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What's your favorite?


What's your favorite urinal stance?

Added the last one for enealio.


I am one to appreciate a clean pee, so I will say the golfer is my favorite because he seems to be aiming.

Hey, that firefighter is aiming too.

you forgot my favorite. the drunk frat boy at the bar with one hand on his phi theta kappa and the other on the wall above his head. it looks like his urination is so strong he has to support the wall from being knocked down from the awesome rush of pee.

perfect mr. warp-factor. the raisin says it all

the superman's my favorite for signing my name on things on the ground. which is my favorite goal in peeing.

Head down, feet shoulder-width apart, follow through ... the golfer.

Nonchelant, like Dr. Who. And no, I don't know how that pee got in the corner--must be somebody else's space-time anomoly.

I like to nonchalantly check to my left and right as I'm going, so I'm Dr. Who also.

I like to start with the fireman for maximum stream distance to avoid backsplash on my khakis and move in close like the golfer to avoid drippage.

If the moment has been extremely satisfying I tend to finish with the raisin flourish.

You know, this discussion has been all I hoped it would be and oh so much more! The only thing missing is bewildered or condescending comments from the womenfolk about male washroom etiquette.

"Male washroom."
That's funny. There's no washing in there.

Note to self: Do not share popcorn with Clumsy.

will you all please stop talking! god, i cannot pee when the guy next to me strikes up a conversation. eye forward, mouth shut.

Pastor Steve would be okay with any of these, I guess, as long as you're standing up.

"eye forward, mouth shut."

There was an episode of Roseanne about that. "Oh, I get it. It's like an elevator."

"There's no washing in there."

umm, yeah...clumsy speaks the truth.


It's surprising how many guys don't wash after handling *themselves*.

Here are some statistics from the Minnesota Dept. of Health:

American Society of Microbiology studies showed:

* 97% of females and 92% of males say they wash
of these only 75% females and 58% males washed
* 50% of middle and high school students say they wash
of these 33% of females and only 8% of males used soap while washing hands

Minnesota Department of Health led three observational studies:

* 2003 Back to 50’s Car Show Event—64% females washed and 30% males
* 2003 State Fair—65% females washed and 39% males
* 2004 State Fair—75% females washed and 51% males

Well, hey, at least those stats are going up!

ehh...yeah...still not enough encouragement for me to start shaking people's hands again.

it's so friggin easy people!

as a matter of fact, Luce has it set up where you don't have to touch anything to wash up!

I think Luce is a brilliant concept in social engineering and natural selection. I think men are much more likely to wash their hands if they know women are watching them.

Hell's kitchen as a particularly nice faucet. It looks like an old fashion citern (spelling). Maybe cooler faucets would inspire better hygiene.

I really like the faucet at the first restroom you come to at Chester Creek Cafe/At Sara's Table/Taran's Market/that place on 8th Avenue where I'ma loving me some Hippie Farm Breakfast. It has a very generous width of water and it's always warm automatically without waiting for it to warm up.

First of all, I DO usually wash my hands after tinkling, and always after #2. But I wonder: how many people actually pee on their hands while...peeing. I never, ever do. And I guarantee me "stuff" is clean, since I shower twice a day. Thus, I ask, why the phobia/cultural pressure to wash hands after peeing? Why not after coughing, or picking your nose, or handling a public item, or opening a door? I never really got it: unless you actually pee on your hands, your hands are just as "clean" as before you peed, generally speaking. Anyway, I gotta pee now.

Also, how does this post start getting more comments after 17 months lying dormant?

Vicar, blame Pastor Steve. I saw his rant and it reminded me of this post.

the Five Point Cafe and Bar at Tillicum Square in Seattle (near the space needle) has rather stereotypical bar facilities, painted black with a couple of years' worth of graffiti...a toilet, and an old school tile and grout console style urinal (the one that goes all the way to the floor...like the NorShor), with a hole in the wall just above the flush. While you're doing your business, you get an unobstructed view looking up at the saucer of the space needle by way of the periscope in the wall.

the loo at the Last Exit on Brooklyn (also in Seattle, but no longer existing) was actually little more than a closet with a toilet. it was painted babyshit green and also perpetually covered in graffiti. The sink was just outside the door which was in the kitchen. I happen to still have a couple of paint chips from the old place that've gotta be a good 1/8 inch thick.

Reminds me of an old joke..

A marine and a sailor are in the mens room taking a leak, they get done and the marine starts walking out, the sailor yells at him, "In the navy they teach us to wash our hands after we piss." To which the marine replys, "In the marines they teach us not to piss on our hands."

actually, in the original, it's a sailor telling a soldier that we're taught not to piss our pants.

the marines belong to the department of the navy. marines have a commandant, who answers to SECNAV.

hands, sorry...

ya... was going to enter the (put the guy who doesn't piss on his hands here..) and (the guy who does here.. insert your own class of people)

but that doesn't make it as funny.

I called a buddy of mine on not washing after a pee one time, and he said, "Why the hell would I? It's not like I piss on my hands, and I'd hope that the junk is clean."

I thought it was a good point, though years of habit has me still washing mine.

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