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I am a zombie.

A few weeks ago, we talked a lot about surviving the Zombiepocolypse. Now, find out if you could TRULY survive!




A few weeks ago MPR Midmorning had the best hour show ever talking all about apocalyptic movies - namely zombie flicks.

I've been looking for a reason to pass along that information. Go to the site and stream it for your pleasure.

Sorry .. I no know how post links


After the (cinematic) apocalypse
Broadcast: Midmorning, 04/04/2008, 10:06 a.m.

Oh my bad .. you can't stream it live anymore.


I don't know. These days I'm far more interested in finding out how many five-year-olds I could take in a fight.

I have a 57% chance of taking on 30 zombie five-year-olds.


71% hmmm maybe I do need a gun in the house...

Oh Tamara...You really should have attended Geek Prom! Dance Band has a awesome song about zombies, encouraging everyone in Duluth to have a Zombie defense plan, including having snipers at Enger Tower.

Plus, there was a dance; A ZOMBIE DANCE!

Oh man am I so screwed!
(note, I lost points on the "leave to search for loved ones", and not having gun experience, not the common sense "I flee in terror loosing a high heel" ones...)

78% I lost some points for slight compassion.

The pictures were taken down, but a dude on a forum that I frequent took out his "end of days kit" and snapped shome shots.

He had:
Dragunov (as in sniper rifle)
Handguns (like 3 or 4)
First Aid
plus more that I can't remember.

Suvivalists, scary as hell, but good to know.

Oh boy ... 36% ... but I couldn't just leave my girlies, you know? And there's no way I'm gonna shoot them in their pretty little heads, never happen. SO if the zombie apocalypse ever does come to Duluth, I'm gonna be the deranged slobbering giant clambering to get in the 4th Street Market. If you please, maybe wave hello before you shoot me in the head.

Whoops. Don't forget those large quantities of water. Nothing like getting turned into the undead from zombie spit on a drinking fountain.

Not Bad! 63%

I'll take that I guess...

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