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Making America Great Again

It wearies me to see hordes of people so downcast from something as small as a presidential election. Your time and energy can be put to better use where you may be of real influence: your neighbors and community.

I’m taking a two-pronged whack at getting some of you folks out of your funk. I wrote this column in the Duluth Budgeteer for you, because What this country needs most is you.

imgresFinally, I made a nice circuit through the surrounding countryside yesterday, and believe that many of our country’s problems can be fixed if we’ll simply focus on feeding and entertaining ourselves as a community. Our city and surrounding rural area need one another to thrive. Read more about Making America Great Again at Ed’s Big Adventure.

Charlie Parr in his own words

Charlie on easel

Charlie Parr strolled into the neighborhood yesterday—barefoot, even though it was cold and damp. We had a nice conversation on my podcast about the hardships and joys of life on the road, dropping out of school, and how he slowly got into making music as a vocation. He’s doing what he loves, and that’s what I’m trying to do: as an author, and an urban farmer. My new urban farm, Tiny Farm Duluth, is slowly coming together. The soil of formerly wasted space within the city of Duluth has been tilled, and seeds will soon be sown.

Our very own “odd couple” produces food and art organically

Annie and Janaki

Annie Dugan and Janaki Fisher-Merritt are two of the most fascinating individuals I’ve ever met. When considering that they are forged together in the partnership of marriage, farming, and as catalysts of unique art, the combined effect is like lightning captured in a bottle. Duluth is beyond fortunate to have them influencing our lives in unique and whimsical ways. Learn about the masterminds behind the Food Farm, Free Range Film Festival, the Duluth Art Institute, and more, here.

Local farmers connect with local eaters in person and online

Ten local Community Supported Agriculture farmers gathered at Zeitgeist Arts on March 14 to connect with prospective customers and to promote the growth of the local foods movement.

Community members who missed the event can now find a complete list of local CSA farms online at

The event at Zeitgeist Arts was called “CSA Open House” and was organized by the CSA Guild, an informal group of local CSA farmers who began gathering last spring with the intention of helping each other out in a variety of ways. The group collaborated to define CSA and has posted that definition and a guide to choosing a CSA on their website.

This was the first annual CSA Open House in Duluth and the local farmers hope it will become an annual event in the Duluth community’s calendar. In the Madison area, a group called Fairshare CSA Coalition (formerly Madison Area CSA Coalition) has been organizing a CSA open house for over 20 years. The event has become very successful, attracting over 1,000 people in recent years. While the Duluth version had a much more humble turnout, the potential is great. The growing number of CSA farms in the Duluth/Superior area points to increased consumer interest in purchasing locally-grown, organic food.