North Shore of Lake Superior Posts

North Shore Camping Adventure

A late-summer camping adventure — with scenes from Duluth to Grand Portage — shot by Shun Matsuhashi. The song is “Swansea” by Bombay Bicycle Club.

Family Adventure on the North Shore

A Minneapolis family takes on the shores of Lake Superior in early in November during a weekend trip. Music: “Let’s Be Still” by the Head and the Heart.

North Shore prime

If you can find a place to park other than the side of Highway 61, this would would be an ideal weekend to explore North Shore state parks without all the crowds. Boldly enter at the gates or use the trails (SHT) running into them. And the lupines up the shore are stunning right now.

Where on the North Shore?

Nokomis in Wall Street Journal

Nokomis, the restaurant on the North Shore between the French and Knife rivers, gets play in the Wall Street Journal:

Dinner Deep in Walleye Territory

The premise of the piece? “There’s good eats in places other than New York and L.A.” What do we learn from it? “Walleye is a very big deal hereabouts.” In any case, congrats to Nokomis for the (IMO, deserved) recognition.

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