (coincidentally?) is where Tim K. played Homegrown. If you missed that show, you need to see this show. If you saw that show ... 'nuff said.

Pizza Lucé | Cars & Trucks, Crew Jones, Giljunko, The Keep Aways, Some People's Kids
God help you if you should even make it into this bucket of mayhem. And it's all-ages, too. At last year's Lucé Halloween party, I think I was the last person allowed in the door.


Sir Ben's | Two Many Banjos, Old Knifey & the Cutthroats, Teague Alexy

RT Quinlan's | Surfactants, 550 Million Society, Maudlin and Circa AM

Rex | Prince Paul & Conscious Party

Red Star | DJ Brotherman's "epic Thriller mix"


Hell's Kitchen | Halloween Masquerade Event
Not part of this whole nightmare on Superior Street, but still ... details a few posts below.

Edison's annual Halloween party

The Reef | The Very People

Did I miss anything?

Critical Mass Friday!

Come ride your bicycle or shake your fist out your car window! A Halloween Critical Mass bike ride is brewing!

Critical Mass (according to Wikipedia) is a bicycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month in over 300 cities around the world. While the ride was originally founded with the idea of drawing attention to how unfriendly the cities can be to bicyclists, the leaderless structure of Critical Mass makes it impossible to assign it any one specific goal. In fact, the purpose of Critical Mass is not formalized beyond the direct action of meeting at a set location and time and traveling as a group through city or town streets.

Critical Mass Bike Ride
Friday, October 31 - 5:30pm
Gather at Leif Ericson Park
Come in costume if you are in the Hallowe'en spirit!

October 20, 2008

Bat Boy: The Musical! at CSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot Chicks!


Colder by the Lake is doing the Jack Chick Plays this weekend and next. I'm assuming these plays are based on the infamous Chick tracts which are just about the most horrible form of proselytizing ever invented. And considering the cast and the director, this promises to be hilarious. I think this is a must see.

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Walk Outs Support Gathering

Have you walked out of school or college? Ever think about just walking out and creating your own learning somewhere else? Do you see schools as part of the "big machine" and you're just caught in it and want a way out?

Walk Out Duluth! is a newly forming network of folks who want to take the "unschooling" path, and support one another for doing so. They are hosting their initial support gathering this week.


Walkouts Support Gathering
Thursday, October 23
Hannah House
1705 Jefferson Street
Duluth, MN 55812

For more information, email [email protected], or call 218-728-4385

October 16, 2008

Duluth Parkour

HCIS students are enjoying the new school year. This is the first video from the Friday elective: Urban Free Run and Action Video.

Music by Major Izzy Lessmore of Tangier 57

Night at the Aquarium

Night at Aquarium Poster.JPG

Scarium at the Aquarium

Scarium Poster.JPG

October 13, 2008

The Night That Robin Died


The Night that Robin Died is the latest Semblesque production featuring music by Craig Minowa and Cloud Cult. What's more it's the first time I've ever been on stage with both my kids at the same time. And that kinda rocks for me personally.

This weekend only!

You can buy tickets here!

October 05, 2008

More Halloween Treats


Tangier 57
, Haus Meeting and Tim Kaiser. Friday - Halloween night at Carmody.

October 03, 2008

Join Me!


Please join Hazel and me at the Women for Obama Rally tonight from 5pm – 6pm on the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street (across from Pizza Luce) in Duluth! Let’s get together and help change the world for Hazel and all our children!

And Zac Bentz, can you get in touch with me ASAP? Thanks!

September 30, 2008

NASA Exploration Experience at Great Lakes Aquarium

September 29, 2008

Security Jewelers to auction signed Maria Sharapova Tennis Racquet to benefit Duluth East Tennis program

We are auctioning a Prince Tennis Racquet signed by three-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova.
This is the same racquet Maria actually plays with. The racquet and signature are 100% new and genuine.
100% of the proceeds will go to the Duluth East tennis program.
Here is a link to the auction.
You can also get to the off
Thanks for your time.Please pass this on to your tennis loving friends.

September 27, 2008

Sunset on Superior Bay


Had to share this purply goodness.

September 25, 2008

For the many who care ...

Here is the official Tangier 57 color palette for tomorrow night's gig @ Carmody. We start at 9:30pm by providing soundtrack and sound effects for the televised debate...providing there is a debate. Join us as we welcome back our brother Rain Clave.

September 23, 2008

Sunday afternoon events: Finnish poetry or Haitian music

There are two great events going on Sunday, September 28, from 3-5 pm. At Weber Hall, on the UMD campus, Duluth's second poet laureate, Jim Johnson, will be inaugurated, after which he will read from his poems and his family will perform traditional Finnish music to accompany his poetry. Johnson, the author of five books of poems, will be Duluth's poet laureate for two years. He follows in the footsteps of Barton Sutter. THis event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. The second event is the Haiti Worthy Cause Concert. It's going to be held at Chester Park United Methodist Church, 819 N. 18th Ave East. There will be a concert of live Haitian music with guest violinist Rudy Perrault and storytelling by Elizabeth Nordell. There's going to be a reception with Haitian food and a silent auction of art, musical instruments, and other very cool items. This event is a fundraiser for the Kako Foundation, which provides funding for underprivileged students to study music. The Kako Foundation was founded by Rudy Perrault in honor of his nephew, Kako, who was brutally murdered in Haiti last spring. He was 16 years old.
For more information about the Jim Johnson reading, contact the Lake Superior Writers, 724-3094.
For more information about the Haiti Worthy Cause Concert, call Chester Park United Methodist Church, 724-4969

September 22, 2008

3 Hour Tour


Tangier 57 humbly begs the honor of your presence as we take a three hour tour at Carmody Irish Pub this Friday evening. We cast off at 9:30 and play until we find ourselves striking ground on an uncharted desert isle. Come dressed as your inner castaway for a special prize from T57. Friday, 26th

September 18, 2008

The Tisdales are "post old-school"

"Just some guys goofing off at rehearsal trying to make a rock 'video'." -- Rich Mattson

Check out the Tisdales at Pizza Luce on Oct. 10.

Four Years of Rocking Out in Duluth


The photo slide show repeats until the bands start at 7 p.m.

September 12, 2008

Official HS Bars

As a native West Duluthian and a graduate of Denfeld High School, I know that on most given nights, I could go to Mr. D's Bar & Grill and run into a former classmate. If you were to ask DHS grads of any year what the "official" bar of DHS grads is, I'd guess that most if not all of them would answer Mr. D's.

I may be wrong, but f you were to ask Proctor grads the same question, I'd guess that they'd say the Powerhouse is their official territory. I don't know what Superior's official turf would be, but I'm sure one exists.

Here's my question: Is there an "official" bar for Central or East alumni? Because if there is one, I have no idea what it would be.

September 09, 2008

Book Reading at Northern Lights - this Thurs at 7p

Stillwater and Northshore guy, Spike Carlsen, will read from his book, "A Splintered History of Wood" - a collection of 55 humorful and informative stories about wood.

Spike's readings are interactive as he brings out his dog and pony show and among other things, relives his run in the World Championship Belt Sander races. Tales also include wood's role in solving the Lindbergh kidnapping case, raising 400-year-old sunken ships and it's use in instruments, weapons and all things woody.

He will be at Northern Lights Bookstore at 7pm this Thurs Sept 11.

Hope to see you there!

September 08, 2008

Takk for Maten

I'm not sure if everyone knows about this already or not, but a new cafe & store has opened on Lake Ave between Superior & 1st (in the old Robin Goodfellow building, below Sons of Norway). It's called Takk for Maten and it's spectacular. Since I work really close to it I had to check it out. Walking in is like walking into Ikea - but in a good way. It's cute as hell. There's plenty of seating. The menu was printed on a piece of paper and it appears that it changes on a near daily basis. When I went I got the smoked salmon grilled lefse wrap which was $5 and came with potato salad and baby greens. It was too delicious. The next day I went back for soup & chocolate bread pudding (I suggest the latter - it was heavenly). The prices are decent, especially for those of us who love & prefer to support local businesses.

In the back there is a little shop with lots of Scandinavian gifts, mostly homemade: hats, mittens, oven pads, dish cloths, sweaters, napkin holders.....all sorts of goodies.

I highly recommend that you check this place out. Even if it's just for a glass of iced lingonberry juice. Mmmm. Anyone else stopped in yet? Discuss.

Monkey at a Café


The original artwork from "Monkey With A Tool Belt" by Chris Monroe is hanging at Lake Ave Café and there is an opening tonight from 5-7PM. Food and wine and Chris Monroe.

Lake Avenue Café
394 Lake Avenue South

The show is hanging though October 12.

September 03, 2008

We're Duluth!

T-shirt available soon at Starfire Screen Printing Co.


August 31, 2008

3 bedroom home available immediately on Park Point!

Got stiffed on the new roommates so these rooms are rentable right now!

Charming home on Park Point, second floor completely available to rent. We are lake side with direct, private access to the beach. the upstairs has 2.5 bedrooms and full bath. Kitchen, etc are share.

1.5 Bathrooms, washer/dryer, HS internet, off street parking. no pets, one year lease agreement with the landlord (whom I am not, I am a tentant).

Rent is $270. With all utilities it usually works out to be about $350/month. A great deal at a great location.

Give me a call to set up a time to see it!
Marc 218 269-1861

August 29, 2008

The Last of Barrett's Privateers

I'm pretty sure this is the Lake Superior Cacaphonic Choir.

The Last of Barrett's Privateers

I'm pretty sure this is the Lake Superior Cacaphonic Choir.

August 19, 2008

Wine Train!


August 10, 2008

16th Annual Beach Sweep Day

Great Lakes Aquarium Beach Sweep Day
Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Cigarette butts, lighters, plastic bags, pop cans, and tires are the majority of the trash cleaned up off Duluth’s beaches and creeks. Join Great Lakes Aquarium for the 16th annual Beach Sweep Day on Saturday, September 20th, as we clean area waterways. Volunteers from the Duluth area gather each September to clean up our beautiful beaches and help collect data on aquatic debris for Ocean Conservancy.
Beach Sweep is part of International Coastal Cleanup, and this September millions of people in over 120 countries will be on the coasts picking up trash. Various sites around Duluth will be cleaner and greener thanks to helpful Duluthians like you! If you would like to get a bit more involved, we are looking for help in three ways:
1)Be a site captain – Be in charge of a cleanup site and direct volunteers.
2)Take some pictures – There is potential for these photos to be published in the internationally distributed annual report.
3)Distribute flyers –Post Beach Sweep flyers at your favorite coffee shop, athletic club, or restaurant.

*All materials will be provided and volunteers will receive a tote bag and a ticket for free admission to Great Lakes Aquarium on Beach Sweep Volunteer Appreciation Day. Keep an eye out for more information posted at the aquarium and around town. We hope to see you out there sweeping the beaches!

For more information call Sarah Erickson at 218-740-2007.

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Looks Like A Perfect Duluth Day Today

I guess it's going to be a perfect day in Duluth today, huh?

Perfect Duluth Day

August 06, 2008

Comedian Mary Mack's Duluth/Superior Mini Tour

Comedian Mary Mack from the semifinals of NBC's Last Comic Standing will be in the area Aug. 9, 13, and 14! The recommended Duluth venue for seeing the pg13 show is Beaner's on Central, Aug. 14th, simply because Mack is promoting the evening as "Comedy Show and Fake Meat Raffle: The meat's no good, but the comedy's alright." 8pm, Thurs., Aug. 14, $7

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July 31, 2008

As if there isn't enough to do.


This event starts earlier than all the others so do stop by and have a beverage won't you?

Spirit Valley Day Parade


Tonight's the Spirit Valley Day Parade at 6 p.m. Come hang out on Grand or Central Avenue and catch all the action!

*Pic above is PEZ boy from the Geek Prom "float" in 2006.

July 29, 2008

show friday at bev's

(photo by barrett chase)




friday, august 1 | 9pm | bev's jook joint | free (i think)

ben small, neighborhood organizer and (former) bartender extraordinaire, is moving to st. paul to go to law school. come see the rawk/roll and help send ben off to school with a raging hangover.

July 26, 2008

write a song about me, charlie parr

My roommate, Scott, is a genius. Look at what he built:


Yep, that's a motorized trailer that he welded to his bicycle. Scott's Huffy now goes (when pressed) 26 miles per hour, and travels 60 miles per gallon of gas. Here's video-proof.

A few weeks ago, Scott and I took his bike-pusher up scenic 61 to Ed Johnson's Junque Shop. This was its first journey outside of the ten-block radius surrounding our house. I rode my regular, thigh-powered bicycle. "I'll set the pace," I said, because I'm clever. "Just try to keep up."

What followed was nothing short of epic. Which would emerge victorious? Man or machine? Man's capacity for building enormous thigh muscles, or man's ability to attach utility motors to bicycles? John Henry or the steam drill?


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It should be easy, but it ain't.


Ms. Dean's recent post about Neko Case got me thinking.

Just about every venue in town has a website where they post events, but almost NONE of those sites have an RSS feed.

If the Mitchell Auditorium, Marshall Performing Arts Center, Bayfront Park, the DECC, Movies in the Park, Sir Benedict's, Pizza Luce, Carmody, Teatro Zuccone, the Play Ground, etc., had RSS feeds on their websites, people like us could subscribe to them with our Google Reader or whatever, and always be informed about what's going on in town. Plus the information could be custom tailored to our specific individual interests.

That's how I read newspapers. That's how I read blogs. It should be how I find out about events, but it isn't.

Fitger's Brewhouse is the only site I can find with a valid feed. Burrito Union also has a feed, but I put it into my RSS reader and found myself subscribed to

Amazing Grace has a section called "news feeds" but it's just a worthless part of the template they use, much like the "podcast" link at the bottom (there is no podcast).

The Orpheum has a feed, but the calendar hasn't been updated in months.

Why no feeds, Duluth?

July 23, 2008

Renegade's Ready For Finn Fest


Come see the show the Duluth News-Tribune calls
"A thoroughly charming and slyly funny storytelling play with moments of real power."

Thursday, July 24th
Friday, July 25th
Saturday, July 26th

All performances are at 7pm
Tickets are just $15 for adults / $12 for students and seniors!

For more information or to reserve tickets, visit

July 21, 2008

45 Minutes in the Parking Garage


I spent 45 minutes starring at the exit gate at the Tech Village Parking Garage yesterday afternoon. Here's how it went down.

My brother and his family were in town visiting and we went to Pizza Lucé for a late lunch. We got our cards validated at the Looch. Then we went to the card machine in the lobby to run them through there. It spat both of them out without any transaction. I shrugged and figured that since they were validated maybe we just had to take them to the gate. At the gate the machine there also wouldn't read the cards.

Okay, don't panic. Here's a helpful button marked "press for assistance" so I did. Nothing. Occasionally the little red light would light up and I'd hear a hopeful beeping noise, but nothing.

Okay, still, don't panic. There's a phone number here on the ticket and on the sign on the gate. 218 591-8931. I'll try that. No answer.

Oh wait, my brother found another number on the booth. 218 730-8931. Oh, there is no such number anymore.

Hmm... Can I panic yet? I call the police. A helpful lieutenant calls me back and he says he'll come over with a pass card and let me out. About 10 minutes later he comes and swipes the pass card. Nothing. His card doesn't work either.

I decide to skip panicking and watch in amused disbelief. The helpful lieutenant calls someone, apparently some working phone number, and from the conversation he's advised to disable a gate and break me out. Finally he forces an entry gate up, setting off alarms, and we get out.

Has anyone else had this problem with the ramp? Is it Lucé's validation that screwed it up or is it just the system?

I will add that some people were able to get out of the ramp normally while we were sitting there waiting for liberation.

July 13, 2008


January.. July.. its all the same, no?


"We're not scared really.. We can take cover where there's beer and food."

July 07, 2008

Photos for MPR

I've noticed on the MPR homepage (on the right side )that they're requesting photos. I've seen some beautiful ones on PDD and wanted to get the word out -- so word.

Also, I am now a true PDD'r in that I finally live in Duluth - nearly. Actually I'm living in a hotel until our house/rectory is ready, but as I have no home to return to in Minneapolis - and I just got a Duluth library card -I think I live here now.

July 05, 2008

Living in Lakeside

nobike070508.jpgSo I've been living in Lakeside for less than 2 weeks now. When I went out to my garage this morning around 8:30 I noticed an abandoned bike on the street behind my house. I said, "huh," but didn't think much of it. When I went to take out the recycling and garbage later in the morning it was still there. About a half hour ago I got a knock on my back door. It was Officer Friendly asking me if I had any kids and knew about this bike that was on the street. Apparently a neighbor called it in. When I went out to take this picture the bike was gone.

I think this confirms Paul Lundgren's insightful "Abandoned Car" Theory of Neighborhoods in Duluth (which I will reprint in the extended entry so you don't have to search through all the comments).

I'm going to have to adjust to living in Lakeside.

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July 04, 2008

City of Duluth's 4th Fest

Martin Zellar

Bayfront Festival Park

Duluthians will celebrate Independence Day with Minnesota’s largest fireworks display and fanfare at Bayfront Festival Park as Minnesota’s own, Martin Zellar and the Hardway’s headline’s this year’s festival.

Gates open at 12 noon with DADS Sound Off Car Audio Competition, followed by music, food and crafts, with Martin Zellar and the Hardway’s starting at 8:15 PM followed by the fireworks presented by Visit Duluth, the city’s convention and visitor’s bureau, at 10:10 PM.

July 01, 2008

Happy Birthday PDD.


PDD is 5 today. Anyone up for a little party? Carmody at 7pm?

June 25, 2008

38th Annual Park Point Art Fair

Park Point


38th Annual Park Point Art Fair
June 28 and 29, 2008
Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm

June 20, 2008

Cloud Cult on Carson Daly

June 19, 2008

Fresh Duluth Documentary

fresh duluth

June 12, 2008

Olde World Renaissance Faire

June 06, 2008

Baby Steps

Clyde Park

Clyde Park Duluth

I'm sure you may have heard about the new mini-me version of Fitgers, but, I noticed some new temporary signage plastered on the side of good old Clyde this morning and thought I'd post a link.

West Duluth with it's own brewery . . . and everything

June 05, 2008

Dink Tank

Dink Tank PDF.jpg

Sketch comedy at Renegade this weekend and next.

June 02, 2008

Orienteering (another shameless plug)

Once again I'm offering an orienteering class to anyone who wants to partake in the excitement of exploring the area without getting lost. Two 2-hour sessions for only $13. The first one's inside, the second one is all outdoors. Fun guaranteed or I'll return all the net profits. Go here to sign up.

HCIS Theater Invites You!

This Wednsday (Jun 4th) from 4p - 6p Harbor City International School (332 w. michigan street - Duluth Plumbing Supply Building, 2nd Floor) offically opens it's new theater to the public. All PDD'ers are invited! Come hear and see this new venue and hatch your crazy ideas. We'll be having students doing a photo show, Taiko drumming and experinmental music to wet your imagination.

May 28, 2008




The Golden Age of Sail Meets the World's Largest Lake

August 1-3, 2008 (Friday- Sunday)

Duluth welcomes the Pride of Baltimore II, U.S. Brig Niagra and The Schooner Madeline

Tall Ship Tours
10am-6pm Daily

Informative lectures will be held shipside.
Live music each day from 12pm-6pm.
Complimentary admission to the Maritime Expo in Paulucci Hall.

May 23, 2008

Black and Tan? Goodness!


I think the Burrito Union is possibly one of a very few places in the universe where if you order a black and tan they'll ask you which version you want.

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Twin Ports Outdoor Movies

The schedule is up for real this time and here is what is playing at Leif Erikson Park this summer (as of today):

June 13 Shrek the Third (PG)

June 20 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (PG)

June 27 Ghostbusters (PG)

July 4 No Movie

July 11 Back to the Future (PG)

July 18 Babe (G)

July 25 The Mask of Zorro (PG-13)

August 1 Big (PG)

August 8 Young Frankenstein (PG)

August 15 Transformers (PG-13)

August 22 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PG)

August 29 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (PG-13)

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May 15, 2008

Goodbody, Slim

SG and the Nearly Nakeds, Friday 10AM, Mitchell Auditorium. T-shirts depicting internal organs available for purchase. No glass containers, drugs or alcohol, please. Leave your personal vices at home. If you have been holding back any Slim Goodbody memories, now is the time to share.

May 13, 2008

Charitable Crafters Annual Sale This Saturday

It's time. once again. for the crafty garage sale to end all crafty garage sales. There will be books on knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, tatting, baking and candlestick making. There will also be yarn, fabric, a ton of polar fleece, and various crafty things like cross stitch and needle felting supplies.

Saturday: 8-12
4407 Jay St.

Hope to see you there!

May 10, 2008

Walk For Animals, Saturday May 10

This will be the 16th Annual Walk for Animals, it's a fun community event and quite a spectacle. Walk begins and ends at Bayfront Park. Don't worry, this is not a marathon, just a pleasant morning walk. Details:

Registration 9 a.m.
Cutest Puppy Contest 9 a.m.
Walks Starts 10 a.m.
Drawings and Contests 11 a.m.

All registered walkers receive a free Continental
breakfast and are eligible for prize drawings.

- Collect $35 or more in pledges and earn a
long-sleeve AAHS t-shirt.

- Collect $100 or more and be entered to win a
Cirrus flight for 3 people!

- Microchipping available for $35.00 per pet
(in addition to pledges collected)

- Neuter Commuter on site for tours (!)


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May 09, 2008

Graffiti on the side of the Armory

taken with my Blackberry...

May 07, 2008

May 17th @ The Venue


May 05, 2008

Homegrown Hijynx.




Chris Monroe Homegrown Comic Strip

Posted with permission from Monroe. Click on the strip for larger version.

May 04, 2008

Homegrown Flickr Slideshow

Equal Xchange

As of this posting, there are currently 475 photos on Flickr tagged "homegrownmusicfestival2008." I'm sure there will soon be many, many more. This is a slideshow of all of them.

If you're a Flickr member and you have Homegrown photos from this year's events, simply tag your photos homegrownmusicfestival2008 to add them to this slideshow.

You can click on a photo during the slideshow to find out who took it and read any information they might have posted along with it (such as a title or description)

You can also manually page through the photos here.





TWINS BAR - Saturday

May 02, 2008

This man just heard me sing

Barrett Chase, Don Ness (Mr Mayor), Paul  Lundgren

I'm lucky I'm still allowed to live in Duluth.

Tangier 57 gig palette

For those of you who track with us, Here's the official colors of our homegrown set this year. Saturday night 7pm to 10pm Redstar Lounge.

Did You Make Your Map? Plan Your Plan?

Horse & Rider @ The Main Club, Superior, May 1, 2008 Photo by Richard Narum
Horse & Rider @ The Main Club, Superior, May 1, 2008

so... you've read the field guide... but did you READ the field guide? have you made your map? well... cork did. and i helped. so here they are... the 2008 version of "the map"... yes yes... it's actually a spreadsheet... but were calling it a map... cuz we've laid it out from east to west... and included some distances to the popular spots on superior street... the distances listed are in yards... you can kinda think of it in terms of elementary school... instead of the 100 yard dash... it's the 164 yard dash, or similar. you get the picture.

note about the note... it'll take you about 15 minutes to walk from the brewhouse the RT's. if you are going to head up to first street... well... it'll take longer. keep that in mind when you head out... or you'll end up missing your favorite band. don't like to walk? ride the trolley. the route map is printed in the field guide... and it's free... but really... you probably need the exercise anyway... so why not dash?

here you go...
* microsoft excel version of the schedule
* friday night pdf version of the schedule
* saturday night pdf version of the schedule

[ more Homegrown photos ]

May 01, 2008

Let the Games Begin


Cork is in the house... the House of Carmody's... Let the games begin...


And don't forget about the BBQ behind Fetus TONIGHT and TOMORROW... 430-700PM more or less... with the Bitter Spills...

More Homegrown Photos...

Stuart Little

"Life's never easy when you're the only mouse in a family of humans."
"Stuart Little" is the last children's production of the season at the Duluth Playhouse. Show times are:
7 p.m. Friday, May 2; Thursday, May 8; Friday, May 9
1 p.m. & 4 p.m. Saturday, May 3 & 10
2 p.m. Sunday, May 4 & 11.
Get tickets online or by calling (218) 733-7555.
At the Depot: 506 W. Michigan Ave. • Duluth, MN 55802

April 30, 2008

Chester Creek Sweep - This Weekend

cccp.JPGChester Creek Sweep
This Saturday, May 3, 2008 from 9-11am
Meet at Burrito Union at 8:30 to sign up
1/2 price burrito, free soda, and free t-shirt for volunteers.

Come help clean up one of Duluth's gems (and of course now part of the SHT). I heard about this on my Brewhouse newsletter. I figured as much time as I spend at Chester, and as much as I hate seeing it trashed, I definitely have some sort of obligation to help out. Anyone else planning on going? I figure it'll be fun. Although I think I'll skip the free soda and just get a hempen ale afterwards. It'll be 5 o'clock somewhere! right?

2nd Chance to enter Grandmas Marathon

Security Jewelers is auctioning 1 entry that can be used for either Grandmas Marathon or The Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Duluth Heritage Sports Center.

Grandmas is one of the running worlds premiere events and also one of the toughest local events to get into. If you missed out here is your 2nd chance.

Follow this link to go direct to the auction

Or you can access the auction from

Make any runners you know who may have missed out aware of this. Remember this is for the full marathon or the half.

April 28, 2008

Homegrown Photostream

Frank Nichols

Keeping with the same template as last year, I've [EDIT: and others] started tagging [our] Homegrown Flickr photos as homegrownmusicfestival2008. I think it would be cool if other Flickr users did as well, so that we might assemble a massive slideshow of the week's events.

To see photos from this year as well as years past, check out the Homegrown Pool on Flickr.

Otherwise, watch PDD for photo updates as Homegrown progresses.

April 27, 2008

Are you chicken?

HomegrownChicken3.JPG Coyote2.JPG Gremmels2.GIF

Chickens and coyotes and Gremmels, oh my! So it begins.

April 25, 2008



April 23, 2008

What did you think Duluth?


Orienteering (shameless plug)

Calling all intrepid explorers of the wilds of Duluth...

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April 22, 2008

Dose on the geritol and come party with some "middle age educators"!

apron_siteimg2.jpg....and some hot apron models as Tangier 57 and Apron Elecance team up 7pm until 10pm, Saturday May 3rd at the RedStar Martini Bar for the 10th annual Homegrown Music Festival. Racheal Hart and friends will show three sets of her coquettish creations while the swank sounds of the region's premier psychedelic elevator music band-not-a-band-but-a-vibe gets to play along. Not bad for 125 years worth of middle aged educators...wouldn't you say? Oh but there's MORE! T57 will also be releasing the 2 companion CDs which complete the magnum opus triptych we've been working on for the last year. Tangier 57: Last Night Never Happened was the first release and is now available on itunes. Tangier 57: Moves the Masses - featuring Ken Buehler and Tangier 57: Space is the Place are the next two available for the first time on this very much going on, how do us old fuddy duddys keep up? So please, we humbly ask you come to visit us 7pm until 10pm, Saturday May 3rd at the RedStar for the 10th annual Homegrown Music Festival.


vallet parking for your invacare chair by Paul Lundgren

We did not play Stratego... euphemistically or otherwise...


The triumphant return of the PDD Game Night!
Thanks to everyone who came! Thanks to DragonPort Games for allowing us to take over their backroom!
Last night's game: A rousing rout of RoboRally!

(Photos taken with my Blackberry... sorry, Edge, I'll get a good photo of you next time!)

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April 21, 2008

Cold Beer in Hell

Lake Superior IPA FIRKIN at Hell's Kitchen Tuesday
The usual details, tapped at 4p.m. $3 pints till it's gone.
When it's gone it's gone.

310 S Lake Ave Duluth, MN 55802 (218) 727-1620

April 18, 2008

Duluth Gallery Hop !!!TOMORROW!!!

Support Local Art!!!

Don't forget that tomorrow is the 18th Annual "Art for Earth Day Gallery Hop!" Most of our wonderful local galleries will be hosting their annual open house from 11 to 5 tomorrow. There will be a free shuttle running between all the galleries Downtown and in Canal Park. Entertainment is being provided by over a dozen buskers that have been placed near all the galleries.

Start your day at the Depot where there is plenty of parking. You can hop on the shuttle and ride for free all day long! Make sure to pick up a guide at any of the galleries which lists all participating galleries and has shuttle routes and times.

Hope to see everyone out!

April 16, 2008

Questions 1 2 3

I'm originally from England (where the history comes from, as Eddie Izzard once said) and I've been here a year. I've got a few burning questions and rather than spam PDD with a deluge of posts I'll gather them up into this handy, cut out 'n keep metapost.

so, in order of flammability,

We're looking to buy a house, can anyone recommend a really good realtor?

I'm in the job market, I'm checking out the DNT listings, minnesotajobnetwork, minnesotaworks, the university sites and radio station sites. Are there any other resources I should be aware of? My background is in radio, sound production, composition advertising and some web design.

I'm working on a web site and I'm stuck on one page where, after a search, results are returned which are the URLs of files to download. I need to serve the file to the user and also create a record of what that user has just downloaded. I'm using DW, MySQL and PHP and I can't get the insert record behavior to work. Does anyone have any PHP chops who could take a peek at the code and point out the obvious to me?

I'm a musician ... guitar, bass, drums, keys, nose flute. I'd love to play out. If anyone's interested gimme a shout.

I can't think of anything else of import, thanks for looking :)

April 13, 2008

Geek Prom 2008


My photos are up on Flickr. I tagged them GeekProm2008.

April 11, 2008

April Flocking


From the DNT website closings:

Skywarn training class April 10

Due to the impending blizzard, the the National Weather Service Skywarn training class that was scheduled for tonight in Duluth has been canceled.

April 10, 2008

Voices of the Lake Speaker Series Cancelled

The Voices of the Lake Speaker Series featuring the Rock Pickers Guide to the North Shore has been cancelled for tonight and is rescheduled for next thursday, April 17th, at 6:30 pm. If there are any questions please contact Sara Kubarek at 218-740-2013. Sorry for the inconvenience!

April 04, 2008

(Bike) Scavenger Hunt.

I am thinking of throwing together a little scavenger hunt on one of these upcoming weekends. Just posting here to see if peeps are interested. Prefer bike for transport, although rollerblades, hoverboards, big-wheels, and anything human-powered would be allowed. It will involve a start and finish, in diffent locations, as well as about $5 for a couple goofy purchases. Just posting to see if anyone would be interested.

April 03, 2008

Duluth spring, such as it is

Duluth doesn't really get spring, but we're hungry for it anyway. That's why we like to go down and kick ice chunks at the shoreline, pick up trash that's been covered by snow for a month, show off our doggie's new sweater. See the last March weekend on YouTube, or go fly a kite!

March 26, 2008

T h e y ' r e B a c k

attack of the seagull

The Great Minnesota Flying Rats have returned!

OR am I just hearing things?

March 17, 2008

Greg Mortenson to speak at UMD

Three Cups of tea.jpg

Couldn't get a ticket for the Duluth Public Library's event?

If you would like to hear Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea speak while in Duluth, this may be your only chance!

Alworth Institute for International Studies Special Event
Presented by Author Greg Mortenson
Montague 80 Lecture Hall
University of Minnesota Duluth
Wednesday, March 19 2008 - 2-4 p.m.
Free and open to the public
Reception following lecture

*Please email [email protected] if you have a group of 10 or more attending this event.*

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March 15, 2008

Park Point is for voters.

I had two wonderful entries for the Park Point is for lovers design contest. Please vote for your favorite. The poll will close in four days.

Park Point is for lovers 1

Park Point is for lovers 2

March 12, 2008

Tattoo advice.


I received an email from someone relatively new to Duluth today wondering about the best Tattoo parlor in town. I honestly have no idea so PDD I ask you, who is the best? There seems to be a new shop opening every month.

March 11, 2008

Park Point is for Lovers


New contest. Design a shirt in one color with the words "Park Point is for Lovers" somewhere on the shirt. Art can be hand drawn or made on one of those fancy computer boxes. Winner will get an assortment of T-shirts with their art and the love of all Duluthians. Deadline is Friday so don't delay.

Any questions drop me a line.

March 06, 2008

30 minutes of AMAZING!!!


So it is pretty much agreed upon that the Anchor is awesome and can rarely be contended with. Well, I have to hand it to the Brewhouse as a worthy adversary. Some friends and I were in for lunch the other day and I had a jalepeno burger I am still tasting. This thing was insanely spicy. It took two mugs of their tap root beer and a coke to subside the burning. Way to go Brewhouse!! It took me 30 minutes to finish it and it was amazing.

March 04, 2008

Tangier 57 Colors for this friday


As promised, here is the Tangier 57 color pallette for our upcoming gig this Friday at Camody Irish Pub.
Joining us will be the Hog Damage Collective's own Greg Cougar "Conley" with friends and local phenomes Haus Meeting. We're celebrating the birth of the first of three digital master pieces, this one entitled Tangier 57: Last Night Never Happened.

GCC starts at 9:30.
Thanks for your attention to this important message, please resume normal internet activities

March 02, 2008

Francis X. Shea Memorial Lectureship presents ...


Mary Oliver
Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning poet
Monday, March 31 | 7 p.m.
Mitchell Auditorium, College of St. Scholastica

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February 28, 2008


Music by Leane Perius & Jessica Myshack at 8!

Homegrown band registration reminder


Midnight on Saturday is the deadline for bands to register to be considered for a slot in the Homegrown Music Festival. This year is the tenth annual Homegrown, so it's special ... because numbers say so.

The registration form is here.

February 27, 2008

Not So Funny Now

renegade_logo.jpgThere is a battle going on the funny side of the street between Brian Matuszak, the Renegade Board, and Teatro Zuccone (the Zeppa Foundation backed new owners of the venue at 222 E. Superior St.). It has to do with the terms of the lease and who gets what, especially when it comes to running the box office for Renegade productions. Brian has stated he's willing to resign over the issue. More can be found in this Duluth News Tribune article.

I am one of the Renegade regulars mentioned in the article who got the letter from Sue and I have to say, from the letter, I'm concerned. I contacted one of the board members to get a different point of view, but she didn't want to comment on it, understandably. So, without the board coming forward and giving their point of view on the lease, I'm apt to take Brian's side of things. Hey, Renegade Board, I'm all ears.

February 23, 2008



Walter Allen Bennett.

02.22.08 @ 2258

February 18, 2008

Input desired.


One of my favorite father/son childhood memories is the time we spent together getting my Pinewood Derby car ready for the annual race. For those unfamiliar with the Pinewood Derby Wikipedia can bring you up to speed.

Last week while reading I noticed they were having an adult Pinewood Derby Race called the Threadle Manss and I knew immediately Duluth needed it's own event. So I have done some checking and I found a track for rent. I have a venue in mind and we have a hobby shop that sells cars. My question to the greater PDD community is would you participate? Also since Pinewood Derby is a registered trademark of the Boy Scouts of America we need a good name.

Leave your feedback in the comments and if anyone would be willing to help out a bit with organizing send me an email. I would like to have the first event this spring if at all possible.

February 13, 2008

A Cordial Invitation


I know adam has already invited you but the fellows of T57 would like to make it extra special with sugar on top. We even have 24 special "treats" to share with our PDD BFFEs .. Tomorrow @ Carmody we'll bring our vibe to the table and give you seconds. While usually we like to try to "hold it back" for the ladies, that night, we might let a little slip out.

As a public service, now for all gigs we'll issue an official T57 color pallete. For Valentines 08 it's


for adam, thats #669784, #fd6a5a, #43311d, and #f963c4

see you there!

February 11, 2008

Harriers Wanted:


So, I'm going out on a limb here to try to establish a Hash Kennel here in Duluth. Hash House Harriers can only be described as a "drinking club with a running problem."

I used to hash when I was in the Navy many many moons ago, and now that I'm sort of interested in picking up the activity again (running), I find myself unable to commit to the more structured "hoity toity" type running groups.

Hashing is a ton of fun, and the more the merrier. It plays out like a follow the leader run with "hares" marking the course with a 10 minute (or so) head start, and the rest of the pack (hashers) in pursuit. There is most always beer and other libations at the completion of the run, and members of the kennel (hash group) get to have nicknames (which, by the by, is the origin of my post

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February 06, 2008

The Great Migration: The Story of the Anishinaabeg

The Great Migration:
The Story of the Anishinaabeg
By: Linda Grover
UMD American Indian Studies Professor

Thursday, February 21st, @ 6:30 pm
Great Lakes Aquarium
(*General Public – $3; GLA members – free)

Have you ever wondered who were the first people to the Lake Superior region? How did they get here? Where did they come from? What were their lives like? The February Voices of the Lake speaker series presentation will feature UMD American Indian Studies Professor Linda Grover. Linda will retell the story of the Anishinaabeg, also known as the Ojibwe, Great Migration to Lake Superior. She will tell of their journey and where they stopped along the way, their spiritual foundations, their history as a tribe, and where they are today. She will also be sharing other American Indian stories of Lake Superior.
Linda is an Ojibwe historian and writer who was recently awarded the Sequoia First Book Award for her collection of Indian education poetry, "The.Indian.At.Indian.School.” She is a wife, mother of three, and a grandmother of seven, storyteller and traditional dancer. Linda is also a member of the Bois Forte Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.
Join us as we explore what life was like living in the Lake Superior region before there were bridges, roadways, buildings, and convenience stores. Learn what life was like for the first people here and the incredible journey they took to get here.

February 01, 2008

The Orpheum opens tonight

Five quotes from the Wave. Discuss.

Star is opening a dance club called the Orpheum — the building’s original name in its vaudeville days. This is a first for him; he has never managed a club before, although he’s had a business as a DJ. He worked on air for KZIO more than 15 years ago, under its previous management, and has spun at Grandma’s Sports Garden, Kerrigan’s and the Cove.
« »
“I want to introduce a different nightlife experience to Duluth, a real nightclub experience,” Star said. “I want the evening to have different parts. The early evening will be romantic, the music low, so people can have cocktails and talk. As the night goes on I want it to turn into — almost accidentally — a dance party. The music’ll get louder, it’ll develop so that people won’t be able to help dancing.”
« »
Star describes the music as “club mixes of current hits, not experimental DJ stuff that people watch, but music to dance to.”
« »
The bathroom will have to wait a while, according to Ringsred. For now, patrons will climb the stairs to the mezzanine bathrooms, shared with the NorShor Experience.
« »
Star believes shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” indicate a popular resurgence of dancing. He wants his club to be a welcoming place for young hipsters, but also for older people.

January 31, 2008


Baby, it's cold outside! Doesn't a heaping plate of pasta, with either vegetarian sauce donated by Chester Creek Cafe or a meat sauce donated by Pickwick, sound delicious right now? You're in luck! The Grant School 4th Graders have been working hard all year to raise funds to send the entire class (43 kids and a few brave adult chaperones, not including me) to Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in March. The class is hosting a spaghetti dinner fundraiser Friday evening, from 5-9 pm at Peace Church. The spaghetti dinner will be served from 5-7 pm, and from 7-9 pm, there's going to be some amazing entertainment, including storytelling by Elizabeth Nordell, and a performance by the band "Clear," with special guest Rudy Perrault, from UMD's music department. This is a great thing, you can feed your tummy, and contribute to a good cause, all at the same time. And it beats having to buy those damn candy bars my kid has been peddling. . . .

January 26, 2008



Blowing bubbles for the pretty mermaids...


The pretty mermaids in the "live" diorama...

January 25, 2008

Early Warning - Next Thursday


January 23, 2008



What's everyone doing this weekend?

January 22, 2008

Early Warning


Friday, February 8 | 7:30 p.m. | Free
Somers Hall, College of St. Scholastica

Denise Duhamel will read as part of this year's Warner Reading Series at the College of St. Scholastica.

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January 21, 2008

Firkin of Lake Superior Special Ale at Hell's Kitchen.

One Firkin of Lake Superior Special Ale will be offered for your enjoyment at Hell's Kitchen in Canal Park.
It will be tapped at 4pm Tuesday January 22nd. $3 pints until it's gone. This traditionally made and served beer has been dry hopped with extra Cascade hops.

January 11, 2008


Hi everyone, my daughter is in the 4th grade at Grant School and her class is raising money so that they can go to Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in March. They need to raise $6,000 so all 43 students can go. Not only are they writing grants, and selling candy bars, but they are hosting a spaghetti feed fundraiser at Peace Church on Friday, Feb. 1. Dinner will be served 5-7 pm; from 7-9 pm, guests will be treated to a concert featuring the fabulous and talented Rudy Perrault and the band Clear. Please support these kids's effort and plan on attending this fundraiser! If you need more information, call Doug Bowen-Bailey at (218) 722-7166 or email him at [email protected]. Thanks!
Carrboro Claire

January 02, 2008

PDD 5K this Saturday!


Announcing the first ever PDD sponsored athletic event. The PDD Resolution Run/Walk will start and end at Starfire Screen Printing Co.-1131 E 4th St at 9:15AM this Saturday January 5th. Show up at 9 for some coffee and conversation. The run starts at 9:15 and will be self timed.

The run/walk is free but the commemorative T-shirt will be $10 and printed right before your very eyes! Put it on warm for extra enjoyment. No need to sign up but an RSVP in the comments will help with food planning.

I will post route info soon.

December 30, 2007

Backcountry Powder in Duluth

This weekend my friend Henry and I decided to make the best of the ample snow in the hills of Duluth. We both have a history of living in the mountains and spend a good amount of time hiking and skinning the steeps to find the best off-piste turns. Living in Duluth doesn't offer a whole lot of the steep and deep so we decided to go for a hike and do some skiing - regardless of whether it was only five or eight turns instead of the 50 or 100 we'd have gotten out West . Watch the 2:08 video we put together on YouTube.

December 21, 2007

An oldie but goodie. Merry X-mas

December 20, 2007

Duluth- like, totally the new laguna beach

a little footage from _______ _________ near duluth to nullify the bonheads on the news recently. the 07-08 is upon us. thanks d-boys.

Tonight at Starfire Lounge


The release of Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Starfire's Mix.

Thursday, Dec. 20 | 9 p.m.
Burrito Union, 1332 E. Fourth St., Duluth
The event is free; the disc costs $8

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December 14, 2007

Super Secret Show UNVEILED!!

What a view! I am writing this from a certain hotel lobby, home to a certain rotating restaurant, where a certain band (okay, Haus Meeting) is rounding out the guerilla part of its 2007 Full Haus Tour, with a show in the totally radical (and cozy!) pool area at 9pm. Don't like your hair freezing? You don't have to swim to enjoy the show, but its encouraged. You don't even have to bring any cream corn, but you might regret it. It'd be super swell to see everyone there. Oh yeah... SHHHHHHHH! It's a secret. So is the fact that we have a room here (#914, if anyone asks).

December 13, 2007

Homegrown Compilation CD Available Dec. 20


The Homegrown Music Festival's first compilation CD will be released next week.

“Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Starfire’s Mix” is a collection of 15 songs by Duluth-area bands that have played Homegrown during its first nine years. The tracks were selected by Scott “Starfire” Lunt, who founded the festival in 1999.

A release party will be held on Thursday, Dec. 20, at 9 p.m., during the weekly Starfire Lounge session at the Burrito Union, 1332 E. Fourth St. in Duluth. Copies of the CD will be available for $8; admission to the event is free.

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December 12, 2007

Apres Monroe, Perhaps?


December 11, 2007

Calling All Rump Runners!


December 09, 2007

Art Show at Luce


Paintings, drawings, screenprints and anything else I can finish up before Thursday.
Opening Thursday, December 13th 7-9 pm, Pizza Luce.
The extravaganza runs through January 8th.

More info?

December 04, 2007

whats a rumprunner?

Doublerumpracerweb.jpgAfter all this talk of rump runners I thought I'd do a web search and guess what PDD'ers have been accused by the icky blog of being cute norwegian sleds. I found this website

Rump Runner (Double) A TRADITIONAL NORWEGIAN RUMP RUNNER. Traditionally made in Lillehammer in Norway since the dawn of time. Still used by the Children of Lillehammer to go to school. MADE IN NORWEGIAN PINE and beautifully decorated.

I chose the double rump runner as a example cuz it aint fun to solo rump run.

Now this begs a few observations:

1. Made in Lillehammer. The poster from DCB must have knowledge of this place. Perhaps the poster, or his kin, are from Lillehammer or "Small Hammer".

2. Since the posts on DCB are approved by someone, we can assume that their kind holiday thoughts come from the site operators. In return, to place on the seasonal table, I offer Ben Dover our huge yule log. Please accept our warmest holiday wishes.

December 03, 2007

Beautiful snowstorm

Maybe I think this is cool because my son and daughter made it after the snow this weekend, but I hope you enjoy.

December 02, 2007

It's baaack...

Spirit of the Times


A beautiful day for snowboarding. This is a picture from yesterday. The demographic seemed mostly young snowboarders. I was happy to get on the slopes saturday. There were 3 runs open and 2 lifts. I just wish Spirit mountain would have said their passes are $184 and not $179 with a 5 dollar processing fee. What is the point. Does it sound that much cheaper?

Alas. Snow is so damn nice. Let's all revel in it.

November 23, 2007


The DNT gets P.C.

alas, the last bastion of "free speech" (read: the ability to slander and slag a person anonymously in an open forum) has fallen.

November 20, 2007



Don Ness, Sr. performing at UMD in "An Evening of Foolish Ness"

November 18, 2007


Dear Mr. Paul Lundgren,

Will you please book Leslie Hall for next years Geek Prom.

Thank you.

November 17, 2007

Perfect Duluth Xmas City Parade


O body swayed to music,
O brightening glance,
How can we know the dancer
from the dance?

November 16, 2007

Dane Disses Human Habitrails

A Danish urban planer recently visited Minneapolis and chided the city for their skywalks saying, "I feel sorry for Minneapolis." A Latin American public parks planer concurred saying, "They suck the public life out of the city."

Well, you fancy pants foreigners can just go back to your Ikea apartments and tropical paradises. We gots to lives here! I, for one, loves me some skywalks.

Photo by Starfire.

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Cross-Country with the Black-Eyed Snakes In Duluth!

I didn't see this posted here, but I'm sure many of you know about it...the film "Cross Country with the Black-Eyed Snaeks" is going to be playing at the Banff Film Festival at the IMAX on Sunday or Monday (Nov 18 & 19). I'm not sure what day it's playing, unfortunately.

Tickets are $15 a day (or $25 for both days), and can be purchased at fine local retailers. Here's a link to an article about the film in the Pine Journal, or read on if you don't want to register to read the article:

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Top Five Dives

The nights are bitter cold. The sun is setting at 4:30pm. People are posting on PDD about ladies’ winter jackets. All of this can only mean one thing -- the beginning of the drinking season is upon us, folks. And to help get us all ready on this Friday, I’d like to ask one question:

What are your Top 5 Twin Ports dives?

You can have your Carmody Irish Pub, your Fitger’s Brewhouse, your so-called Loochay, with all their hipster posing and their frou-frou beers. It’s time to get down to some serious drinking. Where do you go? And don’t tell me you go to the Kozy, because let's face it, you don’t.

Here’s mine.

1. The North Pole
2. Hero’s (formerly the Pioneer … their apostrophe, not mine)
3. The Rustic
4. Curly’s
5. Mama’s

Answer in the comments below, or, post your more elaborate stories above.

November 11, 2007

White to green, fade to stress


Now that snow is back, we can be ourselves again. Even the morning rush-hour dusting we got the other day reminded us that God is in heaven and all’s right with the world. We cursed the cautious drivers among us even as we slid toward the lake on smooth summer tires. We reveled in complaining about the idiotic – was he from Florida? – motorist whose cluelessness froze up the Blatnik. And, oh it was such a roundabout slowpoke commute over to the Bong and back to the big city. We were so happy.
We saw women in pastel scarves and bearded men in their grungy knit caps pulled down to snowflake-moistened eyebrows. Our boots left tracks once more and so did deer hooves. Coffee tasted richer. Cross country skiers could chortle about reclaiming the golf courses for their own playground. Where’s that sparkplug wrench for the snowblower?
But the white roofs turned back to black, the snow on the lawn evaporated. Green clings to plants on the patio, near the house. Birches still harbor leaves with tight grips. Public water fountains have been dry for weeks, but you can see more steam rising from sewer grates, a few extra faces pressed to the window of passing buses. Most pumpkins are orange slick spots in the alley, stolen and smashed, covered by snow, then uncovered.
We await the flooded ice rink, the bumping scrape of plow on asphalt, the snarl of power sleds in the ditches. Colored lights will blink to life on the city tree this week.
I’m fretting, ‘bout a brown, Christmas,
Just like the one we had last year. . . . .

November 09, 2007

Blog vs. Blog


They say to write what you know, so for tonight's Out of the Hat my script features a blog off between DCB and PDD. I'm afraid I make merciless fun of both blogs. No offense, but let's face it, we are a silly lot.

You can come see the show tonight at 7pm and/or read the script on

November 08, 2007

The Business of Being Born

This weekend Duluth is hosting a preview screening of The Business of Being Born, a documentary produced by Ricki Lake (yes, that Ricki Lake) on birth in the American health care system.

Saturday, Nov 10, 1pm
Duluth Play House (in the tech village)
$7 at the door

Proceeds go to Birthing Ways Doula Connection and ICAN of the Northland.

(p.s. Hi, it's me, your old friend Marisa. I used to post here with embarassing frequency before two little parasites took over my life.)

Actors Needed

chickenhamlet2.jpgOne day commitment!

Morning: Get script.
Afternoon: Practice, practice, practice.
Evening: Perform.
Night: Party, party, party.

What could be better?

Out of the Hat 10 could use a few more actors on Friday (Nov. 9) and the more the merrier on Saturday (Nov. 10). Again, it's only a one day commitment and it's a lot of fun. Contact Brian Matuszak for more information.

Oh, and when you perform on Saturday you have a roughly 1 out of 8 chance of performing a script written by our new mayor. You have the same odds of performing a script that I've written, but don't think about that right now.

November 06, 2007

Don Wins!


Congratulations Donny!

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PDD Holiday T


It's contest time again. Design a holiday themed T-shirt for PDD and you could win! The deadline for submissions is November 14th at 5pm. The voting will begin shortly after that and the shirts will be ready to purchase on Black Friday (November 23.)

Design rules after the jump.

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October 31, 2007

Make Your Own Xmas Card And Painting

Xmas Card.jpg

You can make your own 18x24 painting at our November 10 Bob Ross Workshop. We'll get it "publisher-ready" and make it into a set of Xmas cards with your own custom message for the Holidays. See the details here

October 23, 2007

27th Annual PAVSA Art Auction

The Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA) will host the 27th Annual Art Auction this fall featuring all new, original artwork, fine foods, two cash bars, and live entertainment. All of the proceeds will directly help fund support services to victims of sexual assault and PAVSA’s mission to end sexual violence in the Northland.

Where: Holiday Inn Great Lakes Ballroom
When: Saturday, November 10, 2007

Doors Open at 5pm
Silent Auction 5:30-7pm
Dessert/Live Auction 7:30-8:30pm
Exquisite Gourmet Appetizers: All Evening

Live music performed by Sterling Waters

Admission Tickets: $45.00 ($22.50 tax deductible)
To Purchase Tickets: Call 218-726-1442

Visit for up to date auction items available

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Tour 6 Homes for Sale by Women in Construction

This Sunday we will have 6 homes for sale on tour. There are all new construction and all are gorgeous. It will be from 1-5. The addresses are 2809 Eco Home & 2830 Coho Cottage Snowy Owl Circle, 21 East 5th St duplex with the best view of the lake and downtown area in all of Duluth, 423-431 N. 50th Ave. W. 3 bdrm 1 1/2 bath homes developed by SVCNDA. They range from 180K-437k. COME!!!

Call 733.1451 or 590.6502 or visit the website to see great pictures at

October 19, 2007

Poets Go to Work Saturday Evening at Labor Temple

Folks, there is going to be an amazing event taking place Saturday evening at the Labor Temple, 2002 London Road, that you are going to want to catch. It's called "Poets Go To Work," and its a group reading by some of the area's finest poets, organized by Duluth Poet Laureate Barton Sutter. Bart Sutter will read, and so will Ellie Schoenfeld, Sheila Packa, Don Dass, and Jim Johnson. Local musician Jim Hall will provide music. And Larry Sillanpa, editor of Labor World, is providing an amazing spread -- food, wine, bear, coffee, cider. It's going to be a celebration! It all starts at 7:30 pm Saturday night. And it's free, co-sponsored by Lake Superior Writers, Labor World, and the Central Body of the Duluth AFL-CIO.

Last year's group reading, at the Lafayette Sq. Community Center on Park Pt. was a blast, and lasted all night, it was a cool group of poets reading their work and the work of other poets they admired. Good crowd, good vibes, Duluth has a lot to be proud of in terms of the quality of writers living here, sharing their art with us.

October 17, 2007

Hurry hard.


Another curling season is upon us! New curlers clinics will be held at the Duluth Curling Club Oct 24,25 and 26. If you've ever been curious about curling, this is a great chance to try out a unique and growing sport.

October 16, 2007

Spiritus: Sic Passim


The Alibi Cooperative is at it again. 40 or so new pieces by Ben Boylan, Calvin Kessel and Sammy Macon will be on display for your pleasure this Friday from 5-8pm at Starfire Screen Printing 1131 East 4th Street.

Meet the artist(s) and bask in the wonderfulness of East 4th Street.

October 11, 2007

Rock the Cradle!

You and I both know that the kids, they love to boogie. But you and I also know that the kids' music, it makes you want to put a drill through your ears. So come on out to Rock the Cradle and you can shake it with the preschool set, AND rock out to the seminal tunes of your dissipated youth.

We'll be partying hardy on November 17, 2007 from 10-2 at the Family Resource Center in Northern Lights Elementary (1201 N 28th St Superior, WI 54880 715-395-5657). $8 adults, $4 kids, free for non-walkers. Scintillating details may be requested: [email protected]

October 07, 2007

Pottery Sale!

email size display.jpg

Pottery Sale!
(at Lennis')
Friday, Nov. 23rd
9:00 am-5:00 pm
830 Norh Lake Ave
(corner of N. Lake and Skyline)

October 06, 2007

Winnie the Pooh at the Duluth Playhouse


I was excited to see this notice at the grocery store today, because I've been reading the original story to my grandkids. More information here.

October 01, 2007

Rock & Roll Kamikaze?

mr-t-celebriduck.jpgAre there any Lucé employees here, or someone with previous experience who can provide details about the big white "Rock & Roll Kamikaze" which are more thorough then what is written on the side of it? Is your band formed at random via entires in the box, or do you get to team up with whoever you want? Or is it a solo thing? Is the cover you write down what you play, or just assigned randomly to some other band? I keep wanting to ask, but I'm always in there at the pizza line during lunch when it is its busiest, and I don't want to be jerk keeping everyone else waiting. (I'm sooo polite)

*I was going to post a photo of a kamikaze pilot crashing, but when I google image searched the term, this Mr. T. duck image was in the results, and way cooler. So it wins.

September 28, 2007

Smoke Up!


The statewide smoking ban starts on Monday!

Good? Bad?


September 27, 2007

Colorful Horizons.


Just a reminder that the Chris Monroe T-Shirt show is tomorrow from 5-8PM.

Starfire Screen Printing Co.
1131 E 4th St
Duluth, MN.

In case you have not seen the Duluth News Tribune today there is a nice cover article in the Wave with C. Monroe. She talks about the new show, her children's book and her weekly strip. I for one will attest that the new work is amazing. If you are thinking about buying a Monroe original I would suggest you arrive promptly at 5 tomorrow.

There will also be T-shirts and pennants for those of you on a budget. Hope to see you all there.

September 24, 2007

one week...


'one week live', Beaners Centrals' annual birthday celebration/live recording starts tonight at 7pm.
$5 except for Wednesday, which is free.

Come any or every night!

September 19, 2007

Ok, let's try this again...

Halloweird preflyer:


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September 18, 2007


chorus illustration.gif

Sing! A Women's Chorus Fall 2007 Session begins September 26.
We sing rounds and traditional music from the U.S., Europe, and Africa, and original compositions by the instructor. Songs are learned in the oral tradition, no music reading. Sing! provides an especially positive environment for new or returning singers.

Wednesdays 5:30pmm - 6:45pm
Woodland Middle School
Sept. 26 - Dec. 5
Instructor: Mags David

Woodland Community School 728-7463
Duluth Community Education

September 17, 2007

PDD in the DNT, once more

Once again, we've managed to weasel our way into the local paper of record.

"New local Web sites compile useful information for people on the go"

We get a mention at the end, even though the article is in the business section and we aren't even trying to make money. Plus we're not new, but rather we're the "granddaddy" of local websites, as the article states. My only big regret was that I forgot to work the aggregator into the interview. Doh!

Anyway, good job everybody. Keep posting and making PDD great.

Other sites mentioned in the article

Corn Maize!

corn maze kid.jpg

it's that time again

The Wrenshall Corn Maze (or more properly the Silver Brook Corn Maze) is open pretty much every weekend until Oct 27-29, and then on Halloween from 6-10.

I'm envisioning a PDD expototion...

anyone anyone?

Twin Ports Starving Artist Fundraiser

Saturday, September 29th
$5.00 cover
Andervald's Art Studio - Downtown Duluth near the casino.

Please check (and add to friends) for more details and updates.

"A $5 cover will be charged at the door to raise money for the artists presented in the show. More details will be presented soon with more information ie. which bands playing and what time everything will happen. If you are interested in donating to help out local artists in need of financial help, please contact [email protected] "

Low-Family Tree

This song and animation is from a new show on Nickelodeon called Yo Gabba Gabba. Enjoy.

September 16, 2007

Fifth-best Nonchalant Jaunt ever!


Although Zoey (far left) had been with me on three of the past four Nonchalant Jaunts, the rest of the crew were rookies. Chris, John, Anna and Anthony faced the challenge head-on and emerged as champions.

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September 13, 2007

Call to Artists: 4th Annual Area 61 UFO Convention

Area 61 invites you to submit your UFO/weird science/paranormal art.

Event featuring Lectures, Movies, Art Show, Witness Forum, Live Music, Libations, Vendors, Video Games, Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, Ghost Hunters, Costume Contest, Prizes, Weirdos, Roundtrip Free Transport to/from Carmody's Pub in Duluth.

Hosted by Gonzo Science brothers Jim Richardson & Allen Richardson.

Saturday October 20th
All Day All Night only $5
Lakeview Castle, Northshore Drive, Duluth

Music (all ages): Cloud Cult, Crew Jones, The Keep Aways, More

Entries by Friday October 12 to jill at [email protected]. Please include Artist's Name & Contact Information, Brief Description of piece, Title of piece, Medium, Dimensions, & any Special needs (electricity, large space, etc.) you may have. Thanks!

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The Jaunt is Upon Us


As warned in a previous post, Nonchalant Jaunt V is this Saturday, Sept. 15.

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September 12, 2007

Art Attack!

Come one, come all!

Art Attack: A Subversive Art Event
Thursday, September 20, 2007
DAI Lincoln Center
2229 W. 2nd St.
5-7 pm
Art Attack is a spontaneous exhibition targeted at the underground and outsider artists of the area. Artists are invited to bring a single piece of art to install or present in or around the Lincoln Center Gallery. All visual and alternative art mediums such as fashion and performance art are encouraged. Musicians and poets are also welcome. There are no restrictions to size or content, we only ask that the property of the DAI is not damaged or defaced in any way. Creative spontaneity is the goal of this event.
A small reception will be provided by the Duluth Art Institute. Artists and event-goers are also welcome to bring potluck food to share. Bring your favorite food art!

September 03, 2007

Duluth Heights is Nice

mr nice (1) smaller.jpg

Based on my count of lawn signs, Duluth Heights is tilting heavily towards Mr. Nice.

August 30, 2007

And The Winner Is...


Thank you all for the entries and the votes. It was a very close race but #3 submitted by Katie Tobin was the winner by three votes. They will be available for purchase at my shop next Tuesday, September 4th. I will also bring them to the Wilco show.

They will be printed on Red American Apparel T's and will cost $15.

August 25, 2007


The deadline has passed, the entries are in and now it is your chance to vote. There are six entries in the NELS CLINE GAVE ME THE CHICKEN POX T-shirt design contest. Voting will take place by email [starfire at gmail dot com]. Send me the number of your favorite design and whether or not you might actually like to buy one. There is no obligation to purchase one but I just want to get an idea of how many to print. They will be printed in Mens and Womens sizes most likely on American Apparel T's. More details will emerge when a winner is selected. I will accept votes until Wednesday August 29th at 5PM CST.

Thanks for all the entries and good voting!







August 23, 2007

Nonchalant Jaunt V: An Early Warning


This year's Nonchalant Jaunt will be held on Saturday, Sept. 15. We'll be walking from Canal Park to the end of Minnesota Point and back. More details later. Read on for background info.

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August 17, 2007

Hot Fun In The Summertime


So, my niece (11-going on 16) is coming to visit this weekend from the cities. She's been coming to Duluth and/or Washburn for the past 5 years for her annual escape from family and city living for a more relaxed and great outdoorish experience. My wife has a Canoe-Brule trip planned and I'm sure she can/has/will plan the rest of the weekend. For once, I'd like to contribute something to this little soiree and have some kind of influence in the proceedings. Unfortunately, I'm fresh out of ideas and am looking for a little help. Maybe something a little oddball but not too weird and distinctly Twin Ports/Western Lake Superior.

August 14, 2007

Duluth Needs More Real Life Super Heroes

Uh, I guess there's a whole scene of real life super heroes out there...I just picked up on this. There appear to be people living the dream all over the country (the world too). Both coasts and the midwest have thriving scenes. It makes for fascinating (inspiring?) reading, especially their "friend lists," and blog posts (like this one - ulp - and this one) on their myspace pages and so forth. Here's some of the more fun ones I've found:

The Green Scorpion.

Master Legend. (Master Legend audio file here.)

The Eye. (Some of the Eye's gadgets here.)

Mr. Silent.

Doctor DiscorD.

The Death's Head Moth.

(Late-breaking regional one mentioned in the comments, the masked crusader of Rochester, Geist.)

Seemingly displaying best in Internet Explorer, here's one of the more comprehensive registries (although not complete as Doctor DiscorD claims on his blog to patrol with people not on this list) and here are the (rather strict) submission guidelines if anyone out there wants a crack at getting their superhero persona into the big leagues.

Here's an excerpt from an upcoming documentary - an interview with "Hardwire" that, I think, says it all:

Most of this cross-posted at Gonzo Science.

August 13, 2007

Wilco Postpones Show.


The Wilco show scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed. Here is the news from WilcoWorld.

We're sorry to report that our good friend and Wilco guitarist extraordinaire Nels Cline has recently contracted a rather nasty case of the CHICKEN POX (not sure that should be in all caps... but judging from the gruesome details in email correspondence we've had with NC, we'll leave it so). He is slowly on the mend but is not quite there yet, necessitating postponment of the Duluth, Minnesota show scheduled for this Tuesday night. That date will be rescheduled for Tuesday, September 4 and all tickets for the original date will be honored. Refunds will also be available to those of you unable to attend the Sept. 4 show.

The show scheduled for this Wednesday in Winnipeg, Manitoba will either be postponed or cancelled but will NOT take place as scheduled. Details on refunds coming shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience... but we're really glad Nels seems to be over the hump and hope to see you out there soon.


the Wilco HQ staff

I'm glad they rescheduled but that is no solace for my house guests that came all the way from Chicago to see them.

August 11, 2007

About a month left of summer

swimming in the big lake - check
GGW - check
40 hours community service - 40% complete
email chess with Nathan - checkmate
Duluth Huskies game - incomplete (last regular season home game is Sunday eve. Aug. 12th!)
Blue Oyster Cult party - check
Son Volt at the Minnesota Zoo - check
Wilco - pending
camping somewhere - delay until fall
2nd and only bicycle pub crawl - tba

August 02, 2007

Zamboni Driver Wanted

81c439rc.jpgI was looking at the Charlie Bell vs. Don Ness article and glanced over to the side and saw this ad for a Zamboni Driver in Hermantown. Zamboni Driver!

Man, when I become a famous published author I'd love to have that on my dustjacket blurb! As it is the best dustjacket worthy job I've had was being a Septic Inspector for a county health department.

July 24, 2007

Snakes, Films and a Barn

A film? Did you know there was a film? Yep... no worries... you don't even have to know how to read...

That poor Loki... he was trying to put up an image... to encourage you to attend the uber-cool Free Range Film Fest... It's being held in Wrenshall... yep... in a barn. This coming Friday and Saturday (July 27/28, 2007)... check the website for the schedule...


but kinda dorked the image... here, let me help...


You've seen the show... now come see the film... The Snakes kick ass. Hansi kicks ass. The Barn and the Film Fest kick ass. Oh... and Brad Nelson? He's OK too...

July 22, 2007

Side by Side by Sondheim

Since the local paper has abdicated its role of informing the public about the local arts scene, we apparently need to do it for them. I'll spare you a lot of details designed to maximize column inches and link to the essential details right off the mark: Side by Side by Sondheim

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July 16, 2007

Insert Hell-Themed Pun Here

Just back from a walk on the Canal and Hell's Kitchen is finally open, and looking surprisingly intimate, if dungeony, inside...

July 09, 2007

It's happened again

Outside Magazine chose Duluth as one of the top places to live again.

July 02, 2007

Snow and Water Skiing

This was taken out at Chester Creek during the thaw this year. Watch them board, ski, and couch (?) down the hill trying to make it over the creek. Hilarity ensues.

I don't know who took this film or anyone in it, but it's fun to watch.

June 29, 2007

No Star Wars to Interrupt

Well, it seems they won't be able to show it later this summer either. Apparently the liscensing is all $#%@ed up. But I love this clip anyway.

June 28, 2007

Joker's Wild - Loopfest 2007?


Laurie's earlier post has fueled some interest in some sort of Joker's Wild tribute/reunion loop. Gayle and I (and anyone else who wants to help) will try and put something together for later this summer. In the meantime, if you want to be a part of it or have questions, send an email to: [email protected].

Who knows...if we get enough people, we might even come up with a logo and kick out some t-shirts!

June 27, 2007

Duluth folks on NPR tonight

Pretty cool, there was a short piece tonight on the NPR program The Story about Dan and Bobbye Larson who now live in Duluth and make historical stringed instruments and genuine gut strings.

here is an audio link to the full hour, the relevant bit starts at about the :38 min mark.

The Force will be with you... Yeeha!

Star Wars is playing at Leif Erikson Park this Friday at dusk. Come and bring your blankets and banjos!

June 26, 2007

The Story of a Boy, a Girl, and a Universe...

Star Wars is playing at Leif Erikson Park this Friday at dusk. I'm going to be there in spite of this trailer. Whoever wrote this drivel didn't even watch the opening crawl let alone the whole movie! And Star Wars without the John Williams score? Blasphemy!

June 24, 2007

A to the C.

I tried looking for a nifty graphic to go along with this post's hot, so...meh.

When I lived in Tacoma, during the dog days of summer, a bunch of us would pile into my Toyota and head over to the dollar theater and spend all. day. long. there. One summer, I think I must have sat through Jurassic Park and Aladdin a total of seventy three times. Each.

I've heard the India Palace has the best Air Conditioning in town...judging from the condensation that forms on my glasses after stepping outside from there, I'm inclined to agree.

To wit: Anyone else have any suggestions on where to go for quality air conditioning?

June 16, 2007

It's Tourist Season!


For BadCat! because she made me laugh... again.

June 13, 2007

Vote for the Hometown Team


Those crazy kids out in Wrenshall are at it again. Mr Mike Scholtz and his filmmaking crew participated in their 2nd 48 hr Film Project last weekend. It'll be screened in Minneapolis at the super-cool Riverview Theater (3800 42nd Street S., in Minneapolis) Monday, June 18. This year, they're entered under the team name Free Range Film Fest. Films from other teams are being screened all week this week.

Each night, the audience votes for the best films, which then get shown again on another date. Then films get judged on stuff like Best Directing, Best Script, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Acting, Best Use of Character, Best Use of Prop, Best Use of Line, Best Music, Best Sound Design, Best Effects.

The people's votes are necessary.

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June 10, 2007

PDD Game Night

When: Monday, June 11 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come and play good games with your fellow PDD Gamer Geeks! Fun will be had, food will be ordered, the more the merrier! See you there!

June 08, 2007

Out of the Hat Tonight and Tomorrow

othart1.jpgRenegade Comedy Theater is launching its semiannual salvo of 16 original plays tonight at their new location on 222 East Superior. Shows are Friday and Saturday at 7:00.

I'm writing both nights. My prompts for tonight's script were Bruce Wayne, a heart-shaped tattoo with the name "Bubba" in it, and a house where a murder took place. The twist this time is that the same prompts were given to another writer to see what he or she would do with them. Lauren Fleischman got the same prompts I did. Coincidentally, Roger Reinert and Don Ness got the same set of prompts for tonight.

If you can't come tonight or just like opening your Christmas presents early, I put my script for tonight up on my blog.

UPDATE: Here's my script for Saturday night. My prompts were the travelling TB patient, a copier machine, and in a UPS truck.

June 03, 2007

Freaks! You're all... Freaks!!

Nice slideshow/film of the "Duluth scene" from '98-2001 made by Ms. Trish here:

Most all us freaks are featured if you were around the 'Shor & whatnot during that time period. Some have stayed, some have moved on. Has it really been that long already? Sheesh, time flies. Sweet slideshow/film, like the lady herself. Check it out. Nice hair, Adam & Starfire. Yeah, I know... nice beard, Gwanto.

May 30, 2007

Did I Mention?


Did I mention I have started my own business? Why yes, I did. Starfire Screen Printing Co. at 1131 E 4th St. is where I spend my daytimes now. I will happily produce for you high quality Screen Printed goods at a reasonable price. Did I mention I am making buttons too? 1" buttons to be exact for all the Rock and Roll types.

My hours are 9-5 Monday-Friday and I am usually around at some point on Saturdays. My phone number is (218)464-0403. Stop by, I'd love to give you a tour.

Mark your calendar for the grand opening extravaganza on Friday June 22 featuring the photographs of Aaron Molina. There will be food, wine and of course music.

Enjoy the fog.


May 23, 2007

Happy Fun Duluth Citizens Day!

happyface.jpgI have been reading the Duluth Citizens Blog with the rest of you and it has made me sad. I think they need a big virtual hug. So, on authority of myself, I am declaring today Happy Fun Duluth Citizens Day! I am encouraging everyone to make Duluth's blogging community a happier funner place and spread joy to everyone!

So let's go do our part! Maybe they'd like some knock knock jokes. Or you could tell that happy story of your last birthday. Or maybe you could tell them how happy you were at Homegrown this year! Leave out the part about barfing on my shoes, though. That wasn't so happy.

May 18, 2007

Become Mr. or Ms. Duluth!

Pier Pressure

The City of Duluth is looking for a qualified person to operate the Aerial Lift Bridge [pdf]. I ran across this job posting when it was offered a few years back and thought that if only I could operate the Lift Bridge, I'd pretty much be the King of Duluth. Then today, I found out that it's being offered again.

Sadly, I'm not nearly qualified, as the job demands not only the operation of the bridge, but the bridge's maintenance as well.

Coolest job in town? Yes, I think it is.

May 17, 2007

Tonight at the Redstar


Tangier 57 has built our reputation on a promise to bring you technological gizmodigry disguised as musical entertainment. Such as the Organ-Bar, bubble machines, In-Lounge movies, and fashion-forward, cruelty-free drums.
So we're pleased to announce the latest addition to our arsenal of technological wonders, our Theremin.

While we're still working out some issues with size and bluetooth connectivity, we're excited about this beta version. Steve Jobs has been invited to tonight's show.
Can you say iTheremin?

At the Redstar, 600 East Superior
Doors open at 7
Lines around the block start forming right after you read this post.

May 13, 2007

do you ever google something .. then get so bogged down by all the answers you just want to turn to someone and say ... hey maybe you can help me.

anyhoo... i googled this to see it it's been posted about here before and after weeding through archives and posts about homegrown i said screw it .. i'll just ask.

but first .. let's go back in time. on this very weekend 10 years ago ... i was grad-uh-mah-tating from UMD. seeing the kids all crowd down to the decc on saturday got me waxing nostalgic... what was life like 10 years ago.
[insert garth and wayne going back in time .. dooodledooodledoo...doooddlleedoodlledoo]

in 1997 ... i still owned pearl jam's Vitology | i was packing my bags to move to oregon | stamps were 33 cents | i was still a blond | bill clinton was president [sigh] | ricky martin was livin' la vida loca | kamal gindy was still alive and a caring professor and guide.

soooo tangent off .. back in those days .. i worked the open mic circuit pretty good
then you couldn't go one night with out some sweet gal getting up with her weathered acoustic singing fake plastic trees. aaawwww bless her heart.

well i guess this is a rambling blog to ask... where are the good open mics now 10 years later?
i've seen the list, but i want to know what you PDD pals suggest. maybe i'll dust off my 15 year old songs and give it a go again. also, i have a fairly portable full size keyboard, i can bring this to open mics too if folks are interested in playing ...

thanks for letting my ramble

May 05, 2007

Homegrown on Flickr

Pretty sure it's been mentioned before, but in case not.
Homegrown photos are being added to this flickr pool. From "A Corrosive Melody" to "Yeltzi" and points in-between. If you got photos to share, please join and post 'em, the more the better.

May 04, 2007

Map Your HomeGrown...


Have you planned out your HomeGrown experience? If you haven't... you're gunna miss something...

I have put together this spreadsheet for tonight... I will get one out for tomorrow... um... tomorrow...

Oh... do you have running shoes? Mandatory Team Practice... departs Chester Bowl 445PM SHARP tonight... meet by the park entrance...

Here is the Download file.

More HomeGrown photos on Flickr.

May 01, 2007

Interesting Points?

With this week's deluge of things to do in Duluth, I was kind of surpised to see this headline in the DNT today: Twin Ports night life: Dead or alive?

Some interesting points from the article:

+ Events like the Bayfront Blues Festival and this week’s Homegrown Music Festival draw praise, and many people who’ve participated in efforts to attract young professionals say there are plenty of bars and restaurants.

But what Duluth doesn’t have is a hopping club scene, an evening venue for independent and arthouse films or enough places for relaxing and conversing after work, say people connected to the efforts to attract and retain young professionals.

+ “It’s not just about having enough bars and having enough bands,” said Cheryl Skafte, one of the “community catalysts” who have volunteered to help the community foundation attract young professionals. “It’s about having a place where you fit in.”
+ “With the size of town that we live in, there are options, but there could be more variety,” Neitzel said.
+ Duluth and Superior combined make up only about a third of Minneapolis’ population. And the fraction of the Twin Ports population that likes a late-night gin and tonic or two is even smaller than that.
+It might be easier to please young people if Twin Ports residents didn’t keep such a tight fist on their wallets and purse strings, bar and club owners say.

Personally, I think it's easy for those of us who are heavily into Twin Ports nightlife to forget that the vast majority of Duluthians do not participate in it. Many don't care for it, and many more aren't even aware of it.

What do you think?

[full article here]

April 29, 2007

Hi Ho, The Derry-O


What: PDD Game Night
When: Monday, April 30, 2007 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's

Come play games with your fellow PDD Gamers. Food will be ordered. Fun, as always, will be had. Some of the games played recently include: Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride: European Version and Munchkin Fu. See you there!

Just for the record, Hi-ho Cherry-O was one of my favorite games when I was a little kid. What was yours?

April 26, 2007


Now that the schedule is at least semi permanently set, what are you excited about seeing, beyond the greatness that is the return offenders, and I noticed there are some long-timers missing, some I assume are touring but I'll miss my Cheerup Poems.

Cheerup Poems

April 16, 2007

I Hate Cell Phones.


I am considering getting back into the Cell Phone carrying world and I would love to hear the PDD community rant and rave about their service. I hardly ever leave town so the unlimited Unicel service seems enticing but the roaming charges are super high. Let me know what you love and what you hate.

Thank you in advance and stay tuned for my big announcement.

Duluth Area Trails Association (DATA)

Hey Anybody interested in helping Duluths Trails should check out this site.

Hans Johnson on Rocketboom today


April 15, 2007

PDD Game Night


What: PDD Game Night
When: Monday, April 16 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's

Come and play games with your fellow PDD Gamer Geeks. The more the merrier! Food will be ordered! Fun will be had! First level Gully Dwarf Republicans will be destroyed! Bring a new game, bring your own games or just bring yourself! See you there!

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April 10, 2007

Free Democracy Summit (April 13-15)

This weekend (April 13-15) is the 4th annual Free Democracy Summit - a weekend of art, education, and inspiration. It has been put on by students from the MPIRG (Minnesota Public Interest Research Group) chapter of UMD for the past four years, focusing on homelessness and housing, environmental issues, trade policies, discrimination, and much more through panel discussions, music, workshops, activities, and community gathering! I posted a schedule of what will be happening during the course of the weekend. It is a really great way to connect with people on the issues that really do affect all of us. The whole weekend is free, Becky Lourey will be speaking, and we have some great Native American music and art events happening Friday night. Check it out!

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NPR Live Concert Series

NPR Live Concert Series
Live Tonight: Low with Loney, Dear

Full Concert Webcast on from the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.

The live webcast of both Low and Loney, Dear is part of NPR Music's live online concert series with All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen.

Starting at 8:30 EDT -- that is 7:30 Duluth Time!
NPR Live Concert

April 06, 2007


Is Crew Jones Playing tonight (Friday)? I heard it in passing and didn't notice any promo, if so when/where?

March 29, 2007

Darling's Observatory


Have I been living under a rock or something?

I was browsing the Duluth Wikpedia Article tonight when I came across a piece of Duluth history I'd never heard of before--Darling's Observatory. J.H. Darling (some rich dude in 1917) built an observatory that housed a 9 inch private telescope as a "means of awakening an interest in this noble science [astronomy] among the people of his city and of contributing to the popular knowledge of the subject." It seems the spot that it used to stand on is now Observation Park out by Emerson. I went out to the spot tonight to look for evidence, and it was scanty. I was just curious if anyone else could shed some light on this topic or maybe just a better picture? From the one above the observatory looks quite grand. I wonder why it's still not there? It looks like it was kind of a big deal for its time........

Ray the Wolf at Beaner's Saturday night 10pm UPDATED

Ray the Wolf (late of Crew Jones) and his new Co-op Crew are playing a not-advertised-in-the-Transistor show at Beaner's Saturday night 10pm. That makes it even more underground than the aborted show at Dick's that got SDBTC*. Ray & Co. are going to have pent-up frustrations from that so this should be a wall-banger. Also check his style out at Ray's myspace page

*Shut Down By The Cops.

UPDATE: This show rocked. Ray was in full effect and he has a great band, to wit: straight outta Evelyth Jason Kokes on bass, Cool Brad who is a monster on drums, El Lobo who was crazy!!! and Nate on backup vox or whatever they call it in the rap world. Can't wait to see you guys at Homegrown.

March 24, 2007

Duluth Basement Parties

DLTHbasementParty.JPGThis is how I grew up. When the talk about the "duluth music scene" starts flaring up, I think back to good ol' january, febuary basement parties I used to go to. Iron Youth, Zen ID, YRU...The Device in the basement of 15th and 2nd...Tonight, I just walked away from 2ndE and Sup. as three squads pulled up. There was a band in the basement and I felt in my heart that the torch is still burning..and it was good.

March 22, 2007

It took a decade of practice

PaulLundgren1997.JPG PaulLundgren2007.JPG

Left: The 1997 Paul Lundgren wishes he could render his literary works aloud at a coffeeshop in West Duluth.

Right: The 2007 Paul Lundgren wonders if anyone will show up now that he has his gig.

Paul Lundgren with Jerree Small & the Junk Drawers
and the Lake Superior Cacophonic Choir

Thursday, March 22 | Beaner's Central | 8 p.m.

March 14, 2007

Systematic - Washington Studios - 03/31/07


stay posted to for updates, info, set times etc.

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March 12, 2007

Tangier 57 has Jetpacks

And we're not afraid to use them. We'll be riding them to the show this Thursday at the Redstar. Of course, we've had the single-user Jetpack technology for quite some time now, but only recently have we developed suffucient propulsion to transport the Organ-Bar via Jetpack. We may be unveiling some other new technologies this week as well.


March 11, 2007

bored games


when: monday, march 12 at 6pm-ish
where: robin goodfellow's
what: fun games for everybody. food will be ordered. fun will be had. be there or be bored.

March 05, 2007

Junk Drawers farewell concert is coming your way


Thursday, March 22, 2007 | 8 p.m. | Beaner’s Central

Jerree Small and Paul Lundgren’s ground-solidifying band, the Junk Drawers, is calling it quits. After two years on the road, performing almost a dozen times at exotic locations as far away as Two Harbors, the rock and roll lifestyle has finally got the best of them.

“It’s been a very rewarding experience overall, but I’m pretty disappointed that we never got a good band photo taken,” Lundgren said. “Oh, well.”

Lundgren and Small plan to perform all five of their songs at the farewell show. There will also be solo performances, as well as a song from the Lake Superior Cacophonic Choir.

March 01, 2007

In Soviet Russia, House Brew You!

I remember years & years ago sitting at the Brewhouse with one of my friends when out of no where he just goes "Everyone here loves the Brewhouse. That is so Soviet." Then we took in the coaster as a whole. That saying, slapped on top of a huge red star. So we got to saying how the Brewhouse was our favorite (Soviet|Communist|Socialist) place to eat.

Then we catch wind that they are opening up a night club. This night club ends up being named "The Red Star". Ok, Now we have what we called the most (Soviet|Communist|Socialist) dance club in Duluth. And our suspicions are confirmed, just a wee bit more.

Then we hear they expanding into burritos. The day I first heard this rumor, I couldn't wait to see how it would play into the (Soviet|Communist|Socialist) theory. Months go by, and finally we catch the name in a paper. "Burrito Union." Perfect. It was all falling right into place.

Then, today for the first time I spied their logo.

I love when I confirm that I'm not completely batshit. I want one now dammit.

the last snowstorm of the year

I took this video about 3:30 this afternoon out the front window in Hazel's bedroom. Music is, obviously, by Low. Enjoy.



February 27, 2007

Last Call for Bands

KeepAways.jpg NotAMiddleFinger.JPG Acceleratii.JPG

The Homegrown Music Festival is just two months away. The ninth annual celebration of Duluth's music and arts scene is scheduled for April 29 through May 6.

A schedule for the eight-day festival is expected to be completed by mid-March. Musical acts have until midnight on March 1 to register to be considered for a slot. (Click here to register.)

Two new features this year will be a Tuesday-night live radio broadcast from Renegade Comedy Theater on Wisconsin Public Radio's 91.3 FM KUWS and a Wednesday-night renewable energy fair and concert at Lakeview Castle. The 2007 event will also feature some new venues a slew of new bands.

February 19, 2007

Growing up Duluth: A Call for Submissions

Growing up Duluth: A Call for Submissions

Dear current or former Duluthian,

Do you have a story about your childhood in Duluth? My siblings and I grew up in the Central Hillside in the 1970’s and 1980’s and feel that our experiences there were unique and are not often reflected back to us in the media. Our memories of, and nostalgia for Duluth inspired us to start this project: Growing up Duluth.

We would like to publish an anthology of people’s experiences growing up in Duluth. We are currently asking for submissions of short fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, photography or artwork to [email protected]. Text submissions should be 150 to 1200 words. All entries must be received by May 31, 2007.

We hope you will take the time to share your Duluth experience with us so that it can be incorporated into a larger collection and enjoyed by all!

Rosey Jencks, Marey Jencks and Peter Leopold

For further information visit us at

February 17, 2007

Oy Vey!


When: Monday, February 19, 2007 at 6pm or so
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come for a schtick and schmooze with your fellow PDD boichikas and mensches! We'll play some kitschy games and order some latkes and lox. L'chaim!

February 16, 2007

Local Boy Done Good

Alan Sparhawk?

Walking through Los Angeles today, I snapped this photo of a bust of Al Sparhawk. I knew he was famous, but sheesh.

February 15, 2007

Franken in Duluth

So Al is going to be in town tomorrow to kick off his Senatorial campaign. Is anyone going? Please post a report. I'd go, but I have a wedding rehearsal I have to be at.

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February 11, 2007

PDD Game Night

Family Choices Board Game - Proverbs Edition.jpg

When: Monday, February 12, 2006 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come play some board games with your fellow friendly PDD members. Foodage of some sort is typically ordered. Get your inner gamer geek on!

February 09, 2007

Rummage Sale

Rummage Sale

When: Saturday, February 10 from 8AM-12PM
Where: Summit School
1600 N 8th Ave E
Duluth, MN
What: baked goods, children's clothing, children's toys, puzzles, games, household objects

All money raised goes to benefit the school!

See you there!

February 06, 2007

What is chicago steppin?

Hey yall, mark your calender for Chicago Steppers night, Valentines Day at the Redstar in the Fitgers Brewery Complex. The event starts at 10pm/no cover/dress to impress/champagne specials/steppers contest/ steppers sets by chicago's finest: Jeff Holman, Psycho Capone, with your host Kevin Craig

What is Steppin?

Steppin is a derivative of several African American dance forms, The Ring-Shout, The Cakewalk, The Jitterbug, The Swing, The Offtime, The Bop, and The New Bop in particular.

A dance consisiting of two or more people dancing as partners in synchronization to a 6 or 8 count beat to musical sounds of Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B, Neo Soul, or Rapp music.

Steppin is currently one of the most popular aspects of America's social climate, gaining popularity at a very rapid pace, manifesting in many major cities, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Milwaukee, L.A., Oakland, Seattle, and other heavy populated areas..

Attire consist of a form of rag time, black tie, and modern fashion designs twisted into a unique style of contemporary designs better known as Steppers Sharp usually reflecting a combination of times throughout African American history, the gouyster in particular.

A dance form very popular throughout Chicago's African American community. A dance of unity and positive atmosphere, currently enjoyed and adopted by people throughout American society under the reference of Hand dancing, Ballroom, The Swing, Steppin , and the Bop.
From (
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

for more info check out these links.

February 04, 2007

PDD Game Night

Better than Bingo at the VFW!

Date: Monday, February 5, 2007
Time: 6pm-ish
Place: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come play a rousing game of Carcassonne (provided by Edgewood) or other games with your friendly fellow PDD members! Pizza or some sort of food substance is usually ordered. See you there!

February 01, 2007

Early Warning

SuddenDeath.jpg HomegrownChicken2.JPG starfirerocksout21.jpg

This year's Homegrown Music Festival will be held April 29 through May 6. Band registration starts now.

January 26, 2007

PDD Game Night!

Anyone up for another PDD Game Night? This Monday, Jan 29th, at 6 PM at Robin Goodfellow. This would be our fourth, and we've had a great time each night! So far, we've played Ticket to Ride (Germany) and Settlers of Catan both really good and popular games. We are going to play again this Monday, and if you're interested in playing board games with fellow PDDers stop by. If there is a certain game you'd like to play- bring it! If people want, we'll order food again. If I can figure out how to play it, I'm going to bring my new game, Battlestations.

In the past we've had as many as seven people, and there will be at least three other people this Monday. Hope to see you then!

January 25, 2007

Submission Party!

After all, everyone has to get it off on occasion, so why not make an occasion of it? Submitting one's writing to journals and magazines that is.
Resolved to send out your work to get published this new year? Lake Superior Writers is hosting a Send-Off party this Saturday, 1/27, from 3-7pm at the Marshall School Annex Building 1301 Rice Lake Rd.
What we'll have: a few publishing guides, a photocopier, a computer (or two), coffee, and a place for people to share their experiences in a creative and supportive envirionment.
What you'll bring: your poetry, essays and/or short stories for submission, envelopes and stamps (snacks would be a bonus). Come for just a little while or stay the whole time. Writers of all abilities are welcome

Any questions? contact mccormie at yahoo dot com

January 23, 2007

Roller Derby?

I heard rumors of a Twin Ports Roller Derby league. Is this concept true, or just some drunken hallucination I had one night?

January 20, 2007

Let's Shoot Something.

Sharyn Morrow aka Mass Distraction

Hello there! I thinks it's about time we stroll with our cameras again. Yes! The Flickr Photowalk is back. This Sunday Sharyn of Mass Distraction fame will be in town and she will be our honorary guide. I don't have a time yet but I wanted to get the word out early.

Sharyn is the Minneapolis/St. Paul Flickr community representative and has led many a Photowalk in the big cities to our south.

So grab your cameras, start a Flickr account and join us this Sunday.


Let's meet at the Rose Garden at 9:30 and make our way to Pizza Lucé for brunch. Don't feel obligated to have brunch we are just making that our end point. Send me an email if you have any questions.

January 17, 2007

Tours of the UMD Library

Tours of the UMD Library are being offered the week of January 29th.

The tours will point out collections and resources that people may not be aware of, as well as architectural features. Learn about the media room, where the bestsellers are, where the best places are for quiet study, where the librarians' offices are, where the old journals are, where the microfilm is, how to borrow DVDs, where the newspapers are, where the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center is, and the location of the all-important Reference Desk.

Tour times:

Monday, January 29th, 2pm to 2:30pm
Tuesday, January 30th, 5pm to 5:30pm and 7pm to 7:30pm
Wednesday, January 31st, 9:30am to 10am

The tours will meet in the library lobby under the beautiful Chihuly glass sculpture.

Oh... Many people outside of UMD are not aware that they can use the UMD Library, including checking out books and DVDs and downloading articles. You can get a (free) community borrowing card that let's you do this. If you're in the library you can use any of the many many bibliographic databases that have tons of current scholarly research. So if you want to do research on something, this is a good place to go. is the library's website....

January 15, 2007

Come out early, get to bed early.

January 14, 2007

Game Night Redux

You are invited to play Ticket to Ride Monday night at Robin Goodfellow starting around 6 o'clock. The eight of us had such a good time last Monday we decided to do it again. Further jsmith14 is bringing the other two editions of Ticket to Ride, so we'll have the USA, Europe, and Marklin (German) editions available to play. Some fun, huh? The games are fun, fast, and may cause the hurling of hurtful epithets.

January 13, 2007

Mentor Duluth Fundraiser

Every child deserves to have a person in their life whom they can count on to be there during childhood successes and struggles..

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January 11, 2007

The Duluth Playhouse's Discriminatory Policies

As some of you may know, the Little Pirate and I are in the production of "Holes" at the Duluth Playhouse, which is part of their Children's Theatre Arts series. It looks like it will be a good show and I'm very proud of the time & effort the cast and crew has put into the production.

However, I am extremely upset about the Playhouse's treatment of the cast & crew who volunteer their time on the Playhouse's children's productions. I was informed a few nights ago that the cast and crew of Children's Theatre Arts plays do not receive complimentary tickets (comps) in appreciation for their hard work. Meanwhile, the cast and crew of the regular season productions (adult plays) do receive two comps to their shows.

UPDATE: I received an explanation. There is not a set policy for comps, but the Playhouse does not give comps for children’s productions because they are trying to instill a sense of volunteerism in the youth. The adults in “Holes” can ask for comps and will probably receive them. My complaint was that I think the non-policy for comps should be equal for all productions (i.e. offered to everyone); I wasn’t fishing for comps so I won’t take them since they’re not offered to all of the cast & crew.

Anyway, I was told that they’re going to review this non-policy for next year so that it’s a little more equal.

As a cast member, I am insulted that my time is deemed less valuable than the time of those involved in a main season production. As a parent of a cast member and youth advocate, I am furious because I feel this policy is ageist. I feel that the Duluth Playhouse does not respect or appreciate the time and effort that these children put into these productions. Not to mention the time & effort these children’s parents put into these productions.

January 06, 2007

PDD Game Night

gamecrossing.jpgBreak out your board games. It's official. This Monday, January 8th, by declaration of BadCat! and myself, is PDD Game Night at Robin Goodfellow. Show up. Geek out. I'll be starting Märklin around 6 o'clock. Anyone want to host another game?

January 05, 2007

Who wants to play?

pic162026_sized.jpgI just picked up my own copy of Ticket to Ride: Märklin edition and I'm eager to break it in. So let's get a game together. If you are interested respond below. I'm thinking this Monday night, January 8, around 6 o'clock in the Robin Goodfellow game room, but I'm open to suggestions if that time doesn't work for you or you have a place you'd rather play.

For those not familiar with the Ticket to Ride series, the basics are simple - you get destination cards that are worth points if you connect the cities on the cards by rail. In the original edition, for example, you could get a card that calls for you to build a rail between Duluth and Chicago. And, yes, Duluth is a city in the original game, even though the gamemakers seem to think Duluth is somewhere south of St. Paul.

ttrm1.jpgIn this version you are building rails in Germany so not only do you get to have the fun of the game but you get to figure out where Düsseldorf and Stuttgart are. Those with a knowledge of German geography will definitely get a speed bonus in this game. For those familiar with the other Ticket to Ride games, this edition adds passengers that you can send on rides to collect merchandise tokens for extra points. The game art in this edition is also particulary nice.

The box says that game play is about 45 minutes, but having played the game a half dozen times I can tell you that actual play takes about 60-90 minutes and add on 15 minutes or so for teaching the game. For veteran game players the rules are not that difficult.

MPR story on local blogs

There was a nice story on MPR last night on local blogs. PDD was one of the successful blogs of note in their segment. Cheers.

January 03, 2007

Go west my friends for winter splendor....

Fon Du Lac State Forest near Cromwell a nordic skiing paradise.

December 18, 2006

Happy Hour v2


A couple of weeks ago I posted about a T-57 show. The date said the 14th. That was wrong. Sorry for the error, we'd all been drinking or something
Here's the new, improved date. The 21st. Oohhhhhh, solstice-ey.
It'll be the longest, loungiest night of the year.

December 16, 2006

Something Positive For The Community

Thank you Heimer for Diaramarama II. It was great. The best part for me was realizing that one of my favorite bands from the Femme Fatale KUMD show was playing right in front of me: "Best Friends Forever." Somehow that fact had escaped my mind until they started their second song, "Abe Lincoln," the one I always hear on the air. Me and Jill Holmen pretty much spazzed out, bum rushed them after the show, bought two CDs and begged them to move to Duluth, where I assured them "instant stardom." I'm pretty sure they're actually thinking about it!!!

December 15, 2006

Turtles at Renegade

For the Trampled by Turtles fans out there, two of the band members make a video cameo called "Drinking With the Stars" in Renegade's holiday review this year. They face off against local newsman Pat Kelly and "that guy you always see at R.T.'s on Sunday." The show's called "The Renegade Experience, or Live Nude Santa" and more info's at

December 14, 2006

Was this at the DECC?

Stare Wars - Episode 1

December 11, 2006

Captain, I'm having trouble getting a signal...

uhura_wifi.jpg[Edit: I've made this list into a wiki that can be added to or edited by anyone.]

[PDD WiFi Wiki Password: pdd123]

So, I was looking at on-line lists of wifi hotspots for Duluth and my considered opinion is that they suck. Let's compile our own list, shall we? Here are my criteria: It must be free and fairly consistent.

Amazing Grace Cafe and Bakery

Beaners Central
Bixby's Cafe
Caribou Coffee - Canal Park
Carmody's - Superior St
Chester Creek Cafe - 8th Street and 19th Ave
Continental Ski and Bike
DAC Deli - Tech Village
Duluth Children's Museum - Depot
Duluth Curling Club
Dunn Bros.
Erbert & Gerbert's - 1st St
Fitger's Brewhouse
Grandma's Great American Bar & Grill
Jitters - Superior St
Lakeview Coffee House
Quizno's - 4th St and Miller Trunk Highway
Red Mug - Superior
Sir Benedict's
Taco John's - London Road
Whole Foods Coop - 4th St & 6th Ave

[Update: I am updating this list as locations are added in the comments below.

It's pholg, it's pholg, better than wood its good

Weds the 13th (triskaidekaphobia sufferers welcome).

A plethora of images, some for sale.

come walk the trails and see what the local shutterbugs are up to.


Chrsitian McShane
Bill Reichelt
Bill Flannagan


Obligatory link

December 10, 2006

Party in the hole


ObsCuriosities Retro


Vintage Clothing, T-Shirts

Obscure Books and Movies (including new DVD's)

Purses, Jewelry, and Other Accessories

Cultural Artifacts

720 East 4th Street, 1 Block East of the new Whole Foods Co-op
Hours: Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Credit Cards Accepted

(I tried to post our ad, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Hope to see you there!)

December 08, 2006

Your easy-reference schedule for Friday


Here's the agenda for Friday's rawk and/or roll supporting the benefit for Pearl Swanson.

10 p.m.
The Alrights (R.T. Quinlan’s)
Jamie Ness (Carmody Irish Pub)
Jerree Small (Pizza Luce)

11:45 p.m.
Centerville All Stars (R.T. Quinlan’s)
Sloe Loris (Carmody Irish Pub)
Trampled By Turtles (Pizza Luce)

$10 weekend passes are available at any of the venues at show time.
Advance passes can be purchased at the Electric Fetus.

December 05, 2006

A Favor Por Favor.


We are in need of Internet access at Mr. D's on Sunday for the Pearl Swanson Benefit. Does anyone in Duluth have Clearwire that we could borrow for about 5 hours? We would guard it with our lives.

If you can assist, send me an email.

By the way, the Pearl Benefit Site has been updated with Silent Auction items and the most up to date band schedule. Pass it on.

December 04, 2006

Le Parkour - Duluth Style

December 03, 2006

Pearl Billboard!

Pearl Billboard.jpg

December 01, 2006

Places to Gig in Duluth

Saw this on YouTube as I was looking at Duluth related entries.

November 27, 2006

As the poster says

Group Photography show on Dec 13th. 9... count them, 9 different photographers.

Music too, at Hartley Nature Center 6p-9p

be there, or be a small rectangular thing

November 22, 2006

You don't have to be a genius...

startrek_poker.jpgFriday night (November 24) I'm hosting a small stakes (nickel ante) poker get together at 8 p.m. It's dealer's choice and silly games made up on the spot are welcome. This is not your Texas Hold 'em pressure cooker variation. This is friendly neighborhood poker. Floosies, malingerers, and kabitzers are welcome as well.

Bring your buy in money (5 or 6 bucks should do it), some beverages, snacks, and a hankering for fun.

If you are interested, contact me and I'll give you details.

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November 16, 2006

Los Besos and The Starfire Lounge are BACK!!!!

OK... This is just a rumor... but I have it on good authority that the Thursday night scene at the Brewhouse is back on-track...

OUT with the karaoke (does anyone need to see that again?)...

IN with Los Besos and The Starfire Lounge!!!

Sparhawk, and Starfire will take turns keeping it cool. Cheers!

(Yes... it is true... I am very excited about this positive change...)

November 03, 2006



Many of you know Eric Swanson and Patty Sobczak and some of you have met their new twin daughters Ruby and Pearl. Well they are currently at the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis where Pearl is being treated for congestive heart failure due to cardiomyopathy. They need our help so we are organizing a benefit in December.

We are looking at December 8-10 for the benefit which will include live music, a spaghetti feed, silent auction and a children's CD. This is a big project so we could really use some help.

The children's music CD is probably the most time urgent project. We need musicians and recording studios willing to donate their time and talent to this project. Do you have a favorite song from your childhood? Does your studio have any open time? Please contact me ASAP if you would like to be involved.

We also need help with soliciting items for the silent auction. A packet with all the benefit details will be ready next week so if you want to hit the streets for Pearl let me know and I will get you some copies.

If you have any other skills, suggestions, ideas that you would like to contribute feel free to send me an email.

For more info on Pearl's condition and to send your best wishes you can go to this site.

October 31, 2006

Homegrown 2007 dates?

Yeah, it's six months off, but I found a good ticket price. Can anyone confirm that the main dates will be May 4-7?


Will Bone Appetit appear? Perhaps maybe probably not for sure.

Out of the Hat - Actors and Techie Needed


Out of the Hat is happening this weekend (Friday and Saturday, November 3 & 4) and is looking for additional actors for both days (especially Friday) and a Techie for both days. For more information go to the Renegade website or contact Brian Matuszak directly.

Oh, and show up Friday or Saturday. This time around it will be in the Tech Village, next to, but not in, the Playground at 7pm both nights. Tickets are $15 for one night or $20 for both nights.

October 25, 2006


benefit ad.jpg
help out my friend's dad & see 2 of duluth's finest

October 20, 2006

Sweet Land Film in Duluth

Sweet Land is returning to Duluth. It's an award winning, independant fim set in a 1920's southern Minnesota farming community. I was about to go down to the cities to see this film until I heard it was making its way up 35. It's a busy weekend with a lot of exceptional events, but, if you have the chance, I encourage you to reward Duluth Ten for bringing in an Independant film. (I should mention that the film was first shown at the Play Ground last May before it had a distributor, and the Play Ground should continue to garner support for their endeavors and collaborations.)

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Curling: Why not?

The Duluth Curling Club is having open houses next week, October 23, 24, and 25 at 6pm. Come down and try it out!

1924 olympics 7.jpg

Duluth Curling Club

October 17, 2006

Nonchalant Jaunt IV


It began in 2003.
Eight Duluthians set out on a quest to walk the entire width of the city via Highway 23 -- from the former Wabagon Supper Club to the Lakeview Castle. Seven of them made it. One had to drop out of the group and go to work.

It continued in 2004.
Seven Duluthians set out to walk the entire length of Skyline Parkway -- from Mission Creek to the end of Occidental Boulevard. Three made it all the way; four got too comfortable at the former Buena Vista Restaurant and went no further.

It became nonchalant in 2005.
After realizing the first two jaunts were quite chalant, seven Duluthians set out on a truly nonchalant adventure, meeting at the top of Enger Tower and wandering around aimlessly, as documented by this video from Starfire TV.

Now, it’s 2006.
The plan is to meet on Sunday, Oct. 22, 11 a.m., at the Clyde Avenue Boat Launch and run wild from there. (There is no reason to believe anyone will show up with a boat, but it could happen.) Similar to 2005, there is no plan. We’ll make it up as we go.

The Clyde Avenue Boat Launch is -- you guessed it -- at the end of Clyde Avenue. Turn east off of Grand Avenue between the Riverside and Morgan Park neighborhoods, then head down Clyde Avenue and you’ll hit the dead end in less than a half mile.

Questions? Ask in the comments or find me Saturday night at the UFO convention.

October 12, 2006

Thanksgiving at the Gay Frame.


Adrian Orange a/k/a Thanksgiving is coming back to Duluth and he is playing at the Gay Frame. Supporting him is Lake. This is also a mini house warming party so come on by, check out our new digs and hear some great music!

Saturday, October 14
Social hour 6pm | Concert 7pm
5 dollar donation.
1201 E 7th St. Duluth, MN.
Any questions shoot me an email.

October 08, 2006

good vet for dog?

We moved to Duluth recently with 2 dogs. One is in the emergency vet clinic today but will be needing a vet to go to first thing tomorrow morning...and may need surgery.

Where is the best place for this?

Our dogs went to 'Alta vet' when we lived in mpls...we like vets who regard alternative treatments & conventional treatments in thier approach to medicine and treatment.

Please post soon with your thoughts...

October 04, 2006

One hour of happiness. Actually, two.

September 27, 2006

Thursday-The Brush Strokes

Wednesday Beaners Central opens the stage for the annual song-writers competition which is judged by the audience. A $500.00 recording package is one of the prizes!!!
Then Thursday listen to Precisely Collaborative Dysfunctional Pop with The brush strokes
They will share the evening with Jon Crocker, Molly Dean and Chris Trapper.
The one week live music fest will continue through Saturday



Lake Superior Brewing Company will be holding a product release party for our newest addition to our seasonal beer lineup. Oktoberfest!! This will be the very first time we have ever done an Oktoberfest and the first time we will have a full temporary liquor license and be able to sell pints of beer at our brewery. We will have Speedy Weenie vending cart providing food. We’ll also have a bonfire, along with a “cowboy golf” tournament. Prizes to be given away as well. Here is the best part $3 Pints with a $1 suggested donation at the door to benefit a local non profit, Lutheran Social Services (LSS) Renaissance.

Saturday, September 30th from 4-10PM at the brewery located at 2711 W Superior St. behind the subway restaurant.

September 20, 2006

Mates of State/Starlight Mints at UMD TONIGHT!!!


This is kind of late but tonight at UMD Mates of State and the Starlight Mints are playing at UMD. The kirby Ballroom I believe. Doors are at 9:30 and music at 10. It is free for the students and 10 bucks for all others.

Here is a video Chuck made of the Mates of State.

September 06, 2006

Spirit Lake Poetry Series 2006-07 Season

SLPS06RyanVine.JPG SLPS06PhilipDacey.JPG SLPS07ElaineEastman.JPG SLPS07FrancineSterle.JPG

The Spirit Lake Poetry Series celebrates its tenth season in 2006-07. A diverse range of poets will present their work during five free events held in Somers Lounge at the College of St. Scholastica. All of the readings will start at 7:30 p.m. and include music and refreshments. Here’s the schedule:

Oct. 7 | Ryan Vine
Nov. 18 | Philip Dacey
Feb. 17 | St. David’s Day Open Reading
March 24 | Poets from “To Sing Along the Way
April 21 | Francine Sterle

Side note: Garrison Keillor will be reading one of Ryan Vine’s poems on the Tuesday, Sept. 12, edition of “Writer’s Almanac” on Minnesota Public Radio.

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August 28, 2006

Attention, People of Earth!


Talented writer/exceptional blogger/professional asskicker Christa Lawler is turning one year older this week. And we need to celebrate that. Shit, we need to celebrate in general.

Thursday, August 31 | 11-ish
The Pioneer Bar | 323 W. First Street
* Bring Money *

August 26, 2006

Seeking Gram Parsons Fans


I've been asked to get the word out to local musicians about an upcoming Gram Parsons tribute show that's in the works. It's tentatively scheduled at Amazing Grace on Sunday, Nov. 5th. If you wanna participate, get in touch with Terry McCarthy at [email protected].

August 20, 2006

Earthbound Benefit


Earthbound Benefit - Please circulate widely!

Please join us to raise awareness and funding for the Earthbound, a gathering to bring together Native and non-Native people who share concerns about the Earth.

Sunday August, 27th
Washington Studios, 4th St. Access
315 Lake Ave. N., Duluth

We will be showing four films throughout the day. Access to the "theater" will be 20 minutes before and after each showing and throughout dinner at the fourth street entrance to the building. Suggested donation $10 (more if you can, no one will be turned away).

2:30: "Maqilapolis", about (and by) workers in Tijuana's assembly factories (68min).
4:00: "Venezuela Bolivariana: People of the Fourth World War" (90min).
5:30: Potluck Supper
7:30: "Business of Fancydancing" (100min).
9:30: TBA (Incident at Oglala or Smoke Signals or others)

The Earthbound gathering will be held on September 22-25 at YMCA Camp Warren, 3726 Miller Trunk Rd, Eveleth, MN, the event is free. Contact 1-800-619-3772 ext. 1 or for more information or if you wish to make a donation.

August 15, 2006

Roast dem beans!


We're giving the second of three public tours at work (for those who don't know: Alakef Coffee 1330 E. Superior St.) on Aug 25th at 10:00 a.m.(the next is in late Sept., if you miss this one). Pre register for the tour is required...question? register? give the office a ring @ 218.724.6849.

If you ever wanted to know's a chance to find out! Impress your friends at your next party by tossing out coffee facts like marshmellows at a Grateful Dead show setbreak!

August 11, 2006

The ball is round...

arunlolarunabol4.jpg"The ball is round, a game lasts 90 minutes, everything else is pure theory. Off we go!"

One of my favorite movies of all time is playing at the Playground Saturday night at 7:30. Alas, I cannot go, but you should. If you have never seen Run Lola Run you really should. It really deserves to be seen on a big screen with a really good sound system, but you can see it at the Playground anyway and approximate it.

August 09, 2006

"Have you ever considered shooting Franklin Roosevelt?"

August 05, 2006

Uncle Barbie on the radio!

BarbieJuggle small web.jpg

Our good friend Mark aka Uncle Barbie is now part of the Mix 108FM, Morning Show with Corey & Laura as their new “Life Coach Doctor”

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August 04, 2006

Uh... it's... it's a dinosaur!


Dr. Ian Malcolm: God creates movies. God destroys movies. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates movies...
Dr. Ellie Sattler: Movies eat man. Woman inherits the earth and watches "Jurassic Park" tonight starting at 8:37pm at Leif Erickson Park.

Bring a blanket and bugspray...

Next week's movie: "Cheaper By The Dozen"

August 01, 2006

Job posting

Director of Religious Education - First Unitarian Church, Duluth Minnesota.

This is currently a part time position with potential for growth as we break ground and prepare to move into our new home.
o Recruit, orient, and support volunteers, teachers and day-care providers.
o Coordinate and develop curriculum.
o Plan special events.
o Attend meetings of the Religious Education Committee.

Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
-Degree in education or experience working with children.
-Basic knowledge of Unitarian Universalist curricula.
-Organizational, communication, and volunteer management skills.
-Comfort with a wide variety of religious views, initiative and ability to encourage others.

Compensation: This is a salaried position with benefits.
Contact: Personnel Committee
c/o First Unitarian Church
145 West Winona Street
Duluth, MN, 55803
Resumes must be received by August 25th.

July 27, 2006

BG1 111.bmp
this is the penalty I pay for being
this is the penalty we pay for living
this is the penalty I pay for lying
this is the penalty we pay for dying

this is the price we pay

July 23, 2006

C-Span2 coming to Duluth!

The Book TV Bus will be parking itself (MTV style) in front of Northern Lights Books and Gifts this upcoming Saturday, 7/29 from 11am-2pm. That means that we'll have three hours in which to be filmed appreciating literature to, perchance, appear in the background a severely edited spot on The Deuce of CSpan.
I've read a little bit about other stops the BookTV Bus has made, and they've been a little underwhelming for the authors. But we do have the chance to support the authors, editors and poets of our region by stopping by the bookstore. Northern Lights Events for the BookTV Bus
I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Louis Jenkins, as I've just spent some time rereading some of his poems and one of his translations of another poet.
Please stop by if you're going to be in the Canal Park Area. It'll be nice to have some Duluthians who love literature in the background rather than just befuddled tourists wondering where the Bridge is.

Attention Please.


Low will be performing their critically acclaimed album Things We Lost in the Fire tonight at Washington Studios. This is in preparation for a show in London on July 26th. Special guests include Mark De Gli Antoni (formerly of Soul Coughing) and Dana Cunningham.

This is a free show which will start around 6:30. Alan says to bring your own dinner.

July 17, 2006

The Opposite of a Blizzard.


Man was it windy and hot at Green Man on Saturday. I missed the 2nd stage tent collapse by 5 minutes. Here is the aftermath.

July 16, 2006

More GO

So I was directed over here by one of the many people I have met at Robin Goodfellows while playing Go there last Thursday. He said to lookup the post and see what was up. I did and now am inviting any one to join us on Thursdays to learn and play Go at 7:00 at Robin Goodfellows. We have three players so far and would love to add more to the roster and maybe even get several days and locations to meet and play.

July 14, 2006

Go Swim Now!

If you live in Duluth and don't go swimming in Lake Superior today you must have a screw loose. The water is perfect. I just got back from my morning swim and I could have stayed all day. So get out there my fellow Duluthians the water beckons!

On a side note one of my favorite bands The Meat Purveyors are sleeping at my house right now. They snore and smell but they also RAWK the BLUEGRASS! They are performing at Green Man tonight and then again at the Brewhouse with Charlie Parr around 10. The Brewhouse is free but Green Man costs a little bit.

July 11, 2006

Contortionist Ticketed.


Gradishar described the contortionist as ‘‘a really flexible person. She could touch her heel to her forehead.’’

I kinda wanted to go to the NorShor Experience last night. Now I know what I missed. Has anyone out there gone to the New old NorShor yet?

July 03, 2006

Roger Wilco.


What a fantastic show. It sure is great to bike home from a show and not drive all night from Minneapolis. Thanks for stopping by Wilco.

July 01, 2006

PDD is 3. August is 7!

PDD is 3, August is 7!

June 29, 2006

Park, (re) park, park (ing)

So I have this dream. It is reclaiming 50% of duluth's streets and letting *gasp* trees and grass grow. It is part of an idea that a city should have public transportation ( skywebexpress(taxi2000)/subway/streetcar/lightrail) at least 4 blocks from anywhere. This would work perfectly with the new twin cities to duluth line. Those scabs can just take their Lexus to the train station, have a beautiful ride to duluth, then they can spend money at our ex-brothel and spit in our lake. I would rather enjoy going to the cities to enjoy their gamut of restaurants and shows. Then when I manage to be fully intoxicated at somebody's tiki party I won't have to drive home.(btw thanks bill)

What kind of state would have a streetcar museum and no streetcars.

Duluth used to have Streetcars(my picture from 3rd st below lincoln park)

I doubt 4 blocks is unreasonable to walk. In fact, I've already seen fat people riding those little motorized carts, so really no one can complain.


On a side note:
Here are a few efforts I've seen about instaparks.

Here is a great effort by italians (click on Reportage)
Original Park(ing) site
The Rebar park(ing) Manual

BTW I was the guy that kept bugging Heidi about the taxi2000 project now called skyWebExpress, and although the article sucked because that particular ripsaw writer seemed to hate public transportation it was still there.

Perfect Edith Day

My favorite options from the InDesign spell checker when it encounters "Duluth"



June 27, 2006

It will rip the unit right off your body

June 25, 2006

Let's put the "weekly" back in "weekly calendar"

You know I like to browse the Transistor as well as the next homosapien or nigh sentient button pusher, but have they totally given up on their web presence? The on-line version hasn't changed since, well, March.

June 22, 2006

Bars/Restaurants near Lake Superior

I'm attempting to make a list of places to drink and/or eat around Duluth that are very near Lake Superior. Anywhere that simply depends on the LAKE as their main draw/attraction which pulls in tourists/customers.

So far, my list goes:
Fitgers Brewhouse
Baja Billy's
Hacienda del Sol
Sir Benedicts
Little Angies
Nokomis (N Shore)
The Rustic Inn (N Shore)
Betty's Pies (N Shore)
Vanilla Bean (Two Harbors)
Perkins (Superior)
Barkers Island (Superior)
Boat House (Superior)

Just an experiment. Any help from PDDers would be appreciated!

June 20, 2006

Sister Bar Exchange

I was poking around Eric Ringsred Dot Com today and found his "Coming Attractions" page. I like #4 the best.

1st And Only Bicycle Pub Crawl


Join us for the First and Only Bicycle Pub Crawl! This Sunday, June 25th at 7:00pm starting at the Tappa Keg in West Duluth and working our way Downtown. Tentative stops include the Rustic, the Bedrock, R.T.'s, Pizza Luce, the Red Lion, and Carmody's, although this is likely to change as beverages become consumed. Helmets and vintage clothing strongly encouraged. Please don't wait for next year because this event will not be repeated! Participation is free!

June 19, 2006

Duluth Woman's Soccer League.

Duluth's first adult women's soccer league will be having their first game this Thursday, June 22nd at Public Schools Stadium , 4405 W. 4th Street, at 6:15pm. The teams are sponsered by Carmody's and Sir Benedicts Tavern on the Lake. Come and support and cheer them on.

June 15, 2006



I was watching the Sweeden-Paraguay match today and it occured to me that it might be cool to go out and do this kind of thing. Are there any particular sports-bars/hangouts where people watch the World Cup in Duluth? The more the merrier when it comes to frenzied shouting, and there are some interesting matchs coming this week with England-Sweeden, Ecuador-Germany, and US-Italy.

June 13, 2006

Rock the Block this Thursday Downtown Duluth

UHQ poster for mass mailing.JPG

The Greater Downtown Council is hosting a new Summer Concert Series event in the Downtown this summer. It is called Rock the Block and the first concert is this Thursday June 15. The Urban Hillbilly Quartet gets started at 5:00 in the 300 Block West on Superior St. There will be beer and food sold by local restaurants as well as seating available for Rock the Block attendees. The event was created for the public and is free!

Please come and support this new outdoor event that will be hosted every other Thursday this summer on the streets of Downtown Duluth. Bands are a mix of local and regional. If you would like to hear samples of there music go to

June 07, 2006

another and it should work

Click the picture.

June 05, 2006


666 V-Nick is 25!

That's right kids, tomorrow is 6/6/06! It is also V-nick's 25th birthday. To celebrate we are having a very special screening of The Omen. Not the newly remade version debuting in theatres tomorrow but the honest to god 1976 version.

where | The Sailboat Park on West Superior St.
when | 9:30 or as soon as it gets dark enough.
what | A birthday party!
bring | A chair. Bug dope. Beverages. A warm coat.

Remember. This is a public park so if you bring booze keep it discreet. Hope you can all make it. The weather looks hopeful. Stay tuned for an alternate location in case of rain.

June 03, 2006

Out of the Hat Location Changed

Out of the Hat 7 Email DECC.jpg
Unfortunately due to a hold up in getting the zoning for the performance space changed, Out of the Hat will be performed at Paulucci Hall in the DECC. Yeah. Meh. But there it is.

June 01, 2006

Gonzo Science Badminton Party

A day of badminton at the Gonzo Science manse and grounds, starting Saturday at 3pm. H'ors d'oerves accepted but not necessary. Working on getting beer. Once the sun goes down we'll be projecting movies on the side of the little old lady's house across the street. The first feature will be "Walking with Giants," from the BBC's "Chased by Dinosaurs" series. No weirdos. Email [email protected] for more info.

May 23, 2006

Lake Superior Brewing

I would like to invite everyone to come and check out the The Lake Superior Brewing Co. this Thusday night from
6:00 to 8:00 pm. I will show you around the brewery and drink beer with you. We are located at 2620 west Superior St,. in the building behind the subway. If you can, send me an email at [email protected] so I know how many people tp expect. If you don't get around to sending an email but show up anyway, it's not a problem.

See you all on Thursday,
Don Brewington

May 22, 2006

An invitation for you and yours...

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Barrett's post re: swimming gets me to thinking...and asking! For all PDDers who use St. Andrew's OR KNOW ANY ONE WHO DOES as a beach entry point...please encourage LEAVE NO TRACE...I've gone in here for years...and am glad to often see many of Duluth's rock-a-rati (most notably the Livingston clan) there enjoying the sun...but it's also become a haven for the leave the PBR or preimie in the sand please dont be the butt end of the curse of st. andrew and keep the beach clean..oh yeah and this goes FOR THE REST OF THE LAKE TOO!...thanks ...BTW PDD beach party there some time...what say?


This morning as I was coming home from work, the calm, placid lake looked really inviting. However I know better.

I think the earliest I ever dove into Lake Superior was in late March. That was back in 1992, and I think I spent about 90 seconds in the water before scampering back to the beach fire. Actually, it felt really good. But I was young and kind of crazy.

What's the earliest you've ever gone swimming in the big lake? (That whole "polar bear" nonsense doesn't count.) How'd you like it? When do you usually first take the plunge?

May 19, 2006


Just wanted to say a quick thanks to those who ventured down to Beaners this evening.
Merci Beaucoup

May 16, 2006

Attention Duluthians

I just planted a few Frontenac grape vines that are hardy down to -35F. The Frontenac are a hybrid developed by the U of M and this particular farmer. It is disease resistance and will produce hella grapes. Grapes are easy to grow, don't need watering except for drought times, and produce edible morsels of fruit. I have a dream that the stepped backyards of Lincoln park could be filled with grape vines. If anyone is interested please contact these people, these prices are too good to be true.



We are about at the end of our shipping season. Orders have been filled.
As the result of a couple of late cancellations and some bins that turned
up at the back of our coolers we have some vines remaining. They are all
on sale! $4 apiece for vines up to 99. $3 apiece for orders of 100 or
more vines.

Still available for delivery this Spring:

Frontenac - 720 vines
Frontenac Gris - 120 vines
Sabrevois - 120 vines
King of the North - 110 vines
Sipaska - 80 vines
Prairie Star - 840 vines
Louise - 45 vines
Bluebell - 370 vines

First come - first serve. Please call for current availability. We will
hold telephone orders for 3 days only. Our coolers will be shut down
shortly so these will be "shipped" orders only - no pickup.

Happy Summer!
Barb, John and Donovan

Great River Vineyard/Nursery
35680 Hwy. 61 Blvd.
Lake City, MN 55041

May 14, 2006

Go See A Midsummer Night's Dream

Today at 2pm is your last chance! It's hands down the best entertainment bargain this weekend at only $5.

I went to see A Midsummer Night's Dream last night at Harbor City High with my parents and my kids and all of us were immensely entertained. Sure, I was worried about bringing my 8 year old to a Shakespearean play, but by scene two he was bouncing up and down in his seat and roaring with laughter. What he didn't get in the language was more than made up for by the acting. And at a total running time of an hour and forty five minutes, it was just about the right length.

Now, this is a high school production and the acting is uneven, but overall I was very, very impressed. Also, this may be the only A Midsummer Night's Dream production in the history of the play that prominently features bellydancing.

Anyway, if you are just waking up and wondering what you are going to do on this rainy Sunday, do this! You won't be disappointed.

May 07, 2006

Homegrown on Flickr

Chicken Bone George

Click here to see a slideshow of this year's Homegrown Music Festival.

And/or, add your photos to the slideshow by uploading them to your Flickr account and giving them a "Homegrown Music Festival 2006" tag.

See the photos in plain, non-slideshow form here.

Homegrown Duluth photos

The Flickr set of my Homegrown Photos is up here.

Conversely I use the tag "Homegrown Duluth 2006" if people want to tag theirs as such too there could be a nice big photoset

May 06, 2006

Drive Awaaaay!

Bone Appetit

I present to you in all of its unedited glory Bone Appetit.

Click the pic.

May 05, 2006

Doing a Shot at Homegrown.

doing a shot at homegrown

click the pic to watch.

May 04, 2006

Any harmony is inadvertant.


The LSCC has two rules:

1) Once you start, there's no stopping.
2) Cacophony forever.

After the cacophony, Mr. Starfire and I will play local music for your beer-drinking soundtrack.

May 03, 2006

It's a Brand New Hat!

Out of the Hat 7, June 9 & 10, is looking for writers, directors, and a whole lotta actors. Yes, you can be a part of the first production in the new Renegade facility (right next door to Carmody in case you needed more persuading). Contact Brian Matuszak if you are interested.

For those uninitiated to the ways of the hat, the writers get their prompts the night before the show, they have until the following morning to write a short (10 minute) work. The following morning the directors draw scripts from the hat. The plays are casted out of the hat. They have the morning and afternoon to get the work on its feet. It goes up that night. I think of it as the triathalon of sketch comedy.

The best thing is that it is only a one day commitment, though you have to be fully committed for that day. So, if you got the theatre bug, but don't have 6 weeks to devote to a full stage production, this is a pretty good fix.

May 01, 2006

Now We're Talking.


OK, finally a show I don't mind paying 28 bucks for. Wilco at the DECC, July 2nd. You can get an early shot at tickets here or just go down to the DECC on Saturday morning.

This is so sweet.

Geek Prom on Rocketboom


Check out Paul Lundgren and many other geeky PDDers on today's edition of Rocketboom. Just think -- now hundreds of thousands of people have seen you do that.

April 30, 2006

Duluth Flickr Photowalk!

Blurry makes me happy

The first Duluth Flickr Photowalk is in the bag. Four hardy souls showed up for this Skywalk photo romp. I have uploaded my pics and the others should be soon. Follow this link to see a slideshow of the fun.

We will be doing this on a monthly basis so stay tuned for the next date and location.

April 29, 2006

if you're not at the norshor

word is jim hall will be making his return with jamie ness and wet dog this thursday at amazing grace. might be worth checking out if you're not watching low at the nor shor.

April 28, 2006

Quite an honor, I must say.

According to, Duluth has one of the twelve best prisons to get thrown into:


Flickr Photowalk.

Lets take a Photo walk.

Chuck has a great story today at MN Stories about their last Flickr Photowalk. I think we should start our own Duluth version of this. So I declare this Sunday, April 30th at 11am to be the first Duluth Flickr Photowalk. This coincides with the monthly Metro area walk.

Now I guess we need to pick a starting point. Any ideas? Maybe we could meet at the Looch for some coffee and then walk around downtown snapping photos to our hearts content or until our memory cards fill up.

Flickr for those who have not heard of it is a photo sharing website in which you can Tag photos to make them searchable by others. So after our walk you could go home, set up an account and upload your favorite photos tagging them "Duluth Flickr Photowalk." When they are all uploaded you can watch a slideshow of everyones photos, cool huh?

This is not a digital camera only event by the way. All types of image capturing devices are welcome. Plus it looks as if the temps will be in the 40's so dress warm. Any other questions send me an email.

April 27, 2006

Keeping it in Duluth

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune did a nice article on Duluth and the Keep Aways today.

Check it out.

April 25, 2006

PDD Etymology

Who claims to be the originator of the phrase "Perfect Duluth Day" and/or "PDD"?

I first heard "Perfect Duluth Day" and "PDD" in the summer of 1999 (possibly May of 2000) from Tim Nelson. I always assumed that either he, Starfire or Haze came up with it.

[Incidentally, the phrase at the Nelson house was, "It's a PDD -- goddamn glorious!" I always loved that second part.]

April 21, 2006

The PDD Calendar


The usefulness of this new feature depends on whether or not people pick it up and run with it, but I've just added a calendar function to PDD. Now anyone can add events to a calendar and we all can check it to see what's going on on a particular day.

It's easy to use, so hopefully it'll become a good resource.

Try it out at

[Note: You have to log in to post an event. I created a guest account to make it as free and open as possible. If this becomes a problem, then we'll have to figure out a different strategy, but for now log in as "guest" and we'll see how it works.]

Great Northern Festival of Words 4/22

Not to compete with any plans you may have for Geek Prom, Earth Day, or the Free Democracy Summit, but...
Lake Superior Writers is holding a free book fair at the Depot on Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Lots of authors and publishers, public readings, free writing/publishing workshops and the official appointment of Duluth's (and Minnesota's) first Poet Laureate (in the noon hour with some cake).
It's at the Depot, and close to a lot of other events (except, perhaps, Geek Prom).
Then to cap off the evening, Denise Sweet, Wisconsin's Poet Laureate, will be reading at Somer's Lounge in St. Scholastica. Also free.
For more info, check out

Women's Soccer

Women's Soccer!

Interestested in Playing?

We're looking for ladies aged 20 and above to play this season.
All abilities welcome.

There will be an informational meeting to find out how many folks are interested in playing and whether or not they want to start a league, join a league, play pick-up or have other ideas.

Info Meeting: Monday, May 1st, 7:30PM. 1705 Jefferson St., Duluth

Call Judy (218) 391.0886 or Celia (218) 728.3771 for directions, information or with questions.

Please, pass it on and tell your friends.

Carmody is open...officially!


I think I found my new favorite bar.

I call this picture "Shazam!"

April 16, 2006

Free Democracy Summit 2006


There was no post about Duluth's most fabulous political forum on here so I felt obliged to throw this link up here. April 21-23, scope the website. No Jim Hightower this year, but Franken is making another trip up north.

April 15, 2006

southern lurker seeks reality check

Hi everybody. I've been a lurker on this site for a few weeks because I'm entertaining the idea of moving to Duluth -- PDD is a great site and I especially love the photos. I spent two months in Duluth last summer (studying accordion repair) and was surprised to find that Duluth was really cool. All the people I met were extremely nice and I was impressed by the music community (Cloud Cult, Hobo Nephews, etc.). I currently live in Atlanta and am bored to death by it -- I've checked out several other potential places to relocate but continually return to thoughts of Duluth. Am I crazy? Can a southerner get used to your winters? Just how bad is it? I really like the Duluth vibe and would be working on a web-based business -- I'm just a little nervous about the snow. Any thoughts?

April 14, 2006

Garage Sale!


Ah spring.

I am having a garage sale tomorrow from 8am to whenever to clear out some of my stuff and my old tenants stuff. You should all come and say hi. I put out a ton of records some of which are pretty damn good. Lots of 70's and some 80's too. I also have a big fish hanging on my garage.

1217 E 5th St. (in the alley)

buy my fish...

Homegrown Volunteer Fun!

Hey kids,

Homegrown is in need of a few folks to help out with a few tasks during the week of the festival.

For starters, Saturday morning around 10ish, we're distributing posters. Come down to Pizza Luce and pick up a few, and put 'em up in places where they need to go...

We're also looking for 10-20 folks to help out with some larger tasks during the festival itself. Particularly, we need a trusty person (in addition to the soundguy) at each venue to make sure things run smoothly, make sure bands show up, help them get in and out, up and down in a relatively timely fashion. Basically, we need venue managers. It could be worth your while...and if anyone is interested, please contact me at...zra_wei (at) yahoo d o t com.


April 12, 2006


Aquarium, Circa 1930

Old-skool, hand-colored postcards!

...the easy way!

April 10, 2006

Homegrown Lineup Online


Time to plan your evenings!

Check out a handy PDF of this year's Homegrown lineup, or visit the Homegrown Myspace for a plain HTML version.

April 09, 2006

Parkin' It

It's LP's Spring Break and the beauty of being unemployed is that we get to enjoy it together. Of course, the downfall of being unemployed is that we don't have any money to do anything. So we're "pakin' it"

We aim to hit seven parks in the next week. So far, we have hit two: Lincoln (yesterday) and Lester (today).

Instead of us deciding where to go the rest of the week, we thought it would be fun to get your recommendations since many of you have no problem telling people where to go.

We’ll go anywhere in the Twin Ports area and like places with playgrounds and/or hiking trails. We also bring along a bag of outdoor games (badminton, Frisbee, weird velcro handball game, and bubbles), so an open space to play would be good. And hey, if you have some free time, join us!

So, where should we go tomorrow?

April 06, 2006

My Left Irish Foot.

Daniel Day-Lewis - Bild.jpg

Word on the street is Carmody's Irish Pub is opening on Saturday with a special guest. Daniel Day Lewis who is related to Eddie Gleason will be in the house. Anyone going?

Zenith City Wiki

Picture 1.png

Is anyone here involved with the Duluth wiki page? It is, as the wikipedia people point out, a good article, but things can always be better.

March 31, 2006

Renegade Finds a Home

renegade.gifI got news this morning in my in-box that Renegade Comedy Theatre, which has been in exile for a year and a half, has finally found a home downtown at 222 East Superior Street, right across from the Greysolon Plaza, formerly the St. Louis County Health Department building. They hope to start performing there in June with Out of the Hat 7. Huzzah!

March 29, 2006

Playing Devil's Advocate

I want to talk about Grandma's, because lately I've been thinking about it and it really baffles me.

Recently, commented that someone told him the new Dubhlinn bar was "Grandma's with Guinness." Now, I suppose this might also mean that the place isn't very "Irish," but it has another meaning that I think most people who've spent at least a few years in this town understand.

Among many Duluthians, consensus is that Grandma's blows.

But here's where the whole Devil's Advocate thing comes in: I'm not exactly sure why people think that.

If you compare Grandma's to, say, Pizza Lucé, it's different, but it really isn't that different. The prices are pretty similar. Both have very good bartenders and good happy-hour specials. They're both restaurants at heart. Both are small regional chains. Grandma's doesn't have live music and probably doesn't serve any vegetarian fare, but other than that, the main difference is that vastly different types of people frequent each place.

And most people who frequent Pizza Luceé wouldn't be caught dead at Grandma's, I suspect for that very reason.

Another comment recently made (I'm not picking on you -- seriously -- your ideas just make me think a lot -- it's a compliment, really!) was "Duluth doesn't really have distinct lines between the various social cultures or 'scenes.'" To a certain extent, this is true. But here is an example of an extremely distinct line. Others on this site have often said that Duluth is "clique-y." Maybe this kind of thing is what they were talking about, but I doubt it.

It sometimes seems like there are huge swaths of people we don't even consider when we think about our city or our lives. I can guarantee you that there are thousands of people in this city who do not even know that the Homegrown Music Festival exists, and it isn't for a lack of advertising or hype. I've met a lot of them. They were all very nice.

So what do you think about Grandma's and the people who frequent it? What do you think about other "scenes"? What/who do you hate? Who do you love? What do you want?

March 28, 2006



Wanna Play?

I started learning Go at The Last Exit in Seattle about a decade ago from an old hippie named Tripper John, but haven't bothered with it since I moved out here.
I'm not that good. i suck at it, actually, but I've been learning. I lose a lot. That doesn't discourage me from playing at all because every game I lose teaches me more about it.

If anyone wants to play with the little group we've put together...we're usually at the Brewhouse every Wednesday at about 6:30...Usually upstairs, usually with a pint and a Go board in front of us. All experience levels are welcome to join us.

March 27, 2006

Duluth Ballet travels to the Big City

Good day PDD'ers.
I work for The O'Shaughnessy [Second largest performing arts venue in St. Paul] and we are presenting Duluth dance company American National Ballet this Firday night. I'm going to throw my weight around here and would like offer some free-bees to fellow PDD'ers and their friends. For those of you in the Cities this weekend looking for something to do, here is a chance to have a classy evening at no cost. Shoot me an email if you are interested - [email protected]
I've enjoyed working with this wonderful company a great deal and hope they have a great turn out.

ps: now you all know i don't actually live in duluth .. but i do in my mind and every time i step on my boyfriends sailboat at spirit lake marina ..

March 26, 2006

Old To Duluth

Barrett posed these questions in rockyboy316's post "New To Site", but I think they are interesting enough to explore on their own (without muddying up rocketboy316's post).

1. Why, specifically, do you find it difficult to make friends in Duluth?
2. How, specifically, are other cities different?
3. What sorts of resources can we invent that would make it easier to make friends in Duluth?

Continue reading "Old To Duluth" »

March 25, 2006

New To Site

This is my first time posting on the site, but I have read for a couple of weeks now and I must say that it is a really cool site. You guys do a great job with it.

I currently live in Jupiter, FL (South FL) and I am thinking about re-locating to a place up north, on a large body of water, that doesn't get too warm, and has a lot of outdoor activities available within reasonable distance. I noticed that Duluth was voted as one of the top 10 outdoor dream towns in America by Outside Magazine a couple years back and as the best Golf Town in America a couple years back. Both of these awards really grab my interest, along with the skit on SNL back in January...That was funny!

I was looking for some personal feedback on a few things. I noticed that there are downhill ski/snowboarding slopes in Duluth at Spirit Mountain and I was wondering what the general reaction is to the quality of the slopes. Also, how is the night-life in the city? Are there any good places to hang out at? Finally, how are the water sports on Lake Superior. I love to water ski and wakeboard so going places where there is a large body of water is a must.

I really am looking forward to your replies.

Homegrown: Only 40 (?) Days Away


This is Hotrod Heartthrob, standing next to the lead singer of TOTO, shortly after Hotrod sang "Rosanna" with the band. It may not be the TOTO, as their Web site says they're playing SCHEIDEGG CH tonight. Wherever that is, it's not close to the Forest Lake bar where Hotrod accidentally encountered TOTO. (And yeah, the singer guy -- whatever his name is -- said Hotrod had a better falsetto than him.)

Basically, this post is a reminder that the Homegrown Music Festival exists primarily as a showcase for Bone Appetit. From winning the event to headlining it to saving it (as they did last year, when they filled in for a missing band), Bone Appetit dominates the Duluth music scene, even when they live in the cities and play only sporadically.

Low, assorted bands with the word "Black" in your name, fake punk "grrrl" bands, Northeastern Minnesota rappers: Bow before the alter of Bone Appetit

March 24, 2006

More Shirts.

Don't you want one?

Hey you crazy kids. I have gone and made up another batch of PDD shirts. This time on swanky American Apparel T-shirts, which are made in LA by people earning a living wage with health care and all that. Plus, the owner of the company likes to jack off in front of pretty girls so you may want to consider washing your new shirt first.

Barrett Chase and I should have some kind of store up soon but in the meantime you could pop into Bullseye Silkscreen-32 E Superior St. and buy yourself one all in person like. I have small through xl available. 15 bucks

PDD Shirts are so F'ing cool!

March 21, 2006

The Two Questions

There are two questions that we native Duluthians always ask people when they move here. The first question we ask, usually with a tone of confusion and shock in our voice, is "Why did you move here?" Maybe we don't seem all that confused if you moved here from Ashland or Grand Portage, but if you moved here from any distance -- or even from a foreign country -- we are baffled that you have even heard of this place, let alone chose to live here.

The second question we ask, usually with a bit of sadistic glee, is "Have you spent a winter here yet?" We ask this for obvious reasons.

Because it just officially turned spring (um, yeah) let's assume your answer to question #2 is affirmative. But I would like to hear people's stories about how and why they chose to move to a place like Duluth, Minnesota. If you think your story is too big for the comment section, by all means make your own post. It would be nice to hear from some of the quieter people out there -- maybe some of the member/lurkers who haven't posted yet.

Also, if you haven't seen it, "Why Do You Live Here?" was a recent VoxPop topic on Minnesota Stories. It was a great video with some familiar faces, but I'd like to read some longer, Duluth-centric stories.


March 17, 2006


Anyone know if Rick Boo's bar is doing the grand opening tonight? OK, I know it's really Ed Gleason's bar, but it's still Rick's place to me in my little world. I'm probably harboring some latent nostalgic Norshor memories. Ah.... The Norshor.....

March 16, 2006

Her boots are made to kick your Ass.

I got a new camera and maria got her picture taken

I got a new camera today. I don't even know how to use it but Maria got new boots so I took a picture.

March 15, 2006

St. Paddy's Grub

This is my first St. Patrick's day back in the Twin Ports. I've been grossly disappointed in other towns to find a severe lack of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes served up in a form different than a reuben with fries. So, I'm sending out a plea/census: what establishments dish up a mean, traditional Irish dinner?
Similarly, what locations will have trad bands?
Help me celebrate St.Patrick's right my first year back!

March 12, 2006

World Junior Curling Championship

chris plys rink 2.gif

Chris Plys and company are taking on the world in Jeonju, South Korea. Good curling!

March 04, 2006

International Women's Day

Please help spread the word!

The speaker event and training is SUNDAY with the RALLY on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 4PM

Read on!

The International Women's Day Action Group invites you to two days of nonviolent action and resistance to militarism. For more information (or if you need childcare on Sunday), call 218.728.3771.

Sunday, March 5
Education and Preparation for Nonviolent Action
Held at Trepanier Hall, YWCA
202 W 2nd Street, Duluth

1:00 p.m. Chante Wolf, Gulf War veteran
"My Journey to Peace: a Woman's Perspective on Military Life"

2:30 p.m. Nonviolence and direct-action training
Practice communication skills and methods for de-escalating conflict,
and learn more about Wednesday's civil disobedience action.
Facilitated by Donna Howard.

5:00 p.m. Dinner and community-building
Open to everyone! The meal will be vegetarian/vegan.

Wednesday, March 8
(International Women's Day)
March, rally and nonviolent direct action
in solidarity with women in the military,
women in war zones and women relatives of soldiers
4:00 pm
Gather at the Federal Building
5th Ave W and 1st St, Duluth
Bring a pot and wooden spoon to protest violence in the international women's tradition.

Thank you!

February 24, 2006


Vicarious' recent post led me into a chain of memories that led me to look up this article by Slim Goodbuzz.

I was at that event, and it was so much fun I could barely take it.

Who's doing stuff of this caliber these days? Why am I not invited? Even if I'm not invited, why is no one documenting it? This is clearly the hub for all such fun. Let's hear about it. Let's make it happen.

Nothing happens unless you make it happen. And attitude is everything.

February 13, 2006

Deconstructing weirdness

Every day, the first part of the Duluth News-Tribune I read is the Letters to the Editor section, and every day, I hope for good ones. What constitutes a "good" letter in my definition? Well, it certainly isn't a letter that's well-written and/or insightful, that's for sure.

The best letters are those that show a line of thinking that's completely foreign to me. Political whack-jobs of either wing are always good entertainment. But sometimes you get a great letter with no political bias at all, like the one that ran last Friday, "Pigeons are God's creatures, too."

In the letter, the writer takes the stance that pigeons are "love-filled birds" and denounces a recent DNT article about pigeons making a nuisance for a local day-care center. "The innocent, peaceful doves, with love coming from the same sources as our own, probably were attracted by the love and peacefulness of the home-based business," the writer states.

The writer goes on to recommend encouraging and aiding the pigeon population by contructing low-cost housing for the pigeons, rescuing their eggs, and gathering donations to purchase pigeon food.

Because apparantly, pigeons don't thrive in the city.

Keeping to the format, the writer goes Biblical at the end, citing God's love for pigeons and how Israelis used to sacrifice them in religious ceremonies. And while people generally don't sacrifice animals to God anymore, that doesn't necessarily mean He has stopped loving them: "Pigeons and doves are probably still held in high esteem by the guy who made them," the writer guesses.

Whenever I read a letter like this, I like to imagine what the person's life is like. If people calling pigeons a nuisance gets you upset enough to write a letter to the editor, what must your emotional state be like when confronting the rest of the news?

For the record, I kind of like pigeons. But ... damn.

February 11, 2006

gathering (free pdd stickers)

The spouse is gone for the weekend and I'm at loose ends, anyone want to have a pdd potluck/gathering on Sunday evening? Can use my house, I'll even pick people up from the downtown area if you are vehicle-less. Perhaps a short Hartley hike before...?

mmm, how about three ayes to make it happen (more then 3 welcome)

Don't be shy, I don't bite, have good references, and contrary to rumors put forth by the penguin mafia am not arrogant

January 25, 2006

Curling alert

curler LaBatts11.jpg

The 2006 US Junior National Curling Championship will be held at the Duluth Curling Club at the DECC all next week! They start playing sunday, 1/29 and the finals are saturday 2/4. The best curlers from all over the country will be coming to compete in Duluth. Come down and watch some great young athletes (and maybe future Olympians), and show support for the Minnesota teams.

Here is the official site:

January 16, 2006

Fly High Deluth! [sic]


Here's a crappy, two-part link to the SNL skit about Duluth that aired last weekend.

Part One
Part Two

January 12, 2006

It's Finally Happening...

Irish Pubs R Us Did anyone else read this in the DNT today? Finally!

January 07, 2006

Social hour

My husband and I recently moved to Duluth and we are having trouble meeting likeminded people to hang out with. We are getting tired of hanging out with my parent's friends who are approximately 60 years old. Ideas anyone???????

January 05, 2006

Passing it Along.

I'm passing this email from Donny Ness to you all in hopes that you musician types are in the know.

Dear friends of Homegrown, Things are changing with Homegrown this year and I wanted to give you a quick heads up. The festival now has non-profit status and is being run by a steering committee chaired by Alan Sparhawk and Amy Abts. Its a really good group, we've have a good plan for the year and I think we can make the festival even better than before. The top priority for the group this year is to be sure that all the bands enjoy the Homegrown experience and are paid for their set. We see Homegrown as a celebration of the local scene and a thank you to everyone who contributes to it throughout the year.

We are also looking for feedback and ideas from everyone who has a stake in Homegrown - we also want to keep in touch throughout the year and give updates on a regular basis with what's going on with the festival. We are planning to have a large gathering sometime in February or March as an opportunity for you and your band mates to share your thoughts on the 05 Homegrown and looking ahead to the 06 Homegrown. First things first, we need to get up-to-date contact information for everyone.

I need full names, e-mail, phone, and mailing addresses of everybody who plays in your band(s), including yourself. We have some contact information, but very little - we want to have a full database of local musicians so that we can send you mailings and other information as it relates to Homegrown. If you could get that to me by early next week, that would be a huge help. We want to mail a letter and survey to everyone by the middle of the month.

Also, if you know of new bands, artists in the area who have not played Homegrown before - send us their name(s) and any contact info you might have for them. Thanks for your help and you can look forward to more information from us in the near future...

Don Ness

Steering Committee Member

January 03, 2006

happy little clouds...

Bob Ross Rules So Hard!

This rules so much! Bob Ross, one of my favorite television personalities ever, passed to the other side a while back but his spirit lives on. Ace Hardware downtown is offering several painting classes this winter instructed by Bob Ross approved teachers. There are 4 paintings to choose from and they are offering each class twice. V-Nick and I are signed up for the February 11th Snowbound Cabin class. The best part is that it only costs $15.00. The classes last three hours and you walk away with your own Happy Little Clouds. All supplies are provided.

For more info go here. You can also call Ace Hardware at 218-722-4496.

Seriously, we should pack the 2/11/06 class with PDD'ers. Of course there will be some sweet Vlog action taking place.

Luce Cuts Back on Music.


This might be old news by now but not to me. Pizza Luce is cutting way back on music especially lower drawing local bands. You can read a thread aboout this topic here. So what does that leave Duluth with? The Tap Room, Brewhouse, Sir Ben's. Duluth's "scene" continues to shrink. What happened to the glory days? I have pretty much stopped contributing but where is the next generation? What is the next great age of Duluth aRt going to be?


December 28, 2005

Amateur Night


So. What's everyone doing for New Year's Eve? What are the events, the plans, the possibilities? What's happening in this gol' dang town?

December 26, 2005

Duluth in NY Times, Again

December 11, 2005

Your attendance is requested.

get broadband

December 09, 2005

Two Hat Weekends


This weekend you can go to St. Scholastica and see 8 reworked and staged Out of the Hat plays from previous shows directed by student directors at St. Scholastica on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon.

Next weekend you can go to St. Scholastica, again, and see 16 brand new Out of the Hat plays on Friday and Saturday.

December 07, 2005

Spicy Food

Minnesotans are famous for not liking spicy food, but I know that some folks around here like it very much. I'm from California, so I've been eating spicy food since birth. I'm finding that spicy food is not exactly hard to find in restaurants and grocery stores, as long as you don't need it to be burning hot. For example, if you order a dish "hot" at our Indian or Thai restaurants, you basically get it a California Medium. That's usually what I like anyway, but ...and here is my question.... where do you go if you want some food that is really hot? I will accept restaurant dishes and grocery store items as long as they can be had in Duluth. I have had the Extreme Jamaican Hot Wings at Green Mill, and they're hot and tasty, and hot in a way that can give you the firey runs if you eat too much, actually. And I like to buy Kim Chee at the Asian grocery on 4th street. What are your spicy Duluth favorites?



The Ripsaw News has officially announced its demise.

RSN Publisher Brad Nelson sent out a vague, nostalgic e-mail yesterday to Ripsaw contributors, explaining little except that "the tightrope has finally snapped." It is not a secret that the Ripsaw has always struggled financially.

I joined the Ripsaw staff in April of 1999, along with Paul Lundgren, Chris Monroe, and Slim Goodbuzz. Back then, it was little more than a zine, a few pages on cruddy newsprint struggling -- and in most cases failing -- to be more than "the clubhouse reporting on itself." I remember those first meetings in Brad Nelson's living room, and later his attic. Most of these meetings were held around a case of Leinie's original or Huber bock. Everyone would talk about what they wanted the paper to be. I didn't care -- I just wanted to write and draw. Jeff Cork's comic, "Train Truction" got its name from an exquisitely botched article he'd written. Slim's first article for the 'Saw was about the VFW three doors down from the house I grew up in.

It didn't take long for all of the talent to gel and for everything to become legitimate and real. I was only a small part of it, but there was definitely a time when that paper was great, even if it didn't make any money. It helped that Duluth was great at the time, too. Or at least we all thought so. I'll never forget the scathing letter to the editor that quoted the Dylan line, "Everybody's drinking, thinking that they've got it made."

The Ripsaw always sufferred from one particular problem, in my opinion. It tried simulataneously to be a for-profit business, while exploiting the talents of a generous community that wanted to establish itself. Name another for-profit business that has a staff of 40 volunteers. That's a ticking time bomb -- there is bound to be conflict, infighting, and resentment. As for me, I didn't care. As I said, I just wanted to write and draw.

That said, I met hundreds of people because of the Ripsaw. The Ripsaw played a part in some of the best friendships of my life. If that isn't what an alt-weekly is all about, I don't know what is.

I'll miss the Ripsaw, but it's a good thing that it's laid to rest. It's at peace now.

Now ... what's next on the horizon?

Continue reading "1999-2005" »

November 15, 2005



Hello kitties. The new Whole Foods Coop has been open for a couple of weeks now. What do you all think? I for one wish the aisles were a bit wider, I still find it hard to get around when it's busy. Also what's with all the surveillance cameras? I understand they need to protect their product but I've never seen so many cameras in a store that size before. You can watch for yourself here.

On the positive side. They carry my favorite bottled water now and the quart size of Silk Soy Creamer.


Sirius Radio <3s PDD.

Hey everybody, I got an email today that I thought I should share with all of you. I think it's pretty cool.


I'm not sure if this is the correct contact, but I damn near found an e-mail from the site!

I'm known as Reno Dakota on SIRIUS Satellite Radio's Left of Center. I usually hunt down stories or facts about bands or anything funny/interesting known to man. I came upon the site perfectduluthday a little while back but wanted to drop a "kudos" to all who work on the site... it's really, really awesome!

Never been to Duluth, barely get out of NYC.

If this is your site, high five. If not, sorry about the e-mail!


November 14, 2005

Classic Video Games

Hi there - I thought I'd drop in and tell you about the store in between the porn store and tattoo shop on 1st street across from the tux shop. My ma and brother are opening up the store tomorrow (11/15). It's all old antique video games and consoles from a time where it was all about gameplay rather than graphics, e.g. NES, SNES, Atari, Lynx, Game Gear, Coleco Telstar, Jaguar, 3DO, etc etc. There are a lot of older systems I haven't even heard of!

Everybody I talk to gets very excited about it. If it stirrs up memories for people the way it does for me going through all these games I think it will be a lot of fun. So go check it out tomorrow! Hang out. Reminisce. GET YOUR GAME BACK!

November 01, 2005

This was posted at the old PDD. I am reposting it here.

I too heard that N.W.W. is taking a break. I've come across Marc a few times on tv in the last few days (now that he's got all that extra time). He seems to be doing some cool things, yet there's a far-off look in his eyes, as if he's longing for something (like playing with his band).

I think he needs a fan club, like Kelly.

You can sign up at the top right of PDD where it says "Join PDD."

October 31, 2005

Bi-annual Emerson Party-related Post

Before The Party (yes, those are Pink Floyd Zubaz and a Home Depot Nascar shirt. Incredibly, both are available right now at Kmart):


After the Party (yes, that is a $1.00 vest from the Grand Marais thrift store):


October 29, 2005

open thread.


I am stealing this idea from MnSpeak. What's on your mind?

October 26, 2005

2000 Dead.


In rememberance of the 2000 soldiers killed in Iraq there is a candlelight vigil tonight. Meet at Lake and Superior at 6:30. Dress warm and bring a candle. More info and a sign up sheet are located here.

October 25, 2005


Nonchalant Jaunt

Click pic to watch

click here to download

I finally got around to editing my footage of the Nonchalant Jaunt #3. We had a blast but it wasn't quite the challenge of either year one or two. Join us again next year for some sort of walking shenannigans or just go outside right now.

October 19, 2005

PDD Curlers


Does anyone in PDDland curl? Any strong opinions about curling? I will be playing in the sunday afternoon league.

October 18, 2005

Possesed: Twin Ports Halloween Bash

This will be a hell of a good time...


October 05, 2005

Pamela vs. Martha

If you're around at 3pm today, flip on channel 10 and check out Duluth's Pamela Matson talking about her apple dolls on today's edition of Martha.

Rock on, Pamela.

October 01, 2005

It's almost Halloween!

Halloween is pretty much the only holiday that I get excited about. So, to celebrate the holiday in the Twin Ports, I created a Halloween site that has a listing of all spooky October events.

September 29, 2005

Da Duke.

The Duke!

Hello there. Duke Skorich, local pollster and radio host has a new Blog. Now he needs to make that radio show of his a podcast.

September 26, 2005

Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

THE FREE RANGE FILM FESTIVAL presents "Night of the Living Dead," 7 and 9:30
p.m., October 1 in the Free Range Film Barn at County Highways 1 & 4 in
Wrenshall, Minnesota. Suggested donation of $5. Visit
for more information.

September 22, 2005

Trampled by Awards!


Home boys Trampled by Turtles swept the Minnesota Music Awards last night (in the Bluegrass category) at First Avenue. You can watch some video footage on MN Stories. Alas Charlie Parr walked away empty handed but he is a winner in my book.

Read more here, here and here.

September 15, 2005

that time of year

Anyone have knowledge where I can acquire a cider press locally? Don't need anything fancy, just something that'll help me pulp a medium tree's worth

September 09, 2005

Welcome to the World Klaus Porter Ring!

Brian and Marisa Ring had their baby boy today. Klaus Porter Ring is happy and healthy and out of his mothers womb.