Happy Anniversary to me.

Today I was interviewed for the Bullhorn, a local music zine, by Seth from the Undesirables. It dawned on me when he asked how long I have lived in Duluth that today is the 12th Anniversary of my arrival in town.

I was living in Owatonna, MN. previously and had just moved in to an old VW van for the summer when I found out that I could transfer from Gold Cross Owatonna to the Duluth office. Well I drove straight up and have not regretted it since. Thank you Duluth, thank you friends. Heres to the next 12.

Oh, my birthday is a week from today too. No gifts greater than 20 bucks please (kidding, 30 bucks will be fine.)

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Jamba Juice
Wow, yesterday in the Cities I had some Jamba Juice with Energy Boost, and today I'm completely wired. the Juice once rescued me, Dr. Thunder, and Regis from severe dehydration caused by throwing a football around and hiking 5 miles in 90 degree weather along Lake Mendota while in the throes of massive hangovers. Regis got the Femme Boost.

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Dreams really do come true.

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From the absent-minded Professor
What's another word for "pirate treasure"?

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Moving up a notch
Tomorrow, Duluth City Councilor Donny Ness gets married. This excites me because it means I move up one notch on the Duluth's Most Eligible Bachelor list. The problem is that the list doesn't really exist yet in any semi-official way. So, feel free to comment with your nominations. Maybe we can use a PDD Poll to organize them.

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In case you didn't see what the City Pages had to say about Duluth and PDD, here it is.

Best Weekend Getaway


There are quaint American cities without Duluth's windblown bohemia, lakeside burghs without Duluth's severe beauty, and party towns without Duluth's excessiveness. But combine these fascinations into one place, located less than three hours north of the Twin Cities, and you have an almost obligatory road trip for anyone interested in culture as well as nature. For the latter, by the way, Duluth is cooler than down here even on a hot summer day--like the feeling of going down into your basement. The historic port city on the mouth of Lake Superior is so under-run with tourists in the off season that you can virtually count on seclusion along the beach at Park Point, a six-mile-long spit of sand and wispy grass that looks straight out of a French New Wave film. Cross back over the Aerial Lift Bridge toward Superior St., and stop by Hepzibah's candy store for a truffle (394 Lake Ave. S., www.hepzibahs.com). Then explore the Central Hillside neighborhood, home of most of the city's great bands (including Low and their brother band, the Black-Eyed Snakes), plus enough antique, magazine, and coffee shops to keep geeks geeked. (Speaking of which, Duluth is home to the nation's only Geek Prom.) But don't miss the sights that sink into the mind's eye: the old Glensheen Mansion, the Superior Hiking Trail, Leif Erickson Park's rose garden. And once you've cushioned your stomach for a night's hard living (at any of a dozen good, cheap restaurants), check out the half-dozen great live-music clubs: among them, Beaner's Café (324 N. Central Ave., 218.624.5957), Pizza Lucé (11 E. Superior St., 218.727.7400), Fitger's Brewery (600 E. Superior St., 218.722.8826), and the sporadically reopening NorShor Theatre (211 E. Superior St., 218.727.7585). Pick up copies of The Reader Weekly and The Ripsaw News for full details and events, and check out the web log listed above for a better taste of their flavor, which is often wry, ready for fun, a little on the desperate side.

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c'mon thunder, c'mon thunder
Did anyone else catch the *double rainbow* over the lake about an hour ago? I tried to take a picture, but this was the best I could do:

I think it has its charms, though, all gray and overcast -- very northern.

Any storm chasers out there? How do you get good pictures of lightning? Everytime I try, all I capture is endless rain...

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Summer's Coming

Day At The Deeps

This video (7.4 mgs) requires QUICKTIME to play.

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It's certainly worth mentioning.
Courtesy of commentor FattyT (see post below): Best Weekend Getaway.

And they're right. We can be "a little on the desperate side." But, I'd like to think that we do desperate well and with a sense of style.

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Found on Letterman!

Davey and Pete of Found Magazine are going to be on the Letterman show tonight showing off their groovy finds. This is the same Found Magazine that we talked in to coming to Duluth on June 21rst.

I have not finalized all the arrangements yet but it will be happening at the Lafayette square on Park Point. Bring a dish to pass and something to drink. Oh and bring your cool finds and maybe it will end up in their next issue.

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Poll Results

1. Blah [16 votes, 29.62%]
2. Blah Blah [19 votes, 25.68%]
3. Blah Blah Blah [39 votes, 52.70%]

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Prairie Home Companion Rawks Duluth.

I am not always a fan of PHC. I have often thought they could benefit from some editing, but when my peeps from Dullyouth are hobnobbin with Garrison I say 3 hours more!!

If you did not catch the live performance, it will be repeated today at 11am. Charlie and Jerree were the best. Louis Jenkins also delivered the goods. I loved it when Garrison talked about coming over the hill and seeing the lake, that always tugs at my heart strings.

God bless Duluth.

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Bake Sale Report
The MoveOn.org Bake Sale was huge fun. It was especially neat to have people come to the sale because they read about it on perfectduluthday.com! Synergy is in the air.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this little lark in participatory democracy. Together we raised $290.75 for MoveOn.org PAC and met a lot of cool like-minded people in the process.

Peace and Cookies!

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Charlie Parr on PHC

Congatulations to all you awesome Duluth musicians and Poets. I'll post some pics of Louis Jenkins later.

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Jerree Small live on Prairie Home Companion!
I captured a few photos of Jerree on PHC. Garrison Keillor sang with her, eewww.

I'll try to get some of Charlie Parr too but my computer keeps crashing.

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iDuck USB Memory Storage Device
iDuck USB Memory Storage Device
ok, this is just silly, iDucks anyone?

and they glow in the dark when you plug them in.

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Bill turns 440 today!
Happy Birthday to Billy the Bard!

If you didn't hear Duluth's own Dominick Papatola's channeling of Shakespeare this morning on Minnesota Public Radio's State of the Arts, check it out here at time code 48:20. Very funny.

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Bake Sale!
Fire up your ovens and your imagination!

Let your baked goods tell the world how you feel about the Bush Administration and bring your goodies into the MoveOn.org bake sale tomorrow. Our table will be at the Earth Day Fair at the Farmers' Market (14th Ave East and 3rd Street) on Saturday, April 24 starting at 11am. If you can't bake anything, stop by and buy something. See you tomorrow!

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There needs to be more books like this.

(Thanks Alibris)

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I can't get it out of my head.
I was listening to the Duluth City Council meeting on the radio a couple of weeks ago. It was the portion of the meeting where people are allowed to address the council. This was a particularly long session because a large group attended to try to sway the councilers votes about the Ten Commandments Monument. I think the theory was if every person spoke they would be representing a good cross section of duluthians, or at least 'the majority' that everyone keeps referring to. Amongst all of the typical thinly veiled prejudice and threatening comments, one fellow had a comment that I still am trying to wrap my head around. Forgive my paraphrasing because it doesn't do justice to the original statement, as this was several days ago. I wish I had recorded it.

His vew was that the ACLU has been preaching a doctrine of 'there are no absolutes.' That people should be doing whatever they want to do. Furthermore, he stated that the ACLU has close ties to the National Education Association and the entertainment industry. These ties result in our children being taught this doctrine, and conditioned to believe it throughout their lives. He realized this while watching an episode of Star Trek that supported this doctrine (I wish I knew which one). Needless to say, it was the last time he ever watched the show. Evidence of this is everywhere, he said, but most notably the Columbine shootings, where the shooters believed that they had the right to do whatever they wanted. Conversely, the Ten Commandments are a doctrine of absolutes and should be fought for because they tell everyone what is truly right and wrong.

Looking back, it probably made as much sense as the rest of the arguments presented that night, but can't we at least leave Star Trek out of it?

Addendum: I know this is a little less lighthearted than the usual discussion on this blog, but I haven't posted anything in a while and I've been in a more serious mode as of late. I would also like to mention that I find this comment to be funny and disturbing at the same time.

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So much for the city.
A thermos of coffee. A bottle of Baileys. And this.

There is something somewhere every hour of the day.

(Or there's this for the time being.)

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Because there is so much happening this Saturday and I have to work I will be rescheduling this event. Not sure when, but soon I hope.

Good Women and Men of Duluth, the Pirates are here! Karpeles Manuscript Museum has changed exhibits from that boring old scallywag Napoleon, to the exciting world of the Barbary Pirates.

Whaddya say we all don our Pirate duds and head to Karpeles about 1pm on Saturday April 24th.

Lets meet at Sir Benedicts Tavern on the Lake for a pre-visit Grog and walk up to the Karpeles en masse. Casual pirate wear will be fine. For more silly Pirate fun go here.


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Now What?
So now that I have become Geek Queen I am wondering: when do me and the Geek King get to move into our Star Trek-themed castle and live geekly ever after? Going back to work and dressing in a socially acceptable manner is such a drag.

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A commentary from Blunt Radio.
I love media by youth, and you geeks. Thanks to Barrett who solves all my blogging problems!

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Geek Prom King
i've been waiting for an excuse to plug his photos for a while now. being crowned geek prom king is as good of an excuse as any...

hethrael is his website. there you will find the photos. some of my favorites include the ice crystals on windows. and the 'holy lift bridge' photos.

long live the king!

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Now what do we say?
With another Geek Prom on the shelf, I think it is more than appropriate to say thanks to those who made the whole event happen.

For quite some days and weeks, Messers Lundgren and Lunt have been planning, plotting, and scheming to adequately deliver an evening like no other.

For these last few months, and for the last three years, I've had the chance to help out in whatever way I could, and I could not be more pleased and proud of the work that they've done... especially this year.

Then there's the countless others who made sure the multitude of details developed, moved ahead, and met up where they needed to. We know who they are and they are equally deserving of our appreciation, as well.

So, if you had a good time, join me in thanking those who made it all possible. Blogging your gratitude will save you the price of a stamp.

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More fun with tapes.

Today I present you with Jan's home answering machine tape. Numbers have been edited to protect the innocent.



Have fun





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Video, video...
I have a minute & a half avi video of the spaz dance from Sat. If I can find a faster way to upload it I will (10MB), at dial up speed it is tooooo slloowww.

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I am not a videographer.

However, here is a longish movie (Quicktime, 26Mb) from last night's Geek Prom. It's a big download, and poor quality, but it does show how much fun we had. If any of you geeks have any hints as to how to make videos smaller without reducing the quality so much, I would love to hear them. But for now, enjoy.

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pic from gp3

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Uh ... where are all you guys?
Oh! Oh! OK! You're right here!

How do we top this? I just touched a sting ray.

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Geek Prom Update!
Spaz Dancing complete! (Congrats to PDDer Zoey on her victory. Some other guy I don't know won, too.)

Trailer Park Queen is rockin the socks off the place.

To quote Dennis DeYoung, "Dreams do come true."

Coronation comin' up!


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Live From Geek Prom 3!
What are you doing online, GEEK? Get your pasty butt down to the aquarium, and join your brethren. There are balloons, funky lights, fish, balloons, Ms. Ludwig on the accordion, fish, balloons, a live webcast, bunnies running around outside, balloons, fish, and GEEKS.

More updates later. Now pick up your cousin and get down here!

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hey bloggerati, poopers and assorted geeks, freaks and the like. i am sadly stuck in minneapolis and will miss geek prom for the 3rd year in a row. just want to say have tons of spastic fun and i can't wait to see the pictures of all you.

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A game of chicken
With Homegrown coming up and all, thought you guys might find this amusing.

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Cheap, decent beer
$7.99 longneck 12pks of Huber Bock at Keyport. (I don't work for Keyport, just tellin' ya!)

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Poll Results

What's your favorite diet?

1. Atkins [4 votes, 6.90%]
2. Blood Type Diet [4 votes, 6.90%]
3. Juice Fast [1 vote, 1.72%]
4. Binge and Purge [25 votes, 43.10%]
5. Slim Fast [0 votes, 0.00%]
6. The Zone [0 votes, o.00%]
7. 7 Day Bikini [1 voye, 1.72%]
8. God's Diet [10 votes, 17.24%]
9. Subway Diet [3 votes, 5.17%]
10. The Richard Simmon's Diet [ 10 votes, 17.24%]

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Duluth’s Girl Editors Rummage Their Way to Washington

Come get your geek prom accessories and support my girls this weekend by going to their MEGA RUMMAGE SALE!
If you'd like to donate items, bring them to the address below today (Thur) or tomorrow (Fri) between 5:30 and 7 p.m.

New Moon Magazine’s Girls Editorial Board (GEB), local girls between the ages of 8-14, are having a rummage sale this weekend to raise money to attend the Turn Beauty Inside Out National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.

WHAT: New Moon’s GEB Mega Rummage Sale
New & used items, jewelry, hand-crafted soap, t-shirts, & more

WHEN: Saturday, April 17, 2004

TIME: 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

WHERE: Kenwood Lutheran Church
324 W. Cleveland St.

The Turn Beauty Inside Out (TBIO) Campaign began four years ago because these local girls wanted to change the way society views girls and women. The 2004 TBIO Campaign focus is women and girls as political leaders. For the first time, the Turn Beauty Inside Out National Leadership Conference, May 1-3, 2004 in Washington, D.C, is open to all girls through-out the United States. Girls will meet women policy makers, learn about careers in politics, and learn how to be agents of change in their communities.

Besides finding those treasures you can’t live without, you’ll help send these girls on their way to change the world!

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A Perfect Duluth Day
I recently made four short videos on spec for the Light Rail station kiosks in Minneapolis. This is one of them. The videos had to be under 1:30 in length and there were two themes you could choose from: "Minnesota Nice" or "The Weather". I chose the latter. I had a lot of footage - mainly of the Duluth area - leftover from a documentary I made in 2001. Anyway, you'll need Quicktime Player to view this (go to Apple's website to download a free copy). The file is 4.7mgs in size so you techno-peasants still using dial-up will have time to clean the house while waiting for the download.


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Two part post
Ok, so I know what I consider geeky music, but what about you? I may be part of tonight's Starfire Lounge geek edition (along with the esteemed Mr Chase and our ever gracious host) and while I'm sure I could incite a mass exodus for the door I don't really wish to. So speak up, what's geek in the music world according to vous?

and 2nd topic (two for the price of one) new artwork now up at RedRabbitRiversmith for those that may be interested. As well I wish to extend a thank you to those who made it to Bridget's show last week it was a staggering turnout, merci.

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Such a week.
I really like this picture. I like it so much that I'm going to share it.
Thank you Boatnerd... for everything.

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What The Hell Is With This?

I open up the Duluth News Tribune, and this is glaring back at me from the front page of the Local section. I'm going to have nightmares for a week.

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Questions political
I am curious about something that came up in a discussion recently

Once/if Kerry is elected in Nov, undoubtedly organizations like MoveOn will have played a vital role in getting people to vote. Is MoveOn and other like (quasi-partisan) organizations likely to remain committed to Kerry? Or is this simply a 'anybody but Bush' election year, after which Kerry potentially becomes the next target? I am not sure how other people feel about Kerry (personally he rates about a C+ in my book, as opposed to a F or D- for Bush) and am a little concerned about a Democracy where vast numbers of people either do not vote, or vote reluctantly because a particular candidate is move evil than the other

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Our publicity stunt was a smashing success. We packed 21 Geeks in a Kia Rio and all the news stations came to the event.

Only 4 days till the Prom now.

Can I confirm any of you for the Geek Streak?

pictures couresy of barrettchase.com

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Bake Sale to Stick it to the Man
New Information!

MoveOn.org is trying to raise money for its Political Action Committee the old fashioned way - they're asking their members to hold a bake sale. You can sign up here.

I have rented space at the Whole Foods Co-op's Annual Earth Day Fair at the Farmers' Market on Saturday, April 24. I'm going out on a limb here, but I hope there will be people who will bring baked goods to sell and will hang out at the booth. I'm bringing my television and dvd player to show the Bush in 30 Seconds ads.

All of the money raised will go to support the MoveOn.org PAC which is dedicated towards defeating Bush in November. Find out more here.

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ice dams can do some damage

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I can hardly wait.

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What to do with those leftover Peeps?
Here's a nifty little game for those geeks among us with too many peeps (which, for me, is one). Each player needs 3-5 peeps of a single color, 30 jelly beans of the same color, two halves of a plastic egg, and a hex map you can download at the website. It looks fun. If anyone is actually interested in playing it, lemme know and I'll try to get a game together at Robin Goodfellow or some other location.

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Go Jesus!
Hello little bunnies. On this fine Easter I thought I would pass on some sweet Easter facts.

-Easter is the second most important candy-eating occasion of the year for Americans, who consumed 7 billion pounds of candy in 2001, according to the National Confectioner's Association.

-Ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year.

-Each Easter season, Americans buy more than 700 million Marshmallow Peeps, shaped like chicks, as well as Marshmallow Bunnies and Marshmallow Eggs, making them the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.

-In 1953, it took 27 hours to create a Marshmallow Peep. Today it takes six minutes.

-Rabbits symbolized new life and rebirth in ancient Egypt. They considered it a symbol of the moon as the moon determines the date of Easter. The Easter Bunny's visit is based upon a German Legend. The legend goes that a poor woman decorated eggs for her children to find during a famine. At the moment they found them, they looked up to see a big bunny hopping away.

Here is a horrifying story I found in my research on this holy day.

Finally, I just wanted to say hello to you all. My journey has taken me much farther than I ever thought it would, but I just may be making it home real soon. I miss you all very much.

Peace and love,

Castiron Rabbitt.

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If Looks Could Kill

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It's Geek Week!

Calling all Geeks, putzes and smallish people without claustrophobia. On Tuesday, April 13, at the Great Lakes Aquarium we will be stuffing as many people as possible into a Brand spanking new Kia Rio. All the news cameras will be there and the stunt will be airing live.

We will need as many spazzes as possible to pull this stunt off so show up at 5:45pm in front of the Aquarium (parking should be free in the lot) and dress geeky but comfortable. Your assistance in our publicity machine will be greatly appreciated.

The difference between us and a computer is that, the computer is blindingly stupid, but it is capable of being stupid many, many million times a second.
-Douglas Adams

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craft night
um, i don't know if these photos will work, this is craft night at shanna & mindy's (2/3 of the keepaways)

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grocery budget
tonight while exercising i was thinking about how excited i am about going to vintage duluth tomorrow to pick out a geek prom dress, and i wondered why i didn't go to the first one (my attendance was required last year as brian was playing, and i was glad to go).
then i realized it was because the ticket price was so huge to me at that time, when i was spending $5 a week on groceries for the both of us. that $5 was for crap like:
a $1 loaf of bread
$1.50 for cheese
$.80 for eggs
and maybe a cucumber & a tomato, potatoes, onions, pasta, or a jar of jalapenos, or something like that.
i made grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup, omelets, spicy pancakes in the oven, fried egg sandwiches, pasta, etc.
obviously, this was the pre-vegan era. we had the occasional splurge like a bottle of ketchup, jar of mayo, a $1 spice, olive oil, salt, fruit, etc. i bet our grocery budget was $25 - $30 a month all together. i now spend $30 - $50 a week on groceries, but it's not because we're vegan. it's because we have the money and can buy whatever we want to eat and do most of our shopping at the co-op. i could totally do $5 a week as an herbivore: rice/lentils/beans (alternating weekly, because $1 - $1.50 worth of any of these lasts more than 1 week), $1.50 worth of tofu, produce . . . nutritional yeast, flour, oil, whatever, when necessary.
it made me wonder about other people's groceries. like, i always used to run into chris whittier in the grocery, and i would always look in his cart. i always look at other people's stuff at the check-out line too. so, for real, i want to hear about other people's food expenditures.

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Bad Friday for Purple
Started with a bad morning -- lack of sleep, no coffee in the house, little pirate's attempted mutiny.
Then my sister said the words that brightened up my day: "George Kessler did the weather last night."

My heart jumped. My George. Back in Duluth. What could be more perfect?

KBJR does not have contact info for him. My News 6 contact said that his min-mouse shop was still in business. Figured out it was called Secret Seven, BUT THE NUMBER'S DISCONNECTED!

Dear George, please come to geek prom. GLA has mini-weather center that needs your supervision........

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for your Good Friday reading pleasure...
Here's a link to my review of "The Passion" for anyone who's interested. It's on my new as yet unperfected personal weblog.

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i Found what i was looking for.

I just got off the phone with Davey from Found Magazine and it is confirmed. Found will be in Duluth on June, 21rst as part of their 50 states tour. Our email pleas worked and he has been persuaded to end his Winnipeg visit early and journey to Gitchee Gumee.

Now we just need to figure out the perfect venue, any ideas? Sunhillow books sells Found but I was thinking that renting Lafayette Square down on Park Point would be pretty fun. Maybe a potluck, a band and a fire at sunset on the longest day of the year.

That's my idea. What's yours?

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War President
I found this last night when I visited the Michael Moore site. It was originally posted on Sunday at the American Leftist weblog. The smaller photos are of U. S. service men and women who have died in Iraq.

small (400x468)
medium (800x935)
large (1890x2209)

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More Found Stuff
yaaa for bandwagons! someone left this on a napkin at beaner's central. i saved it from the inevitable trash can..

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Keep reaching for the stars.
From USA Today:

Measured as percentage of those 18 and older who had five or more drinks within a few hours in the past month.

1. San Antonio 23.9
2. Grand Forks, N.D.-Minn. 23.4
3. Milwaukee-Waukesha, Wis. 22.7
4. Austin-San Marcos, Texas 22.6
5. Sioux Falls, S.D. 21.4
6. Davenport-Moline-Rock Island, Iowa-Ill. 21.1
7. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 20.6
8. Duluth-Superior, Minn.-Wis. 20.3
9. Lincoln, Neb. 20.1
10. Springfield, Mass. 20.1
Source: American Journal of Public Health


Now, when I crack open a bottle of Dow's and drink it all in one sitting, does that constitute one drink?

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T-minus 10 days and counting.
get your geek on

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More discarded beauty

Continuing in the found art theme, this slide was found while dumpster diving in Superior a couple years ago. As far as I know, this was part of a human sexuality slideshow, and there were hundreds of slides.
Here's an idea for your answering machine web site: Use found images of people and match them up with the answering machine messages. Maybe Moustache Man here could be the voice of the Twice but Nice outgoing message.

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Twice but Nice

For a year or so I have been collecting the tapes left in answering machines that have been donated to Thrift Stores. These are spectacular glimpses into peoples lives and I can't believe they get so casually discarded. So I present to you a new series of posts I will call "Leave a Message at the Beep"

For this first installment I bring you "Twice but Nice", they are a quasi-thrift store that used to be located in West Duluth but is now closer to my pad in the East Hillside.

Outgoing message



Las Vegas


Bettie Mae

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Mason Jennings and desecration
For my thoughts about the Mason Jennings concert on Friday, click here.

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this is one of the best presents i ever got

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I did so work hard... once.

- "George, I do this because I was trained to. You... so help you God... do it because you love it."


- "It's not a party until the [cat] has had at least two martinis."

[Old photo albums... a scanner... a bottle of rum... what the hell am I supposed to do?]

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Go to the light.

Boy does that lost hour hurt when you go to bed at 2am.

Had a nice walk to the Looch for brunch this morning and found this picture of the baby laying on the sidewalk. It's kinda sad in a way, a small defensless baby picture lying there all wet and covered in gravel. I'll probably send it off to Found magazine so it can have a nice warm home in a file drawer somewhere.

Speaking of Found. The folks that put that amazing magazine together are going off on a 50 states tour. Yes, all 50 states in like 8 months. They will be showing off their favorite finds and selling mags out of their trunk. When I was perusing the dates and cities they will visit I noticed a hole in the schedule between Winnipeg and Minneapolis. I emailed them a while back about stopping in Duluth and never heard back. I even mailed them the top 10 reasons why they should come to Duluth.

So I got to thinking, what if I did a Blog post and told everyone to send them an email invite to the Northland naming the reasons why they should come through town, cool arts community, skinnydipping, you get the idea.

The dates they would most likely be able to be here are June 21-22 which just so happen to be the longest days of the year. So check out their website or better yet pick up Found Magazine issue #3 at Sunhillow books on 4th St. and then send an email asking them to come to Duluth. We will throw them a real swell party.

Oh and tell em PDD sent ya.

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Calling All Trolls

Recently, the old static Slim Goodbuzz site turned dynamic. In other words, it now features a message board for interaction with Slim and/or incoherent drunken ramblings. There has been some activity in the few weeks that it's been up, but not many people know about it yet.

Anyway, if you have any sloppy anecdotes, questions for Slim, or any other booze-related topics of discussion, bring it on over to slimgoodbuzz.com. It's free, easy, and anonymous. It's pretty tame right now, but I predict some kind of drunken flame war is going to heat up any day now. Get in while the gettin's good.

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behold the power of cheese.
Cheesy Fondue

and a close Battleship tournament. Congrats Paulie, you Geek.

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Poll Results
What would you do with the 10 Commandments monument at City Hall?

Remove it. [24 votes, 16.78%]
Let it stay. [13 votes, 9.09%]
Put it on Doty's front lawn. [106 votes, 74.13%]

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What's it like in Kidland?

When I was about 7 or 8, I was riding in the back of a pickup truck with my friend from down the street, when we passed the tunnel pictured above. My friend, who was a little younger than me, maybe 6, went absolutely berserk. "It's Kidland!" he screeched. "Kidland!" I was dumbfounded.

"Don't you know about Kidland?" he asked. I said I didn't. Then he proceeded to tell me about the wonderful, miraculous land that existed on the other end of this tunnel. It was a place where kids ran wild and could do whatever they wanted, sort of like Pleasure Island in Pinocchio. Some mischievous adult had obviously fed him this line of BS, and he had swallowed it whole. I asked him if he had ever been to Kidland, and he got a look on his face, like he was a devout Christian and I was asking if he had ever gone to Heaven.

So anyway, since it was a beautiful spring day today, I decided to hop on my Trek 820 and take a little trip to Kidland. Here's what I found.

The tunnel leads to this scrubby, matted-down area beneath DM&IR Dock No. 6, which is no longer in use. This is one of those places of power, perversion and privacy, like the railroad trestle I wrote about a few weeks ago on PDD. I suspect that in a twisted way, my young friend was right -- this is a place where kids go wild and do whatever they want. There are plenty of mattresses, beer bottles, and other stuff to indicate that they frequently do.

There are other things of interest in Kidland as well. For example, this field, which is just inexplicable. Maybe it's some kind of parking lot for the dock workers. I saw it and my first reaction was to organize the most lurid picnic ever.

Finally, there is this trail which runs along the railroad tracks and leads through the West End all the way to downtown, at the Graffiti Graveyard. I rode the trail most of the way downtown, ignoring the No Trespassing signs and eluding the railroad cops. There are some pretty cool bogs, bridges, and other points of interest. It's a pretty clean trail, though, all in all.

But I bet it totally comes to life some nights.

posted by Barrett at 6:43 PM
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George W. Bush - Stupid, Evil, or Wrong?
You know, predicate nominative's comment on the previous post made me want to write something more serious about my oppostion to the Bush administration. He's right, pictures like the one below is "just too easy" in some ways. It belittles the danger that Bush represents. PN goes on to state that Bush's evil needs to be exposed, which got me to think about my three stages of responding to Bush.

"Bush is Stupid" - When I first got to know about George W. Bush in the late 90's I thought that he was just an idiot, but probably an affable idiot. I thought he was born to privilege and was just riding the currents, which is probably true, but didn't really have any original thoughts. I figured his stupidity made him largely a harmless speck on the political landscape, and, honestly, I figured he'd be too stupid even if he were elected president to do much harm. Boy was I wrong.

"Bush is Evil" - When I started to realize that Bush, while not being the brightest bulb around, actually had a fairly coherent agenda of social conservatism and unilateralism, I began to think he was simply evil in a Machiavellian sense (or should we now say "Nessian"? (just kidding Donny (mostly))). I started to think that his "stupidity" was in some sense a show that he played up to allow himself to fly beneath the radar and distract the media from the real changes he and his administration were making to our country. But then I started to think seriously about the nature of "evil" and his own use of that term which, to my way of thinking, was polemic and divisive. I really didn't want to be in the same camp with Bush in his use of the word "evil." Granted, I think that many of the things Bush has done have been evil. But I have come to believe, in his heart, he doesn't intend to do evil. Which leads to my third stage of understanding Bush...

"Bush is Wrong" - I have come to believe that George W. Bush, his cronies, and, by the way, much of America simply have a radically different world view than my own. Bush believes that he can make America safe by eliminating evil from the world and that he is engaged in an epic struggle between good and evil. He sees the world in very black and white terms and has all but stated there is no room for gray. He has said, as Richard Clarke reported, "I don't do nuance." I, on the other hand, live in a world full of shades of gray that is filled with nuance and irony and even paradox. The difference is that he has his hand on the levers and the buttons and can translate his worldview into global action. The results, as we've seen, have been nothing short of disasterous. His worldview is different from mine and, frankly, it's wrong. It's wrong in the same sense as when a scientist postulates a theory and then tests the theory by experimenation and discovers that the data doesn't fit the theory. The scientist can either adjust or scrap the theory or try to make the data fit the theory. Bush is like a scientist who tries to make the data fit the theory. In other words, Bush is wrong. And this, moreso than being stupid or evil, makes him very, very dangerous.

All of this is to say, I agree with you PN, if we're to be serious we need to do more than simply laugh at our crazy, bumbling, goofball president. But I think we need to do more than label him as evil and start some sort of opposing holy crusade. We need a more rigorous and informed opposition than that.

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A New Vision for America
Y'know, I have nothing to say that this photo doesn't say better.

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You go Loretta!!

Here is our MaMa all dolled up like Loretta. Man that babe can belt out a tune. Big props to Jaybird Grunderson for his sweet-sweet harmonies and lead gitar pluckin.

Now I am going to have some Potstickers made by Mr. V-Nick.

Night all.

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Duluth "Academy Awards"
If anyone is interested in helping plan the first annual Duluth "Academy Awards," there is a meeting in Herb Bergson's office on Sunday, April 4, at 3:30pm. Park in the circle drive in front of City Hall. The event will be taking place on June 11 at the NorShor. It is also a fundraising effort for an endowment fund to help bring underprivileged youth to arts and cultural events. So far it seems like it's going to be a lot of fun. If you can't make the meeting, you can email me for details at [email protected].

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Starfire Lounge Tonight
Heads up, insane Barrett (a.k.a. DJ Conner) will be playing music tonight at the Brewhouse. Come ready to be brainwashed by carefully placed lyrics. I'd order a pitcher of IPA.

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hello, world!
you may have noticed me lurking around. well, no more of that! as of right now, i'm a blogger, not a lurker.

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Saturday Nite Birthday Party
Me and my good friend Brenda Brock (girlfriend of PDD'er Chip) are having a joint birthday party this Saturday @ 9:00 PM (that's Saturday, not Friday) at the usual Professor party venue. BYOB. We can't think of a fun theme, so bring your own. Come formal, naked, costumed, wearing hot pink, whatever. We don't care. Just bring us presents (kidding!).

I am turning 35. Brenda advises that she is turning 22 again (fourth or fifth time).

posted by The Professor at 10:27 AM
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Former Alternative Newsweekly Writers Start...Alternative Newsweekly

[found this in my mailbox today - jadin]

Greetings from the other side of an alternative newsweekly's massive flux!

We have some news for you. In lieu of the weekly columns we produced for
the now deceased newsweekly the Ripsaw News (now a very snazzy,glossy
monthly magazine) some of the us impassioned and focused (read:
monomaniacal) writers elected to create a new medium for our ragged and
persistent voices to be heard. We also though it was pretty important to
the community to have a weekly calendar of arts and music events and a
vehicle for discussing immediate and relevant events.

We invite you to take a look at what we came up with.
http://www.transistormag.com Heads-up: it takes forever to load. But it's
there. And lovely. And occasionally funny.

Thank you for years of feedback, communication, and, well, sweet lovin'.
We promise to do what we can to reciprocate.


Mark Lindquist, Paul Lundgren, Jim Richardson, Anna Owens, Mary Tennis,
Mark Oberg, Mic Trout, and the one, the only, the utterly invisible to the
naked eye, Adam Guggemos.

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