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Places to stay in Duluth

I am coming to Duluth in March next year and looking for some information.

  • Backpacker hostels or cheap, friendly places to stay.
  • How to get to Ely by bus or train!

Can anyone help?

I’m just about to move to Duluth …

… and I’m gonna have about two weeks of free time to just waste away. What are some things I need to go and check out?

Is there a story behind these houses?

Last night while driving on Arrowhead Road, I came upon a series of brick houses that all look alike. They are around Stebner Road and seem to be built in the 30s or 40s. They all seem to be on an acre or so of land and look identical. It seems that since they appear to be built in the 30s or 40s, they would have been out in the country when they were new. Was this an old housing development, kit houses or anything interesting or just a developer with one design?

Duluth Papermaking

My fiance and I are looking to be married in August and are currently searching for recycled (hopefully seeded) paper for our invites. I have hunted around on the net, and got a few numbers, but I felt it would be good if we went with someone local. Does anyone around the area make paper or know someone who does? We have less than two weeks to come up with something before we’d like to have them printed, so the sooner the better. I actually tried making some paper last night, it worked out well, but I just don’t have enough time to get them all done. Let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested!

Chickens in the City?

I doubt I will actually do this, but wanted some input, encouragement and/or discouragement based on experience

Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens

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