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A crazy couple of days.
Sad news. 2 women died in a fire above the North Star bar in Superior Wi. The family of my friend Liz owned the bar and apartments which makes the news even more sad. The North Star was always a great place to have a drink and they would even have music there once in a while. My band Father Hennepin played a Halloween show there one time with Giljunko and Lifter Puller.

Scary news. My place of employment was robbed yesterday. There was only one person there at the time when a woman came up the back stairs and handed a note to M saying "give me all the money and we won't hurt you." She (the robber)also shoved something very gun like in M's back while guiding her to the till. M escaped shortly after the money was handed over and was not hurt. WHAT THE HELL! Broad daylight, downtown Duluth, MN.

On a lighter note. I scored a really cool old star sign at a garage sale yesterday. It used to be on the top of the Dewitt-Seitz building in Canal Park. Needs a new cord but all the light sockets are intact and it will look great on my wall.

I also got to drive a Mini Cooper yesterday. People really look at you when you drive one of these.

Now I am going to go Kayaking with Tom and Kerry. Have a good day.

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Wesley Willis now sings "I Kicked Batman's Ass" with the choir invisible
Outsider recording artist Wesley Willis Died last night. the weird thing is Nick or Zoey ( I forget who ) spun last night at Starfire Lounge, said they forgot to bring any of his music. This was the first time in a about a year I recall anybody mentioning Him. Read More

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Well Yippie Ty Yi Ya
Howdy friends and neighbors, it's your old saddle pal Brad
signing on from down on the farm. Hey, I don't know so
much about all this high falootin teknologie and shit, but
are we supposed to be "Blogging" without a rubber?

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Heads Up!

Low will be playing 2 shows in Minneapolis at the Triple Rock Social Club on October 16th-17th. I don't think it is a very big place and it will undoubtedly sell out so if you are interested, get your tickets early.

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The cool air feels nice.

Our hero Chuck.

Barrett, Ca-Chee and LumpyG in front of a patriotic school bus
God Bless the patriotic bus.

an unnamed skinnydipper on Lake Superior
Nice dive.

What a wonderful day in Duluth. Thanks again to Chuck and Sharyn and their friends for making us feel at home in the big city of Minneapolis last night. We got to Bryant Lake Bowl just in time to see Chuck's Blogumentary and laugh our asses off. We blew off the rest of the movies due to a lack of seating and the high temps in the sold out theatre. We did however enjoy a couple of Bell's Amber Ales on tap in the bar. Sharyn of Mass Distraction sighted us first and came over to say hi. When Chuck came out of the theatre I felt like a Rock-n-Roll groupie waiting backstage. After everyone snapped photos of everyone else we made plans to go to the new Chipolte on Hennepin Ave. It was built on the site of the old Embers at which I have had several drunken bar-rush meals. I prefer the Chipolte.

Chuck and his significant other did not make it to dinner but Sharyn and her friend Allison did and we whooped it up until it was clear we must head north. 3/4 of us had to work today. The trip home went quickly but damn my eyes started to get tired. The highlight of the late night drive was an old mix tape that Lumpy and I made at the Brewhouse years ago.

There is the first hint of Fall in the air today but the water is still warm and the flowers in my front yard are in full bloom. Later.

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Chuck Heads.
Other possible titles for this post.




Any Chuck will do.

Chuck index of 104

Seriously I had a great time on our trip to Mpls. for the screening of Chuck's Blogumentary in progress. My digital friends are now analog. More in the morning, uh, later this morning.

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Road Trip anyone?
Chuck from Chuck's Blogumentary is having a Blogumentary work-in-progress screening at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis tomorrow from 7-8:30PM. We would have to leave by no later than 4:30 and get home when we get home I guess. I have room for 3 in my car if anyone is interested.

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Logan's Run redux
read about these in some Duluth paper a month or so ago, then Mr. Chase mentioned them in his blog, and I found this news story / press release, I dunno looks kinda cool, then again I want one of these to drive around the city in. Tres mo'dern n'est pas?

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More obligatory headlines of tenuous relevance...

OUTRAGE!! Male, Balding, Fortyish: "What do you mean Bluesfest is over?"

UNDERWAY!! Lake Superior begins summer-to-fall conversion. Local responds: "It kinda sucks."

AKWARD!! Mars and Earth closest in last 30,000 years. Earth: "Mars gets all weird when... too close. Y'know?"

UNFORTUNATE!! Venus: "Earth gets all 'I'll call you' whenever this happens. Whatever."

EXPECTED!! Moon-landing conspiracist: "Mars really isn't that close. They just want you to believe that."

UNNECESSARY!! More mushrooms on that pizza.

NECESSARY!! A side of wings.

REQUISITE!! Kayak Kolsch.

... Developing ...

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How to have fun with your own body
I found this over at a blog I visit, Defective Yeti. I am completely entertained.

Do this:

+ Make clockwise circles on the floor with your right foot;
+ Now, without looking at your foot, use the index finger on your right hand to draw the number "6" in the air.

Did your foot change direction? Yes it did, you liar.

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Surf's Up!
Should I feel bad about having a great time swimming in the waves of Gitchee Gumee while the Coast Guard was searching for the body of a 21 year old just a mile down the beach? The riptide was pretty strong and I would not suggest swimming in those conditions unless you are pretty confident but when you catch the perfect wave and surf it for 20 yards there is nothing better. Be careful out there!

On a lighter note. I have some better measurements on Enger Tower. 8 sides, 10' wide and 51' high. That is alot of bedsheets. If you have any to donate to the project or if you want to go on a thrift store shopping spree let me know.

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hey everyone
this is my first experience blogging. it is most thrilling.
today somebody wrote many horrible words in the dirt on the back windshield of my minivan while it was parked in the mall lot. why? why?

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something fer everyone
and now... this is a how-to database on how to disable and detect 135 types of explosive land mines. Knowledge for the masses

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