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Fishing on the Knife River, Spring 1962


From the Cliff’s Barber Shop Collection.

Fishing Superior Bay

Anybody got any good tips for ice fishing on Superior Bay off Park Point? I’ve tried it a couple times this year but haven’t had any luck. I talked to a couple people out there, but most everyone is tucked inside their fishing shelters and I hate to intrude. I’m wondering: what bait are they using? How are they rigging it? How deep are they fishing? Actively jigging or just setting tip-ups? Best time of day? I’ve heard of big walleye and even sturgeon, but haven’t seen anybody pull them up. What are they catching?

Men of Raleigh Street and Their Fish

Perhaps in another century people will pass around photos of you and try to piece together the details.

Who were these West Duluth guys? Did they all go fishing, or just the ones with their hats raised? Did they catch these 40+ fish on the St. Louis River or somewhere else? Did they have a boat?

Maybe none of that matters. What we know is that on one day in 1916 there was a mighty jubilant feast on Raleigh Street.

More ice fishing jokes

Picture 2

The promo was filmed here for Jerry Seinfeld’s new show, The Marriage Ref.

Fish fry in Duluth/Superior

Where does one go with his visiting Mum and Dad for the greatest fish fry in the Twin Ports?

Camping Gear for Rent in Duluth

I am looking for a business that rents camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, etc.). We are planning a short weekend camping trip and aren’t quite ready to go all out and purchase everything. Is there anywhere in Duluth or Superior that offers this kind of service? Also, is there anywhere that rents small fishing boats?

Fishing hole?

I am looking for a family-friendly place to fish from shore. Somewhere relatively close to Duluth would be best. Any suggestions?

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