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Duluth and North Shore featured in Surfer magazine

Surfer Aug-Sept 2016In the August/September issue of Surfer magazine, Justin Housman travels to Duluth to discover “that isolated Midwestern surf scene” on Lake Superior, where surfers “chisel boards free from the roofs of their snowbound cars, trudge through forests and thigh-deep snow, paddle out for a few frigid waves, then emerge from the water with icicles growing from their shocked, pink faces.”

Superior Surf

Video by Ali Rogers of Prana Lens. Narration by Rob Bell.

Stoney Point Surf

Video by Kyle James.

Hey, it’s -13 degrees! Let’s head to Stoney Point! Surf’s up!

Hey, the water is a balmy 38 degrees, so you’d be stupid not to do this, really.

Video shot Dec. 29 by Erik Wilkie. Music by Evanescence.

Super Frozen – Lake Superior Surf Short

Lake Superior surfing video shot on Jan. 13, set to the song “Cry, Cry, Crow” by the Pines.

Lake Superior Surfing … Hang Ten!

[The post originally contained an embedded video that no longer exists at its source.]

Team Red Bull finds some nice waves on Big Sexy (aka Lake Superior). Never under estimate Big Sexy, she can be a real bitch.

Duluth Surfing Footage from CBS News

[This post originally contained an embedded video that no longer exists.]

Riding the Lake Superior Waves

Here’s what they were doing Sunday off Stony Point, just south of Knife River. 50 mph wind gusts, 21 degrees.

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