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So regarding this recent discussion regarding this article, I think it's time we discuss the embarrassment to this community that is the DNT's "Talk" commenting feature.

Is this an accurate representation of our community's opinions?


I would hope this is not a true representation of opinions of those in Duluth.......the commentary is sad and the anger displayed even more sad.

Don't despair, Barrett. Considering its size and location, Duluth is a surprisingly with-it city. That's one of the reasons I'd love to move back there.

There are always going to be idiots -- and they're always going to find their way to the public forum. The trick is to patiently (and without anger) explain to them why they're wrong -- not so much because the idiot will be brought to the light, but because other people reading who might not have given it much thought will see that (for example) art has value.

I'd like to think that the DNT forums attract people who feel passionately about an issue, hence they want to participate in the discussion. But it also attracts people who feel impotent in their lives, feel that the world is passing them by, so they blame whoever crosses their path -- in this particular case, artists. I thought Ann's article was an important one, it's an issue that is impacting more than visual artists here. In fact, I have potter friends who are questioning their donations to Empty Bowl b/c people come up to them at fairs and other events, asking why buy a bowl for $50 when they can get one for $15 at Empty Bowl. It's sad that the ignoramuses on the DNT's Talk forum would turn a discussion about a serious issue that affects people who make Duluth a very cool place to live into an ignorant diatribe against these local artists. I am all for free speech, but with free speech comes responsibility, and perhaps the DNT has to better moderate its talk forums in order to starve the trolls.

My main motivation for moving here seven years ago was the natural world, and I still think that's by far the best thing about living here. But I also checked out websites and the Ripsaw's made me feel like there were other good things here. If I were considering moving here today and read the right wing, no not just right wing but angry and ignorant and racist right wing, comments which always dominate the DNT's site, I'd certainly think twice about moving here.

Where can I buy a print of the graphic? Now, THAT'S REAL ART! Did you use numbers or the tv to get the colors right?


I think the forums on the DNT are great and let people express their opinions on issues. There is a moderator that stops many posts there, but overall I think locals read and post their honest opinions.

The problem is the insurance costs that are draining the city from the unions and contracts made that promised too much. This is only going to get MUCH worse over the next few years. Most cities in the country are suffering this same issue, Duluth was even featured nationally a few weeks ago. The floodgates need to open in a business sense for this city or there will be MANY more changes.

Donny Ness might not be the best person to handle this issue. What this city needs is a business friendly mayor who will do everything possible to make this city pass all others. Blogs are great for people expressing their opinions and are truly reviving freedom of speech.

I do think that the DNT picked the artist and particular piece to piss people off though. Bias in journalism...

I thought that we were going to be talking about the rumor that Brett Favre might not be going into retirement, after all.

Must be on the wrong message board to hear what people are saying about that ...

DNT boards are sometimes hilarious to read. On some rare occasions, stupid people manage to get on to the internet, find the DNC page, and type dribble.
I have the feeling a lot of DCB posters are responsible for the brainless crap that shows up on the DNC boards...

One person's troll is another's QFTMFT.

Claire's solution to opinions she doesn't share is "better moderat[ion of] its talk forums".

How very open-minded of you.

One person's troll is another's QFTMFT.

Claire's solution to opinions she doesn't share is "better moderat[ion of] its talk forums".

How very open-minded of you.

An accurate representation of our community's bigotry. All of the thinly veiled references to "those people" make me sick. It appears, more often than not, to be a second home for DCB.

These comments have a familiar stench to them.

D as in D, C as in C, and B as in B.

Andrew, I don't think the DNT had some secret agenda in publishing a pic of Eric Dubnicka and his work to accompany the piece. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people might like paintings of kittens and puppies; others enjoy more sophisticated work, such as John Steffl's paintings or Eric Dubnicka's work. I happen to be a big fan of Eric's, in fact, I once bought a painting from him. And I love it.

As for the DNT talk boards, I think Adam hit it right on the head, it's an accurate representation of our community's bigotry. I do read it and even post on it on occasion. There are plenty of people posting on there with their honest opinions. I find them provocative, even when I don't agree with them. But then there are plenty of people on the DNT boards who do nothing but foam at the mouth with personal attacks against other posters, as well as "other people" and "outsiders," "people who look like they don't belong here in Duluth." I think if you wouldn't dare say something to someone's face in a public place, you shouldn't be posting it on an online forum. Like I've said before, with freedom of speech comes responsibility. Freedom of speech should not be an excuse to attack people you don't even know under the anonymity of these online forums.

I don't want to seem like the evil troll that I've been labeled here in the past, but I have to take umbrage with some of what you just said Claire.

Please keep in mind that I've recently had "issues" with the DCBers. So this isnt some agenda thing, it's just me speaking from the heart.

Claire said:"Freedom of speech should not be an excuse to attack people you don't even know under the anonymity of these online forums." The key word in all of that to me is "SHOULD". Freedom of speech does NOT have a caveat to it meaning you have to say things that you can back up, or things that you mean, or things that are true, or things that are responsible. It simply means you are free to say things (just so long as they don't hurt others). There is not a particular forum that speech has to be in to make it authentic. When you say should, I may or may not aggree with you. The fact is, that's not the way it works.

However, all of this is BS anyway. The freedom of speech issue here has nothing to do with the posters on the DCB, The DNT, or even PDD typing what's on their mind. The freedom of speech comes from the owner of the particular site deciding what and what should not be allowed on the site. THEY are the ones practicing their freedom of speech. Weather or not they "should" is not at issue.

Truth is what's lacking in a lot of the DNT blogs (and DCB, for that matter). Having a really intolerant point of view is just that, an intolerant point of view. My "complaint" is the propagation of outright falsehoods. Some of the posters on the DNT board about the art auction story were trying to claim that artists were being subsidized through taxes- quite untrue! The Washington Coop was a development project between the city and Artspace- a non-profit organization that rehabs buildings for use as housing/studios for artists. The people who live there pay rent! If you make the argument that no public money should have been spent in developing the property, then you logically could not support the construction of a public-access boat landing or a stadium or you-name-it. A handful of apparently ignorant "haters" really don't like this town. Most folks in this town seem to appreciate the depth and variety we have. You need a license to drive a car, but any loudmouth can post on the internet......

It's a lot easier to kill someone with a car then with an internet post.

Dear Adam,

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

I just re-read the article. Now I understand why much the anger on the DNT boards is directed towards Eric Dubnicka. He's identified as living at Washington Studios. Tim K. is right, these idiots on the DNT boards assume wrongly that city taxes are supporting the artists living there. That's what half of the posts there are bitching about. Tim's totally right about the DNT boards, some of these people can't get their facts right before going off half-cocked. Sheez.

This is becoming a civil rights discussion, and it needn't be. It's more a reflection of changes to print news. Newspapers like the DNT are trying to slow their losses by impersonating blogs, with the "comments" section being such an impersonation. The result is belligerent, poorly-researched opinion that took under two minutes to conceive and compose occupying the same space as journalism. And remember, it's there because people are more interested in the two minute stuff than the journalism.

Barrett, your question is a really good one. No, DNT comments are not an accurate representation of our community's opinions. Poll a random sample of Duluth Citizens, and most will have never posted their "comments" under New Tribune articles. Some probably considered it, but then read a couple of the other comments and decided it wasn't a lake they wanted to swim in. Respectful people avoid discourse with disrespectful people.

On the Internet, there is a remarkable chasm between the noisy and the silent. You really have to try to keep everything in perspective, or you'll wind up locking yourself in your basement on a beautiful afternoon writing a comment on PDD... Damn.

The DNT owns and created the forum-- therefore, its their right to moderate if they so choose. It is not a public forum, and therefore, 1st amendment rights don't really apply (unless, of course, the newspaper was a government-funded entity).

I'm on the fence as to whether they should or not... but just sayin'.

Here's an timely article I found: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080706/ap_on_hi_te/tec_disappearing_freedoms

i use the DNT comment section exclusively to keep tabs on what the run-of-the-mill Duluth racist will say when given a chance to do it in a place where his neighbors won't know who he is.

when that guy got stomped to death out in West Duluth or wherever it was, it took about five minutes for someone on DNT Talk to recommend a lynching. (i copied and saved the whole thread.)

so do those comments represent the average Duluthian? i don't believe in god, but i have found myself hoping to god it doesn't.

but it does represent a certain portion of Duluth, and one we shouldn't forget exists.

i've noticed that they've refrained from putting Talk links next to the crime articles lately. after it turned out that a statistical analysis proving that "outsiders" were not the main crime wave perpetrators had no impact on pretty much any of these entrenched racist fucks...

facts are irrelevant to many frequent commenters, and they've shown this repeatedly. read as one would a barometer telling the weather in your sewer.

i love the interwebs. scooby s. are you out there?????

hbh said: "i use the DNT comment section exclusively to keep tabs on what the run-of-the-mill Duluth racist will say when given a chance to do it in a place where his neighbors won't know who he is."

Exclusively? Anyways, even if you looked at other avenues, it's sort of a lost cause to peg an internet name/email address as a racist. Certainly, you meant a general idea of local racism?

But if you meant specific, you could do it by IP address, but many people are exposed to different computers, not to mention different routes via wireless, and (cough) the fact that supposedly (cough) you can fake your mac address.

The point is, you could pin down a hate crime person if you really wanted to (with the right resources), but name/email won't do it.

Oops, I just hijacked the thread. Didn't mean to completely change the topic, but I figured it's good for people to know.

One more thing to drill that off-topic point home...

You never know who is using what computer with what email address, especially at a university. A stochastic analysis (for a generic outlook) won't work either, because it could be just one person that's overly "noisy", or many people with the same voice using the same name/avenue.

people have messages for people

A many-to-many relationship, for you DB people.

Let's assume you were able to track down these local "racists". Then what?

I don't know, over to your house for a BBQ maybe.

What does that even mean?

I don't know??? Are you saying that a backyard full of hatred-spewing blowhards doesn't appeal to you at all? I figured since you seem to feel such a kinship to these troglodytes that post on the DNT, that a burnt brat or two should be the least you could do for them.

That was funny, Chris.

i meant what i said: i don't read the DNT Talk pages for anything other than keeping track of local troglodyte chatter.

since the worst of the hate speech is screened out, i can figure out on average what the temperature is in certain circles.

why one would bother to figure out the commenter's identity i'm not sure. couldn't give a damn, myself. threats are screened, so it's really just about keeping tabs on what's being said.

purpose? so that when someone tells me that certain opinions/thoughts/ memes are dead in this community i have plenty of written proof that they are not. you get the same in bars and hair salons and the line at the grocery store, i'm sure, but i'm not in the habit of wearing a wire.

Chris...explain to me how I expressed any kinship (especially in this thread) towards the people posting on the DNT on this category. Please explain that. I thought I made it pretty clear that I am giving my own, unbiased opinion on the situation.

Why does it always have to be an "us vs. them" thing with you people? Why can't somebody have a completely seperate perspective on something? It's all black and white, isnt it? You're just as bad as the DCBers, in my opinion.

And Claire, it really wasnt funny. You have a pretty piss-poor sense of humor if you think that it was. I still don't even get the "joke".

If you read a lot of those posts on the Talk section of the Tribunes website, many of those folks don't even live in Duluth. I really think it is a small bunch of people who like to bash Duluth whenever they get the chance. Not to mention some people on there can politicize just about anything. I think someone even found a way to blame the fireworks disaster in the 80's on the DFL. They do it under the cover of a fake name because most people would be embarassed to stake claim to some of the silly things written on there. But I guess that is true for every blog. A lot of us use fake names but I am willing to be most of us would be willing to face up to what we discuss. I get more of a sense of what Duluth is about on this site than anywhere else. So no, I think the Tribunes Talk section is actually a pretty poor representation of our city's opinion.

In regard to eco eco's comment:
I moved here last year for the nature too. And I read the DNT blogs to get a sense of homo vulgari... It all struck me as the run of the mill crap spouted by a few in such forums around the world. If you read the equivalent blogs in any bush town in AUS you would think that every Aussie wants to legalize the hunting of aboriginals and labor party members... yet, on the whole the communities are, like Duluth, very tolerant. ...besides, it is easier to tear apart their crap arguments if they lay it all out in the sunshine for you pick off one by one.


So why is this blog better than the DNT blog? What makes your voices here any better than the voices there?

There are many posters here who don't live in Duluth and have a piss poor attitude about the city. If you go to the DNT Talk section to find "racists" is Duluth I would look no further than the mirror.

The Tech Geeks who will study IPAdresses on bloggers have WAY to much time on their hands... And if you you use any name besides your own and then throw stones at someone else you look like a joke.

Why do some of you on here have a "holier than thou" attitude? Why do you believe your voice is any better than anyone elses?

What the DNT forum fails to mention is that I am not wearing pants.

I just read the DNT blog and there seemed to be a lot of hateful talk going both ways there -- the insults slung at the "anti-intellectual idiots" were often just as rough as the comments deriding support for the arts. I happen to be an arts supporter, so it made me sad to see people I agree with dropping to the lowest common denominator on the "insult-o-meter."

It seems to me the blog attracts extremists from across the spectrum. They all probably drive people with sensible comments away from the site.

I agree with Andrew. There is a "holier than thou" attitude here sometimes. Only, I tend to agree with the folks that express it, so it really doesn't bother me that much most of the time. And the PDD'ers who I know personally, well, I get that it is just a rhetorical style for them so I sort of write it off.
I know they must be more open minded than they make out -- I chalk it up to the limitations of text.

I am willing to do that for the folks I agree with or admire ... or respect. So, I try to do that for the folks that I may disagree with, too. Hence the folks in the above link to the DNT forum who kind of rankle me with there monochromatic diatribes against art. Or even the folks who think that PDD'ers are a bunch of "Welfare Sucking Parasites and Trust Funders" These things are all part and parcel of cyber reality. People are looser, freer and more willing to relate on an edgy and authentic level. So some emotions and prejudices (along with many many ignorances) that are held close in the light of the real world are revealed plainly in internet forums.

I guess this is what "interweb" critics call Flaming. PDD does it on the issue of student housing/parties and on just about anything that the DCB does or says about PDD. Maybe there are a few other issues, too. Oh, the first one I ever saw was actually on the "obituary" for William F. Buckley (he's not local with zero local connection, but then neither are nearly all of the RIP memos on PDD, so those attacks were definitely political-ideological in orientation) So maybe that's the other issue that we "flame" on conservative political types of ideology. Oh ... and we also have quite a tendency to foam at the mouth whenever the subject of local class divisions or the red plan comes up. Remember that one about the "hoi polloi" galloping by those condos on 21st avenue east and ... Lake Superior? I just loved that. See, I like it because I tend to agree with it. If i disagreed I might find it offensive. Also, it helps that people try really hard to be funny, creative and tongue in cheek here on PDD. Humor is a good social lubricant, but it doesn't always carry on the internet. And it might come off as a bit "closed minded" or even "mean spirited."

So PDD does this, DCB obviously does it, and from what I've seen, the DNT forum does it, too. The issues are different. but a lot of the behavior is the same. (Not all of the behavior, but a lot of it).

I just like PDD better. I do have a quick link with the black and white icon that takes me to PDD every day, a few times most days, and I can't say the same for the DNT ... as for the DCB, I'm not even sure where to find it. So I guess that says something all by itself about where i stand.

But I must say that I do like it a lot better when people share and discourse about local issues and the nuances and wonders (and concerns) of Duluth life here on PDD, though. Witness Ironic1's recent photo and discourse on living in Lakeside (with help from Paul's brilliant theory of Duluth neighborhoods and a little rabbit trail of "crick" vs "creek" usage). Or that great photo of Tischer creek. That is the stuff that keeps me coming back.

Very nicely put, JP.

I do think we take less offense at what's posted on PDD because those of us who visit regularly share a fairly common world view.

That is, unfortunately, one of the dangers of moving to our cyberworld -- we can associate primarily with those we agree with and avoid those we don't. And we feel freer to get ugly with people we disagree with that we're never going to meet. It's not a social trend that makes me optimistic about the future.

I agree with jp. We do tend to gravitate towards like minded people. Andrew, that is all I was saying. I tend to agree more with people on here. This site also offers more of a variety of topics and threads which I alike as well. I am sure folks on the DCB feel the same way, they are like minded people who share common ideas so they gravitate there. I used to part take there but I just don't share a lot of their ideas, the same with the Tribune. That is the great thing about the internet, if you don't like it, don't read it. I think if people could post videos of themselves, the posts wouldn't be so bold.

The interesting thing to me is that I think the DNT is leveraging controversy in order to boost readership at the expense of quality discourse. Today we have the piece about boycotting the air show because of the Army's combat simulation. It amounts to taking serious issues and settling them in a cage match. I guess we could just chalk it up as a good thing because people are "talking" about local news, but I think it would be unfortunate to gloss over how emotionally charged and thoughtless so many of the comments are.

That's the problem with the Internet - thoughtless is fine, as long as it's emotionally charged. The DNT seems to have caught on to a formula. Sketch an "antagonist," whether it's Mr. Dubnicka from the art auction piece or Ms. Naar-Obed from the combat simulation piece, have them lay the framework of a controversy in the article, and then unleash the piranhas to build and burn their straw man. Mr. Dubnicka is immediately casted as an evil, left-wing welfare parasite, and Ms. Naar-Obed is dismissed as a hippie who has no idea that America's history is one of violence and war ("This lady needs to read a history book.") She also apparently enjoys watching the Blue Angels and buying kids copies of Grand Theft Auto. I wonder how these people feel, watching their life's work reduced to a caricature...

Sure, there is some thoughtful stuff in there, but it's usually eclipsed by things like "The liberals are allied with our enemies. A message to liberals, purchase new rope, hang yourself from the nearest rafter." Ultimately, the forum created by our newspaper is a disservice to our community.

I'm in agreement with Roger on the "cagematch" character of the DNT forums. I was appalled a few months ago that after discussing, in very general terms, the nature of a very complex document on human sexuality put out by the ELCA that they asked the readership what they thought about the ELCA's stand on on homosexuality without even linking to the original document (which was available on the web). Of course this didn't stop people from commenting and their comments had nothing to do with the actual document. The sad thing is that a newspaper should be about informing and encouraging thoughtful dialog, but I see much more thoughtful dialog here on this "amateur" blog than I do on this "professional" site.

Those who think they know everything are really an impediment to those of us who do.....

Thanks Andrew I was thinking the exact same thing. Kinda like the old saying "Look who's calling the kettle black" or something like that.

Another great example, Ironic1. I appreciate it.

Inevitibly, comments like ours are going to lead to accusation of "elitism," or probably "liberal elitism."

First, I am speaking for myself, not for PDD. I, as well as other contributors to this forum, recognize ugly moments in the past, including comments directed at Bill Buckley, and condemn those as harshly as those comments that appear on the DNT forums.

Second, I am not suggesting that beliefs different from mine should be unwelcome in forums. I peruse these forums expecting to encounter well-constructed opinions that differ from my own. However, calling for liberals to hang themselves from the rafters and making ad hominem attacks based on false information is not helpful to public discourse. When the agent propagating this kind of hate speech is our local newspaper, it should be examined.

Please try to address my concerns directly, and resist the urge to dismiss it as elitism. I am interested in civil disagreement.

The difference between DNT Talk and PDD is that PDD is a site run by a few private citizens with no journalistic intentions, while DNT Talk is affiliated with the area's Official Newspaper of Record.

PDD is not journalism, and it is not a professional endeavor. There is nothing "official" about it. It doesn't carry as much burden of responsibility that the newspaper does, and it's easy to ignore if it's not your style.

It's hard to ignore your local newspaper, however, and it's sad when your paper adds functions that turn it into a freakshow. I realize that they're just trying to allow people to express their opinions while driving up hits on their site, but the structure is all wrong. The feature doesn't need more moderation -- it should have been constructed more thoughtfully in the first place.

Some people here have said that anonymity breeds honesty. I say that it breeds hostility. Freedom of speech without any personal responsibility always leads to ridiculous results, and brings out the worst in all of us.

It's OK for PDD to be a freakshow at times. The same goes for the DCB. But it's embarrassing when a professional news source starts leaning away from its journalistic roots and towards the absolute worst aspects of online reality.

Hi there, Barret.

I don't see much of a psychological difference. The freakshow is anywhere you look when it comes to a public forum http://www.imdb.com. I agree that in person it carries more weight and responsibility (that's what you're saying, I suppose), but it's still there nonetheless.

Whether it should stand on "journalistic" heads to be responsible for proper news releases... well, don't really have an answer for that one. I had a shot once at working for secondary school news, but got fed up with how everything was selected and presented. In short, it was a joke. Basically, I'm saying you're actual news carries about as much weight as the responses.

As for anonymity breeding honesty, I'm not hedging my bets just yet, but I have optimism in the emergent behavior of life and social interaction, even if it has an impersonal chair we sit on as we type.

Oops, I just became "l33t" by saying that. I'll have to watch for random gunmen :)

I am surprised that this topic has caused so much discussion, though (with the occasional branches). Says something about Duluth, maybe?

Nah, I've seen this before. No big deal.

The Washington Post's comments areas are every bit as disastrous as this--I think it goes with the territory. The DNT stuff is perhaps more troubling since you know that most of the handful of morons powering that high-minded debate are among the relatively small number of people who live in this town. But it's still just a few angry jerks.

There is some fun to anonmity, but it is overused by trollers... I am a diehard Viking fan and go to kfan.com and read up on the Vikings from time to time. There is nothing more annoying than Packer fans who create fake names and post thousands of things that ruin topics of conversation... I had to bring that up with the god awful pic of Favre on this thread.

I have been known to create controversy on blogs in the past and learned from that venture. Journalism is dead, and a blog has just as much of a voice in today's society. It is a very sad medium though, because language is more then a rant of words. Tone, facial expression, and so many other things are lost when you write something in an email or a blog. Then you add in when people are joking around or really being honest and it becomes an awful way to communicate.

Thinking anyones' speech being better than anyone else's is crazy. Unlike most of you I don't feel like I identify with the a lot of people on PDD, DCB, or the DNT. Sometimes I agree with things, but other times I don't understand where the hell they get off.

Duluth sometimes feels like this elite club. Even the blogs act like one is better than the other.

I don't go to Geek Prom, don't care if some guy named Starfire had his name stolen, and really could care less about half the stuff posted here. I do come here for the cool posts and to learn about what is going on in Duluth. This was the place to come to find Cloud Cult on Carson Daly, Old Pics of Duluth, 1000ft Shitter, and so many other great entertaining voices of Duluth.

PDD is a great blog for young people up here and is hip to what is happening. Threads like this suck though when someone knocks a blog on a blog. Especially when most of the people say, "well, I would say my real name if needed.... but I don't..."

1,000 foot shitter may be one of the greatest posts ever on PDD, or anywhere. People are going to be talking about that for generations. Every time I hear that it makes me smile.

Wow ... me and "Andrew" are agreeing a lot. If the is his real name, I mean ...

Gawd! So frickin' boring. Will someone PLEASE follow up on the 1000 foot shitter? Or at least regard my lack of pants? Gawd!

what's the record for most comments posted to one entry?

I'm pretty sure it was this post but unfortunately it looks like all of the comments are gone now. I think, before it was all over, there were over 180 comments.

microchip technology. that's a new thing, isn't it?

and that movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

that's new, right?

Good call on the KFAN Andrew!!! I agree, if people think social blogs get out of hand, they have NOTHING on sports chat. Some of those people are totaly nuts. I am a pretty big sports fan but don't really live and die with any team in particular so I have a tough time with any of those.

Big E., I don't know about that it seems to me a couple of the biggest jerks on the DNT site do not live in "this" town. Also, I can go to the DNT site and pick any name and say I am from wherever I choose.

I guess no one here even understands what I'm talking about.

I'm sorry I even brought it up, and I'm sad and terrified for the future.

then go back to the past, put a stiff cocktail in your hand and listen to dorothy swing heavy my friend. those were better times.
ps-i get you.

oh barrett i totally get you. i think this conversation might go better in person though. with a bunch of artists who have day jobs.

The information society was short lived. Welcome to the personal opinion society. Where debates are constructed without any basic shared reality to build upon.

That sort of grounded, well-researched, high-standard bedrock is what a newspaper should strive to deliver. Especially a community newspaper like the News-Tribune. That function is impaired by turning every article into an anonymous forum for gut feelings and hearsay. I am all for editorials and citizen participation, if only they had a special section for it. Hmmm.

In a large city paper, a three paragraph article might have 500 comments, if it pushes certain buttons. Real 'hot button' issues, like organic raspberry farming- really?? It is definitely not unique to the DNT, it is endemic.

The free press is in trouble- trying to serve both shareholders and the vital public interest. We have made great innovative progress... in shuffling profit making functions to other media. If newspapers can no longer serve both the high ideal and nagging pocketbook, a new model may be required. Perhaps something similar to public broadcasting, but for print.

*DNT is reducing staff by about 10% this year (last I checked). 'Talk' contributors will be expected to pick up the slack.
*Classified ads typically make up ~ 2/3 of a newspaper's revenue (and shrinking).
*Craigslist does it better, for free.

A new-type newspaper model? Clearly worth investigating.

And while Information Society may have been short lived, they were one of the first bands to include modem tones on an album (which actually worked!); and can you really ever get enough Peace & Love Inc.?

are you wearing underpants?

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