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Where’s the best place to watch the Christmas City of the North Parade?

Where’s the best place to watch the Christmas City of the North Parade? I usually watch it from home, in front of the fire, on TV, with a hot toddy. You?

Thanksgiving 2010

What is open in Duluth on Thanksgiving? We used to travel to the TC to go to Dunn Bros. for coffee (they were open until noon), reading the Black Friday ads, then down to a casino for a magnificent dinner buffet.

Where can I snag some coffee and dinner in Duluth on this most Thankful of Days?

Foreign Language

Does anyone know of any foreign language classes available for children? My son is 3 and we would like to start him in French. Looking for a school or class or tutor (or French Grandmother?) to help him start learning. They learn so fast at this age and I’d rather not wait 10 years since it will be harder. We’re in Superior, but will drive to Duluth or surrounding area. Thanks!

Where do I buy celestial binoculars in Duluth?

Please don’t say Wal-Mart.

Duluth’s Goat Hill Neighborhood

Does anyone know about the history of West Duluth’s “Goat Hill” area or how it got that name?

Duluth flag?


I’ve lived in Duluth for 21 years and have only recently discovered that we’ve got a flag — one that actually looks kind of cool (for a flag).

My questions are:
1) Why doesn’t this flag get used more often?
2) Where can I get one?

Snowmobile Mechanics in Duluth

I need some work done to my 2000 Ski-Doo. I have contacted local dealers and their shop rates are astronomical ($65-$90/ hour!) and they typically will not let me purchase the needed parts on my own which adds many hundreds of dollars to the total bill. I have asked around and many mechanics are too busy to take on any more projects. 

Does anyone know of a reputable snowmobile mechanic that has immediate availability? I also have some friends that would be interested in booking some smaller maintenance type jobs with him/ her. I am trying to keep within a 20-30 mile radius of Duluth.

Thanks in advance for any responses, and I know it is only August but we may have snow in the next 90 days, and I’m trying to be prepared.

411 WI Point

So, I’m throwing a little shindig on Wisconsin Point Friday, Aug. 27. I have been hearing conflicting reports as to the current state of affairs regarding the 5-0 after dark on WI Point. Does anyone know what the setup is these days? I’ve heard they kick people out (a far cry from “you’re all of age, there’s no glass, you brought your own garbage bags – have a good night, folks!”); that they close the gates; and they have been known to tow cars. Anyone?

Does anyone have pictures or stories from when the Ripsaw was housed in the Temple Opera Building?

I rent and work out of Room 208 in the Temple Opera Building. Legend has it that the Ripsaw was once published out of this office. I’d love to see some photos and hear some stories about those days in this space.

Foreign Language Classes in the Duluth Area

Does anyone know of any private foreign language lessons that are offered in the area?

Mac repair in Duluth?

If anyone knows of a good Mac repair person in town, I’d sure appreciate the contact info.

Coal or Taconite?

A question has been nagging me of late: Which is worth more? Duluth’s taconite pile or Superior’s coal pile?

Finding these images is the extent of my personal research. I’m curious to hear your responses.

Unique outdoor wedding ceremony venues?

I know earlier someone was asking about small wedding reception venues but I have my reception pretty much nailed down for my wedding on June 25, 2011.

My fiancee’ and I want to do an outdoor ceremony. We don’t want to do it at the Rose Garden because its so common and the car/foot traffic doesn’t appeal to us. We’d prefer someplace with a view of the lake but a general view is great! I’d really appreciate the suggestions of the fine PPD people!

Site for small reception in Duluth?

I’m in search of a unique venue for a smaller wedding reception of around 80 people in Duluth. Something other than a typical hotel banquet room or similar is preferred. Perhaps a restaurant? Your ideas and info are appreciated!

Duluth area wedding and reception

My sister is getting married Feb. 26. We are having trouble locating a venue that can accommodate approximately 300 people, let us cater our own reception and allow music and alcohol. Does anyone have any suggestions for possible venues?

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