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Thou Shalt Wash Thy Hands after Ye Pisseth

Stand up, men! Be proud and pisseth erectly! And wash your hands, too.

And, while we're on the subject, what's your favorite urinal stance?

This is why, vicarious, this old post became active again.

By the way, here are the 6 instances of the phrase "pisseth against the wall" in the King James Version.


i'm pissething my pants right now...

I'm guessing he doesn't know about the pee-ladies that monitor the public restrooms in Europe. I hope he tipped well, for his sake.

My brothers and dad never, ever put the toilet seat down after doing their pissness. I insist on that now in my house.

My whole life, I have wondered: Why do people pee in phone booths, subway cars, stairwells, etc., instead of just going in the dirt, where it won't make a stinking mess?
Now I see. They have been ordered to pee against a wall.

Time for a new church folks! My old pastor never talked about pissin but he sure as hell talked about damnation. I wonder if I should forward this to him? He might like to know the holiest position. I wonder what the bible says about shitting?

biblical poop?


So THAT'S what's wrong with America...

Careful, that site gave me a porn pop-up.

hmm...sorry about that. i've never had a problem with it at all.


This is exactly the reason I stopped going to church.

You stopped going to church because of the random porn pop ups?

yeah, Landover Baptist is actually a part of whitehouse.org

i run firefox, which doesn't allow popups, but even before, i never got a pornopop.

sorry about that. really.

I understand your pain it always irritates me when porn pop ups interfere with my reading about biblical poop.

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