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Just wanted to give a shout out and say thanks to all of you here who made it to Bridget's art show... merci

and if you had other commitments, the stuff will be up on the walls of Adeline's for a little while at least.

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Crunchy frog reprisal
The dangers of pastry going boom.

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Hulk's bulk causes 6-year old to sulk
They can take the incredible out of the Hulk, but they can't take the hulk out of the incredible.

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another one bites the dust
steve walks warily down the street
with his brim pulled way down low
aint no sound but the sound of his feet
machine guns ready to go
are you ready
are you ready for this
are you standing on your own two feet
out of the doorway the bullets rip
to the sound of the beat.

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Hail, hail the gangs all here.
After some marathon last minute cleaning and yard work I was actually ready for the arrival of my family. We had dinner at the Brewhouse and then went for a skinny dip(my nephew anyway) at Brighton Beach. The rumble of thunder was could be heard in the distance as we toweled off.

Now my nephew is going to bed at the hotel and I am picking records for the Starfire Lounge.

Here comes the storm!

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Scramble for the....

Well here's a perfect duluth, actually superior, day! Please note Chris Godsey and Tony Dei(ie?)kins doing thei(ie?)r signature 9th hole scramble at the Shaky Ray golf deal. I have to say that this was the very first time that I've ever played golf in RL. And in this regard, Lumpy is correct, RL is over rated. I had a blast with my homie(ei?)s but the club house at Nemadji is the biggest buzz kill since tinfoil chewing competitions at a periodental convention. Now I truly know that whitey must die and thank god(dog?) that pass to US customs as a "questionable" looking dark person.

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Big art day tomorrow, after everyone is done with the Monrow show, check out the other show at Adeline's from 7-9pm, stuff by Bridget Riversmith

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Like being the new boyfriend and meeting her friends for the first time...
That's what the first post to a blog is like as far as I'm concerned. You're never sure what to say exactly to this group of people you really don't know, and you hope- usually in vain- that someone interacts with you first to help ease the moment.

Now I know that isn't gonna happen, so- like the myriad "new boyfriend" experiences I have had, I will simply slink away into a far corner, mind my own business, and try not to get raging drunk. Or naked. The end result of one such experience a few years back.

We needn't discuss that now, however, we've only just met.


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five names my roomate's dog is called other than his name, which according to the breeder is actually 'Vatan' but was deemed too complicated and changed to Burks:

1. The Dude
2. 'Ol Piss-Paws
3. Captain Surly
4. The Random Shitter
5. The Biting Guy (when he lays on his back, lets the whites of his eyes show and bites at anything within radius)

maybe i'll try to post a pic of the Dude later.


posted by Tim at 12:28 PM
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My house is covered in DUST
The kitchen project is plodding along but there is an end in site. I have scaled back my grand painting ideas from three colors to two and the main wall color is going to be Yellow Marigold, #2155 in the Benjamin Moore paint book.

The new Ripsaw has Alan Sparhawks tour diary from the Low/Radiohead tour and you can read it here.

Tomorrow is Family day. They will arrive at 2PM and we are going to the beach.

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job, kinda.
call me a hipster wanna-be, an idiot or a writer that loves kids... but I just applied for an internship at 826 Valencia. i'd teach kids creative writing, sell piracy goods and oh so much more. do i have a chance in hell of getting the job? who knows, but i'd be a good gig, so everyone cross their fingers for me.

starfire, you're one of my references. you better say real nice things, pal!


posted by Tim at 6:42 PM
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Kitchen project update.
Plan on any home project to take 4 times longer than you think it will and to cost 5 times as much. The current kitchen project is actually going very smoothly thanks to Lefty my former roomate and current renter. He is a proffesional painter and I snagged him for a day. He insisted that I fix all the cracks properly so it took a bit longer to mud than I thought but the Kitchen will look great when it is finished. I will not have it done for the arrival of my mother however and I have to come to terms with that.

On a more fun note, Father Hennepin my band had a practice today for a show on Friday night at Pizza Luce. We are playing the Chris Monroe art opening post party. Jim Hall starts at 8:30 then us at 10PM and finally Fattypants a local, all-girl-dyke band. I love them. I am also making like 40 gallons of Potato Salad for the reception, maybe my mum will help, she taught me how to cook after all.

I am going to hit the hay so I can get up early and paint.

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Exhausted and mortified...
Well, I think it's a draw. Europe. Panama City, FL. Same thing.

What I did learn is that a vacation is best approached with a "What would Red Foreman do?" attitude. Bearing this in mind, I think Red Foreman would have had a coulple cans of PBR and call people "dumbasses" as they walked by his porch. Redneck chic is in.

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wailly wailly wailly
You know your day is a little off kilter when you have to pay someone more money in order to pay off a debt. I blame Reagan.

"There is no journalism more soul-endangering to write than journalism that aims to please"
-sherman alexie

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Anybody ever heard of these guys?

I stumbled across them while searching Duluth things.

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Kitchen Project procrastinator
Work was extra warm today so a picnic at the beach and a cooling swim have kept me from hitting the paintbrush. I have the colors picked however and most of the prep work is done.

I met the owner of Aerostich Riderwear today, they make protective riderwear for motorcyclists and put out a kick-ass catalog with everyting you could ever want for riding on 2 wheels. Bullseye does a lot of printing for them and one of my favorite things is running orders out to the their shop in the West End. They are celebrating 20 years of business this August with the "Very Boring Rally".

I have to get to the hardware store now. I need primer.

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I can make this joke because I'm from West Duluth...

People are meeting tonight at 7 o'clock at Mr. D's to talk about the Denfeld High School situation. Gee, I thought that happened every night.

By the way, this site may be #1 on Google for "skinny dipping pics," but as I learned from a recent hit, barrettchase.com is #1 on MSN for "free nude pictures of Rhonda Shear."

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Duluth does N.E.

So last week when Lumpy and I set off to NE Mpls we were a week early. This week we were 5 hours late. Will we ever learn?

Upon our tardy entrance we heard the final chords of the Ashtray Hearts who were one of the bands I really wanted to see. When we headed indoors we were promptly greeted by Mr Lindquist and he was seated by Nate Starke, a Duluthian also playing. After buying Mr Lindquist a Screwdriver we set upon seeing some tunes. The sets were mostly all 20 minutes or less so you could not dally much lest you might miss something. My favorite set of the day was Sirr Cuss, an all girl band with a gitar a saw, drums and an accordion. Couldn't make out much of the vocals but they moved me none the less.

A majority of the attendents were in their 30's and several of them had kids aged between 7 weeks and 4 years. Pretty much like Duluth,MN. We headed out before Seth Hogan or Mike Nicolai played but it was nice to get home before midnight. I have a kitchen to paint in the AM.


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