I Heart Hummers...a Civil Disobedient Excursion
heh..been a while but...just had to pass this along...

Pynt and i were walking along Superior Street a few evenings ago on our way back to my place for an evening with the Simpsons. We were approaching the intersection of 10th/Superior/London when the light changed, allowing a minivan, followed by one of those GODAWFUL H2's, and a few other vehicles to go. Given my disdain for the garish presence of those things, I decided it'd be clever to excercise my right arm and...one, two, three...flip it the bird.

I didn't think too much of it when the guy driving the thing pulled into the parking lot of that medical center that sits on the corner, because Pynt and I had gone off to watch the cars down on I-35 for a couple of minutes. When we made our way back to the sidewalk (a couple of minutes later) the Hummer was still sitting in the lot. When the guy saw us, he pulled back out onto Soup Street. Doesn't go past us, like he should. He stops the 'car,' which causes a few cars behind him to have to stop as well. The guy rolls down his window and says "What's the problem, DUDE?"

"This is my problem" was my reply, pointing at the vehicle.
"What's wrong with it?"
"You're driving it!"
"What's wrong with it?!?"
"You're drving it!"
The altercation didn't go farther than that, but ended up with him using the canned "It's American Made," and "Get a job" retorts as he was driving away...I'd like to think he went home and cried about the whole affair. Had the convo progressed any further, I was going to point out that what he was driving was an expensive unnessecary piece of crap.

Now, I have also been thinking about the karmic ramifications of my actions that night, and other than infringing on his right to own one, and being a general nusiance (and perhaps conscientious voice) to his seemingly carefree existence...I can think of none that would adversely affect my life, other than the outside chance of meeting him in a bar one evening and having to defend myself from his bruised ego.

thoughts? Am I so wrong???

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Free Range on NPR
Hey! Here's the Free Range Film Fest on NATIONAL public radio -- perfect with my sat morning coffee

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What the f^@k are you people doing after the Free Range Film Festival on Friday night? I WISH I could make it that night, but I'm working, so I can only make it Saturday. Still, I get off at 11 Friday and would like to participate in some post-movie madness. Where's the scene?

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send me your linkage.

I was just poking around the music links on the right sidebar there and realized they need some updating. So leave your links in the comments and I will be sure to include them. This also goes for the Culture, Blog and Vlog sections.

Thank you very much.

above photo by Joe Cunningham

posted by starfire at 4:44 PM
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More press about that farm movie thing.
City pages article about this weekend's film fest by PDD's very own Godsey

Nicely done, Mr. Godsey.

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any graphic designers out there who need a temp job?

yeah, i've been lurking, and now i post, and that's all i have to say.

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Odd Request
Are there any nicknames for Duluth/Superior that I don’t know of? I'm stuck on the following list:

-Twin Ports

-Zenith City
-North Shore

-South Shore

posted by Bad Cat! at 3:14 PM
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Blogless Blogging Blogger
I did some work on a web site for a friend and he asked me to set up a blog for him. I set up the blog but have no clue how to go about getting it "out there."

Does anyone know? I've added it to most of the blog search engines and put a couple links on the blog itself...
seems like an interesting blog but what do I know?

Does anybody out there know how to get more attention to a blog?

thanks, duluth.

Here's the site:
Here's the blog:

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Duluth Potter Party in EW
Got my copy of Entertainment Weekly in the mail today and was treated to a two page spread of Duluthians at the recent Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release party thrown by Northern Lights Books. This once again proves we are the geekiest city in America.

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We Got Your Blues Right Here, Cracker
Come celebrate the Transistor's much belated anniversary and 4-page expansion, Blues Fest Weekend. It's a soc hop, a social, a mixer, a brouhaha--it's two nights of not blues to keep you from shoving pencils into your ears to make it all stop.

posted by Adam at 1:23 PM
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PDD segway gang

In liew of *fire lounge, I say we all go and rent some of these hummers and terrorize the touristas. Next monday night(evening)? I dont know what the cost is...oh, better yet.. rent 'em then hit happy hour at luce' toss back a quick couple of whiskey dews and buzz the lakewalk...*fire and his video...yeah baby...get 'er done! Anyone on board??

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Message to Amy.
Hey Amy.

The comments seem to be down so I will send you encouragement this way. Go buy the book "Easy Way to Quit" at Barnes and Noble. It really helped me quit.

Call me if you need any support.

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london rawks.

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the ease of pina colada
If tomorrow is anything like today you an find me on the beach/park point all day. Find me early enough and I'll even share some homemade pina colada. woo.

Amy... lolipops?

posted by edgewood at 8:16 PM
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a little help
hey everyone-
i'm quitting smoking, right now i'm at the 24 hour mark. does anyone have any suggestions? i'm going cold turkey because i heard the patch can give you nightmares. i can't chew gum. so that leaves me with finger drumming.

posted by amy at 4:31 PM
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Free Range Film Festival

Free Range Film Festival version 2.0 is only one week away. Mark your calenders.

If you browse the calender you might notice a couple of my films. No more 320x240 viewing, I'm on the big screen baby!

Seriously, this is an amazing event so, get out to the farm!

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alcoholic tendencies

i been drinking a fair number of gin and tonics lately.

nothing like two or three of those babies to put a guy to sleep while he's watching the tour de france.

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Get Back in the Kitchen

"We continue to believe that Roe was wrongly decided and should be overruled ... the Court's conclusions in Roe that there is a fundamental right to an abortion and that government has no compelling interest in protecting prenatal human life throughout pregnancy find no support in the text, structure, or history of the Constitution." --John Glover Roberts, Jr. [Brief before the Supreme Court (Rust v. Sullivan, 500 U.S. 173, (1991)]

On a side note, Wikipedia
is awesome. They apparently exist on the InterWeb highway with some sort
of magical, prognosticative sci-fi ability.

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punk bitch bicycle thieves

yesterday, my 1999, kawasaki green, 21-inch, often-crashed, sporadically maintained specialized rockhopper a1 comp mountain bike was jacked from in front of the chester creek cafe.

i've been coveting newer rides lately, but still...i loved that green bike, and i'd recently committed myself to riding it till it couldn't be ridden anymore. we'd been through a lot together: a separated shoulder; some hot bike-on-tree action; a few drunken rides up the hill after good nights at various bars.

it's the third bike i've had stolen in duluth. no, i hadn't locked it up. yes, that makes me an idiot. but like one of the c.c. cafe servers said, "geez. it's not like you'd set it outside the cozy." i'd fallen into a false sense of security, because i'd never locked it up at the cafe, and, until yesterday, it had never been stolen.

smart, eh? trusting people and being lazy are both stupid.

i have a bleeding heart, and i neither prefer nor condone violence, but if i see someone riding a big lime green bike with reflective "G" stickers on the front and back of the frame, i just might beat the piss out of them. if nothing else, i'll knock them down with vigor, and not care if they have to walk home.

i hope there's a special ring of hell reserved for bicycle thieves. they're punk bitches, every one.

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2 reasons to love Green Man, 2 reasons to love Emerson

posted by Vicarious at 7:03 AM
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"Keep your riches, gimme a Budweiser!"

To my infinite delight, I discovered this morning that my girlfriend's record collection includes "Trackin' up the North." The album was put together by KQDS radio in 1982 in collaboration with Grandma's Saloon & Deli. It features a rare Replacements song, "Lookin' for Ya," as well as a track by Chameleon, a band that included none other than Yanni.

The bands on the album all participated in the "KQDS Miller High Life Rock to Riches Talent Search Contest," which is why the Replacements track ends with a defiant screaming of the title of this post.

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Random's evil twin?
I'm a big fan of internet radio. When not streaming 89.3 The Current, I listen to Yahoo's Launchcast. And what station have they just added?

posted by neal at 2:23 PM
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The 2005 Duluth-Superior Pride proclamation signing and press conference will take place at 1PM at the BAYFRONT FAMILY CENTER (near the entrance to Bayfront Park).

Skip out of work 'round lunch time; spend rest of day drinking margaritas outside.

Not to be confused with G. Doty's 7/02 letter: "...I will not honor your request because I do not believe that tying someone's contribution to our community with their sexual practices is an appropriate thing to do. I believe my feelings are the same as a vast majority of citizens in the City of Duluth and I believe I represent them by denying your request." -- with the City of Duluth letterhead footer "Citizens and Government working together to provide an environment in which our community can enhance its quality of life and continue to prosper" on the same sheet of paper. Friendly!

posted by Adam at 10:54 AM
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The Last Starfire Lounge

Six years of good times has come to an end. If you don't know what this means, I can't explain it to you.

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You want one; you NEED one...

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Sex Rated PG


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That's all folks!

After a wonderful run of 6 plus years I am pulling the plug on Starfire Lounge. In case you have no idea what that is let me explain. In 1998 after Random Radio was shut down by the Feds I approached Tim Nelson about doing a DJ night at the Brewhouse. He was hesitant at first but eventually gave me the green light. So every Thursday since then me and another DJ have plugged in our turntables and CD players and iPods and played whatever the hell we wanted.

And so now it is coming to a close.

This Thursday will be the last installment of a wonderful adventure. There will be nothing special, no cake, no speeches just some good music. If you have ever been a part of the Lounge and want to spin one-more-tune let me know and I will pencil you in.

Thanks for all the good times and I hope to see a few of you out there this Thursday.

posted by starfire at 12:25 PM
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Strippers Busted In Birthday Bash

JULY 11--A cautionary tale of pleasure's pitfalls comes from Jacksonville, Arkansas, where a trio of strippers is facing criminal charges for the onstage beating a male patron with a wood paddle and a leather whip. According to a Pulaski County Sheriff's Office report, truck driver Keith Lowery told investigators that he was handcuffed to a pole at the Sensations club and set upon by the dancers during a June 17 visit. Lowery, who was celebrating his 31st birthday with pals who paid $25 for his ceremonial birthday whuppin', said that he was injured when the 4:30 AM stunt went too far. He claimed that he "begged" management to stop the paddling/whipping, but that his plea was rejected. After a bruised Lowery contacted cops, three dancers and two Sensations managers were arrested and charged with a felony count of obscene performance in a public place (the strippers also were hit with a misdemeanor battery count).

juice here

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Ely to Duluth -- "You Talkin' to Me?"

"Did I say something funny? "

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Hey! Come Hear Some Ladies.

Mary Bue | Lindsay & Mary Mac | Jerree Small

Beaner's Central | 324 N. Central Ave.
Tuesday, July 12 | 8pm

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Today I am in Bozeman MT, after several days in Cody WY (and 100 degree heat),tomorrow I start heading east again. Forgot the friggen cable to connect the camera to the computer so here is a stock photo.

Why do the oddest things happen in bathrooms?

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Filmed entirly on location in Ely, MN. USofA

Looking for gigs in and/or around duluth rock city.

BTW - Those are the "Kitty Brand Dancers"

posted by Kitty Brand at 2:43 PM
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Robotic Guitarist

"Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a mechanical guitar playing robot, named the Crazy J. The guitar player is composed of two mechanical systems that interact to play a range of 29 musical notes. A plucking mechanism with six independently controlled picks is mounted over the body of the guitar and a fingering mechanism with an array of 23 fingertips is mounted over the first four frets of the fingerboard."

Finally, no more ego driven flake outs, no more arcane song structure to support extruded fret board finger mashing, no more incremental small loans from the band fund to pay for 9 volts and 6 packs, no more lame attempts to steal the bass player's girl/boy toy, and no more "conan the luteist" posing sessions. Full story here.

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Hey everyone, Green Man's comming up and I'm wondering if anyone is thinking about carpooling. I have to work at GM on Friday and work back in downtown Sat AM. Then be back up at GM Sat eve. Anyone able to help with a ride either way? I'll toss down some gas money.....

Drop me a line [email protected] or if you have room for more people and feel comfortable carpooling write it in the comments!

Hope Green Man's a big success and I can't wait for the Femms!!

posted by De Man at 8:47 PM
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Children at a Wedding

No matches at the bar,
No dark corners in which to hide.

The cool twilight air -
The black acid suicide.

The fake steely humorous gaze
shooting shards of glazed glass
in an empty stair...

posted by -berv at 1:36 PM
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Yeah, but can I get "Sinner Snacks"?

"The Bible Bar is a complete, wholesome food jam packed with nutritional and spiritual goodness. It is based on the seven foods from the Book of Deuteronomy 8:8 “A land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive oil and honey.” The Bible Bar is a great way to control hunger pangs while still providing your body with the highest level of biblical nutrition.
Case of 18 for $29.95, plus shipping. (priority mail $8.00 - UPS call for quote)
To order call 1-800-544-8927"

posted by Vicarious at 11:25 AM
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"P" is for Profanity
Friday, July 8th, 10:15-11:00pm, Norshor Theater, Duluth
at the Eyes and Hands Festival
$8/day, $12/weekend

Allen Richardson: Mr. Nice
Jim Richardson: Cookie Monster, Timmy, Sam, Rick, The King of England, The Professor
Jill Holmen: Timmy's Mom, Trudy, slide whistle
Steve Perry: The Lone Gunman
And if the Scotsman dared to show his ugly face he would be played by himself, Devin 'The Scotsman' McKinnon, and he better bring his posse if he knows what's good for him.

posted by The Professor at 11:36 PM
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If Ely was a hockey player, it would kick Duluth's ass

Me and Ol_SPMC_Pappy_Slappy_Mammy out in the boat. There was much rejoicing.

posted by Kitty Brand at 4:53 PM
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Before you stop at the Eyes & Hands Festival....

Chairkickers' Music Union debut cd release
With special guests, if thousands

Friday, July 8
Doors open at 7 PM, show begins at 8 PM

The Play Ground
11 East Superior St. Duluth (across the lobby from Pizza Luce)

If you haven't heard Paul Metzger perform, you owe it to yourself to
check this out. If you haven't checked out the Play Ground yet, now is
your chance. Free beverages and nibbles will be available in the Play Ground
lobby after the show.

Hope to see you there!



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A Case of Mistaken Identity

Yesterday I went to Enger Park with a friend to walk around the beautiful gardens. My friend wandered over to the peace bell, and I sat down at a picnic table near the parking lot to wait for him. While I was sitting there, a woman approached. At first I thought she might be someone I knew, but as she got closer I realized I had no idea who she was. She stopped and said, in an unfriendly tone, "I recognize you. I've seen you here before." Then, sounding hostile and accusatory, she said, "What are you doing here? Who are you with?" I was dumbfounded, and answered, "My friend," as if it was any of her business. She continued, "It's the shirt. I recognized you by your shirt," and walked away, towards the parking lot.

I have no idea what this means, but one thing's for sure- next time I go to Enger, I'll wear a different shirt.

(Enger Park photo Copyright © 2002 Daniel L. Johnson)

posted by ms dean at 3:39 PM
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Check, Check It Out, Ch'all

posted by Adam at 12:37 PM
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Into the wild blue yonder

Off to Yellowstone, driving in the mountains in a convertible.... and getting paid to do it. Be good Duluth see you in a week and a half.

posted by edgewood at 10:38 PM
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duluth in green.
i know i had said that the "DULUTH IN COLORS" project would be a weekly one, but having a job has obstructed such artistic undertakings.

(click for bigger image.)

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Desktop Images from Spaaaaaaaaaaaace!

posted by Adam at 1:38 PM
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Wey Yu Frum?

I’ve been digging through old church documents, birth certificates, and scouting out old maps, trying to trace my ancestral roots. I’m finding mostly (jordarbeiders) farmers - not terribly exciting I know, but it’s kind of cool having learned the name of my Norweigian great-great-great-great-great grandfather born way back in 1750.

I also found out that my great grandfather came to America after he got a woman pregnant in the old country. Wham! Bam! Thank you ma'am!

What do you know about your family history?

posted by lightning_guitar_solo at 11:01 PM
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Music Tonight at Red Mug Coffee

Early Show TONIGHT
Saturday July 2nd
No Cover

Jerree Small
Starfire and Paul Lundgren will be stopping in for a few tunes too, I think.

Red Mug Coffeehouse
916 Hammond Ave
Superior, WI
(715) 392-2662

If you haven't been there yet. It's a great new cafe in the old jailhouse-turned-arts building just over the high bridge. (They've got free wi-fi too.)

posted by pansy at 3:05 PM
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At last...
The time has come for Judge Judy's ascension to the U.S. Supreme Court.

(Sure, some naysayers'll tell you that Judge Joe Brown or Judge Larry Joe have good chances, too, but c'mon. Judy's clearly the front-runner.)

posted by Mary at 6:33 PM
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House of Donuts-Closed!
Buena Vista-Closing!

any more?

posted by starfire at 8:20 AM
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In case you didn't see it.

Blah blah blah blah Blog. PDD made the DNT yesterday. You could read about it right here or you could make a sweet PDD post. You make the call.

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