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Dubh Linn Tonight

Are they opening tonight? if so are they doing anything special?


Who took me pot o' gold?

I REALLY want them to open! I heard a rumor that they might not be, and that would make me really sad.

I actually have a view of the brick wall above the DubhLinn, and now it says it will be reopening Friday. Did they run out of beer?

I heard they were open last weekend...Evil Jeff mentioned something to the effect of "Grandma's with Guinness."

I wonder if they'll have haggis.

Grandma's...THAT'S why I moved to Duluth!

Haggis is scottish (AND it's crap!)

haggis=scottish...i forgot. thanks bad cat.

The Scottish have haggis and the Norwegians have lutefisk.
The Irish do not believe in eating vile foods, for we have BEER!!!

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