Who is your favorite?

From Duluth, Minnesota, weighing in at a combined weight of 700 pounds, they are the Blaster (Gary Lindgren), "Luscious" Lenny Lane (Leonard Carlson) and "Wild" Bill Irwin (Barney Irwin).

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Kelly Stuff
No one has met me. I have been being a bit mysterious. After showing the poems and all, I feel.....embarassed too. I figure I could use the criticism, good or bad. I am posting a pic with this, but it is old. About 4 years ago, when I was 14 or 15, I got a picture from my dad's web cam. I look different, but not too different. It will give you guys a vague impression anyways.
The Fan Club thing. I figure it is a joke, but I figure I will enjoy it all the same. The dedication to my fan club was dripping with sarcasm. But I love them for humoring me all the same. It doesn't bother me that they are probably mocking me and all that. I am just enjoying the ride of life.

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Last Week's Fog
The FOG. Taken by the Canal Park camera from about 7:15-7:45 on Thursday morning.

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Art at the MAC
Just so everyone knows... there is still a lot of art at the MAC that is waiting for their respsective owners to come and pick up. I am sure the landlord will cut us no slack if we have to delay giving him the keys because peoples art is still there.

So if you, or your friends, have art there that they want to keep, its advised to pick it up as soon as possible.

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Twin Ports Pipe Club
Apologies for the ugliness of the web page, but we are strictly utilitarian pipe smokers. "We" thus far is me and Don Brewington, who is pictured smoking his bent.

If you know anybody around here who likes to smoke pipes, send them to us. Pipe-smokers like to get together with other pipe-smokers to talk about Syrian Latakia, Perique, briar, Charatans, Petersons, aged Dunhill's Nightcap, Danish freehands, Meerschaums and garage sale finds while burning what used to be called the "Devil's Weed" (tobacco). Pipe smokers taste the smoke in our mouths but do not inhale. Somehow we still manage to get a good nic buzz.

Also contact us if you want to try smoking a pipe. Maybe it's just what you needed.

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New Car
I bought a new car today:

More pictures are here.

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With a name like "Whorehouse Days" It has to be good!

I don't believe I need to say all that much other than: A) Keep the weekend of July 9-10 open and; B) C-Freak will you be my date that weekend??

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For Paul

It really is the word.

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You've already got me, newly dedicated to my fan club
You are the one I'll never forget
Never since the day we met
Theres something there I cannot see
You wouldn't know what this could be
I always have come back to you
Andyou always let me start anew
All I crave is your embrace
And to look into your face
your smile turns darkness into light
and I love when you hold me tight
When i have your hand in mine
I cannot feel the passing time
I stray away and you dont stop me
Because you knowyou already got me

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free 'milk'
available at Fitger's, Electric Fetus, Anchor, and other fine establishments

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I wish Kerry would have sold his soul...

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Hollis Rulez

The new Low record came out today! It is called "The Great Destroyer" and it is awesome. In honor of said release there was a signing at the Electric Fetus. No, it wasn't Alan or Mimi or even Zak. Miss Hollis Mae handled it all and she did a stellar job. She signed 28 CD's and 2 LP's. Hell she even did some custom artwork for special folks.

I just so happened to have a videocamera to film the proceedings (thanks Jill) and so I made a little Vlog post about it. Enjoy.

Quicktime Low quality | 3.8 mb

Quicktime Medium quality | 10.9mb

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Twin Ports MAC to Close
[via e-mail]

Hello all,

Regretfully, the Twin Ports Music and Arts Collective ("the MAC") has closed indefinitely. Financial and organizational difficulties have forced us to reconsider our mission and purpose. All future shows and events have been canceled.

I would personally like to extend a heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone who dedicated their time and energy over the past year, by performing, displaying their work, volunteering. or by simply coming to shows. It was a tremendous year and I would not have traded a minute of it for anything.

I still believe in the remarkable potential and possibility that a cooperative or collective group of artists can offer. And I still believe that the art and music scene in the Twin Ports is amazing, vital, and influential. Through careful planning and foresight, another "MAC" could emerge and become a vital and integral part of the entire community. I truly hope that someday very soon another group or venue will appear with the same strong vision and boundless energy that was the cornerstone of the Twin Ports Music and Arts Collective. It is welcomed and necessary.

Once again, thanks to everyone for the last year. It could not have been done without you.

Chris Halverson
Director, Twin Ports Music and Arts Collective

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Young Ms. Sparhawk is scheduled to make a rare, last-minute public appearance Tuesday, January 25 from 1-2pm at the Electric Fetus. She will sign the new Low album, THE GREAT DESTROYER, on which she sings and plays percussion. Also appearing will be Marc Gartman and Starfire, who are featured in the "thank you" part of the CD booklet. Please bring cookies.

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MPR tries to rock...

MPR has a new music station, 89.3 - The Current. A few minutes ago I was driving home from Target (great deals on detergent!) and they played a new Low song from the "Great Destroyer". The combination of hearing a new Low song ("When I Go Deaf") on a brand new public radio station made me so happy I was laughing and jumping my butt up and down in my car seat. So, 89.3 (go here to listen) is pretty good. Granted, it's been on the air all of 3 hours.

This all begs the question: Did MPR know I was leaving town? Is this a conspiracy? The worst radio market in the country finally gets a decent new station just as I'm getting ready to move. Damn this cold universe!

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A little treat for Monday morning.
Behold--something truly mesmerizing. ;+)

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UPDATE Here's the deal with the NorShor.

Downtown is undergoing some changes. What's new I spose.

Item 1 | Nutty Meg's called it quits. It all wrapped up last night with a hell of a 2 for 1 party. Bartender Joe must have called everyone he knew because the place was packed. A little too late however. R.I.P. Nutty.

Item 2 | What the hell? Eric Ringsred is opening a bar? Thats what the paper says. Why doesn't Ringsred just take over the Shor. How can the old Snyder's ever match the ambiance of the NorShor Theatre. Plus that already comes with a liquor license. It will be interesting to see who is going to manage the new place. I can't really picture Mr. Ringsred pulling bar shifts.

Item 3 | The Red Star Lounge is coming along nicely. It is all curvy and orangey and bluey with metal and stars and and and... According to Tim Nelson they should be opening this winter. Considering it can snow in June who knows...

Item 4 | NorShor blues. What the hell is going on at the NorShor? Does anyone know? The Greg Brown show that was scheduled there has been moved to the Marshall Performing Ats Center and HBH suggested that Speedie Weinie was running the place now. V-Nick says some young guy seemed to be running the place last Thursday night. Someone give us the scoop.

Item 5 | Word on the street says Rick Boo will be opening an Irish themed pub on East Superior street soon. I think they should call it O'Boo's.

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It's About Time, Spongebob..
Well, we always knew about Tinky Winky, but Spongebob and Barney, too? Read this and laugh or groan or smack your head against the computer screen, railing at the futility of it all...

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mmmm peach pie

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Geek Out!

If you want to get real Geeky today you can watch the live webcast of Vloggercon in NYC. Chuck is there.

10:30AM The current topic is about bandwidth issues pertaing to videoblogs. I just checked PDD's projected usage for the month and it is going to be abot 14GB of our allotted 20GB. If we were to start adding much more video we would have to start paying more per month.

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Confirmed Artists: Free Duluth Event, Friday, Feb. 4th, Washington Studios, 315 N. Lake Ave, 6PM-Midnite
[Cross-posted from www.freeduluth.com]

Visual Artists (in no particular order)

1. David Everett
2. Lydia Mancini
3. Shane Upthegrove
4. Jill Holmen
5. DJ Starfire
6. Zoey Cohen
7. Marisa Ring
8. Jim Richardson
9. Dana Cunningham
10. Rob Litsenberger
11. Wolfgang Jack
12. Bridget Riversmith
13. Shannon Szymkowiak
14. Sarah Heimer
15. Alicia Hladilek
16. Vinny Hladilek
17. Janelle Miller
18. Ryan Amundson
19. Rod Graf
20. Connie Minowa


1. Presidential Candidate Allen Richardson
2. Presidential Candidate Sienna Effinger
3. Vice Presidential Candidate Devin "The Scotsman" McKinnon
4. Vice Presidential Candidate Mr. Nice The Muppet
5. Allen Richardson's Campaign Manager and CEO of the Anti-Voting Fraud Commission Jim Richardson
6. Sienna Effinger's Campaign Manager Charlotte Van Vactor
7. Human Buffet Steve Perry
8. Samba Drum Corps Leader Brad Rozeman
9. Samba Drum Corps Member Brad Nelson
10. Samba Drum Corps Member Julie Kohls
11. Samba Drum Corps Member Jason Kokal
12. Samba Drum Corps Member Rob Litsenberger
13. Samba Drum Corps Member David Hopkins
14. Samba Drum Corps Member Bonnie Barker
15. Action Painter Connie Minowa

Beer Tasting Provided By Lake Superior Brewing.
The event is free.

*Still recruiting visual artists, sambanauts, poets, jugglers, and puppeteers. We have the puppets.

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Cabin Fever Extreme

Well it looks like the ?th annual boys sweat-lodge swamp rock winter hootenany is off to a great start with this phone message I got. Lemme get this straight, bring arrows, a target and booze...20 guys stuffed in a tiny n.wisc cabin in a blizzard with ever shortening supply of booze, *some* arrows and no target...hmmm do the math and run for your life.


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So Justin Hall Went Crazy
The first blogger (for all intents and purposes) had a nervous breakdown. Our dear Mr Olsen has already covered it, but I figured you all should make sure you check this out.

Part of me thinks "Aww, poor guy, he's crying" and the other part thinks "What a fucking crybaby, get a life you idiot." I'm callous, yes, feel free to call me that. But still, it's the internet... go out and get a life. If I can do it anyone can, PN can attest to that.

So, thoughts? Comments? Etc?

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Yesterday I had to drop something off. Literally a two minute job. There was no parking anywhere, but I was desperate and did something you should NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE do.... park at a handicap parking spot. It was my first time. It's also the biggest fine of $103. Anyways, can I get out of it somehow? suggestions... on screwing parking police welcome.

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Odd multi-use items
For example, the white Dr. Marten's boot.
This boot is only worn by:
  • Artists (like to paint the boot)
  • Nurses (and other medical professionals)
  • Brides
  • White Supremacist Skin-Heads

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The New Gauntlet

All right, I'm not saying that I'm doing it right now, but the new PDD gauntlet is to fill the home page with consecutive posts, knocking all other bloggers into the archives. Good luck.

Seriously, I'm not even going to try this.

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Hey! Gimmie a ride to the Twin Cities.

Why shouldn’t gimmies get? All I'm looking for is someone to drive me to the Twin Cities area on Wednesday, Jan. 26.

Greyhound is asking $27 for this service. I will pay you $15.

I'm flying out of Minneapolis the next afternoon, so I could also accept an early morning ride on Thursday, but that would make me nervous. You would have to fill me with trust before I'd accept that offer.

By the way, I'm going skiing at Copper Mountain. Jealous?

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Cleaning House, Offering Up My Computer Crap

About two years ago, the hard drive on my Packard Bell 1666 bit the dust. I'm finally ready to pitch the whole thing into a Dumpster, but I thought I'd put it up for grabs here, since the rest of the machine is still in working order.

Granted, this is an old computer and it's not good for much more than word processing and Solitaire, but if someone can manage to put some part of it to better use than landfill, it's worth me making this post, right?

I suppose, since it was my first computer, I should have it bronzed. Maybe it could be some sort of trophy at Geek Prom.

Anyway, in addition to the free computer, I have a few perfectly functional accessories that I hope I can raise a few dollars on. Please comment if you have any use for the items in the following list. I will part with them cheaply (or perhaps even freely, if you've bought me a lot of drinks over the years).

* A mouse with two extension cables, for an awesome total length of 24 feet! You could point-and-click from all the way across the room! Wow!

* A keyboard with one extension cable. Sorry, you could only type from halfway across the room with this.

* Iomega Zip 100 drive. Barely used at all.

* UMAX Astra 2000P scanner. Barely used at all.

Buy now or Dumpster dive for them later. Thank you for shopping Perfect Duluth Day.

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A Not-Quite-Stranger in a Not-Quite-Strange Town
I have five weeks to organize, reorganize, re-disorganize and re-mis-disorganize my life before I plop down in Duluth for good. There are some things I need know before I get there.

1. What's the best grocery store for bulk/quality/natural foods BESIDES THE CO-OP?
2. Where do I buy affordable art supplies?
3. Does anyone winter-bike in Duluth? Or would that be crazy/impossible?
4. Where can I get quality used furniture, fabric, frames, clothes, etc.?
5. Where do YOU go for car repair?
6. Um, in the summer, where do you, ya know, swim naked?
7. I thought I heard a UMD "Radio K" there once? Was I dreaming?
8. What's up w/ the Norshor?
9. Will you be my friend?

Thanks PDD'ers. I have a LOT more questions, but these'll keep me busy for awhile. Rock.

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Not One Damn Dime Day
Looking for something meaningful to do on inauguration day, but like me, you have to work all day and the sniper rifle is in the shop? I have the solution for you - "Not One Damn Dime Day" (got this in email from my mother-in-law, she's friggin awesome!). So, pass this on, post it willy-nilly and make your day useful. Thankfully, "Not One Damn Dime Day" doesn't fall on comic day. ;)

Not One Damn Dime Day
Thursday, January 20, 2005 (Inauguration Day)

Since our religious leaders will not speak out against the war in Iraq, since our political leaders don't have the moral courage to oppose it, Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20, 2005 is Not One Damn Dime Day in America.
On Not One Damn Dime Day those who oppose what is happening in our name in Iraq can speak up with a 24-hour national boycott of all forms of consumer spending. During Not One Damn Dime Day please don't spend money. Not one damn dime for gasoline. Not one damn dime for necessities or for impulse purchases in person or online or by credit card. Not one damn dime for anything for 24 hours.
On Not One Damn Dime Day, please boycott Walmart, KMart and Target. Please don't go to the mall or the local convenience st ore. Please don't buy any fast food (or any groceries at all for that matter). For 24 hours, please do what you can to shut down the retail economy. The object is simple. Remind the people in power that the war in Iraq is immoral and illegal; that they are responsible for starting it and that it is their responsibility to stop it.
Not One Damn Dime Day is to remind them, too, that they work for the people of the United States of America, not for the international corporations and K Street lobbyists who represent the corporations and funnel cash into the coffers of US politicians.
Not One Damn Dime Day is about supporting the troops. The politicians put the troops in harm's way. Now more than 1,200 brave young Americans and some estimated 100,000 Iraqis have died. The politicians owe our troops a plan -- a way to come home.
There's no rally to attend. No marching to do. No left- or right-wing agenda to rant about. On Not One Damn Dime Day you take action by doing nothing. You open your mouth by keeping your wallet closed. For 24 hours, nothing gets spent, not one damn dime, to remind our religious leaders and our politicians of their moral responsibility to end the war in Iraq and give
America back to the people. Please share this e-mail with as many people as possible.
Thank you.

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It's like a toothpick on an orange.

Based on something I saw on the Daily Show tonight...I've always been told that I have a large head. Judging by how hard it is for me to find hats, I think it might be true.

I propose that parties interested in proving/disproving my freakishness get a tape measure, wrap it around their head at the forehead or so, and post their results here.

(For the record, my head/skull's 22.5 inches around--I think that translates to 58 cm or so.)

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buena vista lounge = paranoid homophobes
for the last 3 sundays we've been going there to eat, drink & enjoy the football games. i've patronized this bar for years. we spend lots of dough and are very good tippers. at one point there were 7 of us. we were having a great time even though the vikings lost, and kept on partying. we were at the tables and the bar behind us had thinned out some. out of the blue, the bartender comes up and tells us we have to tone it down, the patrons were complaining about us. oh sorry. were we being too loud? nope. she said we were acting too gay! what? we are making them uncomfortable. one of our party asked her if she had a problem with our behavior and she said no. huh? wtf? she even accused us of dancing which nobody did but if they did, who gives a fuck! it's a bar! needless to say we paid our tabs (ours was $80 something) got the fuck out. i did give the entire bar the double fingers and said right to their faces "fuck you all" and split. they all just stared blankly at me. don't go there if this outrages you. we then proceeded to luce where they obviously have no problem with homos hanging there. so fuck you again buena vista. i will touch & kiss my girlfriend whenever i fucking feel like it & i will never spend another penny in your shitty bar.

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I'm in!
Ever feel like you've been working, working, working, trying to create the life(style) you want, but aren't getting anywhere, or are moving VERY slowly? Then you are suddenly offered a means, or multiple means, to get closer to accomplishing your goals? And you feel that maybe life is OK but you feel afraid, so afraid, of change? Even though the change is exactly the kind of change you want and need?

I've been slooooowly making the move to Duluth for a coupla-few years now. I just learned that I've been accepted into a "cooperative living situation" there. I feel the following things about this:

1. Gratitude
2. Fear
3. Excitement
4. Trepidation
5. Giddiness

One thing is for sure: I'm movin' to Duluth. In the end, the following sums up how I really feel about this development: Warm, happy sunshine floating in a black cloud of uncertainty, with blue flames just for fun.

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freeduluth.com is now live
Months in the making, but freeduluth.com, the official Free Republic of Duluth website, is finally ready for traffic. It's not to the point I want it yet, but thanks to my good pal Fuzzy and the miracle of Movable Type it's up and running. Be a charter blogger and e-mail me today.

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Cold, so cold.

How do I know that it is cold?
I see it as wisps of snow go scampering across the street to no particular destination.
I see it in the billowing plumes escaping from every chimney and exhaust pipe.
Is this how I know that it is cold?

How do I know that it is cold?
I see it in the desolation, a city become ghost town.
As people huddle inside their houses and apartments.
People who pride themselves on their heartiness,
They are left defeated by the icy blasts raging outside their windows.
Is this how I know that it is cold?

How do I know that it is cold?
I see it in the pavement on the streets, cracking and shrinking away from the chill,
As if the concrete were sentient and aware of the destructive power laying claim to it.
Is this how I know that it is cold?

How do I know that it is cold?
I see it on the frozen field that at one time was a lake.
The motion and energy stolen from the water as it give its life to the winter.
Is this how I know that it is cold?

How do I know that it is cold?
I know it is cold because I am alive, and I can feel,
And right now I am freezing my ass off!
That’s how I know that it is cold!

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god bless the internet


hacked by "leet" 13 year olds who have nothing better to do on the weekend except for bother people.

and it seems they cant spell very well. hrm.

either way, i have heard of a newer local technology company focused mainly on providing web hosting / design services to local groups / artists / bands / people at a fairly reasonable cost ($35-$50 a year). anyone think another service like this is needed in the area?

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Announcing the formation of the Nonaffiliated And Casual Photographers Of Duluth, NACPOD.
The idea is to provide a non-intimidating place to show and have your work lovingly critiqued by others and to offer your opinions on what makes a good photo. The group is open to all, with the exception of professional photographers. Digital, print, SLR or snap shot, young old, student or non.

The only requirements,

1. You are able to offer, and receive criticism in a non-aggressive manner.
2. You actively engage in photography at some level, and will have work to share.
3. You do not make a living from photography.


1. A chance to improve your photography, receive feedback on what you are doing well and what you may need to improve upon.
2. A social, supported, environment, a chance to meet people under a shared contact (readymade things to talk about)
3. A chance to learn more about Duluth, where are those secret spots others like to go for those great shots.
4. Field trips?
5. Group shows?

I have access to some web space, and some amount of web design skill, we can use to display our collective work

There are many parameters to be sorted out, but those are the basics.

1st meeting (once a month) Saturday February 19th. 1pm. Brewhouse (in Fitgers). I will buy the first 2 pitchers at the inaugural event!!!

I need at least 2 other people to make this happen. Questions, or if you would like to sign up please contact me.
Edgewood (at) gmail (dot) com

Meeting place could change if demand is higher then expected.

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Last Minute

Tonight: Urban Hillbilly Quartet w/Jerree Small

Beaner's Central | 8pm

Check out these fine, fine musicians along with a brief appearance by Duluth's newest sensations The Junk Drawers and (perhaps) The Small Stars as well.

Close friends of mine might be invited to "double their fun in double-u Duluth" but I'm not going to say what that means.

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I just had to be the first.

New Photos Show Titan Has Orange Surface
and chewy bubble-gum center
[ real story here ]

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"I wanna get some action"

LP: "I'm gonna drink all my juice 'cause I wanna get some action!!"

PURPLE: "You want to get some action?"

LP: "Yah! I wanna get some action!" (does some twist/ karate-chop dance while speaking)

PURPLE: "What does that mean? 'You wanna get some action?'"

LP: "You know (sigh & eye-rolling). Action! Like skateboarding, jumping... We're going rollerskating today right?"

PURPLE: "Yep."

LP: "YAH! I'm gonna get some action!!"

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Think you know everything about the past election? Think again. (click for bigger)

We all know online petitions don't do much, but crap on a stick that's some pretty disgusting stuff right there.

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Is that the best ya got?

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Starfire Lounge Setlist
I'm on my own tonight at the Lounge. Just me, my turntables, my Powerbook and some I.P.A. I will be updating frequently so let me know if you have any requests. If I don't have it you could email me an MP3. starfire at gmail dot com.


Galaxie 500 | Fourth of July
Hope Sandoval | Suzanne
Acetone | O.I.E.
Magnetic Fields | I Think I Need a New Heart
Uncle Tupelo | Anodyne
Charlie Parr | Migrant Boxcar Train
Blue Mountain | Let's Ride
Pine Valley Cosmonauts | Home in San Antone
Whiskeytown | Matrimony
Giant Sand | Temptation of Egg
Dan Israel | Overload
Sparklehorse | Sad & Beautiful World
Neko Case | Bought and Sold
Bonnie "Prince" Billy | No More Workhouse Blues
Johnny Cash | Happiness is You
Pavement | Same way of Saying
Old 97's | Harold's Super Service
Mike Brady | You Will Have to Leave
Devil in a Woodpile | Can't Wait
Wesley Willis | ROck n Roll McDonalds
Guided By Voices | Hold on Hope
Guided By Voices | My Valuable Hunting Knife
Low | MonkeyUncle Tupelo | I Wanna Destroy You
Br. Danielson | Animal in Every Corner
The Hives | Walk Idiot Walk
Lucinda Williams | Can't Let Go
Rico Bell & the Snake Handlers | Hear the Sirens Call
Glen Campbell | Rhinestone Cowboy
Flat Duo Jets | Go Go Harlem Baby
Lee Bee | Bluebird
Ben Harper | Waiting on an Angel | from the Rev 105 Radio Archive
Tom Waits | Heart of Saturday Night
The Shins | Caring is Creepy
My Morning Jacket | I Will SIng You Songs
Wooden Stars | Hands to Work
Little Wings | Sing Wide
Sonic Youth | Winner's Blues
Mason Jennings | California (Part II)
Oxes | Everlong
Labradford | S

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Let's Make a Splash

When are we going to have a PDD field trip to Splash? I think we should go sooner than later, these places have a habit of not staying open too long.

Read all about it here.

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New Hobbies
I don't know about ya'll, but I've been getting kind of tired of my winter routine. Coming home after work every day at 5pm, snuggling up, watching the Simpson's, reading, staying in because I don't want to brave the cold. I'm not really into anything winterish which kind of sucks because I live here. So I was wondering what you all like to do to while away the winter hours. Maybe I can pick up some new hobbies and possibly meet some new people (or old friends are okay too). I'm real open at this point even to winter activities. Let me know, comment or email me: Nicklamon at gmail dot com with ideas.

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Let's Play Boggle!

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After much wrangling, Your humble video slaves baci and Marc Gartman, working as Critical Hit Productions have finished a video for the upcoming Low album "The Great Destroyer". The song is the second to last on the CD called "Death of a Salesman" and features a riviting performance by PDD's own ericswan as "The Music Industry", jib and dolly wizardry by Nick Kapenke of Parthe' Productions and Hansy and 3d animation by Young Master Peter Wartman the video is ... well...er...actually we have NO FRIGGAN IDEA what this video is about. Please help us to figure it out. I think it's maybe about something Gartman calls a "20-14"...he listens to alot of police scanner and mumbles to himself. I like the "Shock the Monkey" feel it has.

The video will be included on the CD single release by Sub Pop along with other eratta. The final .mov version is 241 Mb so I've posted a fuzzy/sucky audio version (10Mb) here.

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PDD Tip of the Week
How to use Microsoft Word with Blogger

Here's the situation: for whatever reason, you want to write your PDD posts first in MS Word, then copy & paste them into Blogger. The problem is that after you publish your post, you discover that all of the formatting is screwed up, and all of the punctuation has turned to garbage.

Well, there is a way around that. This is the way it works, with Windows XP at least.

First, write your post in MS Word. Then, click File > Save As. Go to the Save As Type menu at the bottom of the window, choose Plain Text(*.txt) and click Save.

A File Conversion window will then open. Make a check mark in the box that says Allow Character Substitution. This will change all of your fancy punctutation (curly quotes and the like) to plain HTML-friendly punctuation. Click OK.

Finally, go to wherever you saved the Text document and open it. It should open in Notepad. Now you can copy & paste your post into Blogger.

There are probably other ways to do this, too, and the method will certainly be different with older or different versions. But this might help some of you who like to work on your posts for longer-than-average periods

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Wanted to get in on the "google montage" but didn't have any style? Never fear - use Montage-a-google!
If you're curious, this is what a Perfect Duluth Day looks like:

Apparently it has lots of Michael Stipe, Babe the Blue Ox, and naked people in a frozen lake - go figure.

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"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." - Joseph Goebbels.

US gives up search for Iraq WMD.

posted by edgewood at 3:13 PM
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Prima Donna Gonzo Science Writers Leave Ripsaw Under Cloud of Scandal
Before the rumor mill gets out of hand, let me offer this gossipy pre-emptive strike straight from the horse's mouth. Today the Gonzo Science column and the Ripsaw became officially divorced. (It is not because we landed the Free Duluth! column in the Reader, which we cleared with Ripsaw publisher Brad Nelson well ahead of time with his blessing.) The whole thing began as a dispute with the Ripsaw editor (not Brad), who we felt was being too aggressive with one of his proposed changes to the column we submitted for the February issue (now delayed until March for lack of ad sales). We had happily made six out seven of his proposed edits but we choked on number seven. Emails back and forth quickly degenerated into snippiness and sarcasm and now stands firmly in he said/she said territory. Tiring of the aggressive editing style and predicting rough roads ahead, we made overtures to the Reader who welcomed Gonzo Science with open arms. Before we could tell the Ripsaw that we were out, the editor "fired" us, whereupon we used the immortal line, "You can't fire us, we quit." So there you have it. I would like to add that there is no bad blood between me and Brad. Anyway, say what you will about the Reader having no style or whatever; it's true. But they're doing something right as shown by their longevity, which bookended the Ripsaw's weekly run. And as writers, we are very attracted to their editorial policy which will allow us to say precisely what we want with a bigger word count to boot. Look for Gonzo Science in the Reader sometime after Feb 10, where it will run bi-weekly. Good luck to the Ripsaw and all Ripsaw writers. It has been a pleasure being associated with you.

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Tsunami Relief/UK Download Chart
My Friend Jason Bradbury Needs Your Help

Jason is the host of The Gadget Show on Channel Five here in the UK. He's emailed me and asked me for your help.

Here's Jason:
The new series of The Gadget Show is coming back on Friday 14th Jan 2005 and the main item on the show is built around me creating a pop tune on a £300 software based 'studio'. We have entered the song 'Take it Higher' (featuring me singing - Uuurrghhh!) into the Download Chart and we need you to buy it as all proceeds from the sale of the song will go to Tsunami relief.

I created the tune ‘Take It Higher’ using Reason. Reason is a standalone piece of software that emulates the kind of rack mounted gear you’d find in a modern recording studio; samplers, synths, drum machines, even a vocoder, they’re all included in the package. And while you will witness me singing into a relatively good mic on Friday’s show, I actually recorded the vocals in my office at home on a £20 PC microphone. In fact, if we’re being honest here, I used a sock to muffle the mic and prevent popping!

The song costs only 99p to buy, it all goes to charity and you get to help make a UK chart hit.... Go on. It's only 99p.

For more info visit Jason's site...Or go directly to 7 Digitial to buy it.


As you were.

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Happy MAC Day!

Well here it is! There has been a ton of speculation about a new sub $500 Macintosh and well this is not what I quite expected. You can read more about it here.

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Crafty Duluth
As some of you may already know I am starting a Zine called I Made That, a craft magazine plum full of resources, reviews, craft stories, projects and whatever else we can think of.

Along with some other craftsers, I am also starting a chapter of the Church of Craft which will begin meeting every Sunday at Vintage Duluth between the hours of noon and 4pm.

I would like to build the crafty flock and get submissions/ideas for the Zine.

email me at [email protected]

craft out--

posted by O'Malley at 10:30 AM
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Best viewed from Connor's Point
The 2005 winter lay-up list

American Steamship Company:
- American Mariner
- American Spirit
- John J. Boland
- St. Clair

USS Great Lakes Fleet:
- Arthur M. Anderson
- Edgar B. Speer
- John G. Munson
- Presque Isle
- Roger Blough

Interlake Steamship:
- Mesabi Miner

- Reserve

These are the vessels presently scheduled for the winter lay-up. They will be berthed at Fraser, the Duluth Port Terminal, the Duluth Hallet Docks (#5), and the MWET.

... and:
- predicate nominative

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Free Republic of Duluth Imagery
Perhaps the FROD art show should include some sort of contest for an emblem. It seems like all political parties need some sort of secret imagery to make them more imposing. I find this owl picture intriguing. Who knows what all you crazy PDDers could come up with.

posted by zoey at 1:44 PM
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Anybody catch this moment?
Probably the funniest moment of the big game yesterday.


posted by St.G at 10:29 AM
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sodomy with a falafel?
#8: "So anyway I'd be rubbing your big boobs and getting your nipples really hard, kinda' kissing your neck from behind...and then I would take the other hand with the falafel thing and I'd just put it on your p---y but you'd have to do it really light, just kind of a tease business..." —Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, as quoted in a sexual harassment suit filed against him by a Fox News producer

25 more at my site at:

I have been workin on this site for awhile, and if any of you have some op/ed writings you'd like posted shoot me an email cody(at)our-trust(dot)org eh? you betchya....

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come rock out!
tony bennett - state champs - sight like december

pizza luce - tonight- 10pm - probably $3

rock over london, rock on chicago....

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Secession Fever Grips Northland
- Be sure to check out the Reader Weekly out now for Free Republic of Duluth news (p. 3). It's not up on their website yet or I would have posted a link. (I'll try and shoehorn it into the comments section when it goes live.) The Reader "Free Duluth!" column will run weekly until at least Feb. 10th before going bi-weekly.

- Organizing for The Free Duluth Cultural Exhibition, Presidential Debate, and Election, Featuring the Free Republic of Duluth Samba Drum Corps, continues apace. The event will be held Friday, Feb. 4th at Washington Studios, 315 N. Lake Avenue. Anyone interested in joining the Samba Drum Corps, or just loaning samba instruments, please contact [email protected]. Drum corps members need to commit to two practices before Feb. 4th TBA (okay, one practice). The Samba Drum Corps will blast off in the Washington Studios performance space immediately following the Duluth Presidential debate, election, and announcement of election results.

- Local artists willing to submit art for display that night (and through the month of Feb.) please contact [email protected]. There has been some confusion about the theme, so let's just say this: submit your most fabulous piece(s). Confirmed artists: Jim Richardson, Marisa Ring, Zoe Cohen, Bridget Riversmith, Shannon Szymkoviak, Rob Litsenberger, Wolfgang Littlewolf. You are Duluth culture - join us.

- This free event will feature a beer tasting by Lake Superior Brewing! That is all! Thank you!

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PDD field trip!
join the snobbits at mont du lac on SATURDAY, JANUARY 8, 2005 for a super-cheap, super-uncoordinated skiing/snowboarding adventure. i think it costs $14 for lift ticket and rental; spirit mountain can't beat them there prices. come round noon for the skiing or round 4pm for whiskey sippin' in the lodge. together we will conquer the bunny hill!

posted by maria at 5:13 PM
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Following Intuition
Since this didn’t post in the what’s happenin’ section (I think Julie is on a vacation) I will post here. 
Mark your calendars for tomorrow evening.

What: Photography Show * One side featuring the collaboration of Laura Hjelm & Shannon Cousino the other showing Mike Cousino’s mixed media photography
When: Tomorrow (Fri) 6-9 pm
Where: Washington Studios 315 N. Lake Ave.

For more info check out DNT Wave Article: http://www.stg.duluthsuperior.com/mld/duluthsuperior/entertainment/10510998.htm

posted by Laura at 4:11 PM
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Chuck is 'Sploding!

Chuck is really going for it. Freshly unemployed, Chuck is taking the Blogosphere by storm. With Blogumentary mostly finished he is diving headlong into the Vlogosphere. Check out his new site here.

He also took in the last Guided By Voices show on New Years Eve with numerous Bloggerati. Well, hell just go to his site and read all about it.

Chuck will also make a visit to the Northland to debut Blogumentary just as soon as I get off my ass and pick a date.

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For Little Pirate

Minnesota Mouse
Lives in a house
Quite a bit smaller than yours.

So if you please,
If you give him some cheese,
Make sure it fits through his doors!

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Today's Fortune
Today I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant (like i do every week or two). For some reason you have to request fortune cookies with your meal. Some days I do, some days I don't. Today I did.

Normally the fortune is something...well, something not very deep. Something like "You will have a lucky day today" or something positive along that line. But this was no ordinary day. Today I read my fortune and thought "was does that mean?" "Carve your name on your heart, not in marble." Deep right?

So back at work I pondered this on and off all day. No one at my work could pin down a definite meaning. But I thought of a few things it could mean:

1. Don't get caught up in material items. (eg marble?)
2. Be modest. (don't take credit for things you do- maybe like an artist?)
3. Conquer people, not things.
4. What lasts is what people think about you, not what you think of yourself (a
stretch maybe)

So i Googled the phrase when I got home. It turns out they got the phrase all wrong! Well not all wrong. It's still deep. "Carve your name on hearts and not marble." Another irony is that the phrase-- not Buddhist, Taoist, or Confucianist--has Baptist roots! Crazy. No wonder they got it wrong. But Bapist, Buddhist, Confucianist, or Taoist--I'm still trying to decide what it means.

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You asked for it
  • To Admire You From Afar~Intro

Tonight I wish, Upon a star,
I’d stop admiring you, from afar.
To be standing next to you
My utterly strong feelings oh so true.
You are perfect, in my mind.
And you’re almost always kind.
The torture when you’re near,
The torture when you’re far.
The words of love, on my tongue like tar.
So irresistable, you are to me.
I wish I could make you see.
To cuddle up and hold you tight,
Is what I dream of every night.
Though you aren’t used to the sight,
To me this feels oh so right.
I loved you then, I love you now.
Why it’s not mutual, I ask how.
I’d be your girl, your one and only,
If I didn’t have to be so lonely.
The forbidden fruit, you are to me.
I treat you good if you would see.
  • To Admire You From Afar
    When we first met eye to eye
    The sun and moon shined in your eyes
    As we stand face to face
    All I crave is your embrace
    I look at you and call you friend
    I'll be here till the end
    But in my heart I know it’s not right
    I'd be happy with just one night
    As I lay here silent in the still of a night
    Thinking of times I’ve held you tight
    So I lay awake in my bed
    With thoughts of you deep in my head
    When I dream it’s of you
    I know what I feel is true
    We were young and we were dumb
    Bad things aren't many, they're just some
    I want to be with you day and night
    This is my endless fight
    I've come this far because of you
    I still wish we could start anew
    You think we can't but I still hope
    I'm not stuck a lovesick dope
    It’s not your body or your mind
    In my heart you will find
    I love you and know it's true
    I'll say it till my face turns blue
    My feelings for you, all bottled up inside
    Something that I can no longer hide
    I'll be your friend if it’s all I get
    But if you're ready I am set
    If you know you love me too
    Lets get together me and you
    Across the sea or across the street
    In the sun and in the sleet
    From a plane or from a car
    I'll always love you from afar.
  • To Admire You From Afar~Part Two
His fingers so soft,
His kisses so sweet.
I think I’d even,
Touch his feet.
To lay that close,
My breath on him.
Makes my heart,
"Thump-Thump" within.
His eyes so calm,
His smile so bright.
I wish I could’ve,
Stayed the night.
His lips so tender,
On my skin.
Something like this,
Couldn’t be a sin.
His body so close,
I feel the heat.
Speeding the pace,
Of my heart beat.
The excitement of,
His hand in mine.
Could this be,
The awaited sign?
Tonight I wish,
Upon a star.
I could quit admiring,
You from afar.

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And you thought FOX's "Who's your daddy" was bad

(This is a real comic cover, btw)

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If you haven't seen it yet

The site Cost of War also has running breakdowns by state and major cities, as well as other comparisons

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Snow Tube

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holy crapoli - the sins i didn't even know about
it's way too cold for a walk (at least for my wimpy lungs & toes) and the nordic track in our basement is my all-time worst enemy, so i searched online to find a swimming pool around duluth. i have a serious puddle of fat on my tummy i want to get rid of. so anyway i came across this and almost died. next time you want to take a dip in the lake, you will not only worry about poop contamination but you will also have to consider THE FATE OF YOUR SOUL, biatch.

yeah, crazy. but to be fair, i will add that i'm hoping to find a pool with as few thirteen-year-old boys and bearded perverts as possible.

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Tundys Bait Shop
Does anyone know where Tundy's Bait Shop is? It is out in Gary. Well, there used to be some drugs there, and I heard the guy who owned it was scary, but thats all done.
My dad bought this place a few months ago, and we cleaned it out (Did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.) He is going to be opening up a bait shop there, so if anyone fishes it's right across the street from the Vietnamese Something-or-Other out there. And if anyone is an "avid fisher" or wants to go there alot next spring or whatever, maybe I can give special discounts to a few close friends :p

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Movie Club
Announcing: the Exile in Duluth Cinema Club.

posted by rory at 2:30 PM
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Didja Miss Me?
Well guys didja miss me? Its Kelly, back again. I was really excited to see my post on the top ten. Will you guys ever figure out who I am? No, probably not, for your own good. But if I will post things more often, then maybe I can prove I'm actually a real person.

I have been caught up with alot of things in my life for awhile, and haven't been home to do all the internet stuff. I had this great boyfriend for the past three months, who turned out to be not that great. When we first started going out, he was prince charming 24/7. He put on this Ideal Guy front, so I fell for this Ideal Guy. Well, about 3 months later, he wasn't so nice anymore. He wasn't mean, he was just.....different. He wasn't the same guy I fell for. I love who he was pretending to be, not who he is. So I finally broke up with him yesterday. Well, actually, 2 days ago since it is past midnight. Well, at first I called him and I said, "I don't think we should go out anymore." and he goes, "I don't want to talk about this. I'll call you after work." After I got off the phone, I thought about it and was like, "Wait, he just pretty much said "no" when I tried to break up with him. It was weird, that was. I won't say any names because he just recently left Tele Resources and Is working at IMS now, and you know telemarketers.

So how was everyone's New Years? Mine was awesome, I went sailing with the Cap'n (underage drinking party....shhh) lol. I don't drink. I may be kind of a stoner, but the last time I drank before last night was last new years, and its been even longer since I got drunk. But the girls convinced me to. I believe I might have fell last night, but no one remembers if I did. My arm hurts like I fell though. And I had a hell of a time trying to make it to the bathroom, stumbling on anything possible. I was drunk enough not to know I was drunk, even after being hushed quite a few times. I was yelling about the Cap'n I think. And my friend said I was drunk, so I went stumbling around, telling people, "So they say I'm drunk!" It was really fun. My friend kept crying, because my cousin kept saying things like, "Your mom died and said she doesnt love you.

I found a kitten, if I didnt tell you guys. Her name is Lucky and I found her outside. She plays fetch and junk, but she is kind of mean. She isn't mean in a mean way, just like, sometimes she'll look at me, and randomely bite me. Giving me this Ha-Ha look. My neighborhood has a major problem with strays.

So anyways, I am on a hunt for my sister. She lives in Minnesota I believe, and her name is Shannon Knutson or Glumski. If anyone can help, I'd be very appreciative. Other related names I am looking for are Cindy Knutson and Carla Christofferson.
Well, I better be going. Its getting a little late. Good night everyone and Welcome Back me to the world of PDD!

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Anyone besides myself make any serious New Years resolutions?

I am going to try and start taking my photography serious. There are a few things I want to do that require an artist resume' and while I could fake it, it would be seriously faking it, so... (hopefully) lookout for my stuff in the new year.


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My New Year Present to You
Working Blue and The Next Level have both been (finally) updated with tons of new content.

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What type of sound does a penguin make?

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Drunken New Year's Post
I am one-eyed drunk at 2:40 a.m. Best New Year's ... ever. The Cheat wrecked Accident Clearinghouse's set. I passed out across two breakfast tables. Zoey has more moose slippers than any other human being.

And we're all going straight to hell.

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