Chester Park Posts

Third Annual Chester Bowl Wine, Beer & Pizza Tasting

Saturday, Nov. 6, from 6-9 pm, Midi @ Fitger’s

Help keep the youth programs going at Chester Bowl while sampling top-notch pizza, wine and beer. Tickets at Fitger’s Wine Cellars. Info @ 733-0792.

Scenes from Fall Fest

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the PDD Canopy of Joy yesterday. It was a good day at Chester Bowl. Sunshine. Pan flute. Cheese curds. Matching puppies.

Thrills, spills and chills

I shot this on Sunday, the last day at Chester Bowl for skiing / snowboarding. I’m still trying to dry out my kid’s snowboard boots.
This is mostly the crashing and burning, and to be fair, most of the skiers made it across just fine. But really, who wants to watch that? Success is boring.

Summer or winter, Chester Bowl is the best.