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Who wants to play?

pic162026_sized.jpgI just picked up my own copy of Ticket to Ride: Märklin edition and I'm eager to break it in. So let's get a game together. If you are interested respond below. I'm thinking this Monday night, January 8, around 6 o'clock in the Robin Goodfellow game room, but I'm open to suggestions if that time doesn't work for you or you have a place you'd rather play.

For those not familiar with the Ticket to Ride series, the basics are simple - you get destination cards that are worth points if you connect the cities on the cards by rail. In the original edition, for example, you could get a card that calls for you to build a rail between Duluth and Chicago. And, yes, Duluth is a city in the original game, even though the gamemakers seem to think Duluth is somewhere south of St. Paul.

ttrm1.jpgIn this version you are building rails in Germany so not only do you get to have the fun of the game but you get to figure out where Düsseldorf and Stuttgart are. Those with a knowledge of German geography will definitely get a speed bonus in this game. For those familiar with the other Ticket to Ride games, this edition adds passengers that you can send on rides to collect merchandise tokens for extra points. The game art in this edition is also particulary nice.

The box says that game play is about 45 minutes, but having played the game a half dozen times I can tell you that actual play takes about 60-90 minutes and add on 15 minutes or so for teaching the game. For veteran game players the rules are not that difficult.


Hey! I'd love to play! Email me at a rei chow at g mail dizzot cizzom. reconstruct that sans spaces in the username and use the popular gmail.com site for the part after the at, dig? I and/or my wife would be interested in playing with you, and the date and time works for me- should we bring anything, food or supplies of any sort? We've never played, but I've been wanting to for a while!

Count yourselves in! If you want to bring snacks, feel free. I thought we might order pizza and Robin Goodfellow has plenty of drinks if the cooler isn't depleted after the weekend.

I am utterly confounded.

So there! :D

Cool. Rev, if you and your wife are playing and BadCat and me and my buddy Brian who told me tonight he was in and Maria who said she might drop by and might play, we are full up because it only accomodates 5 players. If others want to come and play side games, we can make it a PDD game night at Robin G. Anyone else out there have other games they want to play or even other copies of Ticket to Ride? Any Catan players want to get a game together?

I spoke to Joe at Robin Goodfellow and he says only one table is spoken for this Monday so it should be fairly open.

German nerds!

Seriously--if it isn't made by Klaus Teuber it's crap!

nice to see.

I hope your night is nerdfect.

I REALLY wanted to get in on this - oh well, perhaps next time... I'll be able to bring my +20 baby of cuteness... lol...

Does anyone remember that game "Across the Continent?" It was a board game way back when - no frills, no furbelows, just cards, dice, metal trains (probably covered in lead paint), and a board. Really cool game.

Though I am not persuaded by your +20 baby of cuteness, I'm sure more games could be provided for extra people and we can just switch up when a game ends.
I hearby declare next Monday to be PDD game night (I'll bring some of my games to share).

Got room for two more next Monday? A friend and I have both the USA and Europe editions of Ticket to Ride we could bring. I'm excited there's some other people interested in this game.


Yeah! That would be terrific! Bring both. We had 8 this week so, with two more, we'd have enough for 2 complete games. If we get more, then it would be nice to have a third game for people to play. I haven't played the Europe edition. That would be fun.

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