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Duluth Duluth Duluth is on fire

Duluth is on fireTall Ships make James Gottfried wanna dance dance dance.

Duluth Tall Ships 2016 “Parade of Sail” Photos and Video Clip

Duluth’s Tall Ships Festival runs Aug. 18-21. The video above and photos below are from Liftoff Aerials (a/k/a the “PDD Drone”). The music is “Ocean Blue” by Duluth band Glen’s Neighbor from the album Behind the Door.

Tall Ships 2016 (2)

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Deadly Tall Ships Incident


PDD Quiz: Tall Ships Festival 2016

pride1-1024x819The tall ships are coming! How much do you know about the ships coming (or not coming) to this year’s festival? Let’s find out!

Our next quiz will be on August 28 and it will be the month in review. Send your August in Duluth related questions (and answers) to lawrence @ perfectduluthday.com by Wednesday, August 24 at noon.

Best spot in Duluth to view tall ships

Where’s the best place to watch the tall ships come into the harbor?

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