Hey Gang,

So were are on for the Croquet Tournament/ Picnic.

Time: Sunday, August 31 1PM and on

Place: Top of the water reservoir at 15th Ave East above 6th St. In case of rain or police raid, we will find an alternative site.

I have 2 croquet sets and a badmitten set. Starfire and I will be mowing the course this morning.

Please bring: Food, drinks, coolers, lawn chairs, frisbees and other outdoor toys/games.

I will provide a barbeque grill, a couple of tables, potato salad, chips and salsa and corn on the cob. James Moors will bring a shade canopy.

For those who want to bring Growlers, please remember the Brewhouse does not sell offsale on Sunday (or any other bar in Minnesota).

Any questions, suggestions etc please call 724-4794 or my cell 390-4794.

Eric & Patty

posted by starfire at 10:29 AM
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Minnesota geeks strike again
The source of the msblaster virus has been traced to a Hopkins MN teen

posted by Lumpy G at 12:42 PM
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John Lee at Harvard?
One of you, specifically John Lee, will spend most of your time just hanging out in your car eating nachos. You will all come back from time to time to this beautiful campus for reunions, and ask the question, "Does anyone ever know what happened to John Lee?" At that point, he will invariably pop out from the bushes and yell, "Nachos anyone?!" At first, it will scare the crap out of you. But then you'll share a laugh with your classmates and ultimately look forward to John jumping out of the bushes as a yearly event.

--part of the Will Ferrell commencement speech given at Harvard this year. The rest of the speech is here.

Thanks Chuck.

posted by starfire at 7:51 PM
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hello, i'm johnny cash...
you wonder why i always dress in black...he's 71.
he's shaky because of a nervous system disease.
he's still a badass.

johnny cash is up for six mtv video music awards thursday night.

god bless real country music.

hey--is anyone willing to host a vma gathering at their crib? it's a pop culture extravaganza. i'll bring grain belts.


posted by godsey at 8:17 AM
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Who wants to be Mayor?
Sure he is a bit of a weenie but I think Greg Gilbert is best for the future of Duluth. Have a chat with the candidate tomorrow at the NorShor Theatre from 5-7PM. Ask him what he thinks about golf courses or movie theatres.

Down with Herb, he doesn't approve of homos.

posted by starfire at 11:35 PM
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Croquet anyone?
So, my friends Eric and Patty want to have a Croquet party on Labor Day weekend. What day is best? I am wide open, but the world does not revolve around me, yet. The games will take place on the reservoir at 15th Avenue East. There will be some mowing prior to the event and help will be allowed.

Oh, I am hooked on the board game called "Settlers of Catan." Please help me.

Barrett or Lumpy. If we include the word Duluth in every post, will our Google standing in that search improve? Duluth, Duluth, Duluth and Duluth.

posted by starfire at 12:28 AM
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Getting ready to head into the BWCA next weekend for a few days, should be fun unless the whole top of Mn goes up like a birthday cake of a centenarian, or a beaver chews down a tree ontop of us, or the canoe flips over and we all drown... but none of that will happen and it will be a wonderful time.... now where was that fire extinguisher.

posted by edgewood at 8:57 PM
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Interesting ...

Tomorrow (8.26) is the release party for this thing--a remix album featuring Low, Both, the Dames, Amy Abts, Greg Cougar Conley, etc.--at the 'Shor. Does anyone know any details? I know that audio and video recording devices are encouraged. But other than the Hi-5 blurb, I haven't heard much. Xaq's site and blog make no mention of it.

posted by Barrett at 11:04 AM
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Miracle Mike

How it happened: The mother-in-law really liked to eat the neck of the chicken. So, like a good son-in-law, he placed the ax so that a good amount of neck would be left for his mother-in-law. 1945, Mike was created. He lived, despite everything going against him, see the jugular vein was intact and a clot was formed. Listen, there was even one ear left! Mike immediately started to peck and preen. Have you wondered about chickens? Well, here is your answer, they just continue on dispite everything. If they are alive they perform their duties. A case of being not so intelligent? Yes. But, there is relaxation in that thought.

Mike was created in Fruita, CO. He died, after 4 1/2 years of being headless. He was on a national tour and he started to choke. His owner did not have the eye dropper that was needed to unclog the esophogus (corn was regularly placed in the open esophogus as part of his diet). He died. But, the celebration continues every mid-May.

I want to create a tribute to Mike. Now that I am done with graduate school, I need to focus on something. I want to create another Mike. Imagine the scene, when Lumpy G and I uncover Mike II. I was thinking we may uncover him during the famous pet parade. I am still wondering why these pets have heads on their chicken costumes. Damn it! This is not a parade for chickens, it is for the very special headless chicken Mike. Ok, the donkey dressed in the full chicken costume is cool, and the chicken heads on the dogs could be seen as being on the verge of falling off. But, these parade pictures lead me to the conculsion that Mike is not being taken seriously.

Chickens are animals, I guess. Ok. So, Lumpy G and I will put them to sleep and work on creating a cut that will produce the correct result. Barrett pointed out to me that this is sick, and Starfire has pictures in his mind of me with a butcher apron sawing at chickens. I said that I know that I would have to pretend that this just happened by accident. Then Barrett said it might gain national attention. Lumpy G and I would carry Mike II, during the celebration in Fruita, CO, on a purple cushion above our heads--it would be absoultely regal. This chicken would be so much more splendid then he could have ever been otherwise.

I have been thinking about this for the last four days, obsessively, and I realize that I have to forget about it. It is not possible to do. Maybe Lumpy G and I can at least go to the celebration with chicken outfits. Not the heads. Then, we can be as true to Mike as we can possibly be.

posted by Ca-chee at 11:13 PM
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a wonderful evening.

posted by starfire at 9:28 PM
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hot. just ass hot.
thanks to uncomfortable heat today and excessive beer and wine on saturday night, dehydration is the order of the day this sunday. sweaty skin and a thick, sticky tongue.

when barrett was 17, it was a very good year. it was a very good year for small town girls and soft summer nights. they'd hide from the lights on the village green. when he was 17.


posted by godsey at 6:50 PM
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