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Duluth Bread CSA

Photo by Rolf Hagberg

Duluth’s Best Bread croissant
Photo by Rolf Hagberg

Would you like to get bread and croissants every week and support local foodways? Duluth’s Best Bread is starting a community-supported agriculture program this month.

The way a CSA works is that you pay a fee up front and in turn are guaranteed bread every week — including occasional special loaves not usually offered, like challah, rye or whole wheat. All you do is come pick it up.

Local farmers connect with local eaters in person and online

Ten local Community Supported Agriculture farmers gathered at Zeitgeist Arts on March 14 to connect with prospective customers and to promote the growth of the local foods movement.

Community members who missed the event can now find a complete list of local CSA farms online at

The event at Zeitgeist Arts was called “CSA Open House” and was organized by the CSA Guild, an informal group of local CSA farmers who began gathering last spring with the intention of helping each other out in a variety of ways. The group collaborated to define CSA and has posted that definition and a guide to choosing a CSA on their website.

This was the first annual CSA Open House in Duluth and the local farmers hope it will become an annual event in the Duluth community’s calendar. In the Madison area, a group called Fairshare CSA Coalition (formerly Madison Area CSA Coalition) has been organizing a CSA open house for over 20 years. The event has become very successful, attracting over 1,000 people in recent years. While the Duluth version had a much more humble turnout, the potential is great. The growing number of CSA farms in the Duluth/Superior area points to increased consumer interest in purchasing locally-grown, organic food.