? ?
Ever feel like there is too much to do?

Save a few hours on the 10th of December and a couple extra bucks.. Details coming soon

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Introducing My New Band Name

I was going to call my band Sexual Predator, but I thought this would be more subtle. And the logo is ready to go. Now all I have to do is develop musical talent and find a drummer.

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What is it? Part 1

10 (worthless?) blog points to whomever can accurately identify what this is.

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Anybody want a pair?

Yo peeps. We have made it to Stockholm and it is really cold here. So cold that we almost bought a pair of these. These are so "Mork calling Orson, come in Orson."

Nicks college friend Yufang is putting us up in her swank highrise pad which is great because Scandinavia is very expensive. We did however get haircuts from a Transgender barber at the Tube station. She was amazing! She did a haircut every 8 minutes all in a mini-skirt.

We also enjoyed some Sushi, which was affordable and delicious.

We will be hanging out here with the beautiful Swedes till Thursday when we head off to meet the Ogre.

Hope you are all doing fine and will someone please open a bakery which makes crusty French bread and sells wine for 2 bucks a bottle. Thanks in advance.

ps. Will you fix the pic size again Barrett, I tried to make it smaller to no avail.

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An Interesting Discussion About Everyone's Favorite Topic(s)
I enjoyed this little blog about porn/prostitution, and thought some of you might like to cram the PDD comment section with your thoughts about it.

Why can't you legally pay someone to have sex with you, but you can pay someone to have sex with someone else if you film it?

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Oh Target
What won't you do?

click for full ad

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And now for something completely different...
I took a motorbike trip last summer to a Tibetan buddhist monestary in Northern California. In the end, a search for solace and enlightenment became a quest to survive: deadly heat and drought in the Western states, a blown tire at 70 mph, a traveling partner completely obssessed by the recent break-up of his relationship (he was dumped, they were engaged), extreme physical discomfort, and my own neuroses which were quite inescapable while I was stuck in a helmet for 14-hours every day.

So I took pictures. Here's three. Hope you all had a swell weekend.

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Best Thanksgiving ever.
Joyeux Thanksgiving.

Nicholas et moi sont arrives a Paris. Nicholas was pick-pocketed in Barcelona on the Subway just 12 hours after the mugging, he did the right thing though and asked loudly where the hell his wallet went. We think it was the pregnant woman in front of us that made the bump. Due to his protest the wallet dropped to the train floor just before the doors opened. We would have been screwed without it. Eurail pass, credit cards, passport.

Anyways we took a train to Montpellier and spent a lovely evening in a cheap hotel followed by some amazing coffee on the local square. Then we took a high-speed train to Paris and met Bob Pokorney. He has set us up in his tiny apartment near the Louve.

Today we spent a leisurley morning drinking coffee and looking at famous art at the Love. This was extra great since we picked up the DaVinci Code to read on our train rides.

Currently we are enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with Bob's friends who are studying in Paris with him. Mashed Potatoes, Veggie torte, Red wine, cheese and bread.

Excuse the random post but I am getting quite drunk and I should be getting back to the party.

Thank you Meghan for the computer and Andy for the Wi-Fi.

Tommorow we head to Copenhagen!

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Happy Turkey Day!
If anyone is interested, there is a free turkey dinner at the DECC today (Thursday) from 11AM - 5PM. Come and get your turkey meal served to you by yours truly (and the Mayor, too!)

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

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Why didn't I think of this?!?

This could quite possibly be the greatest idea of all time - perhaps even surpassing the invention of the wheel itself.

Strange, though. I've always heard it called the "Stumble to the Shore," wherein one starts at Belknap Avenue and works his/her/their way down Tower Avenue to the shore of St. Louis Bay.

In the "Stumble to the Shore," then conceivably one would start imbibing at The Dugout. The exact route and end point, though, have always been points of contention. Can the path stray from Tower Avenue, thereby encompassing such establishments at the Temple Bar, Norm's and Twin Ports Brewing Co? If we were to stay exclusive to Tower Avenue, then our last stop would most likely be JT's Bar & Grill. However, if we're to take the straightest route to the shore, then in all probability last call of the Stumble would be Lost in the Fifties. Granted, this is probably an argument that has been raging for years and we'll figure out a solution to satisfy all parties anytime soon.

I would like to take part in this wonderful event, anyone else? Mayhap we can organize some sort of PDD Sup-Town "jaunt?"

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PDD Blogger Poems
Haikus are so over, sonnets died, and now (with inspiration from "Elvis Preslly") I propose Poems about PDD Bloggers. I will start out with a slightly modified short poem about our very own predicate nominative:


Marisa Ring was a great person to meet in a coffee shop. She could PAY me, have green hair, and leave to watch The OC.

She is married to a gouty pirate.

Your turn. The only rule is that it must be about a fellow PDD blogger, not a commenter (ugh, that word should really be commentor), and not one of your friends who happens to read PDD. The winner gets a.... hug?

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Which is your favorite?

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Lovely Apartment Available to Artists
A coveted three-bedroom apartment in the Washington Studios Artist Cooperative will be available in January. It overlooks Lake Superior and the Old Central clocktower. Some of you may know it as the current home of Haley Bonar and David Frankenfeld. Sara Softich lived there not long ago, too.

You don't have to be a musician or hot-looking to get this apartment, but you do have to be an artist and meet a few income guidelines. (It's a three bedroom, but only one person has to be an artist, the rest can latch on, but income is still an issue.)

Fabulous hardwood floors, high ceilings and a cranky old painter next door who is prone to heartattacks are just some of the perks. Rent is $729 plus a little community service.

To apply, call Carla at Bowman Properties, 218-722-3131. She can answer all of the many questions you no doubt have. You can also throw down in the comment section here and I'll answer as best I can. I live in the basement. I know a thing or two.

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Howdy folks.

We made it to Barcelona! We walked, we ate an awesome Falafel sandwich and we were robbed at knife Point! It wasn´t the biggest knife in the world but we were staring at the wrong end of it. Of course we had just replenished our funds as well.

It all happened just yards away from our Hostel which when all the stores were open, was a bright cheerful place. When those gates came down, however, the sinister spawn emerged from their holes.

On a brighter note, they didn´t take our wallets or our Passports or my camera bag so we will be fine. We will be leaving this country though a day ahead of schedule. But first we will visit with some Picasso paintings.

Does anyone else have a holdup story to share?

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Dead Poem
The third graders at LP's school wrote poems honoring dead people for the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. Most kids wrote about their great-grandparents or pets. But not Lp's friend, who gave him this lovely poem (I'd scan this in if I could because the picture is brilliant; I'm not editing it):


Elvis Preslly was a great artist.
He could SING gospel, rok, and pretty much everything.

He died on his toilet from to much Drug consumtion.

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"...god-like physique"
The Students have spoken, Godsey is Hot, at least according to RateMyProfessor.Com.

Yay Chris

Chris is the COOLEST cultural studies professor EVER!!

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Buenos Dias.


Nick and I are alive and kickin´ in Valencia Spain, waiting for a train to Barcelona. It is warm here and the Oranges are delicious.

Take care all and see ya in a couple of weeks.

scott and Nick.

ps, barrett please fix that huge photo. It is taken in front of the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.

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Battleship. The way it was meant to be played.
Putting politics into Battleship sure makes it interesting. Perhaps even making it all too real...

Player 1: Who starts?
Player 2: I do. I presume you to have weapons of mass destruction, and I premptively strike you at B6.

Player 1: That's a miss. I send a small boat filled with explosives to G3.
Player 2: That's a hit. I attack A10.

Player 1: That's a hit.
Player 2: I use "shock and awe" and attack A5-A10, A10-E10, and everything in between.

Player 1: Well you sunk my tiniest ship. But missed everything else.
Player 2: I don't care which ship, we don't do body counts.

Player 2: I land a jet on my aircraft carrier and declare "Mission Accomplished!"
Player 1: Isn't that a little premature?

Player 2: Of course not. My ministry of information declares major combat over.
Player 1: Whatever, we still got a long way to go. I attack G4.

Player 2: 'Nother hit.
Player 1: Not a sink though?

Player 2: Nope. My spies reveal to me that you have forces located at...
Player 1: Hey! No peeking in the reflection. I execute your spies.

Player 2: They were on your submarine.
Player 1: Gah. I just executed one of my own men on the battleship then.

Player 1: There. Now he's dead.
Player 2: Muhahah! I had no spies. You killed your own soldiers!

Player 1: You little...
Player 2: I attack A9 with depleted uranium shells. The whole boat sinks with the one hit.

Player 1: Have you no morals?
Player 2: We'll do whatever it takes to make you free.

Player 1: Isn't that ironic. Your occupation stirs up thousands of gurilla soldiers who want to fight back. Suicide bombers attack F5, I7, and A9 simotaneously.
Player 2: That's a hit.

Player 1: A sink?
Player 2: Well it is, but my ministry of information doesn't announce it.

Player 1: Yeah, yeah, whatever. It's still a sink.

Anyway the game was cut short so no winner could be declared. It's just too bad that our game of battleship represented something with much more serious consequences.

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Maybe the poncho fad's gone too far.

(from this story)

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Further Developments
We are proud to report that www.freeduluth.com is live. Not very live yet, but live. Midwifed by me, Allen Richardson's Campaign Manager, it is the child of the Acting Minister of Information, Ironic1, who offers no endorsement (specifically, "Anybody but Allen! 'ABA!'"). The site will feature a blog. Just another example of results from this campaign. Thank you.

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Another Poetic Challenge
Well, since we haikued this blog to death, I'll issue another poetic challenge.

I'll award the best sonnet on the topic of Perfect Duluth Day or the Free Republic of Duluth (or any other topic of local interest) to lunch at Thai Krathong.

Reminder 1 - A sonnet is 14 lines of iambic pentameter with alternating rhymes except for the final two lines which are a rhyming couplet.

Reminder 2 - Iambic pentameter is a line of 10 beats with alternating rhythm (tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump).

So who's the new Bard of Lake Superior?

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Hat tip: -berv, er, and Purple.

Make sure to visit the exhibit "Bonfire of my Vanities."

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Link Up With Your Drink Up

Please use the comment section to link the PDD world to your favorite music video's online. It's the best way to waste time at work ever invented.

See you in the unemployment line.

Oh, yeah. I'll get us started with:
Beck | Lost Cause
Gene Simmons | Firestarter
Johnny Cash | Hurt

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Vote Penguin 2004!!
When I am elected Secretary of the Internet for the Free Republic of Duluth I will make the internet a better place for everyone. When you vote for me you know you will get a Secretary who cares. I will make some changes around here, making it a law to have as much free porn as pay porn, I will make pop-ups illegal, and government-funded ISPs--DSL for everyone!!

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Oh crap
Deleeeete me. Blogger sucks and this double-posted.

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Sorry Everybody


An interesting exercise in mass cyber-contrition.

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Guess the lyric
You're all on the honor system here: NO SEARCH ENGINES!!!

If it drives you nuts trying to figure it out, too bad!

I'll start with an easy(?) one:

"there ain't no use in pretending, your eyes give you away"

whoever gets the artist and title right first gets to post the next lyric in the comments section. Nothing too obscure please.

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Haiku Comic Book

while we're on haikus
I found this online comic
it is pretty cool

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Which is your favorite?

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let's all judge this person we've never met!
when something disgusts brian, he frequently says, "that makes me wanna light myself on fire," so we were both intrigued by the fbi terror informant who did, indeed, ignite himself outside the white house. his information contributed to a major sting, and his identity was revealed because of it. he's expected to testify in a trial in january. he was protesting inadequate compensation, lack of protection for himself and his family, and not being allowed to visit his dying wife in yemen.

i don't know what to make of this form of protest. is it more effective than standing there with a sign because he's willing to suffer, or less effective because the act is so much more fascinating than the message? can this be called "peaceful protest" or not? quick! someone tell me what my opinion is.

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29 minutes and counting...
... since my first Anchor burger experience. Currently cringing in anticipation for the consequences.

$3.50 to the one with the best Anchor story haiku.

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Who is your favorite?


I can't believe you people let this post linger for 24 hours without smacking me down for forgetting Joel Hodgson -- the greatest prop comic of all-time. And I thought you people had my back.

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edge of the precipice

The interesting (?) people have left – except one, and she's preoccupied.
Still here with the models,
There's no challenge either, only quasi-sexual intrigues and people being led on for ego's sake.
Not that I'm contributing much, maybe I'm wrong.
The alcoholic thinking burning fury...
The pines portend of winter.

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Hello everyone, this here is my very first post . . . but a great one none the less!
A NY performance artist coming to Duluth! Plus, they'll serve us FREE FOOD!
I'll be there!

NY Avant Garde artist/composer Fast Forward will direct his Feeding Frenzy in
Duluth, November 21. 

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving in Pilgrim Church basement on East 4th Street a
highly unusual art event will take place – Fast Forward will direct SFA faculty in
his Feeding Frenzy - a celebration of food: "Feeding Frenzy is a 90 minute event
which involves simultaneous activities by 5 chefs, 5 musicians, and 5 waiters.
While music is created by the five musicians, five separate food courses will be
prepared and served to the audience. The actions of the chefs and musicians are
amplified to create a sonic landscape and live video of the event is projected on
a screen within the space." He will also conduct Masterclasses at UMD and give a
public lecture at Tweed during his visit.

Feeding Frenzy
Sunday November 21 2004, 6pm
Pilgrim Church Basement
2310 East 4th Street
Duluth, MN 55812

Tickets: $5 students, $10 others
From Weber Box Office 726-8877
or Pilgrim Church 724-8503

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Thank you, whoever you are

On a long Monday of prepping images for a Tucker Rocky online catalog, it doesn't take much to delight me. I tip my hat to the writer of this headline. And, for that matter, I tip my stem nut covers (which are indeed bad ass).

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Schedule of Events
Saturday, Nov. 20th, Declaration of Duluth Independence Planning Party
8-9pm: Manifestos Presented
9-10: Flagmaking Competition
10-11: Declaration of Independence Composed
11-12: Duluth National Anthem Composed and Performed
12-1: Bureaucracy Generated
1-2: War Declared on United States
2-3: Terms of Surrender Negotiated
3-4: Billion-dollar Demands Made For Foreign Aid
4-5: Easter-Egg Style Hunt for Weapons of Mass Affection

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A 16 MB QT video, claymation (my Fav form of animation), and pretty damn cool imo.

A can't seem to get this computer to upload images so check this link out for a still image

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Who Do Voodoo- We Do
Show has moved from the MAC to Pizza Luce

doors at 7pm
music starting between 8 and 9pm
Black Labels
The F-Ups
Big D and the Kids Table
Go Betty Go
Voodoo Glow Skulls

all ages!

posted by Pete at 11:11 AM
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Voodoo Tonight Pizza Luce'

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Anybody need a roommate? I'm halfway serious as I have just been told I have three months to move out. And then I was yelled at. My life is sweet!

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Relief from dull food
I moved here from California about two months ago, and there's a lot I really like about Duluth and not all that much I miss about California. I can admit though that the food here is generally not good, at both grocery stores and restaurants, in terms of both quality and selection and sometimes even price, compared to back home.

Today I found some relief at a new little Asian food market that has opened up on 4th St at 12th Avenue (1131 E. Duluth). It's called Duluth First Oriental and it's run by a nice Filipino lady who quit her job as a nurse to run the store with her husband.

I found things there that I was thinking I would have to go back home for (or to the cities) - a big jar of Kim Chee, jars of Patak's Indian pickles and relishes, Chinese Egg Noodles, rooster brand Sriracha sauce and Sate sauce, pickled mustard greens, a bag of bok choy, assorted pre-cooked indian dishes (a brand I'd never seen), and a small can of broiled eel. Like most Asian markets I've been into, there's also a ton of stuff I have never had and will need a little courage to try.

I hope this store is a success. I plan to shop there occasionally. I want to encourage people to check it out, especially if you are suffering because Duluth is too small-town for you.

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Stupid Creatures.

Looks like Zoey has some competition out there.

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Seeing Red
So when was it, exactly, that Republicans became red? I mean, when I was growing up we were taught to fear the "red menace" by those self same Republicans, and now they get to wear the red hat?

What's up with that?!?!

Phil Ochs is rolling in his grave.

My thinking is, if they want red, let's give 'em red.

Who's up for shaking off these blue state blues and showing those so-called red states what being red is? I'm up for a little revolution and social upheaval right about now, how 'bout you?

posted by Ironic1 at 7:32 PM
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The ex-AG
John Ashcroft's blistering ... funny take on the role of judical oversight... muhahahaha. You gota laugh.

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Where should I rent or buy?
UPDATE: I just found out I didn't get the job I wanted in Duluth (bastards!), but something is telling me just to get my ass up there once and for all. Note to J. Liv. if he's around: The eleventh elephant rides the long red wagon to Montreal.

I'm moving to Duluth soon and I need some advice. First, what's the deal with Central Hillside? I've lived in some of the worst neighborhoods in MPLS, so I imagine Hillside is only a fraction the hassle. But folks keep telling me NOT to live in Hillside. Why?

Next, what's your feeling about West Duluth? What about Superior?

Lastly, (WARNING: PASSIVE AGRESSIVE GUILT COMPLEX) I've been posting here quite a bit. Hope I'm not boring anybody.

Thanks, all. All advice is appreciated.

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Open Letter to my House
I don't like you very much, you are cold. The furnace is quite large, and the house isn't that big, but somehow you manage to not heat yourself very well. There is something not right when I have to wear mittens to type at the computer. I have your thermostat set at 63, why are you only 58? How many items of clothing must I wear before you give in and heat up? I can't use the xbox in these mittens, I want to play video games, is that too much to ask? I guess so.

Please heat up before I die of hypothermia.


ps to Paul, one shot of poison

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Put the Lotion in the Basket
Of the many grusome lines from this nasty little movie this creepy little line pops up in the funniest places. It inspired this tasty morsel from the Greenskeepers .

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I love vintage computing

And you should too! Call me "old fangled" but this guy's tie is HOT and her knees are HOTTER! What's on the tape she's holding? What's he looking for? Where can I get one of those Sperry-Univac Model 345s in the background? Is his 5 & 1/4" disk still floppy? I do have a printable 8.5x11 pdf of this so email me if you want one.Here's another un-baci'd from the same source

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Allen Richardson Declared Frontrunner
Even before Duluth has formally seceded, Allen Richardson’s dark horse candidacy has surged into the lead, according to recent unscientific poll numbers.

"The secessionists have Weapons of Mass Affection. Well drop a love bomb on me, sugar. Now that secession fever has gripped Duluth, I’m looking forward to embracing my sovereignty. Maybe that way we can get a few minutes peace and quiet before the inevitable implosion of the empire to the south, the United States of … whatever it was. That’s why I’m voting Allen Richardson of the No Weirdos Party for President of the Free Republic of Duluth."
-Wilhelmena Wilhelmenason, 62

The candidate issued a statement.

"To the edge of the cliff - and beyond! We are the party to take you there. Unstable times demand unstable leadership. My candidacy is prepared to offer you, the free citizens of the Free Republic of Duluth, a non-stop barrage of contradiction and cognitive dissonance, including trials, a space program, coups and counter coups, Hillside named capitol of Duluth, and the secession of the Hillside from Duluth. Now printing currency. The barbarians are at the gate, the psychedelic submarine must submerge. All aboard! Down Periscope! Cocktails all around! Fire torpedos! Dive! Dive! Dive!" - Allen Richardson, No Weirdos Party candidate for President of Free Republic of Duluth

Put the dent back in President – Allen Richardson for Duluth President.
Cabinet Positions now available.

www.freeduluth.com imminent.
Declaration of Independence Planning Party, Saturday Nov. 20, Gonzo Science Headquarters.

posted by The Professor at 5:30 PM
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This is for Berv
I'm not afraid to reveal my bad poetry. I'm not afraid to show you my outhouse.

I went in late October to the hill near Stoney River
woke in darkness to touch the frozen ground

I came for enlightenment
Instead, I listen to mice scurry about the dirt floor
and scold the dog for barking at moose so early in the day

I do my Buddhist practice but it is too much
We sleep next to Tara’s image and we are blessed
But we are cold

Mornings, we walk to the fallen pine
and set to work for firewood

At the lilting yurt I cut and split the logs
Atop an aspen table I set the logs to dry
and return to the pine for more

Inside, logs stacked near the stove
oil lamps hung from poplar rafters
I wind the radio for news from Ely and messages from home

They speak of my yurt having never seen the thing itself
They read my name and the names of those I know

Evenings, I photograph the sunset reflected from lithe young birch
and walk the road when rustling all goes still

Finally, I set the chair near the stove and lay a rug for the dog
reading Hesse and Sunruzi Suzuki
I don’t hear the snow falling on the ground

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Geek Prom shuttle?

If Geek Prom continues to exist I think we must buy this car.

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Phat Flash Videos

Sweet MC Hawking videos here.

posted by Paul at 10:49 AM
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Why I love Google.
This could possibly be the greatest Google Image search string of all time!


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Which is your favorite?

And, by popular demand, a few more chicks.

posted by Paul at 4:02 PM
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Perfect Sound Radio

Can you go wrong with The Mats? I'm positive that you can't.

This show was taped on their final tour and sounds absolutely magnificent compared to, say...The Shit Hits The Fans. The band managed to stay relatively sober and consequently turn in a ferocious performance. I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't stray into at least a couple cuts from Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash, but as Westerberg notes midway through the concert, at this stage they're "old and mature." Yeah right.

Listen To Perfect Sound Radio

Visit Perfect Sound Radio

April 30, 1989
Bronco Bowl
Dallas, TX


Color Me Impressed
Talent Show
Anywhere's Better Than Here
Favorite Thing
Back To Back
Achin' To Be
The Ledge
Darlin' One
I Will Dare
Nightclub Jitters
Sadly Beautiful
Kiss Me On The Bus
I'll Be You
Askin' Me Lies
Little Mascara
Answering Machine
Can't Hardly Wait
We'll Inherit
Hold My Life
Another Girl, Another Planet
Left Of The Dial
I Don't Know
Bastards Of Young
Alex Chilton

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10 November: "Don't let nobody on deck"
The Great Lakes Maritime Institute has for display a collection of photos that chronicle the construction of Hull 301 at the River Rouge Engineering Works. Later, it would launch as the Edmund Fitgerald.

This photo was taken by Bill Watzlakek at the Torco docks in Toledo, OH.

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Wanna be Capitan Morgan?
Here's something that came across my P.R. job list, which I thought would be of interest to you pirates over 21:


We need an outgoing individual with a dynamic personality who likes attention in a bar environment! You must be willing to dress like Captain Morgan and talk like the Captain. You must be "Captain Morgan!" This is a great promotion for those looking to make extra money or possibly further their career.

You MUST be of legal drinking age, have reliable transportation, and work a flexible schedule. You should be responsible, able to work autonomously, and possess image awareness. Spirit and/or wine knowledge is a plus. Working in a bar or restaurant environment, Renaissance festivals and in theater also a huge plus for this position. You should be at least 6' tall to fit into your Captain uniform.

Job location is Minneapolis/St. Paul
Compensation: $30/hour

$30 bucks an hour? Guess I know what career I'll be talking L.P into going into!

(P.S. If by any chance anyone is interested in this job, email me at purplemr at msn dot com).

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Want what can't be had, love turns into hate.
Need crushes itself under its own weight
and transforms, moving in a distorted direction.
was she a journey or a destination?

Now I'm alone in the fog
on a quiet empty beach at night,
The lighthouse vainly casts
a pale diffusion of light.
And there's no one else for miles
to behold this sight.

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Yet Another Disturbing Japanese Thing

You have been warned!


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Get it. Give it away.
Just making sure everyone knows about Twin Ports Freecycle.

You can give stuff away and get stuff. All for free. Check it out.

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Voodoo Glow Skulls in Duluth
Voodoo Glow Skulls, Go Betty Go, The F-Ups, Big D and the Kids Table, and the Black Labels.
Monday, Nov. 15.
Twin Ports MAC
All Ages, Doors at 7pm
Bands Against Bush Show!
Info call 218-940-6283

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My backyard at 5am. Jack Horkheimer is prolly wetting his pants.

Keep. Looking. Up.

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Perfect Sound Radio

Are you ready to rock?

If you are:

Connect To Perfect Sound Radio

If not, I'll just let you know that I saw QOTSA on their last tour and it was quite possibly one of the best shows I've ever seen (and I'm still pissed for missing the 400 Bar show with Dave Grohl!).

The last time I saw ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, I--along with 20 or so other people invited onstage--trashed their drum kit during the last song.

I can't imagine seeing these two bands in one night.

Here's the setlist:

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

It Was There That I Saw You
Fake Eyes
Another Morning Stoner
How Near How Far
Days Of Being Wild
Aged Dolls
A Prefect Teenhood

Queen Of The Stone Age

**Queens Intro**
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
Quick And To The Pointless
Monsters In The Parasol
No One Knows
If Only
Gonna Leave You
Hangin' Tree
Auto Pilot
Song For The Dead
Better Living Through Chemistry
Go With The Flow
Tension Head
Song For The Deaf
The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire
Do It Again
Regular John

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How 'bout that show!!!
Hey y'all - hope everyone got to see that gorgeous show in the sky last night. I haven't seen colors that bright in a LOOOOONG time! This was taken from my backyard in Piedmont Heights - I can only imagine what it must have been like farther from the city lights. WOW!

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quick question

Posted by HelloA question from an out-of-state exile:

Is the holiday-season themed Menards commercial on yet? You know the one, with the Menards Singers howling "warm seasons greetings to you all from Menards!" in a cheerful, yet strangely haunting manner?

I miss that commercial. I miss Menards commercials in general. The best commercial we have around here is for an establishment known as The Donut Hole, which has commericals featuring stop-animation donuts singing little diddies about frosting and road construction. (There's always a lot of road construction going on around here.) Not bad, but not as good as they sound, either.

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Something Pleasant!!
Here's something pleasant to help get everyone's minds off the elections for a couple of seconds. This comes from the March 1, 1910 edition of the Duluth News Tribune (I think--it's been a while since I came across it). Sounds like a fun time.

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Another map (Blue State Blues)
Once again the Onion gets it right...

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Human Virus
Do you really need that light on?

Also, turns out the country is fairly purplish.

Purple=even split

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Another blog to waste your time
If you are a livejournal user, and who isn't these days, feel free to add http://www.livejournal.com/community/twinports/ or simply Twinports to your list.

Madison has a great community page and I felt the twinports could benefit from one as well.

Of course it will be as great at PDD.

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Has anyone heard anything (good or bad) about True Colors Tattoo (the Duluth or Superior shop)?
I won a gift certificate for a tattoo at the Witches Ball, and I figured it's a good time to get my cheap-ass off to get tattooed!

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Bush - Mistaken

8mb wmv. Should display in your browser. For all you jerks who keep pushing my entries off the front page.

EDIT: Someone today (someone from Georgia I might add) told me I was bitter. I'm not bitter, I'm just a far Northerner, I've accepted my fate of spending months in the dark and the cold and the ice. I'm okay with that. We're a different breed up here. Forged in the snow, for all the cheesiness that phrase provides.

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steer me i'm a rudder

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Obituaries: Former President George W. Bush Dead at 72
Read more.

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Free Duluth! Since the rest of the country is clearly batshit, we propose secession from it. Screw 'em. We got it all right here and we're keeping it. Reject the times, embrace your future as a citizen of the Free Republic of Duluth. Watch for a formal public declaration. Be a part of it! We need to finalize a name, design a flag, build a website, and elect a president and other governing officers. Make up your own office and run for it - we're free now to do as we wish. For Duluth President, I nominate Allen Richardson of the Gonzo Science party, running on a strict No Wierdos platform. Run your own candidate, make signs, flyers, bumper stickers, and buttons. Stay tuned for further announcements of contact info, official secession announcement, formal campaign launches, debate schedules, election date, and most importantly, parties. Preserve our unique culture from the cultural imperialism of our oppressors. All aboard! Next stop: freedom. Email [email protected] to help and/or declare your candidacy. And may God bless the Free Republic of Duluth.

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Not dead after all!

Before you ask yourself, "what kind of stupid post is that??"... we've elected stupider people President. :P

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Axis of Weasles
Okay, I havent posted for awhile...been hunkering in the bunker...IYKWIM....but I thought I'd return with a bit of photshop fun. Not my best work but you get my drift.

Also I found an Interesting web site about daily life in nazi germany.

"Daily life in Nazi Germany was manipulated from the beginning of Nazi rule.Propaganda dominated popular culture and entertainment.Anti-intellectualism was used to prevent the people from thinking and feeding into their strong sense of national and military pride.Finally, Hitler and the party realized the possibilities of controlling Germany’s youth as a means of continuing the Reich, and insuring total control over a future generation."

My feeling on this mess, The fundamentalists everywhere are in the height of their orgy of fear! Soon they will consume themselves and leave us to the global reunification with the collective unconcious we richly desreve...and pizza!

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America: The Book
I just think everyone should buy this book.

At the very least you ought to read it. I'll happily lend out my copy. I also enjoy reading aloud, come on over for storytime, we'll make popcorn and eat candy and I'll read it to you. Enjoy this excerpt:

It is often said that America "invented" democracy. This view is, of course, an understatement; America invented not only democracy, but freedom, justice, liberty, and "time-sharing." But representative democracy is unquestionably our proudest achievement, the creation most uniquely our own, even if the rest of the Western world would have come up with the idea themselves by the 1820s. So why, then, has participation in this most wondrous system withered?

As heirs to a legacy more than two centuries old, it is understandable why present-day Americans would take their own democracy for granted. A president freely chosen from a wide-open field of two men every four years; a Congress with a 99% incumbency rate; a Supreme Court comprised of nine politically appointed judges whose only oversight is the icy scythe of Death— all these reveal a system fully capable of maintaining itself. But our perfect democracy, which neither needs nor particularly wants voters, is a rarity. It is important to remember there still exist many other forms of government in the world today, and that dozens of foreign countries still long for a democracy such as ours to be imposed on them.

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The Deal With Gobstoppers

Today for my lunch break, I sat in my car and listened to the Kerry concession speech. To consol my saddened heart I had a box of Gobstoppers leftover from Halloween. What a dissapointment on two fronts. Has anyone else noticed that Gobstoppers have been reduced in size? They seem so much smaller than they used to be. Also they hardly change color at all! I did a little taste/color test. Each color now only changes to one other color.

Purple-> Red

I read the box, and thier slogan is "Layers & Layers of Fun". Layers? Who are they kidding? The box deceivingly shows laughing jawbreakers with four colors. My question is this: Does anyone else remember Gobstoppers differently? And when exactly did they become so shoddy?

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Perfect Sound Radio

No more First Ave. and four more years of Bush?

That calls for some good old fashioned Seattle angst-rock courtesy of the most popular--and arguably best--of the lot: Nirvana.

Even though Cobain's tragic suicide vaulted him right up there into the highly esteemed, yet terribly troubled pantheon of deceased rock gods, it's pretty hard to argue with the only thing that really matters--the songs.

For my money, "Negative Creep" ranks right up there with the best songs--never mind hard rock songs--ever written.

Listen To Perfect Sound Radio

Here's the setlist:

Drain You
Floyd The Barber
Smells Like Teen Spirit
About A Girl
Come As You Are
Been A Son
Negative Creep
On A Plain
Rape Me
Spank Through
Territorial Pissings

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writing on wall
The writing was on the wall the whole time. A message from the secret powers. "Swift Boat" combines with "Get Out the Vote" to become "Get Out the Boat Swiftly" (women and children first)

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screw politics. ever tried to kick coffee?
after reading all the (pseudo-)sober october posts, i realized that not only am i probably some sort of alcoholic--it doesn't seem right to crave/need even something so benign as a cold miller high life--i'm also an undeniable coffee fiend.

if forced to choose between giving up beer or coffee, i have no idea what i'd do.

what's most valuable: a morning companion or an evening comforter?

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Who is your favorite in 2008?

And, by popular demand, this guy.

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Osama is smarter than we gave him credit for.
Bin Laden says he wants to bankrupt America

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Anyone else going down to the DFL Bash at the DECC? Looks like a real nail biter. Me, I'm going to Charlotte's party at the DFL office on Superior St. and then heading to the DECC. The Black Labels are playing and Charlie Parr too.


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Go to a parking lot for God's sakes!
I Can't Get Behind That

This fits my mood today. Shatner and Rollins, how can you go wrong?

"I can't -- get behind -- a FAT ASS!

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Who is your favorite?

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Perfect Sound Radio

Today we've got a great Election Day concert. Our website is still down, so to listen, click here:

Listen To Perfect Sound Radio

Oh, and please remember to vote!

Bruce Springsteen with REM & John Fogerty
"Vote For Change" concert
Gund Arena
Cleveland, Ohio
October 2, 2004


**Michael Stipe Intro**
Star Spangled Banner
Born In The U.S.A.
No Surrender
Lonesome Day
River Introduction
The River
Johnny 99
**John Fogerty Intro**
Déjà Vu All Over Again
Fortunate Son
The Promised Land (w/ John Fogerty)
The Rising
Because The Night (w/Michael Stipe)
Mary's Place
**Public Service Announcement**
Born To Run
**Encore Break**
Bad Moon Rising
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding (w/Conor Oberst)
People Have The Power (w/ Michael Stipe & Conor Oberst)
**Bruce Springsteen Intro**
Bad Day (w/ The Boss)
Man on the Moon (w/ The Boss)

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Party with Charlotte
Charlotte VanVactor for St. Louis County Commissioner Charlotte's election night party will be at the DFL office at 208 W. Superior St. (right next to Ace Hardware and across the street from the Holiday Center) starting as the polls close around 8pm. We'll be watching the returns come in together and (cross your fingers) celebrating a big victory.

There are reports of long lines at polling places around the state, though I got in and out in about 10 minutes. Remember, even if you aren't registered you can still vote today in Minnesota. Make sure you bring along a picture ID and/or a utility bill with your name and current address on it and/or a registered voter from your precinct who knows your address and can vouch for you.

Election Help:
Find Your Poll
Preview Your Ballot
Frequently Asked Questions

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Lady in Red (Is Dancing With Meat)

If you followed the PDD link from last week to Radio 1 downloads, you may have come across a "butchered" version of Chris DeBurgh's "Lady in Red." You can also find it here.

If your Halloween played out right, you found yourself slow dancing to this song at the end of the night, with a bloody partner.

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In the UK. Help Me Out.
Because I am located outside the US I am being denied access to
http://www.GeorgeWBush.com. I'm pretty unhappy about that - so are all the other American ex-pats I know.


Apparently if you go to that site and sign up as a volunteer then go to this


you get 15 names and numbers of voters in swing states. Please, please,
please can you do that for me? Even if you feel funny about phoning them up
and maybe you can't even bring yourself to do it, just get the numbers
anyway to keep them away from the Dark Side.

Tell everyone you know.

If BushCo supporters can't call them, the voters can't be tempted/brainwashed by them.

I voted a few weeks ago, but am feeling really out of the loop and desperate to do *something* anything. Please help me out so I don't feel so useless.

I'll do the same for you come Tony Blair's re-election campaign! :)

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shannon lost her job, part 2 OR godsey farewell tour officially begins today
the less-than-completely-evil drug company that cut shannon's duluth-based, northern minnesota job also decided to hook her up with a statewide job. it's a good one. educating people about schizophrenia and other medications. she'll be able to go about her work with a clear conscience.

the job is based in minneapolis. looks like we're moving.

she won't be gone till january (although she'll be training in indianapolis for most of that time).
i'll be here till march or april, probably. maybe till may.

a friend of ours is hooking us up with discounted rent for a loft space in the warehouse district.
it's all concrete. looks like something from the movie gattica. dsl is part of the package.

what's the best coffee shop in that neighborhood?

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shannon lost her job, part 2. OR godsey farewell tour officially begins today
the less-than-completely-evil drug company that cut shannon's duluth-based, northern minnesota job also decided to hook her up with a statewide job. it's a good one. educating people about schizophrenia and other medications. she'll be able to go about her work with a clear conscience.

the job is based in minneapolis. looks like we're moving.

she won't be gone till january (although she'll be training in indianapolis for most of that time).
i'll be here till march or april, probably. maybe till may.

a friend of ours is hooking us up with discounted rent for a loft space in the warehouse district.
it's all concrete. looks like something from the movie gattica. dsl is part of the package.

what's the best coffee shop in that neighborhood?

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Chicago. Eau Claire. The Cities. I-94. Natural American Spirit

Guitars rock stars unsmoked cigars broken bottle grain alcohol

Knife thru the heart blood on the bottle

Look in the eyes look at the floor can’t do it

The time is past again until the next failure fail again

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Perfect Sound Radio
We've got a bunch of awesome shows in store for all you dedicated listeners this week at Perfect Sound Radio. Today we'll kick things off with one of my all-time favorites--Husker Du--and, as if things can't get any better, follow that up with an election day REM/Bruce Springsteen/John Fogerty Vote For Change special (you better be voting!) and a double--kind of a triple--shot from Queens Of The Stone Age. We're ending this week with Iggy and the Stooges (!!!), so don't miss out.

**A quick note: we're having problems updating our website, so it may look a bit old, but believe me we'll be broadcasting**

Connect To Perfect Sound Radio

All Show Run 12PM-12AM

Here are all the details:

Monday | November 1

Husker Du

Live @ First Avenue; Minneapolis, MN; August 28, 1985

Tuesday | November 2

**Special Get Out the Vote Show**

REM/Bruce Springsteen/John Fogerty

Vote For Change Tour

Live From Gund Arena; Cleveland, OH; October 2, 2004

Wednesday | November 3


Live from Rome, Italy; November 19, 1991

Thursday | November 4

Queens Of The Stone Age (1st show w/...And You Will Know US By The Trail Of Dead)

Live @ 9:30 Club; Washington DC; September 10, 2002
Live @ The Showbox; Seattle, WA; October 9, 2002

Friday | November 5

Iggy and the Stooges

Live @ Shibuya AX; Tokyo, Japan; March 22, 2004

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Click the pic to find where to vote tomorrow

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