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A Little Survey


Barrett Chase wrote about The Who yesterday on his blog, and it inspired me to ask you all a question:

How many times did you look at the "Who's Next" album cover before you noticed that obviously the band members have just pissed on that thing?

I swear I glaced at that album cover 20,000 times before I finally noticed what is so obvious to me now. There must be someone out there even slower on the uptake than me. Admit it.


I don't think I got it til I bought the album at Root Cellar in St. Paul a few years back. ...Hey...Townsend looks like he's...zipping up..ooohhh I get it...

I know it's not an entirely accurate vision of the Who, but this album cover represents my current (admittedly skewed and inconsistent) beliefs about the band.

See, you think it's another pretentious, self-important 1970s album with a fricken monolith on the cover. But in Who's Next, the Who pisses on that. They throw that shit directly out the hotel-room window.

Don't talk to me about Tommy. I don't want to hear about it.

I didn't really notice it til my Dad told me the story about how it was the beginning of some construction that no one liked...somewhere. I didn't listen to the story so well but it somehow still made an impression on me.

i never noticed. if i did i was too stoned & forgot about it years ago.
it's retro...
don't get fooled again...
that's a laugh.

The monolith was originally a stack of Marshall amplifiers but that concept was pulled at the last minute fearing legal reprecussions.

legal reprecussions and electrocution

I got it the first time, nyah nyah.

3rd album I ever owned. My older sister had to point out the urination

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