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Selective Focus: Duluth-area Film Festivals in 2020

If you’re a fan of film or an aspiring filmmaker, here’s a quick list of festivals in the area you can get involved in by attending or submitting your work. Each has a different focus and flavor, but for those interested in the art of filmmaking, there are opportunities for involvement at many of levels beyond being an audience member.

Homegrown Music Video Festival, round 2

Homegrown Music VIDEO festival is BACK and this year we are giving you TWO WEEKS to create your masterpiece.

Kick-off is 8pm (SHARP!) on April 15 at Hell Burgers. Show up on time to draw your song from a beautiful top hat. You’ll have two weeks to create a music video from the randomly assigned song. Filmmakers of all ages are welcome and all filmmakers who turn in a finished DVD will receive a free pass to Homegrown. You may use previously shot footage but you can’t change the song in any way. Finished videos will be shown during Homegrown week.

E-mail Annie Dugan (annie at freerangefilm.com) if you are interested in participating or have any questions.