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Questions about Eagle Hill Development

I recently moved out of a property that was managed by Eagle Hill Development. After I moved, I received an invoice that listed what was going to be deducted from my security deposit. However, many of the deductions were for ambiguous things such as “repairs” without any explanation of what the repairs were.

They provided a number that we could call if we had any questions. Unfortunately, after three voicemail messages and six calls over the span of three weeks, I have received no response of any kind whatsoever.

This behavior is very characteristic of what I experienced when I was renting from them. If we had an issue/question of any kind, it took them days and sometimes weeks to respond. My question is: Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with this company?

My patience is wearing very thin at this point and I just want the money they owe me which, as of now, has still not been sent to me (over a month after I moved out). Please help. I am tired of being taken advantage of by these people.

Camping Gear for Rent in Duluth

I am looking for a business that rents camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, etc.). We are planning a short weekend camping trip and aren’t quite ready to go all out and purchase everything. Is there anywhere in Duluth or Superior that offers this kind of service? Also, is there anywhere that rents small fishing boats?

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