Hello all, yesterday was a "perfect Duluth day" for me.. just wanted to say hello and good luck overseas Scotty...... once again you venture out across the globe while I hold down the fort.

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I am in the home stretch of packing and preparing my household for two weeks on its own. Yesterday was suprisingly great. I normally dislike any sort of holidays except Thanksgiving, which is my favorite. I rode my bike to my favorite beach and dipped in the ice cold waters of Lake Superior. I even enjoyed watching all the families stuff themselves with light beer and hot dogs.

Last night was spent with friends on a deck with a million dollar view. We could see 3 different fireworks displays and several illegal displays as well.

Now I must finish packing. I will be using this site for my Low tour diary entries. I'll try to get some pics of the Radiohead guys.

take care.

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After the Low show and Starfire lounge last night several of us headed down to Park Point for the time honored tradition of late night skinny-dipping. This is occasionaly brought to an abrupt end by a visit from the man. We were only having a bonsai fire but the wine was gone and dawn was threatening to beat us on the head.

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Low rulez.

I have seen many Low shows over the years but tonight they were firing on 9 cylinders. Mr. Zak Sally even busted out some dance moves. Italy here we come.

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seeing Lumpy's photo on the left sidebar there reminds me just why he's the wind beneith my wings.

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Low tonight. 8PM-Spirit of the North Theatre.

Just got home from the Low sound check. Karla Schickele of Ida and Beekeeper is performing with them. Karlas dad is Peter Schickele of PDQ Bach fame. Hope to see some of you there.

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Since this is a blog, I think I'll add some news:

- Monster seen off Duluth Entry's Southern Pier.
- Mother throughout city: "I don't care if they are legal... no fireworks!"
- "Weatherwise" it's a perfect duluth day.
- Duluth Port Authority: "Man, is the lake blue today, or what. Seriously."
- Local non-resident aliens: "Fourth of July? What? Day after the Third of July?"
- Tourists: "Wow, we've never seen a bridge do that before. You sure are lucky."
- Neighborhood punks hit hard by tax cut. Parents won't pass savings on for dumb-ass baggy pants.
- Local merchant Hot Topic... In Cyrillic: pronounced notoryys... approximate translation: lawyer.
- Kids still think "William A. Irvin" is a pirate ship. In reality... the George Stinson is.


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Yeah. Whose deaths. This is important... and cool, too.

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i sure hope Starfire's not having premonitions about my death.

posted by Tim at 12:59 PM
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Things I could do when I was 17, that I can't do anymore

  • Eat an entire box of Honey Comb cereal.
  • Bench press a whole lot more than my own weight.
  • Tolerate Bono.
  • Fantasize about Eleanor Donahue from Father Knows Best.
  • Spend hot summer days jumping off a Tarzan rope into Lester River, instead of sitting at a computer terminal.

posted by Barrett at 10:39 AM
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He's right. I had no idea.

posted by JJLee at 10:15 AM
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8 Things about myself that you may not know.

1. I am from Austin, MN. home of Hormel. When they kill the pigs, there is a very oppresive smell in certain parts of town. I like that smell. I also like the smell of a good skunk spray on a humid summer night.

2.In 6th grade I was appointed to the crossing guard patrol in the midst of a pornography scandal. Several quality patrol members were fired after looking at a Playboy. Little did they know I was the one who brought it to school. I still feel a little bad about it.

3. I have completed one Ironman Triathlon. I was 17. You can do anything when you are 17.

4. My goal is to have all of my furniture on wheels.

5. I prefer my Tuna packed in water over oil.

6. I keep track of all my gas purchases. Miles-location of purchase-price per gallon-quantity-total amt.

7. Red is fast becoming my favorite color. Orange is still #1, Green #2 but that red is winning me over.

8. I have had premonitions of peoples deaths. Watch out.

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The M/V Paul R. Tregurtha has always been a bit of a whorehouse.

posted by JJLee at 9:08 AM
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Look at the way literature from one field can easily be translated into another field.
Take for instance, the newsletter published daily concerning the ship arrivals and departures entitled, "Duluth Shipping News." The following excerpts are taken from this publication.

"She is a self-unloader built by the American Shipbuilding Company at Lorain, Ohio in 1981. She is 1,031 feet, 6 inches long and as 36 hatches on deck that open into 5 cargo compartments. She has a maximum carrying capacity of 67,500 tons. She can unload that cargo with the use of a 260-foot self-unloader mounted on her deck."
Translated for brothel literature:
"She has a hot bod that is ready and willing for action. She is just licking her lips waiting to show you what she can do."

"She is the flagship of the Interlake Steamship Company in Cleveland, generally considered the 'classiest' laker sailing today. You will often see 'important looking' people on board."
Translated for brothel literature:
"She is the flagship of the Interlake Steamship Company in Cleveland, generally considered the 'classiest' laker sailing today. You will often see 'important looking' people on board."
Newhams, Kenneth. (2003, June 30). Duluth Shipping News. Duluth, MN: Lake Superior Marine Museum

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What hath Phil wrought?


The revolution is at hand.

posted by JJLee at 3:33 PM
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Your post raises some interesting points:

1. Your linking to Jeff Rense.
2. Jeff Rense? That's... man... wow... Rense.


3. I watched "Midnight Express" this weekend. As usual, I can't seem to scrub the fear off of me. Why is that the opening music for "Coast to Coast AM"?

posted by JJLee at 11:37 AM
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What are you talking about? Technology isn't scary at all.

posted by Barrett at 11:30 AM
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Technology scares the bejeezus out of me. I have a feeling that today - for numerous reasons - will be the metaphysical conceit to "Is it on... am I coming through?" I still don't trust calculators. Also, go to mysticalball.com... and not be terrified of computers after that. G*dd*amned hyperlinky... gah!

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Right now, the office so dark it feels like it's night. There are crows fighting in the alley outside my window. I've got no work in my inbox, a screen full of blog in front of me, plans for a lunch date, and I'm wearing a shirt with a picture of the space shuttle on it. Life is very, very good.

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These are a few of my favorite things.

1. Hoof Mints
2. No Depression magazine
3. The Meat Purveyors
4. Zebra Cakes
5. The Scud Mountain Boys

more faves to come.

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spending time with friends at their home is better than spending time at bars.

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What triplexuals? I fucking know it is out there!

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Barrett is wondering if Triplexuals exist anymore.



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Good morning. I have a feeling I won't get anything accomplished today. My plane for Europe leaves on Saturday and I have a mile-long list of tasks to complete. I guess I will start with some lawn mowing. must-tear-self-away-from-computer.

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Duluth finally has phone sex commercials. I can move now.

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Viva Las Vegas. Why do I always have that last beer?

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oh my my. i just had 2 lime vodka and flat 7-UP cocktails while I made the PDD postcard size posters. We are off and running. I love you all.

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Blogger doesn't allow you to post pictures. If we want to post pictures, we will have to use a separate FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to upload them, then type an HTML tag into the Edit Post window to make them show up. This sounds more difficult than it is. Free FTP programs are available at CNet.

The HTML code for posting images such as this one is: img src="FILENAME.jpg" align="left" hspace=5 vspace=3 Place this code between <> brackets and replace FILENAME with whatever you called your picture.

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