music, sweet music
Came in possession of some unexpected $ so went out and blew a chunk of it on music (what else). Joe Strummer's latest/last is pretty good. We certianly lost a lot of musical talent over the past year or so... sign. Now to listen to someone who is still alive...

In the spirit of Halloween and of depravity for all you boarderline people.
Kinda reminds me of an old Monty Python bit.

Held my breath and orderd the parts to assemble a new computer, I'm confident I can do this project, but it is a little pricy (not as pricy as buying one pre-made mind you) with a little canibalization I should have a $1500 computer for about $700, as long as I don't, you know, drop the cpu chip on the floor and do the mexican hat dance around it... or any other such foolish stuff.

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Get ready to kill a workday, or get busted.
They're out there. www.RateMyTeachers.com.

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hip hop can be poetry
rakim allahI wanna see who can keep followin and swallowin / takin the making, bitin it and borrowin / brothers tried and others died to get the formula / but I'ma let ya sweat / you still ain't warm, you a step away from frozen, stiff as if ya posin / dig into my brain as the rhyme gets chosen / so follow me and were ya thinkin' you were first? / let's travel at magnificent speeds around the universe / what can ya say as the Earth gets further and further away? / planets are small as balls of clay / i stray into the milky way, world's outasight, far as the eye can see not even a satellite / now stop and turn around and look, as ya stare in the darkness, ya knowledge took! / so keep starin soon ya suddenly see a star / you better follow it cause it's the R

this is a lesson if ya guessin and if ya borrowin
hurry hurry step right up and keep followin the leader

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I love this photograph.

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mayoral shmayoral
from the looks of the ripsaw interview with both canidates, i don't think in good conscience i can vote for either of them. they both just come of as is icky, with a capital I.

i know everyone's vote is between the rigged or not rigged voting booth and themselves, but what are other member of the bloggeratti, oops i mean poopers, going to do?

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daniel has been foxed!!!!!
fox fox fox fox

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Fill in the blank
I am going to the Brewhouse tonight to ...

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hello fellow vagrants.

i have found my way through the labyrinth into this cozy, geeky lair. i think i will find it comfortable here. i will try not to trash the place...but i will taint it with a certain level of skank.

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I heart PDD
Hello Duluth - it's great to be here. Any snowmobilers in the audience? Brr - is it cold! Thank you, I'll be here all week.

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I like it in Duluth
Just had to make sure everyone saw this letter to the editor in today's edition of the Duluth News-Tribune.

Bell inherited his enthusiasm for Duluth

I know Charlie Bell. I also knew his father and grandfather, who both were active in the community. Charlie Bell has good genes and has been and will continue to be an asset for greater Duluth.
I am not a resident of Duluth at this time but do own property at Oneota cemetery, and in due time I shall become a permanent resident of Duluth.
I surely would vote for Charlie Bell and I urge all Duluthians to vote favorably for him.

Morris Gjessing
Moose Lake

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Sometimes quitters win.
As I alluded to yesterday, today is a big day for me. Two years ago today I quit smoking. I didn't start smoking young, my first cigarette was on a camping trip when I was 27. My friend Tommy who is about the biggest jock in the world brought some roll-your-own tobacco and I thought it would be cool to have one. That first ciggy buzz was awesome. I think I had 3 or 4 more that weekend and that was the start. I didn't buy my own cigs right away I would just bum them at parties or the bar. When I did buy my own I would have a couple and throw the rest away. As time went on the habit consumed me more and more. I slowly gave up my active lifestyle for the evil weed. Towards the end of my 4 year long habit I was up to almost a pack a day and sick more than I felt good.

I did quit a few times in those 4 years but never more than a month at a time. Then I found the book that saved my life, "Allen Carr's Easy way to Quit Smoking." It really clicked with me and I quit for good. Not only did I quit the physical act of smoking but I also escaped the mental prison that is smoking. There is a difference. Unless you quit in your head you will start smoking again.

I don't want to sound all preachy and holier than thou. I guess I just want to say that if I can quit anybody can.

Here are some of the numbers:

Cigarettes not smoked [10,950]
Money saved [$2,737.50]
Respiratory illnesses avoided [6 or so]
Self esteem improved [90%]

I guess I should also thank the band Low for their part in helping me quit. 2 years ago today we jumped in the van to start 3 months of touring. I couldn't bear the thought of smoking and touring. Craving a cigarette on a 10 hour drive would have killed me and smelling like an ashtray while taking care of a child is not so attractive.

Now I just need to get my cravings for those Hostess Apple Pies under control.

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enough already...
if we don't use each other for free music, what's the point of the blog?

i just made a mix that fits the last few days' duluth weather--pathetic, depressing, dark, and cozy; heavily, but not exclusively, on the country tip.

who wants a CD copy? i claim no special skills as a mix-maker, and you're probably familiar with most of the songs, but don't they sometimes sound different in a new context, or through the perception of another person?

send a blank CD and a SASE to
chris godsey
1126 chester park drive
duluth mn 55812

real mail can be a pain in the ass, what with the stamps and the patience and the other requirements, but it's also satisfying in a way that not much else is.

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Via Twin Ports Music Organization, I present Hipster Bingo. I am guilty of a couple of these items but most hilariously the Blogger with digital camera. How do you rate?

Thanks for the tip

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Is It True?
Is it true what I've heard? Bone Appetit is opening for Ratt at the Third Rock on Saturday? Details! Details! Chip? Hot Rod?

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2morrow is a big day.

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Post class angst
I suppose parents won't appreciate me passing out cigarettes to the extortionists this year. Just goes to show, try and give somebody a lifelong hab... er hobby and you get nailed to the cross. What the hell am I talking about? Guess I'll go get some "fun" (read... bleeding idiotic over packaged teeth rotters) sized overprocessed ADD inducing candy for the wee tots. Somehow smokes and alcohol seem more honest.

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Screw Halloween.

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10 November, again.
My brothers birthday is on 10 November.

I remember once when I was like 10 I was staying overnight at a friends house and he played "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." I was so scared by that song! I still am on some weird level. I am also scared of the sound of static on a radio late at night. When I was young I thought it was the sound from outer space and I guess it is, kind of.

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10 november
Anderson: "By the way, Fitzgerald, how are you making out with your problem?"

Fitzgerald: "We are holding our own."

the arthur m. anderson still frequents duluth-superior harbor.

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video pick of the weekI just wanted to say thanks to everyone who read my Video Pick of the Week columns in the Ripsaw for the past three years. It was fun to write, but the time has come to move on. And special thanks to my flute and oboe teacher Brad Bombadier who religiously read and watched my picks. And Phil Wright and his cohorts at UMD who were just beginning to appreciate them.

Carry on, Karina. I'm proud and excited that you've taken on the task.

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It didn't go well.
This is the steamer Mataafa. It got turned and pinned against the Duluth entry during the 1905 storm. Wrecked with crew lost as far out into the lake as we swim.

It's awful out there sometimes. One photo still shakes me up. I used to live on the little boat on the right. The big one became a song.

So... who's up for the Gales of November?

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Too Deep, Too Dark, Too Cold
Check out this article about Lake Superior Shipwrecks from The Rake Magazine--specifically, the Wreck of the Medeira.

[via Metafilter]

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The sun is ball of incandecsent gas...
And it's pissed. A week of high-powered solar storms continues. Hide your cell phones and invest in candles.

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Previous PDD Poll Results
Here they are for posterity. These are the numbers that shape your world.

Would you rather go to the ER with...
Mono [28 votes, 50.91%]
Crack addiction [8 votes, 14.55%]
Too much stool in your colon [6 votes, 10.91%]
Broken jaw [13 votes, 23,64%]

For $1,000 would you let someone watch you...
Poop [13 votes, 48.15%]
Hump [2 votes, 7.41%]
Both [12 votes, 44.44%]

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gossip and rumors
somebody i know is dating someone else i know and they're having a good time.

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Let it snow.

Bring it on Old Man Winter. Nothing like the first snow of the year.

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Ghost Story, Part Three
It was the second semester of my junior year of college in Iowa City. I was living in a 1970's era apartment building with three roommates. I had recently moved into the third bedroom, vacated by Sue, who took an internship out of state.

I don't know if this is important to the story or not, but Sue left her old bed behind since she was living at her parents' house during her internship. This bed was taken from her sorority house after it closed, and I don't know how old it was, but it seemed very old.

One night shortly after I moved in, I awoke in the middle of the night, and sensed something was wrong. I looked in my doorway, and saw someone standing there. It looked like my other roommate Shannon. She was wearing black Converse All-Stars, rainbow socks (much like a pair of toe socks I owned), long black baggy shorts, and a sweatshirt with what looked like a sorority logo on it.

I was flustered and half-asleep, so I immediately said, "Shannon. What's wrong? Are you OK?" Shannon didn't answer. I looked closer and realized I couldn't make out her face, or a head at all, for that matter. Everything faded into darkness above the sweatshirt. "Shannon?" No answer. Then I realized it wasn't Shannon. I didn't know who the hell it was.

I was instantly awake. I froze and stared and hoped it would go away or vanish. After a while, I somewhat calmed down and realized I had to do something to make it go away. I dared not speak again; I knew I wouldn't get a response. I decided I would bunch up my comforter and throw it. I slowly gathered it all together, quietly and discreetly into a shape I could easily throw. Then I gathered up my courage and whipped the comforter at the doorway, scared as hell for what would happen next. As soon as the comforter hit the doorway, whoever it was vanished. I ran to the wall and turned on the light. Then I went into Shannon's room, woke her up and stupidly asked her if she was just standing in my doorway. "No, Karina," she said. "Obviously, I was sleeping." I told her what happened, and she dismissed it and told me to go back to bed. I went back in my room, got in bed and stared at the doorway until I fell asleep. I slept with the light on, facing the doorway for the rest of the semester. My roommates thought I was nuts. I never saw anything weird in that place again, but I was glad to move out.

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I, too, have seen a ghost.
I'll be brief.

While visiting Scotland, I was staying in a notoriously murderous old castle: the Priorsford House. With any good castle, a lot of people had died a lot of different ways. The house was also a block or two away from one of rural Scotland's other notoriously murderous haunts: the Cross Keys Pub.

As it happened, it was a dark and stormy December night. I was hunkered down on the floor in my sleeping bag, and my friend and Priorsford House denizen was occupying the bed. The wind picked up and rattled a tree against the window and woke me up. Looking around a little, I noticed that someone was in the corner of the room standing near the dresser. Naturally, I thought it was my friend getting something, so I asked: "Hey, what are you looking for at 2 o'clock in the morning?"

From above - on the bed - I hear, "Oh, you see that, too."

Fairly, I responded, "That's not you over there?" A moment passed, and the distinctly shadowy form persisted in the corner.

Hesitantly, from above, "No, it's not."

Not being sufficiently disquieted by this, I had to ask, "What the hell is that?"

Being unhelpful, my friend offered, "Just ignore it and go back to sleep. It'll go away."

The next morning, I crawled out from underneath the bed and continued: "Seriously, what was that?"

The answer? "I think it's the lady that tumbled down the stairs and died. She lived in this part of the house."

This event has been dutifully recreated in the Corner... more or less.

And, as a matter of trivia, this was the trip where I was rudely awoken by BBC-FM/Radio Borders and interviewed - at length - about how I lost my glasses. In February, this loquacious monkey strikes.

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The pumpkins must die.
pumpkin1 pumpkin2small pumpkin3 pumpkin4 pumpkin5

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how old is too old...
to leave lindquist's house on a bicycle, somewheres around 1:00 a.m. saturday morning, head to the top of the chester bowl ski hill, stumble off the bike, sit down on a rock, dig out my ipod/new girlfriend, get to the song "john prine," lay back to look at the stars and have my mind blown by low...

and have the world start spinning so strongly that just the memory of the sensation is nauseating, then to ride home and wind up hugging a toilet--no actual puking, just waves of being certain that puke--and the comfort it would ultimately bring--was on its way up.

every five years or so, i get unreasonably drunk. i get sort of drunk a lot, but friday/saturday i got drunk enough that automotive transportation was abject misery on saturday, and i was still hung over sunday.

is that fodder for shame, or should i just let my inability-to-limit-alcohol-consumption flag fly?

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they're hereHey. It's Halloween time. Have any of you Bloggeronis ever seen a ghost? I have, and I'm going to tell you about it.

It was about 3am, when I woke up from a nightmare. I was just laying there, calming down a bit, when I looked over and saw a little girl standing next to the dresser. I thought that I was still dreaming at first, and then I thought that at any moment my eyes would adjust and she would turn into a robe or something. But no. I stared for what seemed like a long time. She was really there.

I sat up carefully, woke up Ca-chee, and told her to turn on the light. (Side note: I guess it's kind of frightening in and of itself to be awoken and told to turn on the light.) She did, and when the light came on, the girl was no longer there. I explained. Ca-chee shut off the light, and ... the girl was there. We both saw her, and later described her to each other--our descriptions matched.

She was about 12 years old, with straight, light-colored hair. She wore a pleated skirt, carried an armful of books, and appeared to be waiting for someone. She took no notice of us. Also, she didn't really have a face.

That was the only time I've ever seen a ghost. It wasn't all that frightening, but it was unnerving. Also, for some reason I knew at the time that we would never see her again, and we haven't.


I've told this story to several of you PDD'ers, and I know that some of you have similar stories. Anyone care to share?

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Only 5 weeks to go.

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We miss you Paul.
It was one year ago today and I was driving to Minneapolis, enjoying a late fall, grey Northland day. I turned on MPR and heard the news. Missing plane, Paul Wellstone, Sheila too and their daughter. What! It can't be! I was numb and just driving, going on tour with Low. 4o miles later it was confirmed. I am not sure if I have ever felt that way before or if I ever will again. I never met Paul. I saw him speak several times but I still feel like I lost a friend.

Well tonight we will celebrate his life. Wellstone World Music Day! 7:30 at the Mitchell Auditorium, College of St. Scholastica. There will be speakers and music and a portion of the documentary "Carry it Forward." See you there.

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Perfect Duluth Night.

Lovely to see all those bright and shining faces.

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this one says it all

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The Spin-off
Just got done doing a link search on Technorati and discovered that our very own Tim, former Duluthian extraordinaire and PDD Blogger has started his own Weblog. It's kinda like Joey from friends, kinda.

Awesome. Now I have another Blog to obsessively check on. Good Luck Tim and don't forget us here at PDD.

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With two exclamation points!!

For the fan of "JJLee's Corner", I give you all the skin that I can manage in a shower scene. Whilst lathering, I'm singing along with Pulp's "This is Hardcore." As a pitch, it's high and inside... but still a strike. And I can promise that a half-assed rendering in MSPaint is as close as anyone wants to get to this circumstance.

Also, speaking for myself, tonight's solar storm is going to totally rock... as far as solar phenomenon can rock.

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field trip
to any and all fellow bloggerati:

anyone feel like going to a saturday matinee of mystic river?

or, if the norshor and random violence have us feeling down, and we don't need a sadly beautiful movie darkening our minds even more, maybe we could make it school of rock?

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I'm in the system now.
Just got home from my appointments with the good old social service people. That's welfare I guess. I was very impressed with how smoothly things went. The first appt. was with Health Care Access. John was my counselor and he was great. I handed over all my financial info and their office takes care of the rest. Minnesota care has been hit hard with cuts but at least it will be something.

After John I headed upstairs to the free clinic. Dr Bergeron was equally pleasant and will take care of referring me to the Oral Surgery doc. She also refilled the Lortab prescription which was good news since the last one was wearing off.

So I am fairly optimistic that I won't be stuck with a $15,000 doctor bill. Time will tell.

I am going to make an appearance at the Starfire Lounge tonight, straw in hand and a new GrandpaBoy disc that I got out of the free box at KUWS.

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iTunes for Windows is kewl
I feel like a fancy-pants Mac owner now!

seriously, nice program.

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elliot smith is dead?
i couldn't really believe this when i read it in the public commentary on "with a little help from friends" entry, but i guess it's true.
i read this at a friends house, and no one would believe it was true until i found it off a google search.
i was just getting into elliot smith again, for like the fifth time, and this this happens.

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The Cult of the Cast Iron Rabbit...
Recently a mysterious cast iron rabbit appeared on my front porch. I don't know if it is an omen of good of evil but I have a feeling that it is about to have a lasting impact on all of our lives. If any of you are to discover the above mentioned rabbit has wandered into your living space, do not fret. I believe it means that some one admires you or finds you to be alluring in a way that can only be honored by the presence of the cast iron rabbit. If you do indeed recieve this metallic rodent, do not covet it. Instead, secretly deliver it to another who you feel is worthy. Let the Cult of the Cast Iron Rabbit commence.

**The rabbit weighs approximately 20lbs so do not attempt to lift it if you have a history of hernias or back problems

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At about 11:30 this morning we will have our 10,000th hit. Woo-Hoo! Of course 9,000 of them are from the Cheat.

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A message from Donny Ness.
Wellstone World Music Day
In Duluth!!!

Saturday, October 25th, 7:30-9:30
Mitchell Auditorium at St. Scholastica

Donations to Wellstone Action and "Carry It Forward" Documentary accepted.

Dear friends,

Saturday, October 25th represents the one year anniversary of the loss of two of our country's great leaders and four others who were part of our extended family of progressive minded people. The loss of Paul and Sheila Wellstone, as well as our friends Mary, Will, Tom, Marcia and the pilots, was devastating to us all.

One year ago, many of us in the progressive community came together in solidarity to grieve, to console, but most importantly to pick up the torch that Paul had left us and to continue his fight for justice in our country. That cold and somber October night in 2003 we gathered together at Mitchell Auditorium, less than 8 hours after the plane went down, to share in our loss and our sadness. But from that gathering came a great force of goodwill, and power, and a force of will to capture his spirit in our actions. It was a magical moment that I will never forget - and if you were there, I'm sure you feel the same.

This Saturday will be revisiting the site of that initial ad-hoc memorial, Mitchell Auditorium at the College of St Scholastica, on the one year anniversary for a celebration of the lives of Paul and Sheila Wellstone. We are adopting the theme of a celebration taking place that very day in the Twin Cities - we are contributing to the first annual Wellstone World Music Day right here in Duluth. Starting at 7:30 we will have a 90-120 minute program featuring local musicians, speakers, and a VERY special presentation of a 15 minute preview of the upcoming Wellstone documentary “Carry It Forward"being put together by a team of talented folks in the cities. I've seen a clip and it is really amazing - you don't want to miss this. For more information on the documentary or to make a contribution check out their web site: www.carryitforward.org

After the program we are encouraging folks to attend one of the music performances in various participating venues around town to carry on the celebration of the spirit of Paul's life by enjoying the talents of our local musicians.

The venues and artists are as follows:

Beaner's - Audrey & Boku Frequency
Fitger's - Haley Bonar
Amazing Grace - Sticky Nickle (aka Tom Feldman)
Pizza Luce - Levitate
We will be asking for donations at the door at Mitchell Auditorium and the proceeds will be split between Wellstone Action and the "Carry It Forward" documentary project. Give whatever you are comfortable giving, but please do not feel like you must contribute - it is strictly voluntary.

Andy Smentkowski and I have been organizing the event to this point. Unfortunately my time has been compromised with other projects including Laura and I are opening a Vintage Clothes and Gifts store at 205 E Superior St (our grand opening is this Saturday - come and check it out!), plus work and council business - not to mention the campaign. Anyway, lets just say this event on Saturday will have a very casual feel to it, which from my perspective is just fine - its just a way to bring friends together to celebrate the lives of our heroes. Please do not feel offended if you were not involved in the planning or in the program. If we would have had more time to pull this off it would have been more professionally done - and we would have covered all the bases - but there is only so much time in a day. So, I hope folks will be willing to cut us some slack if there are a few hitches in the production.

Finally, I need help to pull this thing off. I will be having a short organizational and volunteer meeting on Wednesday, Oct 22nd, at 5pm at the Oberstar Campaign office (222 W 1st St) to take care of all of the last minute details. It would be great to have 10-15 folks here to help organize details for the event and to help distribute posters around town.

The other way that you can help is to send this e-mail far and wide to every person you might think is interested in such an event. That would be a huge help!

Thanks everyone. Take care and God bless you all,


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With a little help from my friends.
The reality of drinking through a straw for 6-8 weeks is really sinking in now.

I just wanted to post a little thank you to everyone who has sent well-wishes or helped me out in any way. You know who you are. Extra special thanks go out to Nick, Cathie, Barrett, Dana, Sharon, Mike L., Missy and Tom. I am probably forgetting someone so forgive me if I did. These Hydrocodone pills make me a bit fuzzy.

I figured out last night that my Thanksgiving is going to be through a straw and that will probably be the saddest part. Gobble-gobble, oh and I look like Paul Lundgren now, very sad.

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All is Nearly Well with the Cosmos.
Things are falling into place. If you're seeing this message, that's a good thing. Have patience. And keep posting.

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these 2 will get the "puncher"

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Attention Blogoids and Blogites
Timmberrrrr! We have officially exceeded our bandwidth allowance! We are so popular. Anyhow, it doesn't matter because today we're in the process of upgrading, making PDD an unstoppable force. And so, you may notice later that the site is down temporarily. But don't fret--it's not going the way of the Shor and Scotty's ability to eat solid food. It'll be back online so fast you might not even notice, and when it returns, a new era of opportunities will begin.

In the meantime, those of you with the ability to post should continue to do so. Nothing will be lost.

Note: we are currently working on the upgrade, and there is a hell of a lot to learn.

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I went to Minneapolis and all I got was this broken jaw.

The night was going so well. Saw a bit of Lucinda Williams, then went to the Entry for Junior Senior and Electric 6. After the show we headed back to the Mainroom for some good ol dancing. The night was so great we were gonna have one more drink at the Saloon. Then it happened. The gentleman asked for a lighter, twice and followed it up with a blow to my left Jaw. Now I have wires and rubber bands.

When the anesthesia wears off I will give you all the fun details of the weekend. We really did have fun, really.

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I cried tonight. I hugged Rick and thanked him. I took their Grain Belt Premium display bottle to save. I love that building and every single thing it has done for me. Thank you.

Sleep well Duluth.

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mammories...where do i start?
how bout the low video shoot. this poor star got a bloody nose in the mosh pit. get that! moshing to low. too cool

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So we get one more night....
I will be there on Saturday with my drinking hat on. Anybody want to eulogize and do a shot with me?

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I hold both Low's set during A Very Duluth Christmas, and the millenium New Year's Eve party as my favorite NorShor memories by far. Ca-chee and I danced to "Just Like Christmas," and Starfire, I'm glad that you mentioned that there was fake snow, because I've always thought that that was a figment of my imagination--like I was remembering it as being more beautiful that it really was. I'm happy to know that it was actually that beautiful. Likewise, the love and happiness in the air during the millenium party was definitely worth remembering. There's nothing better than a huge theater full of people who are relieved that the world isn't going to blow up. Afterwards, we all went to the Voyageur Motel, and it was snowing big fat flakes for real. No one was on the street. It was incredible.

Certain shows need no explanation to the people who were there. Giljunko at Homegrown 3. Mayfly at Duluth Does Dylan. Any of Lindquist's birthday parties.

It was so amazing a few years back when EVERYBODY would ALWAYS dance no matter who the band was. Donny Ness would charge down into the mezzanine and inform all the people sitting at tables that they would have to move, and then he'd recruit people to stack the tables and chairs. Then, we'd all get funky and groovy, usually to the amazement and utter delight of the band. This was what set the Shor apart from practically any other venue in the state.

I wish I had been at that amazing Sadies show where no one showed up. I once asked the Sadies themselves about it, and not only did they remember it, but they appreciated it too.

Reading the comment about O'Malley ending up in the ER reminded me of the two occasions I wound up in the ER after a night at the NorShor. The first was the time I got locked INSIDE the main theater. It was after an art show at the Limbo Gallery--too much wine, too much trust. Mr. Lundgren and I entered the main theater through the back of the gallery, and soon, viola! We're locked in and trapped. We climbed out through a small opening in the avenue side exit, and I got my hand slammed in the pigeon-shit-encrusted steel door. Then, we entered the mez again, and I drank and danced all night with a bloody hand before going to the hospital for a tetanus shot.

The second time was much more serious. It was at the second (I think) Undergroundhog Day, when Cave Music played. Charging the stage while inspired by the inital bars of "Dead Dogs Must Die," I rolled my ankle. I didn't care. Cave Music was playing. I freaked out the rest of the night and drank a lot. When I got home, I took off my shoe and the pain was excruciating. I stayed up all night in agony, then went to the ER the next morning. My foot wasn't broken, but I'd torn a lot of soft tissue, and had to be on crutches for a few weeks. It didn't heal completely for about 8 months. That was both dumb and awesome.

But the best ER story from the NorShor was when 3-D Jesus v. 2.3 Beta accidentally clobbered the Raven with his guitar onstage. Hardcore as only a NorShor rawk star can be, the Raven went to the ER, got x-rayed, found out her jaw was broken, then came back to the Shor to self-medicate with tequila.

Beauty, beauty, beauty.

posted by Barrett at 1:38 AM
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No Fucking Way!
Going to see low tonight in Mpls at the Triple Rock with my sweetie. We are staying 2 nights at a hotel and everything. Besides Low we were going to take in a movie or two and just play it from there. Well much to my delight I just found out, via Chuck, that Electric Six is playing at the 7th St. Entry with a band called Junior|Senior. I knew this weekend was going to rock. If we have enough endurance we may go see the Handsome Family on Sunday night.

posted by starfire at 1:20 AM
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Well, hummm. I know the lady who is mostly responsible for the Sacret Heart Music Center actually being somewhat a success. If there are those of us willing to brainstorm over what to do, we could possible kick a few ideas around, in meatspace sometime. Starfire, you had mentioned the possibility of a potluck sometime, this may be an auspicious reason for one? It's either doing something, or trusting to someone else to do something. I don't see any action comming out of the city to fix this (2 perhaps 3 councilers may be sympathic, and I can't see the backing of any mayor current or whoever gets elected). I have ideas, perhaps not feasable ideas, and certianly not ideas I can carry out on my own, and I am a little loathed to just post them for ridicule. There may be others in my situation.
So do we let it die with a wimper and trust to fate? Or....?

posted by edgewood at 10:06 PM
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A good time had by all...
The clipboard still has Al and Mimi's Geek Prom numbers stuck to it.

posted by JJLee at 1:54 PM
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Where's the memories?
I was hoping a flood of NorShor memories might make their way onto the site. Maybe ya all just need a friendly prodding.

Memorable concerts

1. The Sadies on a cold sunday night with 30 other folks. No one left until their 2 1/2 hours set was over. I have a tape.

2. Johnathon Richman on a hot steamy summer night. Chris Monroe opened the show with slides and comedy.

3. Two Tulip Sweet & Her Trail of Tears shows. One drunk, one not, both brilliant.

4. The Handsome Family, also a cold winter night with a blizzard on its way. We accidentally payed them twice and I slipped a spooky doll into their guitar amp.

So many memories. Now I am getting sad.

posted by starfire at 1:13 PM
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a long walk revisited.
tub raftingpaul is weirdtough looking crowda sexy patriot
click on thumbnail for more.

posted by starfire at 9:51 AM
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NorShor. More.
Wow. News spreads fast. The Luce was packed last night (farewell Derrick.)

Read what people are saying.

Peter Scholtes

Dane Petersen

Duluth News Tribune

posted by starfire at 7:50 AM
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i don't know what to feel.

It is true. The NorShor is closed. Now what?

I have a million memories from the NorShor. One that really sticks out was from the "Very Duluth Christmas" show some years back. Father Hennepin, the Black Labels and Gild all did short sets. Barton Sutter read some poetry. The Emcee had a filthy mouth but then Low played. At the very end of their set we made it snow on stage and everyone danced to "Just Like Christmas." That is the only time I have ever seen anyone dance at a Low show.

That is the magic of the NorShor Theatre.

She will be back. There will be more memories. Anyone have a spare million bucks laying around?

posted by starfire at 9:10 AM
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Is It True? The Nor Shor Theater is Closed Down?
I tried to go to the Nor Shor tonight, there was a sign posted saying something about being closed Monday and Tuesday. At Luce there was a strange pall, Adam G. walked up to me and M. Tennis and told us that the Nor Shor was gone, closed, so deeply in debt that no paltry fundraiser could help. I am grief stricken, the Nor Shor has held the artists of Duluth in her lap, she has supported and comforted us, a Duluth icon has fallen. It is a dark day.

posted by O'Malley at 11:34 PM
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god bless the melancholy
punk rawk music has its time and place.

l to r: barrett, starfire, c-freak so does dark, pathetic stuff like this:

we are miners, hard rock miners
to the shaft house we must go
pour your bottles on our shoulders
we are marching to the slow

posted by godsey at 8:29 AM
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Oh Ipod, why do you torture me so.

Oh Mr. or Ms. Ipod
why do you torture me so?
with your sleek lines and heavenly glow.
10, 20 40 gigs now
what to do?
what to do?
I have delayed my pleasure for so long
well no more

posted by starfire at 8:11 AM
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PDD poll
dear barrett,
do you create the question for the poll?
if so, how did you come up with the brilliant question for this week?
sincerely, amy a.

posted by amy at 10:49 PM
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posted by Ca-chee at 9:23 PM
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triple-ex or XXX
following the standard your first pet's name and your mom's maiden name, my porn star name would be j.r. bainville. kind of sexy huh?

what's your porn star name?

david livingston's is sunshine johnson, is this for all male porn or what?

posted by buttercup at 9:39 PM
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The Results Are In!
Congratulations Jamie! You are the hottest Ness brother.

posted by Barrett at 6:45 PM
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After only ten tries. . .
Low and behold! A new land called Blog, I am a little disoriented and confused. . .I'm almost positive I made it through unscathed.

posted by O'Malley at 4:33 PM
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hanging out.

posted by starfire at 4:00 PM
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Hail to the Radiohead!

We made it home safe and sound. We saw some old friends and made some new ones. Low kicked ass and of course, so did Radiohead.

Mr Godsey. I left a little care package for you and your lovely wife taped to the bottom of a phone booth somewhere in Manhattan. Contact me for the coordinates.

Oh and yes, that is Phil's autograph. I tried to find Colin and ask him to record my answering machine message but realized it was the free vodka talking.

posted by starfire at 6:05 PM
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A Perfect Night
Thank you for the kiss Venus.

posted by Ca-chee at 2:34 AM
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Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

posted by starfire at 11:46 PM
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Justa little Game to either measure your level of Despot knowledge, or alternativly your intimate knowledge of... well just take a looksee.

Too racy? Well perhaps this is more your speed Pong: the text based adventure!

And a final note, don't forget 45% of Fox News viewers believe all of the below:
* US forces found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
* There's clear evidence that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein worked closely with the Sept. 11 terrorists.
* People in foreign countries generally either backed the US-led war or were evenly split between supporting and opposing it.

I suppose when you spout "unFAIR and unBALLANCED" tripe people will belive anything... hmm perhaps I should take over PACT and start announcing "I am the lord Jesus, and all should...." nah, too much effort

Wish I was in NY at the gig.

posted by edgewood at 8:51 PM
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Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

posted by starfire at 7:05 PM
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Jackhammers, sirens and new guitars.
Hola from NYC.

Some things I have seen.

1. Thick brown smog.
2. Loads of hippies dancing to Radiohead.
3. A very drunk young woman puking on a pretty ladies shoes. The pretty lady then nearly
puked herself.
4. A really loud Radiohead, sounding great.
5. Alan's new Fender 12 string guitar purchased at 30th St. guitars.

Haven't done much else. This morning we went back to Veselkas for brunch. They have really wonderful Blintzes and peroges and beet salad and borscht. Now I think I might wander down to the Mac store and look at all the toys. My continuing obsession with Ipods needs to be fueled.

posted by starfire at 12:49 PM
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What I really meant to say was...
1. I really like the new REM song.
2. Like a Joycean metaphor, I played computer until 4 am.
3. I am tired.
4. My head hurts.

And as promised:
The moon in the bureau mirror
looks out a million miles
(and perhaps with pride, at herself,
but she never, never smiles)
far and away beyond sleep, or
perhaps she's a daytime sleeper.

In conclusion, I still think it's a chupacabra posted below.

posted by JJLee at 2:44 AM
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For Fritz Sven Gunter I mean Hans.

posted by Barrett at 11:54 PM
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it's so early
here we go.
to the place where the planes park.
to the square park.
where the bands play.
and the kids say.

two more songs. two more songs

posted by starfire at 5:16 AM
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should my wife know? part deux
never, before this morning, have i voluntarily listened to madonna. any time i was forced to listen to her in the past, i made fun of her. a lot.

right now, i'm bumping her ghv2 collection. and i think i like it.

i've also taken to posting garishly made-up photos of myself on this blog, i get in tiffs with shannon (my life companion) about which guys are and aren't cute, and yesterday, while listening to the india arie song "video," i belted out the lines, "i ain't built like a supermodel/my worth is not determined by the price of my clothes/i've learned to love myself individually/because i am a queen," without the detachment i would have expected.

i was feelin that shit.

what would my football player buddies think?

posted by godsey at 9:34 AM
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Start spreading the news.
Supergrass has cancelled their appearance with Radiohead this Thursday and Friday at Madison Square Garden. Guess who's filling in? We leave thursday!!!

posted by starfire at 7:46 PM
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does anyone do this Friendster nonsense? should i even bother?

seems like everyone out here in sunny Californ-IA buys into this stuff. and the Midwestern kid is the last one check it out...

c'mon folks-- are you Friendstered? is it worth it? can i be your friend?

i just woke up from a nap, and actually had to wonder if it was the same day that i fell asleep in.

posted by tim. at 5:16 PM
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What the Chuck
More nonsense for you all.

posted by ericswan at 2:04 PM
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A well earned break after playing games 'til dawn...
As noted in the "get-to-know-me" flurry, I stay up too late playing games. Today is no exception. I have also complained about being tired, although not exactly explaining why. I am a horrible person.

posted by JJLee at 10:06 AM
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Some new features on PDD have popped up this week. You probably noticed the PDD Poll on the right side of the page. It would be cool to change that at least weekly so if anyone has any ideas please send them to Barrett or myself. There can be up to 10 items in the poll and the stats can be displayed in several ways.

J.J. Lee's corner is our other new feature. Mr. J. besides being a talented alcoholic also has a flare for MSPaint. His drawings are too great to let slide down into the blog archives so we gave him his own little gallery.

This is only the beginning. If you have any ideas for further changes or cool links drop us an email.

posted by starfire at 9:00 AM
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chapped nose.

been sick the whole weekend with a horrible head cold. it's been sunny outside today, but my head throbs, my nose is chapped from using cheap Kleenex and my bed has seemed more inviting than the out of doors on a sick day like today.

i've been catching up on my reading, which is nice. just finished Jonathan Lethem's stunning "Fortress of Solitude" and started Neal Stephenson's "Quicksilver."

and i've rediscovered the Jayhawks' "Rainy Day Music". i bought it when it first came out, listened to it exactly once and then filed it away. how did i not pay any attention to this when i first got it?!? i only wish it had rained all day, as it would have been fitting weather to listen to such a lovely, melancholic album.

posted by tim. at 9:01 PM
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the fifth ness brother
in the commentary for the ida, ida ida post, there is mention of a fifth ness brother. well i don't know of a fifth ness brother, i do know of a ness sister. the lovely girl's name was serena and she disappeared in the 80's, right around the time husker du rolled through town.
i don't know if this is hearsay or what, maybe just one of those urban myths. hmmmmmm..........

posted by buttercup at 4:37 PM
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the hazmats rawk!
well, kind of...by way of street rap we took 2nd but everyone was great! congrats to all!!! it should be an annual thing.

posted by c-freak at 11:52 AM
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god bless rebellion
some of my most favoritest rebellious song lyrics as a surly, passive-aggressive teenager:

well i'm an axe grinder, pile driver
mama says that i never never mind 'er
they're no reins, i'm insane
the teacher says that i'm one big pain
-quiet riot

what I need I like
what I don't I fight
and I don't like you

now, some of the song lyrics that, as a surly, passive-aggressive adult, give me bittersweet remembrance of those miserable teenage days:

and these children that you spit on
as you try to change their world
are immune to your consultation
they're quite aware of what they're going through

i understand about indecision
and i don't care if i get behind
people livin in competition
all i want is to have my peace of mind
(i liked that one in high school, too)

music is so fuckin great.

i missed out on punk rock in its heyday and mine--but it all still exists, so i can rawk the ramones in my office, and i can affect a sneer and flip off the world (even if i'm only doing so on the inside) till i'm 75.

so fuckin great.

posted by godsey at 9:06 AM
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Ida Ida Ida

Tell everyone! Ida is coming. Due to email outages the Ripsaw did not do the music feature that this band deserves, so shout it in the streets "Ida is coming! Ida is coming! Ida is coming!" Norshor Theatre 9PM Tuesday October 7th with Fred Thomas and the Marc Gartman Low Documentary. What a deal.

Liz from Ida will also do her childrens show at Barnes and Noble, 6:30 October 7th.

posted by starfire at 2:30 AM
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Hello, my name is Edgewood, no not Edward, Ellwood or any other such nonsense, and they named the school/street/college/whatever after me, not the other way around, or at least that is what I sarcastically say (or actually think) when people say, Oh, I live on, went to ... Edgewood street/town/school/methadone clinic. But then again my dad initially wanted to name me Jesus so all in all I got off lightly.
I like to drink Summit beer, or red wine, or Balieys (mmmm).
Life is too busy and too full of obstacles. I am a poor speller but an avid reader. At this point in life I am working full time, going to graduate school, trying to do some web design for Hartley Nature Center (and Adeline's, and a sled dogging team sooner or later), home maintenance, trying to maintain a healthy married existence (10 years) and would have really liked to have been along on the Duluth Amble, but had to drive to *%%$ Iowa for a wedding. I am originally from Newfoundland, lived in Nashville (nashhell) and want to live in New Zealand. Moved to Duluth after college (in Ashland) was only going to be here six months, and it is almost ten years later. This year I intend to hit my sled dogger friends up to take me out on the trail.
Other hobbies include photography, kyaking/canoeing, music, geocaching, biking, sleeping, and generally being distracted.
I want to teach on the college/community college level when I grow up.
My Myers Briggs typology is INFP, so excuse me if I come off as quiet if we ever meet in person.

posted by edgewood at 2:29 PM
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skinny legs and all.
young starfirehi. i'm scott.

The Starfire moniker was given to me by JR Hartley about 7 years ago in a thank-you note for a mix-tape I had made him. He gets free Starfire t-shirts for life.

I was a paramedic when I moved to Duluth 11 years ago but quit that 4 years ago when the heartburn became my constant companion. I have lots of gory stories which I tell occasionally at house parties. I also have too many sad stories which I hardly ever repeat.

Now days I work as an embroiderer, a janitor, a D.J. and a landlord. I also nanny when called upon by that quiet rawk band.

Until recently I was an affirmed bachelor and happy with that. Now I am quietly blogging so as not to wake my new love. MMMMM-I should be snuggling I guess.

posted by starfire at 11:07 AM
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A Good Time Was Had By Some.
This guy really knows how to freestyle.

Leave it to Slim Goodbuzz and Whoppin Unlimited to host an art show that is actually a kegger, which eventually degrades into a food fight, and then degrades into a fist fight. Many thanks to all who came, and to all who bought books and/or art. Thanks as well to Sherman and the Infamous Dr. Thunder, who took the most blows and wrestled that guy to the ground. And thanks to everyone for realizing that the situation was not serious enough to bring out the road flares.

Now it's time to clean up. That gallery looks like the party aftermath from Sixteen Candles. I expect to find Long Duk Dong passed out under the table.

posted by Barrett at 10:09 AM
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hello all. my name is christopher michael selleck, but i go mostly by my nickname buttercup, which i got while seeing the grateful dead in 1996 with 13 of my hippie buddies and a dog named cheetoe.
i prefer to type and spell in lower case and i really don't know why.
i like drinking absolut mandarin & cranberrys.
i real miss having access to fine art museums like the walker and the mpls art inst, both which i have lived within walking distance of when i was an south minneapolis beeeatch. i was once looking so intensely at a john singer sargent painting that i leaned in too close and set the alarm off, and was promptly scolded by a security guard.
besides art i really miss access to cool ass concerts, art house films, clubs, yummy frou-frou pretentious restuarants and a visible gay scene.i tripped and landed hard on my knees last night and i'm feeling the effects of one too many aleves. maybe that's why i'm babbling.
anyways-what's missing from your life right now?

posted by buttercup at 4:50 PM
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More birthday cards. That's what this leads to.
Hi. My name is John.
I enjoy Miller Lite.
I think my brash and obnoxious exterior is way to keep people away.
I had season tickets to a college football team for two years, and I still wear the shirt commemorating their national championship... nearly ten years ago.
Just this morning I tried to start my truck and it was dead because I left something on last night - many thanks to Mr. Lundgren from coming through in a clutch.
I am trying to get every episode of "Home Movies" taped before any more of Adult Swim falls to anime.
Every night I promise that I'm going to stop playing "Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis" at midnight... and at 2:30 AM, I actually do. Then, I have the audacity to whine about being tired the next day.
How are you?

posted by JJLee at 11:25 AM
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i hope we can be friends
mmmm...premiumhi. i'm chris.
i enjoy grain belt premium beer, that crazy rap music, and acting smarter than i really am.
insecurity and egotism define me.
i was on a college football team for two years, and i still act like it sometimes.
once, in my early 20s, i tried for an hour to start an outboard motor; only after i'd woken up the resort owner at 5:30 a.m. did i realize there was no gas tank in the boat. gosh, was i embarrassed.
who are you? what do you enjoy?

posted by godsey at 9:41 AM
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someone loves the father.
father hennepinMy band Father Hennepin sold a CD online today. I am so happy.

Look who bought your CD at CD Baby today:
------------------------ SHIPPED ON 2003-10-02 :

1 copy of Father Hennepin: Crooked With Gin to:

NAME: Luis Alejandro Lorente Rubio

Thank you so much Luis. Gracias pepe.

posted by starfire at 2:03 AM
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shameless self promotion
hey friends!
my new cd is out now and i thought i would actually attempt to do some promotion for it. also i like the cd, so you might too! fellow blogger eric swanson recorded the whole thing at sacred heart over the last year or so. it's at barnes and noble, electric fetus and disc go round. also from me if you see me on the street.
see you all at the perverse verse kegger! woo hoooo!
*amy abts*

posted by amy at 10:33 PM
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Enough is Enough
I love youMaria,

OK foxy, it is time to split! Why don't you come to Duluth and we can do Pilates together and/or work on our abs. You definitely want to keep what you have there. I know womanizing is familiar in the history of Kennedy men, but stand up! I'm here for you. If you want, we can have a slumber party at my house, drink, look at fashion magazines, eat cookies, trash Arnold, and model negligee for each other.


posted by Ca-chee at 8:49 PM
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I'm Barrett Chase now.
Ca-Chee and I went for lunch at Sara's Table and it was really good. About 2/3rds of the way through one of the servers came up to the table and asked me if I was Barrett Chase. I said I would love to be Barrett but that no I was not. It then dawned on me that she was the author of this. A while back Barrett made a comment on his blog about her writing. I think she is holding a grudge.

I almost had dessert but changed my mind. I wonder what Barrett would have done?

posted by starfire at 2:40 PM
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Stroke Me, Stroke Me
Another little diversion for you kids.

posted by ericswan at 10:07 AM
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Death by Blowjob.
I was hating my decision to enter the Rock&Roll Kamikaze but tonight I changed my mind. Chip, Stav and I found our happy place. I am the ONLY guitar player in the band, very strange. Funny what a distortion pedal can do for your confidence.

So anyway, I want to call ourselves "Death by Blowjob!" I would settle for "Earth Rider" but time will tell. We play at 11:30PM at the NorShor so get yerselves out.


posted by starfire at 2:34 AM
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Wrap it up, Ill take it
Just a little mindless Stress Relief for you all.

posted by ericswan at 7:23 PM
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Where'd it go?

posted by JJLee at 2:05 PM
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An Et Cetera and a Non Sequitur or two
I just watched the 30th Anniversary "Dark Side of the Moon" documentary. Granted, it didn't have the same... ahem... homicidal conceits as some other films I've heard about, but it was still very good. What bearing this has on the overall community is negligible. I guess I just wish that I had known about Italian horror/porn first. Although, Mr. Waters was extremely gracious throughout the entire documentary... and this - combined with the Cubs winning Game 1 - is a portend of dangerous and dire times.

Ted won... thanks for comin' out.

posted by JJLee at 12:02 PM
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Malabimba, gotta see this movie
Only the Italians can do this kind of unashamed crossings between horror and porno. It starts out as the usual haunted house horror story with the traditional collection of weird characters sitting in at a seance. But the spirits of the dead are only interesting in ripping the clothes off the girls. Then the film degenerates into porno territory. As soon as two characters are alone in a room they start to copulate. A girl named Bimba proves to be possessed by the evil spirit of Countess Lucrezia. Lucrezia forces Bimba into various acts of sex which includes sucking her father to death (the fearful death by blow-job) and having sex with her own reflected image. Then enters Sofia the nun who allows Lucrezia into her own body and sacrifices herself by taking her own life, thus taking the spirit of Lucrezia with her.

posted by Ca-chee at 10:52 AM
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Closer Than That Low Documentary Marc Gartman
Marc Gartman likes Low. He liked them so much he called them up and asked if he could make a documentary. They said yes and Marc has been hanging around since. He toured Europe and the East Coast, He has been to Duluth several times and performed at Elegy more than anyone. Hell, he even played banjo on "Trust."

Now he is coming back to debut his documentary titled "Closer Than That." Ida and Fred Thomas will play after the movie. What a night. See you there.

Off topic. I try not to turn my heat on until November 1rst but last night was quite a test. My fingers and nose are cold and I need a down comforter.

posted by starfire at 8:15 AM
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a weirdo came to the party...
but a good time was had by all. thanks to everyone who came.

posted by c-freak at 6:56 AM
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This site makes extensive use of cascading style sheets and JavaScript, and will probably look awful on systems that do not allow such fancy technology. Also, it probably looks better on version 6.x browsers, and monitors with 1024x768 resolution.