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Homegrown Run -- Friday

Once again, in an effort to reduce acute alcohol poisonings by encouraging physical activity away from bars, I’m hosting the Fourth-Annual Homegrown Social Run.

Everyone is welcome to attend and jog, run, speed-walk and/or stand their truck drinking PBR tall-boys and heckling people for wearing short-shorts.*

+ Meet at the first parking lot at Chester Bowl (by the playground equipment)
+ We’ll leave promptly at 4:45pm on Friday, May 2.
+ Expect to spend about 45-60 minutes in the woods – I think we’ll do the route the NMTC uses for their Chester Creek race
+ The pace should be relaxed, as Al Sparhawk will be out of town

In the past, we’ve had four to 10 people come along (including such luminaries as: Dusty Olson, Tim and Brad Nelson, Matt Livingston, Rich Narum, Al Sparhawk, Chris Godsey, Chad Salmela, Marc Gartman, Jamie Ness and, of course, myself). Will this be the year Starfire graces us with his presence? What about Blah blah blah-ler? Might a certain mayor of Duluth attend? Will Burly Burlesque bust harrier skills like British aircraft? Join us Friday evening to find out!!!

Oddly, though I have many pictures of people drinking, I have none of people running.

* Please, no cock tanners.


this sounds like the perfect opportunity for hash house harriers run


As a veteran Harrier I should be there...Unfortunately we're going to be headed to the Cities. Dammit. And it's on a Friday...don't any of you cretins WORK!?!

That's okay...I'll be DFL in most runs anyhow.

I'm down with next month sometime...pick a date neal (24th?)...if we can haul in a few ringers we just might be a little closer to a kennel.

alas i do not live in duluth anymore. it was merely a suggestion for cork1.

With the announcement of some sort of Bitter Spills/Gremlins shows going on behind the Fetus on Thursday and Friday at 4:30, our route may change ...

I think a hash run would be fun, but it takes some planning and forethought. I'm too busy drinking beers at Luce to get involved with that.

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