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I really wanted to respond to Vicarious's comment about his pants with the lyrics to the Arrowhead Auto Body jingle. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of them so I went on an internet search thinking that someone somewhere has written them down and it led me to here. The man who wrote the Arrowhead Auto Body jingle. Click on "Now Hear This" and for a good chuckle, take a listen to the 3 Chevy Amigos and Laser Tennis. Many thanks to Vicarious for causing my good laugh for the day!


Since I steal my wireless signal from an unwitting and unreliable neighbor, I will make this quick.

THANK YOU, Tamara, for finally acknowledginf my state of partial nakedness. And will all of you PLEASE remember: PDD is for fun. For fun!!!

Now please stop arguing about totally pointless pointlessness. Seriously, it is pointless.

I love you all.

Every time I hear the Arrowhead Autobody song I think of this:


THANK YOU!!! Last night my wife was listening to the bridge and I woke up this morning with Oasis wonderewall stuck in my head. I was doomed to a day of narcissistic moaning banging around in my head...then I clicked on hear it now and TaDa! Take that Neil Galager, the arrowhead auto body song is more freakishly insidious than your self indulgent bleating.

As a hard-core Oasis fan, I take great offense to those last three comments.

And it's NOEL, not Neil. Although, I assume when you say "bleating" you are referencing the singing in Wonderwall. It was not Noel bleating on that tune. It's Liam. Noel just wrote it (and played guitar).

yeah, I figured I had mis-splelled the name and probably got the facts mixed up. My disdain for Oasis comes from the fact that I actually like the music. For brit-pop jangle rock it's okay...too bad it's overshadowed by the fact that the Gallagher brothers are @$$holes...those guys are the epitome of self obsessed whinny brats and I gladly accepted a master piece like the arrowhead auto body tune into my cranium loop instead of wonderwall.

I've got to say, those cheap sounding musical idents don't work for me, they sound cheap and by extension they make the client's business sound cheap. It's no accident that the big agencies spend a lot of time and money hunting down cool, credible tracks to use in their campaigns.

But that's local radio the world over. I've done a bunch of musical idents back in the UK, in fact I'm in the middle of recording one now. It's often a process of getting the client to understand that listeners are going to be hearing this music dozens of times so the annoyance factor is real and something that needs to be addressed. Clients often want music that's going to grab the listener and get in his or her face and MAKE THEM LISTEN AND SPEND MONEY WITH US.

Much like posting on the internet using all capital letters, this can have it's downside. Yes, I'm a little over sensitive to this sort of thing but it is my job.

The @$$hole-ness is a portion of the fun with Oasis. The wife and I took two road trips in the last few years specifically to see them live (once in Indianapolis and once in Chicago) and both times we were not only treated to near-perfect sets, but also some totally entertaining on stage bantering between the sibs.

If you have a chance, try to track down "Quibbling Rivalry". I'm pretty sure it's on itunes. It's two tracks of the boys arguing with each other. It's so hilarious that it even charted pretty high when it was released in the U.K.

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