Road Trip
Hello from the Lincoln Park Wash-n-Web. My quilt and large blankets needed a bath and my Internet access at home is on a brief vacation so here I am in the wonderful West End of Duluth doing 4 loads of laundry.

Later today LumpyG and I are heading to Minneapolis for the North East Folk Festival hosted by Baby Grant Johnson. It is at Grumpys Barand it is outdoors. I have been trying to find any information on the web about it but have not found any which means it should be great. I did hear a piece on public radio's "Word of Mouth" and I know that Seth Hogan and the Ashtray Hearts are playing. I believe it starts at 5PM, say hi if you see me.

Oh by the way. We will have our 1000th hit today. Thanks for stopping by.

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2don't list

I thought I'd share my to don't list as an initial "hi how are ya". Actually I look at this as a kind of service because I was thinking Starfire's kitty was a bit under shaved..especially if he wants to go
skinny dipping and take pics

Baci 2dont:

1. Don't ever use the internet from the Chester Creek Cafe and expect to be able to play EQ. It's so unsatisfing to have your 48th level ranger wood elf entirely un-able to defeat the spectres from that island in the Oasis of Marr. Besides, appart from the mythical overtones of the game, the hippies are very confused by the whole thing.

2. Don't go to Canada on Canada Day..unless you actually are a Canadian. It's a bittersweet holiday with minor celebrations in pullbarns and lots of leftovers.

3. Don't stock up on elbow grease.

4. Don't Expect Brad until 45 minutes after you plan to meet with him...but when he's there...he's THERE, actually later on you come to find that he actually WAS there the whole time talking to Heimer.

5. Dont worry about not fitting it all in. Let some of it spill out and make the floor messy.

6. Don't call it "Skinny Dipping" when it's really "Chubby Dipping" or even "Fatty Dipping".

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We're number 1!
Well we did it. We have achieved the number one ranking on Google for the search term "skinny dipping pics." I can't tell you how proud I am of all of you.

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To Do List.
Now that I am home I must attend to the following.

1. Mow the lawn that has not been mowed in 12 days.

2. Update the tabs on my license plates.

3. Pay the 19 dollar ticket for not taking care of number 2 earlier.

4. Go skinny dipping in Lake Superior and take pics.

5. Pet my kitty.

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i am so f%$#@ing tired
Back on home soil. Thank God and Northwest I'm home. All of our flights were on time and I was searched 3 times. If you were wondering, a hole punch is legal to travel with but you will be searched.

I am so tired I will finish this later today.

night night.

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Go for the Gold, Baby
Now that we've climbed to #2 on the Yahoo "skinny dipping pics" search, it's essential for me to make this post, so that the words "skinny dipping pics" appear a few more times in the blog, which will perhaps push us to #1. By the way, #1 is a blog called It's Trouble by FCSuper, who is not nearly as proud of his position as he should be.

Here is a list of other phrases I'd like to include, just to attract more search engine pervies:

1. Atkins-compliant food sex
2. Vic Tayback's prostate
3. insectile bestiality
4. DTA sex
5. Sally Forth naked
6. semen-coated wedding ring
7. slowly removing her Tweety Bird "What Part of No Don't You Understand?" T-shirt
8. smothered in Campbell's Tomato Soup
9. Left Behind pornographic parody
10. Subway Jared "sandwich"

I apologize. When you work as a smut peddler, sometimes you become desensitized to both filth and low-grade humor.

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Now for a real adventure!
Sure, Europe's nice. But it's no Panama City, FL. Let's compare:

- Europe has the Louvre. Panama City has miles and miles of "custom" airbrush t-shirts.

- Europe has Florence, Milan, and Rome. Panama City has Alvin's Big Island... tropical department store. It's in a volcano.

- Europe is the seat of the Reformation. Panama City has as many churches as strip clubs. That's a lot.

- Europe is the foundation of Western thought and philosophy. Panama City has a bitchin' FSU auxillary campus on the beach.

- Europe saw the origins of Olympic tradition. Amp Lee nearly scored a hundred points against my high school.

- Europe has F1 racing. Panama City has wicked go-cart tracks.

- Europe has the Vatican. Panama City has drunks who love Jesus and can't seem to see the irony in it.

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last meal
Just had our last Radiohead catered meal. Most of us had the Pork but the Fried Chicken was the winner of the night.

Hollis and I spent some time walking around the promenade (the hallways which go in a circle around the stadium. is that what they are called?) Anyways, I got a Bull Fighting poster for Karla who finds the Matadors very sexy. I also sorta almost bumped into Thom Yorke while playing with Hollis and he gave me a very funny look. I can't help but look at famous people differently.

SO tomorrow night I arrive home at 9:30, just in time to head down to the Starfire Lounge. Maybe I will see some of you there.

Hail to the Thief!

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lake monsters.
things seem to be getting a bit weird over in China, with whole flocks of lake monsters being sighted. it's time for Lake Superior's Pressie ("one of the world's most seldom seen lake monsters") to step up and claim a bit of spotlight from her Scottish and Chinese cousins.

the most recent, and my personal favorite Pressie sighting:

"In the middle 1990's, during the summer, fishermen watched in horror as a large aquatic animal pulled a wading buck deer under (leaving only it's severed head) near Point Iroquois, Michigan."

remember that on your next late night skinny dipping outing, Starfire.

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no shoes
well just got back from my Madrid stroll and the Camper shoe store was closed for siesta. i bet you feel real bad for me. It also looks like 30,000 people could fit into the bullfighting ring. It is HUGE. More to come soon.


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Good morning from Madrid. We made some changes in our plans. We were going to take 2 days to get from Nimes, France to Madrid because it is a 12 hour drive but decided to do it all in one day so we could spend some time hanging out in Spain. I am glad we made that decision now but it was one hellofa long drive. We hit the road by about 9:30 yesterday morning and the oven was preheated to about 350 by noon.

Suddenly about 200 kilometersout of town the temperature dropped down to about 17 degrees celsius. Jackets were pulled out that had migrated to the bottoms of everyones bags. This morning the temp is still cool and the sun is as about as bright as I have ever seen.

Our hotel is just 2 blocks from the Bull fighting ring where the show will happen tonight. Hard to believe this is the last show and at this time tomorrow I will be on my way to Amsterdam-Mpls and then home to Duluth. This has reallty been a dream trip.

Nice to see so many new posts. Hi Tim and Jerree! I also am getting quite a kick out of the Doty pictures in place of the missing blogger pics. I will not miss him when he is gone.

Well I am going to head out and take the Metro into the center of town now. There is a Camper shoe store with my name on it. Everything is much cheaper in Spain and I love shoes.


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five books.
five books on my nightstand in various stages of un-read-ness (or already-read-and-reading-again-because-the-author-added-sixty-pages-to-the-second-edition-goddamn-him, in Eggers' case):

1. 'You Shall Know Our Velocity' | Dave Eggers
2. 'Pattern Recognition' | William Gibson
3. 'Radiance' | Carter Scholtz
4. 'The Shape We're In' | Jonathan Lethem
5. 'The Autograph Man' | Zadie Smith

dig that snazzy html action.

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my html is a bit rusty, so before i potentially embarrass myself i'm going to try to post a random link.

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Preparing to Negotiate
Today I really need to know ... what should the rent be on a two-bedroom apartment in Duluth? A newly remodeled, extremely quiet, all-new-appliances, all-new-lighting-and-plumbing-fixtures, no-neighbors, all-utilities-included, regular-washer-and-dryer-in-the-basement, off-street-parking-with-garage, immaculate-yard-and-garden-that-is-nice-but-also-the-tenant's-responsibility, sort-of-smallish type of apartment. I know what a good deal would be, but where is the line between expensive and unreasonable?

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Low Fan Linkage
This is nice. The rest of the site--Mass Distraction--is good, too. And, of course, there's a weblog.

I especially like the photography. What a friendly site--thanks for linking to us, Sharyn.

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My first...
Hello. This is me testing the blog-waters with my first post. I'm writing from the little public library where I live in Easthampton, Mass. They have an extensive books-on-tape section next to the computers. Anyhoo, just wanted to say hello all. I would also like to hear about Greenman and any other duluth happenings from afar.

Other Firsts:

My first car once fell into Lake Superior. (containing my first guitar and my first accordion). There was a SCUBA driver involved in the car recovery. I am an excellent driver. Really.


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10,000 fans can't be wrong
Low is playing, the air has cooled a bit and the Lavender plant near me smells like heaven.

Anyone out there go to Green Man? Just wondering how things went. The only news I have is that the weather was great and there were many folks there. An inquiring mind wants to know. LumpyG?

Radiohead Box.

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Happy Bastille day
We made it to Nimes. Last nice was spent on the edge of Nice, France and we did make it to the Mexican restaurant that we had been to before. They didn't fail us. I had the Chicken Enchiladas with Mole sauce and mmm mmm good. Right now I am in the dressing room outside of the Coliseum that Low is playing tonight. I can't believe that every venue just gets better and better. I think there may be 10,000 kids at the show tonight but Hollis and I will be at the un-airconditioned hotel. I sure hope we get out of the 90's.

Right now there are 3 people waiting to use this computer so I bid you adieu.



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