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Nonchalant Jaunt V: An Early Warning


This year's Nonchalant Jaunt will be held on Saturday, Sept. 15. We'll be walking from Canal Park to the end of Minnesota Point and back. More details later. Read on for background info.


The 2003 Nonchalant Jaunt was an eight-person walk across the entire width of Duluth via Highway 23 -- from the former Wabagon Supper Club to the Lakeview Castle. Seven of the eight jaunters made it to the end; one had to go to work.


The 2004 Nonchalant Jaunt was a seven-person walk along Skyline Parkway -- from Mission Creek to the end of Occidental Boulevard. Three made it all the way; four jaunters got too comfortable at the former Buena Vista Restaurant and never finished.


The 2005 Nonchalant Jaunt was the first jaunt that was truly nonchalant. It started at the top of Enger Tower and ... well ... maybe this video from Starfire TV explains it best.


The 2006 Nonchalant Jaunt started at the Clyde Avenue Boat Launch, went west into Morgan Park and the old U.S. Steel site, and ended at Hugo's Pizza.

If you're wondering what the point is, you're not invited. If you totally get it, I hope to see you at the 2007 Nonchalant Jaunt.


you guys are my faves ..

can i bring my pooches?
they are good moral boosters.

hey .. if i were britney you'd let me bring my kids .. hun, go fetch mommies lolly-pops.

also .. my pups clean that sticky "where did this come from" goop off your hands

that's a good boy

damn it, every year, every year without fail the jaunt happens when I'm gone, perhaps I'll have to make my own tradition of being intentional out of town during jaunt times.

Ha-haaa! My conspiracy to keep Edgeways out of the jaunt remains a success!

Traceydee, I won't tell you not to bring your pooches, but I would discourage the idea for at least two reasons:

1) If you intend to let them run loose they will feel obligated to sniff out and kick sand on every innocent person on the beach, which is just so wrong.

2) If you intend to keep them on a leash it will be quite challenging for you to navigate the boulder-to-boulder hopscotch that will likely occur when we traverse the breakwater at the end of the point.

In general, I'm just predicting the pooches would be more of a nuisance than a moral booster. I know from experience: My nuisnance is barking at someone else's nuisance at this very minute. The situation isn't boosting my moral one bit.

Keeping those cautionary notes in mind, you should do whatever makes you feel the most nonchalant about the jaunt. That's all that's really important.

And, of course, Tracydee and I mean "morale booster," not "moral booster." Duh.

rahight rahight ...
I forgot it would be on the beach. I don't see anything nonchalant about playing tug-of-war with one. I was lookin' at your pics and thought... insert two golden retrievers and you've got yourself a party. =]

On a normal day I let them kick up sand up on all sorts of beach goers. they're so cute people never seem to mind.

I suppose your moral is boosted enough huh..??
And if there is low morale, well I'm sure there will be folks there to help with that too.


Sounds like a lot of fun, but that's BEER TRAIN DAY!!

No Delaying until October huh? That's when I come home on Vacation.

Ooh! Haze and I just might be able to attend this year's event...

I'll be in the BWCA the second week in Oct...HOPEfully, we'll not get STUCK on an ISLAND with CHIPMUNKS who like to masquerade as BEARS this time...

Though an All Hallows Non Chalant Jaunt in full regalia sounds very interesting...tricker treating and all...Haze and I could go as MasterBlaster from Beyond Thunderdome. The trick would be to get her to wear the glasses.

Fly High, I think the Beer Train departs in the evening, so there should be time for both.

Jeff, usually the jaunt is in late September or early October, but I bumped it up a few weeks for better barefoot weather on the beach. So, you better just let me know what night you'll be at the Congress Bar and I'll see you there.

Is it truly nonchalant if there's a set destination?

It sounds lovely but we are doing a chalant jaunt in washington d.c.

The bastard is going down.

We have jaunted both with and without set destinations and found the level of nonchalance between the two to be negligible.

Not knowing where we're going creates an uncertainty that can feel a bit chalant.

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