Thank the Lord for Hell on Earth


A fan is set to shockingly take their own life on stage at a forthcoming HELL ON EARTH gig on October 4 at ST PETERSBURG's STATE THEATRE.

The terminally ill fan wants to raise awareness for the cause of dignified death through suicide at the industrial metallers' concert.

The fan, who is a member of a euthanasia society, cannot reveal their identity or condition, though singer Billy Tourtelot has communicated with the fan via email.

He said: "I support the right to die with dignity. I got an email a few weeks ago from this person, who is a fan of the band and who stated an interest in doing this."

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tourtelot said: "I was skeptical at first, but we did some research and talked to the person and met, and they're going to do it."

The singer plans to reveal the name of the person on the day of the concert, though the event could lead to a maximum of 15 years in prison for the band. Hell on Earth could face secondary felony charges for assisting in the commission of self-murder.

Bill Proffitt of the St Petersburg Police said: "I don't know if this is a publicity stunt, but we will most likely try to head them off at the pass and show them the statute. They may not be aware that it is a crime."

Tourtelot has rubbished claims that the suicide is a publicity stunt saying that the band have legal representation. He said: "I'm definitely not assisting in any suicide... what I'm doing may be immoral, but it's not illegal."

The fan issued a press release on September 15 saying: "I thank the Lord that Hell on Earth is giving me this opportunity to end my suffering. I just want to say as my last will and testament that this is my God-given choice to end my life."

They added: "I'd prefer to have a physician-assisted suicide but until the laws are changed, those who are in pain like me will either have to continue to suffer or do it themselves."

PDD Poll: What do you think? Is Hell on Earth immoral, or charitable?

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You are acquainted with smut peddlers.
Perverse Verse book coverPaul Lundgren and Barrett Chase would like to invite you to a book release kegger for the first title from their publishing company, Whoppin Unlimited.

The book is called Perverse Verse: Filthy Limericks From the Head of the Lakes. It features 72 filthy limericks written by Slim Goodbuzz, and 23 illustrations drawn by 12 perverts from the region. The illustrations are part of a month-long art exhibit, which opens the night of the book release kegger.

The big event happens on Friday, Oct. 3, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Washington Gallery, 315 N. Lake Ave., in Duluth. There will be free beer, free food and free love. The books cost eight bucks, but no purchase is necessary.

We hope to see you there, and, as usual, we hope you leave your children at home.

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a little analysis among friends
f. scott himselfthe last line of f. scott fitzgerald's the great gatsby is this:

"And so we beat on, boats against the current, bearing back ceaselessly into the past."

i dare any and all rock 'n' roll kamikaze bands to work that line into one of their songs. say it out loud, man. dig the rhythm of the syllables and the music of words working with one another.

it's begging for some wanna-be slug to make it into the chorus of the next great hip-hop anthem.

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Breathe deeply the cold air...
I don't like skiing as a matter of habit or hobby, but I enjoy it.
I've never been particularly enthused by skating or related activities.
Ice fishing is - deservedly - a comic convention that I avoid.

However, I love the cold.
And here, atop the hill, it's snowing.

If you're like me, you'll immediately run outside and breathe deeply through your nose.

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Monday, monday.
1. 2 cups of coffee.
2. 800 mg of Ibuprofen.
3. Hot shower and shave.
4. Cold bike ride to work.

ah, mondays.

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To Nick, Zoey, Maria, John, Starfire, Paul, and Barrett
We overcame extreme odds and made it to the bitter end. I will never forget you comrades. I hope you are all finding yourselves well, or at least OK on this day. As for me, there are five blisters. I just made my way through K-mart to buy bandages and other necessities. As I limped through the store, I smiled, thinking of the hurdles we overcame. Even amidst complaining children and bitter parents, I was able to find specks of joy, an elderly lady and I sang along to a Christmas tree that played "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" and a helpful lady told her child to be careful to not run into the woman with the bad leg. Now that we have gone through this battle, we can appreciate the small wonders that life has to offer.
Peace and joy comrades.
Sincerely yours,

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I've got ants in my pants
Tomorrow me and my cousins are gonna finish the damn disc, I swear!
This damn acid reflux thing has boogered me long enough.
Brad will sing again!!!

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Jaunt Update in text
I successfully walked my promised portion of the Nonchalant Jaunt, from the Wabegon Supper Club to the Sunshine Cafe--a total of 9.54 miles. Now, unfortunately I must go to work, completely against my will. I want to jaunt.

It was a tearful goodbye on Grand Avenue, as the rest of the crew carried on after a hearty Sunshine lunch. Good luck, jaunters. You are all undeniably hot.

Pick up a couple of dead voles for me.

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Oh blessed be.


Reminder! The Nonchalant Jaunt is starting tomorrow morning at 8AM! All are welcome to join in for the whole walk or any part of it. We start way out west at the Wobegon Bar by the Mont Du Lac ski area and will pretty much stick to Grand Avenue-Michigan St-Superior St route. If you want updates on our whereabouts you can check in on us right here. We will be making regular Audioblog posts.

Good news, the Tattoo festival is happening at the Lakeview Castle this weekend so there should be some fun freaks when we arrive. The Castle also makes a mean Caucasian.

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Back Online, Baby
We're back up and running--I feel like I've just been paroled. Now all you blogoids and blogites start posting like you mean it.

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nina simone on the microphone
hey is anyone game to go see the nina simone documentary this sun 10.27 @ the oakstreet cinema in minneapolis this weekend? the documentuary is of a concert in paris in something like 1975, and is part of the soundunseen film fest. i've always wanted to see live, and then she died earlier this year before i got the chance.
by the way the fest will also do a low documentary the following weekend, although it got a bum reveiw in this week's city pages by editor peter scholetz, sounds cool for die hard lowheads like myself.
or if not this weekend, what about next weekend, when these two documentaries run back to back on sat oct 4 @ 5 pm also @ the oakstreet.
i don't drive, but would be more than happy to pay for gas one way, or help with both whatever...i'm just trying to get down there without having to take the greyhound.
drop me a line and let me know.

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Blogger is Fucked
You may be noticing that nothing is being updated on Perfect Duluth Day, even though people are posting. The only thing I can come up with is that there is some glitch with Blogger, even though Blogger is not reporting anything at this time. I'm contacting Blogger to see what's up, and some other fellow blog-people to see if they're experiencing the same problem. More later. Until then, keep posting--your writing will go up soon.

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starfire with a spin
how about a battle of the djs some night during the starfire lounge?

here's how it might work:

1. get a bunch of djs

2. get a panel of people with intimidating musical knowledge and judgment (eric swanson and some others)

3. set up a few ostensibly concrete bases of judgment (eclectic mix; song continuity; original choices; whatever)

4. give each dj a finite number of minutes or songs in which to wow the judges according to the set criteria

5. and then...uh, i don't know. i don't know what the point would be, other than having fun watching a bunch of people with varying musical tastes and choices work hard to get the music to the people.

it wouldn't really be about any kind of competition. just the music and the people.

p.s. is pdd jacked up in some way? when i opened blogger to create this post, i saw posts written by other people that i don't see at pdd.com. i'm an idiot, so i could be doing something wrong, but is there another explanation?

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From the Ripsaw Kiosk.
I helped put this event on a few years back and I have seen an early cut of the film. It is really haunting. If you read this and have time to check it out I highly suggest it.

ELEGY—two YEARS AND two DAYS AFTER Travis Wilkerson’s documentary of ELEGY, the 25-hour drone concert for Michael Lenz will be given a pre-screening on Sept 23. Open musical drone cooperative will follow until 11pm sharp. All ages are welcome to the pre-screening and encouraged to participate in the drone. Film will start at 9:21pm sharp. Admission is free. NorShor Theater, 211 E. Superior St., Duluth.

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Shout out to all my homies
I love you, rotten,
Delicious rottenness,

...wonderful are the hellish experiences,
Orphic, delicate
Dionysos of the Underworld.

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one-two punch


the combination of "starfire" and "two-step" on low's secret name record is one of my favorite musical one-two punches.

some other good ones:

"root down" and "sabotage" on the beastie boys' ill communication

"wreck of the old '97" and "i walk the line" on johnny cash at san quentin

"communication breakdown" and "i can't quit you babe" on led zeppelin

"lullaby" and "fascination street" on the cure's disintegration

of course i know there's other gooder ones, but i can't think of them right now.

what are your favorites?

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Admit it. We've all wanted to know what goes on in that little blue building in Duluth's friendly West End. Luckily for us, this kind of information is widely available. (Note: you might not want to follow this link at work.)

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hey, who took those wicked weather photos at the top of the page? they're brilliant!

off to see Scottish lads Mogwai at the Fillmore tonight. joy of joys.

it's hot in California this week. really, really hot.

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at the risk of smarmy self-promotion...

dig the aron ralston story at this web site: http://www.outsidemag.com.

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hot topics.
-Why is my inbox being flooded with junk mail for the "the porno extravaganza?"

-The rock-n-roll-kamikaze bands have been formed. 18 in all, I am in band#15 with bridgette baker, chip rogers and stravros glitsos. With a name like Stavros we can't lose.

-Ca-Chee is researching the exact distance of our Nonchalant Jaunt and will get back to us today.

-The second annual Cruiser Bike Poker Ride was a huge success yesterday. Met some great folks, drank at 5 local establishments and mostly dodged the rain drops. I had the worst poker hand in the group.

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The Nonchalant Jaunt

Won't you join us next Saturday, September 27th for a walk across Duluth? More details to come but we will start at the Wobegon bar and end at the Lakeview Castle. Why? I don't know why. It's Lundgrens idea. Out of towners are encouraged to join us (chuck, sharyn?)

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ok i'm here
being a newbie & an oldie (re: computers used to be as big as a house) please bear with me.
so hi to yous that i know & luv and glad to meet the rest of you all.

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Cash story
I know, I know Johnny is gone and we should move on, but... in case you haven't seen this I thought it said more about The Man In Black in its way, than the standard obits... So
look here

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sat night
if anyone wants something to do tonight, my band is playing at the 400 bar in mnpls. opening for the lovely haley bonar. we being the state champs. come one, come all. 9p.m.
also my new cd is on sale! i will be getting them to the electric fetus monday, otherwise you can buy them at my shows: monday night at beaner's, 7p.m. and tuesday night, fitger's brewhouse. i would love to see you there. jay will be on bass, me on guitar.
have a good weekend. *amy*

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Double Posting Problem
Please accept my apology for double posting the previous message. It seems that when I merely 'preview' my post, and then go back to change something (like the title), it actually gets posted. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Is this a common problem or is it just me?

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During my misspent youth in Duluth, my pals and I used to hang out at Lester River (and it's western branch Amity Creek), swimming at the Big Deeps and the Railroad Bridge, among other places. This past July, a couple of my friends (the fools!!) decided they needed to recapture the thrills of yesterday by jumping once more from the Railroad Bridge. Their hijinks can be viewed at the following site.

One of the participant's knees are still all screwed up. I warned him.

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You are a Pirate Second Class

Do you remember the last time you took
a chance? I do. It was when you decided
to leave the security of your mother's womb
and headed for the bright light. It's time
to head for the next bright light, my friend.
Creativity is not your strong suit. You
are good at doing what you are told to do
and that, in itself, is a gift. It's not a
gift to you, mind you, but rather a gift to
those who will be there to tell you what
to do. You like long walks on the beach and
cuddling, but would never admit that to your
Guy friends who think you are okay but can't
always remember your name. Tapioca pudding
seems a bit extreme for a fellow such as
yerself, what with all the bumps and stuff.
It's a good thing ye be on a pirate ship,
otherwise, ye'd would be walkin' because ye be
positively pedestrian. Have a nice day.

What's Yer Inner Pirate?
brought to you by The Official Talk Like A Pirate Web Site. Arrrrr!

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i love the rain
i love the rain.

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An anniversary.
7 years ago (or so) I asked a gentleman named Tim Nelson if I could play records at his Brewpub once a week. I gave him a couple of mix-tapes that I had made, he thought about it and said no. I was a little bit crushed but he kept listening to those tapes and a year later (or so) he called me up and said "let's give it a try."

Now, 6 years later the Starfire Lounge is going strong. I thought it might die when they banned the smoking but now it is smoke free and busy. Tonight we will celebrate with some extra DJ's on the roster, a cask conditioned Starfire Pale Ale on tap and the return of the T-Shirts.

Thank you Tim and Rod and Dave and Mike and Jeff and all of the staff for letting me control the music for all these years. Thank you to all the D.J.'s, especially LumpyG (my fact checkin' cuz) and Tim Anderson for holding down the fort when I hit the road with that band. In the future we may stay open a bit later. Ouch, my head hurts with the thought of it.

See you tonight.

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hey, remember the jeep that starfire mentioned a couple posts ago? well, the cd player that came with it is dying a slow, annoying death. the display won't light up anymore, the volume buttons have morphed into some sort of hyperspace buttons, and way too often it won't even play cds, which means that not only am i a distracted hazard to the folks with whom i share the road, but i also have no choice but to toggle back and forth between kool 101.7 and mpr, even when "all things considered" is repeating itself for the third time.

if you have an in-dash cd player you want to sell, please let me know.

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It was free at first...
Hello fellow bloggers and fans.

The good folks at Doteasy have been hosting our little forum for the low, low price of FREE. That is until maybe tomorrow when we will exceed our bandwidth and the whole site will be shut down till next month, unless we start paying. That means 8 dollars a month every month till they charge us even more.

We do get a bunch of new options if we pay the 8 bucks and I think we should. Hell, I will even cough up the dough just to keep us online.

Other ideas might include the selling of snappy t-shirts which I would be happy to make at my job. Maybe a PDD party is more your style. If we all kicked in a couple of bucks we could keep the party rolling into the next realm.

Please feel free to leave your ideas in our handy comment section.

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a first day.
I saw C. Godsey today while biking home. Me, out of breath. Him, sporting the way cool styles of his Jeep. I almost bought a Jeep once.

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Philosophical inaptitude
Christ this day was as long as a Proustian novel, time to settle in for some pasta and beer

a moment on the lips an eternity on the hips

and I jusy have to add this because it is funny, the babelizer try it!

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Get a Car!!
I, on the other hand, just got my truck. Very cosmic. Give a little. Get a little.

Which theater?

Anyone wanna go truckin'? Whooooo! Yeah! Trucks!

By God, this is what it must feel like to be Hank Williams, Jr.

Also, in news, a British man has been caught trying to cut off attention-starved media-gadfly David Blaine's water supply. I'm not sure how to feel about that. I think it's a good feeling. Or maybe it's wrong for me to feel good about it - hence the conflict.

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walk, bike, bus.
I sold my car today. If you see me walking down the street, don't feel sorry for me. I am happy. If you see me lugging my amplifier and guitar down the street, feel free to stop and say "get a car!"

I have been without car a few other times and it is amazing how quickly you can adjust. I am lucky to live within 2 blocks of an organic coop and a liquor store. Work is 14 blocks away, my favorite bars are no more than 16 blocks away and the closest beach is 5 blocks away.

Life is good!

Can i bum a ride to the movie theatre tomorrow?

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Cereal Killer
Goth Crunch
Turns milk utterly black

A cereal with black crunchy corn puff ankhs and marshmallows like: crimson hearts, black roses, green thorns, white fangs and purple cloaks.

Kids will remember the Jingle

Misty innocent milk
Corrupted by the darkness
Of my tainted soul

I laugh at the weeping
Of my complete sadness
Waterlogged and soggy

My life is a gelid bowl
And my spoon digs me deeper
Into a pit of despair

Randomly select your own poem with the Goth lyric generator.

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hi, i am lisa, i am not from duluth. . . never been there. . . but every forum of brilliant folks needs an outside perspective. . . .recently, i purchased an afro wig, and my life has really improved. . .
.i purchased it in san fran, where i also scored tickets to a neil diamond cover band. . . .

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top o the list yo
i just wanted to blog something, anything, so my entry would appear to next to that cute frat boy with the mullet, who is also at the top o the list yo.

hey cool new pixs up top next to the banner. did you grow those flowers mr. starfire?

hopefully you're all tired an exhausted from risin up at the snakes show last night. i get to go in 10 minutes and i'm sooooo excited. yet alternately weirded out as my 10 year anti-reunion will be going on at the same time and same place. hmmmmm.

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snake in the theatre.
In case you don't already know, the Black-eyed Snakes are playing at the NorShor tonight. Not only that, it is 18 and up. How cool is that. Let's watch the college kids get nuts.

I also hear that a LARGE snake might make an appearance. Oh, and the nudity, always the nudity.

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Hello, this is my first Blog at this site. I'm a former Duluthian, now living in the Cities. I saw Johnny Cash at the Duluth Arena around 1973 or so. Sorry to see him go.

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deaths, music, birthdays and falling down stairs
Ritter I could have lived without, not that I wished him harm but was rather indifferent towards the fellow.
Johnny Cash passing is very sad, but not surprising, I was wondering how long he would last after June passed away, I will miss Johnny more than any one else that has died recently, Buddha bless him, think I will spin some tunes, perhaps the God disc from the God, Murder, Love set, seems apropos.

On a much happier note, tomorrow is my birthday, getting old, getting old, and the Black Eyed Snakes are playing at the Shore. As they say
woo hoo

From the memepool .. Ever wonder how to simulate how damaging it is to fall down the stairs? try this

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A stick, a dog, and a box with somethin' in it
What's in your backyard?

Check out the new White Stripes video for The Hardest Button to Button.

Don't dilly-dally...by Monday it will be gone.

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Thank you Johnny.
johnny cash Johnny is with his June now and I feel like I have lost a grandpa. Let's meet at the Roundup and play all the Johnny in the jukebox, over and over again. 6 or so?

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johnny cashtill things are brighter
i'm the man in black.

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Johnny Cash. John Ritter. God am I depressed.

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Interview Chain
Questions courtesy of Starfire.

1. As a child did you ever play cops and robbers with any of your policeman father's equipment?
I played some with the belt and the long flashlight. That was cool. But, basically the equipment was off limits. I always had this dumb fear of stepping on the loaded gun and shooting myself. The best was when my dad would handcuff kids (relatives) on Christmas Eve. That rocked big time, especially when cousin Ben was cuffed to the sofa! Also, he was the first cop in Duluth trained to hypnotize and during holidays he would hypnotize (or attempt to) relatives. I remember my uncle, who was in college at the time to be a chemical engineer, wanted to be hypnotized after Thanksgiving dinner so that he could relax about a test he had to take soon. It didn't work. All of us kids couldn't stop giggling and it really pissed him off.

2. If you were a vegetable what would you be? What recipe would you like to be a part of as that vegetable?
Kohlrabi. I love that word. I wouldn't be part of a recipe though. A marmot from "Jimmy's Nuts and Bolts" next to where we live would steal me and bury me in the ground for later.

3. If a Librarian was president do you think the world would be a better place?
Do you even need to ask, hell yes! On a side note, that Laura Bush, as far as I am concerned, she is not a librarian.

4. Describe your Perfect Duluth Day.
Snow and more snow. Snow forts, snowmen, and long snow slides for the kids. Also, tubing, but not down Dead Man's Hill. I'm sure there are a lot of Dead Man's hills in Duluth, the one I am referring to is in Lester Park. Please come this winter, snow!

Then home for a hot toddy. And I'd get to play with a ferret.

5. What is your favorite cleaning product?
Scrubbing Bubbles products. I love that bubble with a face. When I was young it always depressed me when those friendly-looking bubbles went down the drain on the commercials.

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Hi. Reverand Matt will be the first to receive his post card. His idea for a post card was, "an image of a postal employee sorting the mail, with the very postcard you've drawn in his hand! He might have a perplexed look on his face."

I started one and hated it and then started another. So the lucky Reverand will get two postcards for the price of one.

I am so sleepy now.....


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Thursday picture.

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Should I?
In the aftermath of the primary election I was thinking to myself, should I help Bergson? He was not my first or second choice but he is probably going to be better than Bell and he sure as hell has to be better than howdy-doty.

Well, so, anyway when preparing a post the other day about getting out to vote I searched for websites on the candidates and was amazed to see that most of them did not have one. As of 10 minutes ago www.herbbergson.com is still available. Then I started thinking about the success Howard Dean has had with blogging and how it is FREE! That would seem to fit into Herb's campaign strategy and it is pretty damn easy to set up and post to daily.

So, should I give him the idea? I know people on his campaign and I have his cell number. Or, should I register the domain myself and taunt him? I only wish I could get more excited about his candidacy and maybe I would if he became a blogger.

What do y'all think?

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Are there any more of these?
Duluth | Dull-youth
Superior | Inferior
Superior | Siberior
NorShor Theatre | Norse Whore Theatre
Center for Personal Fitness | Center for Personal Fatness
Fond du Luth Casino | Fondle-youth Casino
Electric Fetus | Electric Penis
The Lamplighter | The Limplifter
Anchor Bar | Wanker Bar
Androy Hotel | Android Hotel
The Capri | The Crapi
The Capri | The Debris
The Reef | The Queef
The Palace | The Phallus

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sweet sadness
8:12 a.m.
i think deeply and darkly in the morning.
my wife has been gone for five days and will be gone for five more.
some dude from st. paul demolished me in yesterday's ripsaw.
and, to top it all off, kexp is playing jeff buckley's version of "hallelujah," which nearly always makes me misty.

but i love it.
god bless the melancholy.

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rock your roll
hey cool cats
2 shows you should see this weekend: both/words to a film score/circa a.m. at the twin ports brewery friday night, and the state champs/sleepfarmer/miss bonar at the twin ports brewery saturday night.
these shows are free with good beer to be had by all. it's about time you get your superior fix, just a lovely scenic jaunt across the bridge. see you there.

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There are no new ideas.
When I go on tour with a band called Low I send a lot of postcards. In the beginning I bought postcards, then I found free ones and after that I just started making my own. It helps the long drives and nights in the hotel pass more quickly and it brightens someones day when they get something other than junk mail.

Today, via Mass Distraction I came across a website by this guy. I like the idea of making art based on a suggestion so I had an idea. The first five folks that send me a thought or an idea for a post card and their address will get an original postcard from me. I will post it on the site before I mail it so everyone can view my progress, but the original is yours. If this works out O.K. I will do it again when the mood strikes me.

Send me an email if you are interested. Nothing like a deadline to get something done.

Good night.

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Duluth for Dean!

Jim Richardson of Gonzo Science fame is having his second Dean for Prez party tomorrow. Below is his email invite:

I am having my second Howard Dean for President party this Thursday, Sept. 11th, from 4-8 PM. Please come if you are already a Dean supporter or if you just want more information! Like last time there will be high quality Dean video playing on the computer the whole time (different video than last time), as well as a festive party. I have also scored a video tape of the Democratic candidates debate last week that will play on the VCR.

This event is BYOB and pot luck; I don't have a lot to spend this month on beer and food (I gave it to the Howard Dean campaign) so bring what you are able! If you haven't already done so, please check out www.deanforamerica.com. Thank you! Come one, come all; let's do something POSITIVE on September 11th this year.

The address is 626 N. 8th Ave. East.

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Space Oddity
Apparently, the note B flat can be used as a heating source. Read on.

The deepest musical note ever generated in space - a B flat one million billion times deeper than can be heard by humans - has been recorded at a black hole and it's estimated that it has been sounding for 2.5 billion years.

NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory discovered the note, 57 octaves below the middle keys of a piano, in the Perseus cluster. Astronomers believe that the discovery of the sound could help them understand how the universe's largest structures - galaxy clusters - evolve.

The data processed by Chandra revealed sound waves rippling through the hot gas of the Perseus cluster. Special image processing technique were used to bring out subtle changes in brightness.

250 million light years away, the gas in the Perseus galaxy is apparently being heated by the B-flat, which begins to explain why gas surrounding the cluster does not cool down.

However, astronomers were apparently not surprised to find sound being generated at the black hole. Despite their characteristic image of being dark and invisible, black holes create bright and chaotic environments and radiation from radio waves to visible light to X-rays have all been recorded.

Previous studies have shown that due to the huge amounts of activity around black holes, many notes are often created, producing a discordant inaudible symphony of space music.

Don't miss the reference to the band, Space.

posted by Karina at 2:35 PM
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the unveiling of the elegy.
in the spirit of Starfire, i offer some shameless self-promotion.

the KUMD in-studio session that took place before the Elegy event back in September of 2001 has been released by the good folks (or should i say, singular, folk) Chairkicker's Music. Remember Elegy? We're almost at the two-year anniversary.

i didn't really have much to do with the disc actually, though i did write some stupid words on the inside.

go buy yourself a copy. please. it's for a good cause. there's some good music on it. and it'll make me very happy. thanks.

all for Michael Lenz, lest we forget.

posted by tim. at 1:37 PM
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Tonight... One Night Only!
Tonight at the Weber Music Hall, at UMD, there will be a special performance from one of India's leading santoor (think hammer dulcimer) players. "Music for Peace, Progress, and Harmony" will begin at 7:30 and will feature Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya playing the santoor and his wife, Sanchita Bhattacharya, accompanying with Indian Odissi dance.

I had the opportunity to meet them earlier this morning and hear them perform at the Lowell music school. It was pretty incredible.

Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for the rest of us.

posted by JJLee at 11:30 AM
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i can't shut up
two things:

1. while i've never been a huge fan of joy division, new order, or the happy mondays, i really dug the movie 24-hour-party people, which is about those bands and the universe in which they existed in manchester, england. if you haven't seen it, i suggest you do so as quickly as possible.

2. since i wasted my high school and college years with relatively narrow musical tastes, i'm trying to make up for a lot of missed time. is anyone inclined to hook me up with an educational husker du/sugar/bob mould mix disc? of course, i'd respond in kind with whatever i have that might be interesting.

ok, now i'm really going to do some work. really. seriously.

posted by godsey at 8:54 AM
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librarians are pissed off, apparently.
stereotypes are badso, remember the librarian action figure? this one?

according to my dad, who's the director of the traverse de sioux library system, in southern minnesota, many librarians, especially women, are upset.

here's our (abridged) e-mail exchange:

ME: "yo, dad. maybe you could model for the male version of this:

DAD: "Well, probably not. This has raised quite a furor among librarians. Some see it as a major slap in the face, but the person who modeled for the doll (a real live librarian in Seattle) is unrepentant."

ME: "seems like it might be a bit more controversial if she were wearing a bikini or something. stereotypes are annoying, but do the librarians really take themselves so seriously that a tongue-in-cheek action figure is offensive?"

DAD: "You would be surprised how seriously most female librarians take something like this. Every time a new television ad features a stereotypical librarian, the professional journals are full of letters and editorials. We're a very self-conscious and insecure lot."

so there you have it.

i was surprised, to say the least, because my dad laughed his ass off when i played him the library cop episode of seinfeld.

posted by godsey at 8:06 AM
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Just goes to show you never can tell.

I have lived in Duluth, MN. for 11 years now and one of the things I have always cherished is the ability to park either direction on residential streets. Sure I know it is illegal and most cities do not tolerate this behaviour but Duluth was always tolerant until today. I blame the students. They come back to town and the police feel the need to crack down. Is it not bad enough that I can find no parking when the collegiate darlings descend on my neighborhood? The least they could do is invite me to their parties that go on until dawn. I would not even complain if the parking tickets were still 6 bucks but it seems the administration is trying to act like a big city and has recently doubled the price of parking misdeeds. So in protest of my parking misfortune I will be paying my fine in pennies at the courthouse in the morrow. That will be 1800 copper buddies that I will sort out after I publish this post. I know the lady sitting behind the bulletproof glass has nothing to do with my situation but it will feel so good to watch her count them one-by-one.

On a more political note. It looks like Charlie Bell and Herb Bergson will be squaring off for the title of Mayor come November. Herb was the biggest vote getter followed closely by Chuck. Donnie Ness walked away with over 12,000 votes in his bid for reelection to the City Council. I like that Donnie, too bad he is not running for Mayor.

Finally, I am entering the Rock&Roll Kami-Kaze and NorShor College (Dis)orientation contest to be held on Saturday October 4th at the NorShor Theatre. Anyone can sign up and have your name tossed in a hat from which bands of 4 will be drawn. Those bands will then have 2 weeks to put together a short set of music which will be judged by local music lovers. Sounds like a hoot. Send Adam an email if you are interested

O.K. Sorry for the rant. I must count pennies now.

p.s. i bought a Hewlett Packard scanner today, model 3500c. On sale at Best Buy for 59 bucks. Watch out world.

posted by starfire at 12:03 AM
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for those who don't know about it yet Geocaching is a pretty neat hobby to get you out and about, even finding small places in your hometown you may not be aware of. Of course it means having a GPS, which you can get a cheap model for around $100 and if you watch the ads sometimes for under a C note. Plus you get the cool geek factor of says "I have a GPS"

posted by edgewood at 10:55 PM
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Cheny's cronies score another FU to the environment
Haliburton scores another free pass from the public trough.

posted by Lumpy G at 11:24 AM
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Get out and VOTE!

Hey Kids it's primary day so get out there and do the right thing. Mayor, city council and school board are all on the ballots. We are one step closer to saying goodbye to Doty who has been mayor since I moved to this town. If you are unsure of where your voting location is this may help.

posted by starfire at 9:33 AM
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18.75 %

My weblog owns 18.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

posted by starfire at 8:51 AM
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The interview chain.
Sharyn at Mass Distraction introduced me to this idea and now I pass it on to you.

How it Works

1. Send me an email, saying you want to be interviewed.

2. I will respond by asking you five questions.

3. You'll update your website with my five questions and your five answers.

4. You'll include this explanation.

5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

The 5 Five Questions.

1. What were your five favorite bands in junior high or high school? Do
you still like them?

U2, R.E.M, the Replacements, Gear Daddies, the Smiths, the Cure, Talking Heads, Urban Guerillas, Meat Puppets, Big Country, B-52's, Pylon.

I would have to go through my unalphebatized collection to think of any more. I still like them all.

2. When and what was the worst haircut you ever had, and how long did the
horror last?

My mother would say that my orange mohawk of last may is the worst week-long haircut of my life but I liked it. My own personal worst haircut was given to me 4 years ago at a local salon by a very nice but unskilled stylist. I went back on her day off for a repair job.

3. You can only listen to one album for the next year. What album will it

"Let's go scare al" by the Gear Daddies. I love to sing along and it makes me feel young again.

4. What was the best live concert you ever attended? The worst?
Best? Thanks for the easy questions Sharyn. The best show that I always think of when asked is the Violent Femmes in 1986 at First Avenue. My friend Jeff was in a wheelchair because of a bad leg fracture so we got in first and left last. The band came out after the show and signed his cast and were very nice to us. The worst show was hands down Ted Nugent at the DECC in Duluth. I was there in a Paramedic capacity.

5. You have six months to do anything and live anywhere you want. Only one
place but no other limits. Where do you go and what do you do?

Belgium, definitely Belgium, in the Summer and Fall months with a bike and beer and chocolate and bread. Yes, Belgium.

Unrelated; I just heard that Warren Zevon passed away. Rest in peace. I saw one of his shows once. It was great.

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Now With Push-Button Shushing
Shhhhhh! We should buy this for CaChee

posted by Lumpy G at 4:27 PM
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should my wife know?
i'm addicted to the gay bar.

posted by godsey at 11:13 AM
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Stand in the fire...
"I predict this hotel will be standing
Until I pay my bill

Don't the sun look angry through the trees
Don't the trees look like crucified thieves
Don't you feel like desparados under the eaves
Heaven helps the one who leaves"

Commemorative rampage is being finalized... bring your own silver boot to drink out of... details forthcoming.

posted by JJLee at 9:33 AM
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And speaking of welts
Ca-chee's knee
No one ever said paintball was painless.

posted by Barrett at 11:08 PM
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I have welts and I suck at Settlers of Cattan
Whew. What a day. Long morning of coffee and the New York Times. Major sweating and exertion on the Paintball fields, including two bright red welts on my thighs. I was "marked" many times today.

Dinner of Cilantro Pesto and a game of Cattan to wind up the day. My numbers did NOT come up. I will play again. I WILL win! I will own you all!!!!

posted by starfire at 10:37 PM
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one way or another

Electronic voting machine maker declares fealty to Bush

Now it all makes sense hmmm?

posted by edgewood at 4:07 PM
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Wonka Puppet Theatre
Here is a link to a fun site sent to me recently. It is a tribute to Jack White of the White Stripes. Speaking of the White Stripes they were on a rerun of Saturday Night Live last night. They are really friggin good.

I must stretch now before the big Paintball game.

posted by starfire at 10:39 AM
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You Are So Dead.

Who: Trigger-happy Mofos
What: Paintball
Where: Superior Fire Power
When: Sunday, Sept. 7, 2pm
Why: If You Have to Ask...

posted by Barrett at 3:49 PM
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Bare Your Bum at Bush!

posted by starfire at 12:05 AM
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Let's all kill each other.
Yes, it's Perfect Duluth Day paintball. It's your chance to gut-shoot your favorite (or least favorite) PDD blogger. Details later.

posted by Barrett at 11:03 PM
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apropos of nothing
run-d.m.c. and jam-master jay because the rhymes i say
sharp as a nail
witty as can be and not for sale
always funky fresh
could never be stale
took a test to become an mc
and didn't fail

i couldn't wait
to demonstrate
all the super def rhymes
that i create
i'm a wizard of the word
that's what you heard
and anything else
is quite absurd

posted by godsey at 1:42 PM
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First Avenue, Leinenkugel's in plastic cups and you.

Peter S. Scholtes has the cover article this week in the City Pages. It is an oral history of the infamous First Avenue. I cut my young musical teeth there and it continues to change my life. I was briefly interviewed for the article (everybody was invited to) but didn't make the final cut. After reading the finished piece I am embarrased that I even accepted the offer to share my thoughts.

You can pick up a real copy of the City Pages at the Electric Fetus.

posted by starfire at 7:10 PM
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Speaking of fun with paints.......
sure Knife River might not qualify as perfectly duluth, but the j pepper in gallery there is currently hosting a tremendous exhibit of new paintings by bob pokorney. it's a cute, little b&b that also has a very well done gallery space. the show has some 20ish paintings by bob, and is a definite must see. sadly they are only open on saturday and sundays 12-5, but who even needs an excuse to drive up the shore on a sunny summer weekend afternoon.
to get there take the scenic highway to emily's eatery, take a left on central avenue and it's about a block up on the left. by the by, a stop at emily's post-gallery is also super. yummy food and drinks with a killer view of the knife river. the exhibit runs through sunday, september 28th.

posted by buttercup at 3:50 PM
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Fun with Science!
Here's one anyone can try! Paint with oil based paints for a couple of hours, sleep in the room next to the wet paint and enjoy the hours of nightmares to follow. Last night I was being chased by Death Eaters but little Harry Potter saved me. Thank you Harry!

posted by starfire at 6:15 PM
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Howdy Duluth folks! I have just joined this blog for the sole purpose of posting this. Hope I don't fug everything up...

Washington Galleries Found Objects to Art show runs September 6-28. The opening reception is Friday, Spetember 5, from 6-8 p.m. I shan't be there, because I am too asocial to enjoy receptions, but I have sent three representatives in my place, and they can tell me all about it when they come home.

left to right, that's Violet, Merle, and Simon.

posted by sonya at 12:02 PM
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It's About Time
I am currently putting the final tweaks on the most-anticipated Web site in the history of the Internet, slimgoodbuzz.com. I'm still not satisfied with the banner at the top, but other than that, it's holding together, I think.

I want the site to be as interactive as possible, without too much clutter or redundancy. The ultimate goal is to have the regular Goodbuzz readers speaking up about the things they drunkenly care about (i.e. whether Slim is "way off" or "spot on").

Anyone who wants to throw any ideas my way will be enthusiastically greeted. I'd especially appreciate it if anyone knows URLs to sites by area bars, or other inebriation-based attractions, local or otherwise.

posted by Barrett at 10:23 AM
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your tax dollars at work
back in the saddle, kids.

my first class of the school year--CSt 1101: Introduction to Cultural Studies--meets today from noon till 1:40, and while the syllabus is nearly complete, my first-day-of-class notes are not.

so what am i doing? i'm i'm drinking very strong coffee, eating the caramel roles that my septuagenarian neighbor jewell brought over last night, and listening to a lovely, mellow mix disc (iz, aimee mann, nick drake, ben folds, jack johnson).

i really should get to work.

what, by the way, is the official handshake of the international loyal order of narwhal? is tusk shaking involved? what are the names of the order's members?

w to the o to the r to the d.

posted by godsey at 8:35 AM
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The hazing will be painful

posted by starfire at 11:04 PM
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Unidentified Flying Weiner

posted by Barrett at 10:21 AM
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Our Official Anthem

Right-click HERE to download "Come to Duluth (If You Want To Be An Alcoholic)" by Vinnie & the Stardusters, from The Duluth EP by Shaky Ray Records.

Shaky Ray Records
923 N. 12th Ave. E.
Duluth MN 55805
[email protected]

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