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Wild Rice Pizza in Duluth?

Anyone know of a restaurant that sells wild rice pizza?  Looking for something like the ones at  Sven & Ole’s pizza in Grand Marais. (Wild rice, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, olives, peppers onions).  Simple, yet different.

Duluth locations for a first birthday party

I need a location idea for a first birthday party. Something affordable, with convenient parking, able to handle around 30 people (adults and small children). I’m looking for something unconventional, yet realistic.

Candy Calculation?

Lundgren has published at length on Return On Investment when considering package liquor, beer and transportation and I believe I recently saw some discussion on variables to consider when putting a Halloween costume together. Has anybody come up with an algorithm, equation or model for predicting how much Halloween candy to stage for distribution? Last year, I had to recycle the stuff the kids brought home and based this year’s purchase off that. Now we are stuck with seven pounds of Reese’s [at least we predicted there would be left overs]. Anybody identified trends or tricks used with this annual purchase?

Wet Basement Recommendation?

I posted a request for recommendations for replacement of a poured concrete porch stoop the other day.  Thanks for your input.

However, in talking to a couple guys who came to look at the leaky porch issue, it became clear that we probably need to look at various leaky basement issues all at once to do the fix the best way.  (We did get some input on a “cheap, BandAid-type fix” too, but we don’t think it will do the trick for long.)  I have one lead that looks pretty good so far but am looking for any recommendations that the PDD community might be willing to share regarding reliable contractors for basement waterproofing, associated excavating, basement/foundation wall repair, etc.   Your input and wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

Calling all bikers:

Like the feeling of wind in your hair? We want to hear from you!

Lake Voice News, a UMD student news organization, is looking to talk to all of you Duluth biking fanatics out there.

Do you feel that Duluth is not the most bike-friendly place in the world? Or do you disagree? We want to hear about your horror stories, your best stories, your favorite trails, pictures, or even if you just want to share your love of biking with the world — tell us more!

Please share your stories with us. E-mail jawa0007 @ All help is appreciated!

Which Camcorder?

Looking to buy a camcorder for taking music videos of myself singing/playing acoustic guitar for Youtube upload.  In the $200-350 range.  I haven’t had much luck  finding something with better  audio quality that works well in low light conditions.  I was told that flash memory format is the best option but what about other formats that might have better audio quality and lowlight performance?  The criteria I’m most interested in are 1. Ease of upload to Youtube/internet; 2. Better sound quality; 3. Image quality/good low light performance; 4. Ease of use;  5. Has image stabilization; 6. Prefer Mac/PC compatible; 7. Longer battery life.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions.  Thanks for you help.  Please respond to me at [email protected]

Dungeons & Dragons Mentor Needed

My 10-year-old, known by old PDDers as “Little Pirate”, wants to start playing “Dungeons & Dragons”. Can anyone help explain what “Dungeons & Dragons” is to him? He wants to play the game because he’s a HUGE Futurama fan.

And are there any D&D kids groups in Duluth?

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