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Click on the pic.


Very nicely done.

I used to get very weirded-out when that Gordon Lightfoot song came on in the Safeway out in Helena--and for whatever reason, it came on a LOT. I suppose that song weirds a lot of people out, but I figured out in Helena, I was probably the only person in the store whose family knew people on the boat...hearing it always brought me right back home.

...i woke up to Lightfoot's song playing on the radio this morning...


very nice narration that man gave...got to remember our great lakes history!

Captain Ernest M. McSorley
Michael E. Armagost
Fred J. Beetcher
Thomas D. Bentsen
Edward F. Bindon
Thomas D. Borgeson
Oliver J. Champeau
Nolan S. Church
Ransom E. Cundy
Thomas E. Edwards
Russell G. Haskell
George J. Holl
Bruce L. Hudson
Allen G. Kalmon
Gorden Maclellan
Joseph Mazes
John H. McCarthy
Eugene O'Brien
Karl A. Peckol
John J. Poviach
James A. Pratt
Robert C. Rafferty
Paul M. Rippa
John D. Simmons
William J. Spengler
Mark A. Thomas
Ralph G. Walton
David E. Weiss
Blaine H. Wilhelm

Has anyone ever noticed how much Beck's "Sea Change" sounds like Gordon Lightfoot? Remember the Fitz.

Dang, I was hoping to see some naked blonde Duluth bimbos here.

Hey! That's my dad! : )

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