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Takk for Maten

I'm not sure if everyone knows about this already or not, but a new cafe & store has opened on Lake Ave between Superior & 1st (in the old Robin Goodfellow building, below Sons of Norway). It's called Takk for Maten and it's spectacular. Since I work really close to it I had to check it out. Walking in is like walking into Ikea - but in a good way. It's cute as hell. There's plenty of seating. The menu was printed on a piece of paper and it appears that it changes on a near daily basis. When I went I got the smoked salmon grilled lefse wrap which was $5 and came with potato salad and baby greens. It was too delicious. The next day I went back for soup & chocolate bread pudding (I suggest the latter - it was heavenly). The prices are decent, especially for those of us who love & prefer to support local businesses.

In the back there is a little shop with lots of Scandinavian gifts, mostly homemade: hats, mittens, oven pads, dish cloths, sweaters, napkin holders.....all sorts of goodies.

I highly recommend that you check this place out. Even if it's just for a glass of iced lingonberry juice. Mmmm. Anyone else stopped in yet? Discuss.


I rode by it on the bus the other day and have been meaning to go check it out. Do they have any vegetarian options? (I mean, besides the lingonberry juice and chocolate bread pudding, both of which do indeed sound ultrayummy.)

I looked in the window yesterday as I was going up to First. It did look really cute and comfortable inside, it's open like 8 am-5pm on weekdays and 9 am-4pm on weekends. A poster in the window advertised some Norwegian storytellers there later this month. I will have to check it out soon, it looks like a very pleasant place to sit and read after eating.

Thanks! I live in Minneapolis now, but love to hear about new spots in Duluth for when I head back home. I will definitely be heading there in a few weekends.

Yea! I drove by the other day and now I am extra curious. Who owns/operates it?

yep. we've been waiting for this place to open! wonder what they do for breakfast.

I can't really comment on the vegetarian-ness because 1) I don't really remember and 2) their menu appears to change. They also just don't have very many things on their menu at once, so you're sort of limited. It is a cafe, not a restaurant.

Zra - they have waffles that sound really really yummy!

Does anyone know what Takk for Maten means? I am assuming that it is Scandinavian??? I want to try the choc. bread pudding like NOW!!!

it's run by someone associated with the local Sons of Norway chapter. Don't remember her name, because i don't have my SN newsletter handy.

Takk for Maten means "thanks for the food." it's standard, like saying "thanks for dinner" after a meal.

also, in case it isn't clear: the language is Norwegian, not "Scandinavian."

somebody ^ went to

I'll definitely check it out. Sounds good. But, I still don't get the whole gift shop thing that north mid-westerners do. It's like, cheesy.

I was grouping the restaurant in the class of Scanda-hoovian because I was ignorant, not stupid. Thanks for pointing that out.

sandy thompson is the owner's name.

I think Norwegians get a little uppity when you lump them in with us Finlanders and the Swedes. Looks like Zoe may cause a massive international incident.

OK, so I went there for lunch at 2 pm. It was pretty quiet. You order at the counter and sit, they bring you your order. I had a smoked salmon grilled lefse wrap and I'll tell you *much* better than the lefse wraps at that Crabby Bill place in C.P. I got some potato salad with it and also bought a cookie, chocolate macadamia nut. My lunch cost less than $6 and really filled me up. It's a really pleasant place to eat, read, whatever, with a simple menu, either lefse wraps or open face sandwiches. They did have a cheese &vegetables selection. Nothing for vegans. It's just a nice little cafe when you want a solid meal in quiet surroundings.

What a nice writeup and review. Testimonial in action. Thanks for the tip!

I had waffles and coffee there today. It was great. The kids and I also shared lemon cookies, dessert lefse and a Norwegian apple cake. They were great, too.
I recommend going a little off the lunch rush. It was empty when we got there at 11, but was pretty busy right at noon.

I lunched there yesterday at around noon. Ham, havarti, and hard-boiled egg on grilled multigrain bread. They cook it in a sandwich press so the bread is crisp, which I really like. I'm definitely going back.

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