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New To Site

This is my first time posting on the site, but I have read for a couple of weeks now and I must say that it is a really cool site. You guys do a great job with it.

I currently live in Jupiter, FL (South FL) and I am thinking about re-locating to a place up north, on a large body of water, that doesn't get too warm, and has a lot of outdoor activities available within reasonable distance. I noticed that Duluth was voted as one of the top 10 outdoor dream towns in America by Outside Magazine a couple years back and as the best Golf Town in America a couple years back. Both of these awards really grab my interest, along with the skit on SNL back in January...That was funny!

I was looking for some personal feedback on a few things. I noticed that there are downhill ski/snowboarding slopes in Duluth at Spirit Mountain and I was wondering what the general reaction is to the quality of the slopes. Also, how is the night-life in the city? Are there any good places to hang out at? Finally, how are the water sports on Lake Superior. I love to water ski and wakeboard so going places where there is a large body of water is a must.

I really am looking forward to your replies.


Duluth as the best golf town in the US? I wonder what they where smoking to come up with that? I don't golf, but one has to wonder why a city that CAN'T golf for 1/2 + of the year would be considered for that award... crazy.
Lake Superior for water sports... I personally haven't seen any water skiers, this is a large, chilly body of water, so most sports revolve around being on top of the water rather than in it, kayak, sail, and fish... not to say you can't swim in it, but that is usually done a few weeks in August for most people.
Night life, there are cool places to hang out, and it looks like we might have a new one soon, to what level of intensity of "hang out" to you require? A place to have a beer, a place to dance... ?
This place tends to reward people who are to a certain degree self sufficient. Depending on the type of person you are I have heard people say it is a) hard to meet people b) hard to get a good job, c) hard to stand the long winters.
BUT, personally I love living here. There are a lot of outdoor activities to partake in, I LIKE cold weather and distinct seasons, and can be a bit of a recluse at times, and... One of the nicest things about this city is there is a lot of intermingling of people. You can dress as casual or dressy as you like and 98% of the places you go won't mind... bit of a ramble there sorry.
Should come visit before completely moving.

I also love the cold weather and change of seasons so that isn't much of an issue with me. As to being self-sufficient, that fits me perfectly. Even though I asked about night life, I am not one to party crazy (I don't drink or smoke) or have to hang out with people constantly. I own two internet businesses so I stay at home most of the day and operate them alone, so the job concern isn't much of one.

I am really mellow and easy-going and from what I have read, Minnesotans as a whole are rather reserved individuals that aren't easily excited. That works for me.

I definitely plan to visit, most likely this summer, in order to familiarize myself with the area. I have been to Minneapolis in the winter to visit friends so I know what the weather is like.

If the whole idea progresses and I visit this summer, maybe I could meet up with some people from the site.

Duluth is a great place to live. You should definitely come and visit.

If you like the outdoors and lakes, Duluth is a great town for outdoors fun!

As a place to live, Duluth is just fine. If you are the sort of person who enjoys marking things off on a checklist, however, I recommend that you avoid it like the plague.


in an acronym, duluth is DIY!! If you are able to live like that, then come on..The biggest comment from new transplants is "it took me a year to find a circle of friends and a job that I like which pays the bills"...ask gartman...Really, we all love it here and it's a lay point on the planetary chi grid..but very DIY

what does DIY mean?

it means "Do It Yourself"--like, if you don't like the kinds of bands who come here, you learn to book 'em. (like Starfire and Baci.) like, if you need a good café or bar to hang out at, you open one. (a la Jason at Beaner's or the Brewhouse folks.) like if you don't like the live bands, you learn to play. (like everyone with a smidgen of talent around heres.) like if you can't find a job, you make you own.

i think that given your net-based job, rockyboy, you're a good candidate for success. the biggest issue around here is decent income and it not being a place for the more passive friends-seekers.

Never having lived anywhere else, I have to ask some questions to the transplants:

1. Why, specifically, do you find it difficult to make friends in Duluth?

2. How, specifically, are other cities different?

3. What sorts of resources can we invent that would make it easier to make friends in Duluth?

There are a few great bars in town and those are great places to meet people who like water sports. Back me up, C-freak.

oh, i'll back you up alright. just like i did the other night in luce' bathroom. mmmm unisex...

Saw that one coming. So to speak.

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