First Avenue, Leinenkugel's in plastic cups and you.

Peter S. Scholtes has the cover article this week in the City Pages. It is an oral history of the infamous First Avenue. I cut my young musical teeth there and it continues to change my life. I was briefly interviewed for the article (everybody was invited to) but didn't make the final cut. After reading the finished piece I am embarrased that I even accepted the offer to share my thoughts.

You can pick up a real copy of the City Pages at the Electric Fetus.

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Speaking of fun with paints.......
sure Knife River might not qualify as perfectly duluth, but the j pepper in gallery there is currently hosting a tremendous exhibit of new paintings by bob pokorney. it's a cute, little b&b that also has a very well done gallery space. the show has some 20ish paintings by bob, and is a definite must see. sadly they are only open on saturday and sundays 12-5, but who even needs an excuse to drive up the shore on a sunny summer weekend afternoon.
to get there take the scenic highway to emily's eatery, take a left on central avenue and it's about a block up on the left. by the by, a stop at emily's post-gallery is also super. yummy food and drinks with a killer view of the knife river. the exhibit runs through sunday, september 28th.

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Fun with Science!
Here's one anyone can try! Paint with oil based paints for a couple of hours, sleep in the room next to the wet paint and enjoy the hours of nightmares to follow. Last night I was being chased by Death Eaters but little Harry Potter saved me. Thank you Harry!

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Howdy Duluth folks! I have just joined this blog for the sole purpose of posting this. Hope I don't fug everything up...

Washington Galleries Found Objects to Art show runs September 6-28. The opening reception is Friday, Spetember 5, from 6-8 p.m. I shan't be there, because I am too asocial to enjoy receptions, but I have sent three representatives in my place, and they can tell me all about it when they come home.

left to right, that's Violet, Merle, and Simon.

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It's About Time
I am currently putting the final tweaks on the most-anticipated Web site in the history of the Internet, slimgoodbuzz.com. I'm still not satisfied with the banner at the top, but other than that, it's holding together, I think.

I want the site to be as interactive as possible, without too much clutter or redundancy. The ultimate goal is to have the regular Goodbuzz readers speaking up about the things they drunkenly care about (i.e. whether Slim is "way off" or "spot on").

Anyone who wants to throw any ideas my way will be enthusiastically greeted. I'd especially appreciate it if anyone knows URLs to sites by area bars, or other inebriation-based attractions, local or otherwise.

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your tax dollars at work
back in the saddle, kids.

my first class of the school year--CSt 1101: Introduction to Cultural Studies--meets today from noon till 1:40, and while the syllabus is nearly complete, my first-day-of-class notes are not.

so what am i doing? i'm i'm drinking very strong coffee, eating the caramel roles that my septuagenarian neighbor jewell brought over last night, and listening to a lovely, mellow mix disc (iz, aimee mann, nick drake, ben folds, jack johnson).

i really should get to work.

what, by the way, is the official handshake of the international loyal order of narwhal? is tusk shaking involved? what are the names of the order's members?

w to the o to the r to the d.

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The hazing will be painful

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Unidentified Flying Weiner

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Our Official Anthem

Right-click HERE to download "Come to Duluth (If You Want To Be An Alcoholic)" by Vinnie & the Stardusters, from The Duluth EP by Shaky Ray Records.

Shaky Ray Records
923 N. 12th Ave. E.
Duluth MN 55805
[email protected]

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