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An Early Christmas Present



Does John Stewart know about this?

how did we deserve this?

Awwww... come on guys it is pretty cute.

actually some of my body parts are pretty cute if you wanna see cute

Well at least Harriet Miers is still working. . . I thought she was going to quit washington and star in new episodes of Stangers With Candy.

Ahh, Christmas 2004. What a heady time.

I liked the part where Barney hid Ms. Beasley the wepons of mass distraction.

My favorite part is where Carl Rove fucks up the tree.

Did my money pay for this? Because I'd take a more of this over the killing and the fighting and the bleeding and the biting and the gnashing and the dying.

I liked the part where Barney hid Ms. Beazley with the weapons of mass distraction. I guess the other way's ok, too.

Karl Rove

a whole lot more of this...

Hottest webcam ever.

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