I am Sorry.
In summary, I am thrilled that this is almost off the page. I would delete it but then I wouldn't be able to read the 43 commentary posts that are full of love, compassion and a deep-harbored contempt for others.

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Happy New Year

who's that in the new year's mask?

It's Lilo! Happy New Year's to all.

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PDDers' midnight lip-lock
(sigh) It looks like my dear george will be spending yet another New Year's Eve
with his wife, so here I sit left to fantasies about what that kiss could have been ! . . . . ....................................................

Well, it didn't live up to my expectations so here's my list of pdders I'd like to see in a lip-lock:


The manta ray sucking geek-face. What better way to start off 2004?

I just can't think of a better way to make that old man smile.

They're oh, so, pretty in pink.

He's going to go for the one with the biggest dick.

the meeting of blue and red.
Well, that's what purple's all about!

Happy New Year!

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Here I am again, blogging on Perfect Duluth Day! I thought I would share a picture of me and some more of my seasonal friends. You can't tell it in the picture, but I'm completely wasted. That Santa sure likes to drink!

Tomorrow's the end of 2003 as everyone knows and completes a new era in my cast iron rabbit life. I've gone through some life changing moves. As you all know, I used to reside in the Twin Cities, but was moved to Duluth against my will. The move has given me a lot more freedom to do as I please. I hope the next year brings as many postive changes.

I've also been hearing this nasty rumor from some of my other friends on Perfect Duluth Day. I've heard that one of you out there has brutally murdered one of my kind! And a baby bunny at that! I know who you are and you better be watching your every step-- i am.

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One of the many reasons I love Lake Superior

A muskie taking a toe is nothing compared to this.

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Viking Suck!!
That is sweet, awsome, and bad-ass!

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Sweeter than Baklava on Paul Lundgren's Ass Cheeks of Nectar, it is Today's Breaking News: Ephedra has been banned by the FDA.
After many people dropping dead, having heart attacks and/or excruciating pain all the while doctors were unsure, Ephedra has now been linked as the culprit and, thus, banned.

Now what is GNC going to try to sell us?

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New Year's Eve?
Okay. Where are you amazing monsters partying? Being today the fifth season of Sex and the City comes out on DVD, I believe I shall be staying in this year. Otherwise I can allow my younger sister to financially sodomize me as she has offered to babysit for a bitter and dysfunctional discount price of $10.00 per hour.

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The countdown continues...
It's hardly fair that a few days after the Cheat goes public, he achieves the honor of being the 5,000th visitor to my site.

But that's nothing. Within the next few hours, Perfect Duluth Day will have its 20,000th visitor. Keep tabs. You could be the one.

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use volume with this

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Come on people.
We need to do more things like this in Duluth. Scroll down to the "Unsilent Night meets SantaCon" story.

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Oh Yeah?
And I hated the movie Schizopolis.

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The Cheat Comes Out Clean
that bastard cheatBloggers and blaugmenters who were unfortunate enough to have missed the Shaky Ray Bad Sweater party at Pizza Luce last Saturday also missed out on an unexpected event: the man we all love to hate, the Cheat, personally revealed his identity to anyone and everyone he suspected might have cared.

So, yes, Mr. Jonny Mac, some of us had you on our list of possible suspects. But I think you were pretty far down in most cases. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to interpretation.

Glad to see you had it in you.

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evil flu
okay PDD bloggers - here is my warning: this flu is nothing to mess with. the past couple of weeks i have been been denying the hype, scoffing at this so called flu outbreak, but now here i am at my computer after spending 5 hours at the hospital crying because i have been cursed by the evil inffluenza! i had a fever of 102 and now i'm drinking cough syrup with codeine right out of the bottle. it ain't pretty. i am quarantined in my apartment until wednesday! WEDNESDAY! what the hell is this!
so please, everyone, wash your hands and stay healthy. and if anyone needs to get rid of some gatorade, i am taking donations outside my door.

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you got to have goals

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Carve Out the Non Compos Mentis.

A wise man once said, "If you don't post, you're toast." Now that it is post-Christmas, I haven't any love to give. I WANT SOMEONE removed WHO CLEARLY DOESN'T POST.

Thank you and happy new year.

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Go Howard!
Howard Dean House Party.

Tuesday December 30th. | 7-9pm | Copper Top Church 230 E Skyline Pkwy.

For more info go to this webpage. I have only been to one Howard Dean house party before so it seems like a good time to try it again.

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Professor Party Remnants - Y'all Rock and Stuff

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Well here I am in Lutsen, staying at the most patriotic of hotels chains, the AmericInn. I am here with the family for two more nights and will go skiing tomorrow. The best part of by stay so far has been the free breakfast. You can make your own waffles. Me and my sisters had a contest to see who could make the most perfect waffle and personally i think a won. I will show you all my Prize Waffle when I get back and you can see what you think.

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And...my favorite.
Have to get it while the cartoon gettings still good.

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My Uncle Tom Says: Abolish The Internet.
My uncle Tom lives in a beautiful cabin in the woods with his wierd hippie wife Marya, who's real name is Mary. Uncle Tom has a huge sign on the back of his car that says; "Hypnosis Works", he has one tooth on the lower left corner of his mouth, he feels people should all stop having kids, and that the internet is evil. He also happens to be a millionaire, from the days when he still thought consumerism was okay. That is just one of the completely insane relatives I have. Merry Fucking Christmas.

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Web Poll Results

Who would you want backing you up in a knife fight?

1. Santa [3 votes, 5.26%]
2. Jack Skellington [10 votes, 17.54%]
3. Yukon Cornelius [18 votes, 31.58%]
4. Frosty the Snowman [2 votes, 3.51%]
5. Hermy the Elf [7 votes, 12.28%]
6. Ebenezer Scrooge [4 votes, 7.02%]
7. Baby Jesus [3 votes, 5.26%]
8. Ralph "Ralphie" Parker [2 votes, 3.51%]
9. Cousin Eddie [6 votes, 10.53%]
10. Mary Hatch Bailey [2 votes, 3.51%]

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merry XMAS
hey everyone -
have a good holiday! i'm in rochester (crotchfester) celebrating with my eccentric family. it's always good to see my grandpa, today he regaled us with stories about baseball as he was the team doctor for the yankees way back when. he always surprises us with stories about my grandma that we never knew - for instance, she was f. scott fitzgerald and zelda's daughters roommate in prep school. oh the good old days. just got news that my crazy aunt was thrown in jail for 4 days in california for having 70 cats in her house. i am related to all these people, and i'm proud of it, but i only have one cat and it's going to stay that way.
i make the annoying drive up north tommorrow but it will be good to be back in duluth.
keep it safe, and don't forget about kwaanza, which is my favorite holiday. love love love *amy a.*

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Beer and Skittles

I have found my people. Upon browsing the shelves of a local alcohol suppler I found this. Like looking in the mirror I tell ya. All this and they practice the game of Ba', which is kick ass entertainment drunk or sober. I think I have a new destination to visit.

And Merry Xmas, all you degenerates

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yes...we had some fun

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Merry Christmas and all of that

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Baby Jesus Returns!

Jesus appeared at work today! Rejoice!

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party at dick's tonite

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holiday cheer
As I was putting on my coat to leave work yesterday, a co-worker asked what I was doing that night. I said my in-laws arrived in town, and I was probably going to be drinking whisky with my father in law.

The coworker said "What!?!?" in an astonished voice.

I repeated myself.

He said, "Oh. God. I thought you said you were going to be getting frisky with your father in law."

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My favorite drive of the year.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah deck the halls and all that. I'm heading home in a couple hours and looking forward to a smooth drive and an overdose of Christmas music. I'll tune in RadioK till they go off the air at dark then just scan the radio dial for all the old faves. Just outside of Owatonna I will prolly play the Low Christmas record and as I cruise past Blooming Prairie I'll listen to the Gear Daddies. Ah traditions.

8 years ago or so I was driving home late on Christmas Eve through a snowstorm and when I was just outside of Austin I decided to take the back roads in. On a very deserted road I came across a car in the ditch that was mostly drifted over. I pulled over and realized that there were two young guys in the car who were cold and probably beginning to suffer from carbon monoxide poisining beacause of the snow drifting around the tail pipe. I woke them up, helped them into my car and called an ambulance.

I always wonder what would have happened if I had not gone home that way.

So have your selves some happy holidays. When family gets stressful take a walk or go see "Return of the King" for the 2nd or 3rd time. I'm home on Friday just in time for the bad sweater party at the Looch.


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lime kitty

What happens when you have...
1. Nothing to do.
2. A sharp knife.
3. A patient cat.
4. A large lime.
5. And too much tequila

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Chess News
ChessBoxing? Two worlds I don't move in collide. I know the rules to both, but this is either an amusing hoax, or something someone came up with after too many nights on the liquid diet.

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Stolen Baby Jesus!
My holiday party got a little put of control and somebody stole the Playmobil Baby Jesus from the nativity!
The suspect sent me this e-mail today.

lost baby jesus.doc

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Professor Party Friday Night
I am going to have that party after all, 9pm-2am. Email me for the address. Hard to tell how this one will break: slow and intimate with nobody there, or big and wild with everybody there. I'm ready for anything.

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Job is good
I've spent the day grazing on every delectable type of sweet imaginable: Filling my fatty pants further with lard. While not stuffing my face, I’ve been reading Bitch and Bust (gotta keep current with the other feminist press) and I also discovered & claimed freebies, which adds more jolly to my holly day; music for me and a Christmas classic for the boy. Now I’m going to organize my desk, undoubtedly uncovering some task I forgot which needs my urgent attention.

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Evil Sock Monkies
Last night I finished the twin sock monkies I have been making for my sisters for christmas. I set them on my dresser and tried to go to sleep but their button eyes kept glinting mischeiviously in the dark. I know I will sleep more soundly when they are gone.

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Apparently I Get the Weird Ones This Holiday Season
Is there something about driving by someone's house that is considered romantic or enduring according to male folk? All I can say is it is not nice and it is an invasion of one's privacy. For all the men who have done this in the past, thinking it is great or cool...it is not.


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royale da.

before the newscaster poll ended, i Googled 'Royale Da' to find out who she was (cut me some slack, it's been almost two years since i've seen Duluth news).

instead, i found this page and the image above. the picture is so spooky it nearly gives me nightmares. it's like some sci-fi god of flame looming over the landscape. did someone say orange microdot?

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Conspiracy Theory
The Orange Alert was instituted by the Christian Right as a last-ditch destraction effort. Obviously dismayed that America's attention is squarely focused on other things rather than King George's heroic capture of Saddam, the suit-wearing Jesus freaks are playing a slight-of-hand trick, using various crimes against humanity to capture our attention while they fight the real menace, a la John Harvey Kellogg.

Perhaps you didn't know: sex ... terrorism ... pretty much equal.

[Links via Blogumentary, Metafilter and Fark.]

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America Under a Fricken Orange Alert Yet Again
wtf this is happening again

I am pretty tired of the alert thing. CNN is requesting people "don't panic" or "let it ruin your holiday season..." however, what is with the constant state of fear that the news media hopes people have? Cripes already.

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Poll Results

For whom would you wrestle a giraffe?

Stacy Eckes [2 votes, 8%]
Kim Kaiser [3 votes, 12%]
Royale Da [16 votes, 64%]
Erin Jordan [4 votes, 16%]

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these babes really know how to partay!

i luv the holly daze!

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Little Plastic Castle
Little Pirate had his Christmas with the sperm donors' family yesterday. He received this which is really awesome in an anti-Ani "medieval war is fun" kind of way, but it has taken the entire day to construct!

He also received this, so I keep trying to have these gender discussions about how the princess does not need saving. I got banned from play when the princess stormed the castle on the flying dragon.
It was worth it.

I'm really dreading Christmas because I got him this which comes in a much bigger box and claims to have over 250 pieces! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
It's going to take me days to construct!

I should have stuck with the empty boxes theme.

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Hi! I'm Castiron Rabbit! I am on a journey! These are some of my friends. We like carrots! I'm so glad to meet you all. I've been laying low during hunting season but now I am ready to PARTY! Did you know today is the shortest day of the year? It is a very special day for bunnies.

Talk to you soon!

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Merry F'in' Geismas!

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RE: Transistor
The "public commentary" bit seems to be off with the flu (didn't get it's worthless flu shot?), so in response

Its all very mysterious... what limited contact I've been aware of have been mostly one sided, like shouting into the abyss

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Transistor Magazine
I guess I'm out of the loop somewhat as I have no idea what this is. Does anyone have the skinny? I noticed that the mailing address is the Ripsaw office.

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Administration Briefings
OK, I've got a few items of business to bring up and then it's back to the fun.

- All you Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bangs who don't have a picture over on the left-hand column should send one to me. Trust me, everyone wants to see you. You're pretty.

- I'd like to encourage everyone--bloggers, blaugmenters, and lurkers alike--to please send suggestions for the cruise director to [email protected] It's lookin' pretty sparse over there, but it has the potential to become a great resource for people looking for fun things to do.

- The PDD Store is open to sell your items. E-mail me for details.

- Anyone who would like to take a crack at a new logo design for the top of the page, please do. It would be cool to change that now and then.

Lastly, we are very close to our 20,000th hit! And 95% of the hits we get these days come from people actually looking for us, not just for skinny-dipping pics. Congratulations. This is only the beginning.

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morning comes early
The woman who usually starts work sometime after 1pm had to be up at 6am and in the building by 6:45am. I work for Blue Man Group (too tired to figure out cool link thing) www.blueman.com and we are appearing downtown for the grand opening of the NBC windows on to Michigan Ave. It will be a mad house with all the shoppers and fans for the show. me need coffee.

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Whoa, where am I?
I feel as though I have fallen down the rabbit hole. Before today I had no idea what blogging was or how many people do it. All I can say is that I am glad to be here.

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Victory is mine!

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Dear Jennifer,
Here is your horoscope
for Friday, December 19:

Go ahead. Make a spectacle of yourself. Step out at a party or speak your love to someone that deserves it. A feeling of comfort removes all inhibitions, while a good friend prevents you doing anything you'll regret.

I will. Diced tomatoes, I love you more and more everyday I eat you. And Chris, yes you, Lumpy G you delicious stack of pancakes, I think you are neat.

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Party Opportunity
I have been having regular Friday night BYOB parties at my fabulous apartment. Hundreds of action figures are on display, as well as the incomparable Gonzo Science library. These parties start at 9 PM and go til around @ 2AM. They have been small and large. They are a little like salons. Various members of Duluth's incestuous rock and roll intelligentsia scene have attended to plot the takeover of the world.

I am squeamish about posting my address but email me and I will give you directions. It is right up the street from Sir Ben's so it's all central and stuff. Sorry for the late notice. But if you can't make this one they are weekly.

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I'm new :)

Things to know about me:

- My name is Aaron
- I live in Duluth
- I'm trained in various graphic, audio, web, and other media arts, yet I don't work in them.
- Instead, I work at a shitty job in Superior (No I don't do the website)
- I am a DJ and general music fanatic
- I constantly have to drive to Minneapolis to feed my indy film and vinyl addictions
- Like many people, I like Duluth but have a hard time justifying not moving for better career opportunities
- I found this site via the Ripsaw
- And finally...



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Holiday Hootenanny Causes Breakdown
okay. i am going through the holiday season and I am rather lonely. I admit it. People need people.

I sit here at this office all day long. I get collect calls from prison inmates and when I deny the charges because my boss is out of the office and I am not supposed to accept the collect calls when he is out, I then get a flood of people calling me with southern drawls saying "I am Mr. Jones' fiancee and you keep denying the charges on his *&%^ collect call...now DO I NEED TO COME UP THERE OR WHAT? What the %$#@ is your problem?"

I am at a loss for words. My problem is this.

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Merry Christmas, Mushmouth

Finding those indictments a little hard to swallow?

Yesterday, former Illinois Governor George Ryan was indicted on charges of racketeering, mail fraud, false statements, income tax fraud and false tax returns.

This is the same guy who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for placing a moratorium on the death penalty.

And my hero, investigative reporter Chuck Goudie was there from the beginning.

I am so glad I don't live in that corrupt state anymore.

But I love reading about it.

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Sweet Jesus
Okay. I have finally figured things out. I would like to say thank you to the little people who tried to help and the bigger people who laughed. Nah nah nah nah nah.

Is it just me or has Tom Berenger's acting jobs gone downhill at a rather Kamikazee pace? Share your thoughts.

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Car Snow-Cave
I just wanted to congradulate all you upstanding citizens that braved the weather early this morning and made it to work. After the cheerful site of my buried car I made a phone call just to double check that I really did need to go to work. As the response was affirmative I then spent a joyful 10 minutes brushing snow of my car, most of which blew directly into my face.

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it's strange that...
new people post here, but don't end up with their pictures on the sidebar.

and also, that new people end up on the sidebar but never post.

welcome PDD newbies! introduce yourself for those of us who are currently non-local...

speaking of which, i'll be back in Minnesota in just 8 days. you've all been warned.

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Anyone else notice this?
Saddam or Fidel?
Fidel or Saddam?

Or are they both Barrett??

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Isn't this...
All alone or in twos...

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just seeing if this works.

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Good morning.
All the kewl kids are doing it...

You're a True Punk. You know that punk isn't all
about studded jackets and mohawks. If you're
political, you're actually informed. Most of
the stuff you love is from before the 80s,
though you know bands like Fugazi kept the
spirit going.

You Know Yer Indie. Let's Sub-Categorize.
brought to you by Quizilla

Also, Chollie is having a 2-4-1 sale on his bumper stickers today. Perfect gift idea. Speaking of gift ideas I drew my step-mum for X-mas. Any exciting gift ideas out there?

Finally this morning, WINTER IS HERE! Real snow that I really had to shovel and will hopefully be skiing on later. I knew this was going to be a good week.

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Professor's in tha house
I'd like to give a shoutout to all my PDD homies I saw at the Chris Monroe art show. Y'all are keepin' it real.

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Yet another reason why this is an exciting time to be alive

This, in addition to the Law & Order coloring book.

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Home Again.

Another short Low trip. This time in Chicago and Milwaukee. I finally got my Kranky mug. Thank you Joel.

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Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

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Dog Park Party
Tonight we took Lilo to our holiday party with the dog park friends. They rented an indoor dog playground and the humans stood around eating and drinking beer and wine while 35 dogs of every size and breed ran frantically around-wrestling, playing and chasing each other from one end of the room to the other. Lilo our 26 lb border collie mix breed made friends with a 120lb great dane dalmation mix. That was one helluva game of tug a war let me tell you. When I was growing up the family dog never went anywhere. Lilo has her own social network and comes to work with us almost every day.

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How many necrophiliacs does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

None, Necrophiliacs prefer dead bulbs.

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in response to the poll,i wouldn't wrestle a giraffe for any of those news ladies. news people in general kind of freak me out.
generally, i prefer male meteorologists.
today i almost got run over by 5 kids wielding a picnic table on ice.
happy birthday barrett!
randomly, *amy a.*

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I'm no Ca-chee.
Ok, so maybe Barrett Chase is not a yacht or a porn site, but:

Barrett Chase is a community.


Barrett Chase is a farmer.

Barrett Chase is also 31, and tonight we're gonna party like it's 1972.

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Poll Results
What do you think of Jim Fetzer's JFK/Wellstone theories?

He's probably right [12 votes, 19.05%]
Somewhat plausible [28 votes, 44.44%]
Nutty as a fruitcake [23 votes, 36.51%]

posted by Barrett at 11:55 PM
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Things that I will do for Stacy Eckes:
- carry a copy of Great Lakes Pilot, Vol. 2: Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, Lake Superior every where I go
- wrestle a giraffe
- tease Scientologists
- stop eating Cool Ranch Doritos
- more perfectly hone my ninja skills
- shout "Whooooo-yeah!" when I go through yellow lights... like the Duke Boys
- put a dollar in the Salvation Army kettle
- tease Sandy Drag
- use the word adjunct more
- drink more Coca-Cola
- complain about the weather
- do a load of laundry
- insist that sharing a birthday with Mick Jagger and Jason Robards is fascinating
- rock out to The Darkness's new song "Christmas Time (Don't let the bells end)"
- continue my boycott of breakfast
- read more books a about UFOs
- perpetuate the myth that I'm related to Dr. Drew

[This also goes for Morgan Webb, too.]

Special acknowledgment to Brandon Bird.

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i thought i was sooooo uncool....
perhaps, conceptions we have with our own parents our really things we need to work out with or selves?
is this not true?
do we lead lives that are replete without understanding of our own personal lives? or just just kick it with out much consideration of the the latter?


yeah you?

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When I was a teen, I thought my parents were uncool.
But obviously, I was wrong.
Just look at them. Sooo cool.

Circa 1967.

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The drinking season is almost upon us
The long winter months are coming . With certain a perennial bulkward against the winter strain now in limbo. What can we do. What will you do?

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nothings fucked dude.

I am so sorry Mr. Chuck. Every wednesday we go bowling and usually we stop after 2 games. Tonight we opted for the third drunken game and we used our Blogger friends handles. I was "Chucks Blogumentary" and I am ashamed to admit that I bowled a "33." I promise I will do better next time. By the way, Space Waitress and the "Cheat" were represented by Ca-Chee and Barrett. I will leave it up to them to report their scores.

Good night. By the way I got off my wires today. It was brutal.

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it happens every year
I am sitting here admiring the view of my decorated christmas tree lying on the floor. After hours of lights and hanging ornaments the tree stand bent and the tree fell to the floor. Sigh. Nothing says christmas like broken glass.

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I now know I am not alone.
I've been doing this for about a year-and-a-half. I am quite proud while doing it. and ... I am not alone.

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Let it snow.
Please Mr. Winter will you come back this year? See, I love to cross-country ski and without a blanket of that white stuff it is awfully hard to do. I want to enter the Mora Vasoloppet this year and I need to get a bunch of kilometers in before the 58K race. So send us one of those big blizzards like the one you sent to the East Coast, I'm ready.

thank you.

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Dreams. . .
Have you ever learned so much of a foreign language that you are entirely literate when you dream. . .

like this one time I dreamt completely in Spanish . . .

it was cool. . .

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One of the best parts of coming home after a bit of travel is rediscovering the joy of routines. Getting up early, doing the dishes, making coffee, listening to music and surfing the precious morning away in cyberspace.

This made me laugh.

Gore endorses Dean Lieberman hit hard.

This picture cracks me up.

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HistoricalHair.Com - CIVIL WAR I don't think I can say anything in conjunction with this

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New Features!
Ok, folks. If you look over on the right, you'll notice two hot new Perfect Duluth Day features. The first is the self-explanatory PDD Store. The second is our Cruise Director Julie, who is here to announce the fun real-life events coming up in the near future.

Not that I need to say this, but if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.


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Past things reappearing
Was nosing around the Fetus this evening and found a copy of Random Acts of Radio volume 1 in the used bin, go figure

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What is Ca-chee?
Ca-chee is a yacht.
Ca-chee is a porn site. [warning: popups!]
Ca-chee is a movie with hot men in it.

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Scott or Not?
Did anyone else read the cartoon "We Need Roadies" in the Ripsaw this week? Besides the odd yet entertaining humor, there was something else I noticed. The guy next to Al Sparhawk looks strangely a lot like Scott. He's got the hat and the jacket with what might be a star on it. Maria and I were pondering the character yesterday morning. I would post the comic here, but i'm not that savvy with the scanner, and the Ripsaw website seems to be under construction. What's everyone's take on that?

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Rudolph rocks.
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Wizard of Oz
I went to see Sing Along Wizard of Oz with my sister and her kids tonight. Out of the hundreds of people there my sister and I were the only adults in costume. I was the Cowardly Lion and Jenny was a monkey and the kids were munchkins and the Lion. Jenny even won a lollipop for her outfit. As I sat there humming into my kazoo and blowing bubbles when Glinda appeared, I thought "life is good." I felt sorry for the scared adults who were too whatever to dress up.

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The short East Coast tour is coming to a close. Tonight we are in Cincinatti, actually we are in Kentucky but just across the river from Cincinatti. We spent the first half of the day driving through snow. The really big-flaked wet snow that you only see a couple times a year. Devendra Banhart was the iPod soundtrack for that portion of the drive and it was well suited. I spent part of the drive writing post cards and part of the drive reading and part of the drive sleeping, ah tour. Hollis has become quite the arist in the last few months. She enjoys drawing kitties, dinosaurs, zombies and purses.

Tonight the club had a caterer come in to make us dinner. The Risotto was pretty good and the tofu was quite yummy. I am not going completely vegetarian but I have made strides to not eat meat lately. W'ell see how long that lasts.

Tomorrow we go to Champaign, Illinois. Then on Sunday we head home to the great lake Gitchee Gumee. How I miss that Lake.

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come see my band saturday nite at schooners

it's a benefit for safe-haven women's shelter & duluth clean energy fund put on by mpirg.
here's the line up:
spontaneous combustion
umbrella sequence

$3 @ 9pm-2am

it'll be a real good time

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Art stuff tonight, show at Lakeview in fitgers, 7p-9p some of Bridget's stuff (4 - 5 peices I think) along with stuff by some other people. (most likely I'll be in the Brewhouse enjoying the liquid)

As well during the art sale at Washington tomorrow (times? 10am?) will be posters of some of her stuff as well as some new as well. You can see the older stuff at RedRabbitRiversmith

there, I think I've fullfilled the spousal obligation...

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one fine day in the skywalk
This is a story that actually happened five years ago. But this wonderful medium didn't exist then. So I'll tell it now.

I had just moved to Duluth. Actually, I hadn't even moved yet, I was commuting weekly from a large metropolitan area to the south which shall remain nameless. (FYI, the Edgetown Motel had pretty good weekly rates -- $100/week at the time. That's the Edgetown, the David Lynch-y place past Menard's, not the Edgewater.)

Walking throught the skywalk from the DECC towards downtown, a guy passed my and was walking in front of me. There were quite a few people in the skyway. When he got to the end -- where it splits and goes left and right -- he stopped and bent at the waist a little bit. Then laying a finger aside of his nose, and giving a nod, he shot a huge glob of snot out onto the floor.

As I stepped around his quivering, semi-opaque pile of goo, I wondered what the hell kind of place I was moving to. Sure, there's only 1 or 2 Taco Bells here, but certainly it was more civilized than this.

Turns out Duluth is just fine. The only other time snot has been flying towards me is because of my kids.

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fetzer, low and the alien that is eating my gut
A few random bits of info. Referring to the current pdd poll, I've actually taken a coupla classes with Fetzer, he is, umm an interesting fellow, a little opinionated, as if anyone couldn't tell, a little vicious at times and if nothing else highly intelligent.

a little item for those out there who missed the last Low 45 release (Murderer), just got mine in the mail from Paste Music, strangely ironic gotta send off to NC for a local band. But undeniably all of you know this already, nothing new from me eh?

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librarian joke for ya'll (mostly cachee)
a man walks into a library and goes to the counter and says "i'd like a cheeseburger and fries."
the librarian says "sir this is a library."
the man says "oh sorry." then in a soft whisper "i'd like a cheeseburger and fries."

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Pittsburgh, PA.
Howdy all.

Seems like a bunch of PDD folks are on the road. Well Low and the Gang is here in Pittsburgh at Mr. Smalls. It is an old church and attached school that was bought by a cool guy for next to nothing. Now it is art space, recording studios, performance space and a nearby skate park. Kind of like a dream for me. Check out their website for more info.

New York was pretty fun but again not much time to do anything. This morning I had a nice walk and some coffee and saw more dogs than I ever knew could live in a big city. Whats with that? Maybe a small poodle or a chihuahua but why would anyone want a big Lab or Shepard? They all shit and piss in the same little squares of grass and generally look out of place. I love New York though and would love to spend a long weekend walking and eating and gettin culture.

Hard to believe we will be home in a couple of days. Heres hoping it snows a foot in Duluth before we get there. I am itching to do some x-c skiing.

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German Rock in Berlin
Well I am here in Berlin with Chris and we are in a bar that is part of an artist coop. The music is loud with a heavy metal edge, just how we like it. So far our favotie sites have been: the sex museum, the gay erotic maze, and of course the hot euro trash fashion. There are lots of hot prostitues here, all of whom wear girdles and matching fanny packs. We love it. Here is what Chirs has to say about Berlin: MMMMmmmmm good beer and flaming iron dragons!! Can life get any better? I submit it cannot! Well maybe when my fanny pack fetish fetish will be stilled later this evening.

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Poll Results
What do you want to give the Cheat?

Poll 1:
Golden Shower [3 votes, 3.49%]
Pearl Necklace [5 votes, 5.81%]
A good Pegging [20 votes, 23.26%]
Dirty Sanchez [40 votes, 46.51%]
Rusty Trombone [3 votes, 3.49%]
Dutch OVen [4 votes, 4.65%]
Cleveland Steamer [5 votes, 5.81%]
Hot Carl [2 votes, 2.33%]
Dog in a Bathtub [2 votes, 2.33%]
Coyote [2 votes, 2.33%]

Poll 2:
The "Turkey" [1 vote, 2%]
The "Stuffing" [2 votes, 4%]
The "Cranberry Sauce" [0 votes, 0%]
The "Potatoes with Gravy" [2 votes, 4%]
The "Jello Salad" [8 votes, 16%]
The "Buns" [3 votes, 6%]
The "3-bean Casserole" [4 votes, 8%]
The "Squash" [24 votes, 48%]
The "Spinach Dip and Bread" [1 vote, 2%]
The "Pumpkin Pie" [5 votes, 10%]

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Looks like we made it.

Well we are in Jersey City in the shadows of Manhatten. Currently we are sitting in the green room of WFMU, a public radio station that Low will be playing on somewhere in the 7PM Eastern hour. Zak will not be here as he is in LA filming his part in a Steve Martin movie. He is playing a bass player in a rock band. Big stretch I know. Anyway he is flying in tomorrow morning and then the tour really starts.

Our drive was pretty uneventful and I am almost done reading my second book of the tour. The first one was about those MIT students that beat Las Vegas in Blackjack by card counting in teams. Pretty good, who knew there could be so much excitement in card counting. Now I am reading "Lies and the Dirty Liars who tell them" by Al Franken. Just what I needed to get my blood boiling.

After the show we are heading into the city and hopefuly tomorrow will be warm and filled with walking and good food.

p.s. Tim, your answers may soon be answered. Looks like Low will be making their way out west real soon. Details to come.

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Ashi-Naanan (Ojibiwe for Fifteen)
The big cribbage tournament starts tonight at 9 at Lucé. Wish me luck. Lefty says I will only make to the semi finals.

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mmmmm tofuuuuurrrrrkey.
unveiling the delicious tofu loaf. too bad I totally butchered and made a mess of it when carving it.

and a frozen turkey outside.

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