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Cheapest Tap Beer in Duluth

I’m a poor college kid, where can I go to get the cheapest tap beer in town and on what nights? Overall, what is the cheapest bar that still has a fun, non-sketchy crowd?

Hey brewers of the Midwest, we like what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

Surly Abrasive Ale
Double Oat IPA
8.8 percent alcohol by volume
On tap at Beaner’s Central and maybe other places

Bell’s Hopslam Ale
American Double/Imperial I.P.A.
10 percent alcohol by volume
Available in bottles at Beaner’s Central,  Zeitgeist Arts Cafe and maybe other places

And congratulations to the amazing Dave Hoops and the folks at Fitger’s Brewhouse. Their Bourbon Barrel Edmund Imperial Stout took first place in the Strong Porter/Stout category at the eighth annual Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer in Chicago in November.

What are you drinkin’?

Northern Brewing Company in Superior

Northern Brewing Co

I work at what was the old Northern Brewing Company building in Superior, now Balcum Appliance, Inc. Some people stop in and tell me stories about when it was the brewery. I was just doing some research about the building and not much comes up. I was just curious if anyone had a little knowledge about the Northern Brewing Company or stories to share regarding it. I would really love to see pictures of it also. I hear that there was another section of the building which has been torn down. Any information is greatly appreciated.

3rd Annual Chester Bowl Wine/Beer/Pizza Tasting & Silent Auction

The 3rd Annual Chester Bowl Wine & Beer Tasting and Silent Auction will be held Saturday, Nov. 6 from 6pm to 9pm at the Midi Restaurant in Fitger’s Brewery Complex.

Third Annual Chester Bowl Wine, Beer & Pizza Tasting

Saturday, Nov. 6, from 6-9 pm, Midi @ Fitger’s

Help keep the youth programs going at Chester Bowl while sampling top-notch pizza, wine and beer. Tickets at Fitger’s Wine Cellars. Info @ 733-0792.

Lake Superior Brewing on Facebook

LSB Rejected Advertising

There for the liking at facebook.com/LakeSuperiorBrewing.

More reason for beer

How do we get ahold of this agent?

Ad from a local newspaper, June 1910.

Brewing beer in Duluth and Superior

Topic #1: According to a story from the Associated Press, a Minnesota House panel will consider a bill today that would make it legal to brew beer in basements. The story specifically references home brewers. Personally, I have brewed beer in at least two different Minnesota basements, and I had no idea it was illegal to do so.

Reading what I think is the overview of the bill, however, it seems to have nothing to do with home brewing. It’s about producing “beer or other beverages for commercial sale.” Am I missing something?

Topic #2: The local micro brewing industry sure seems to be taking off. In addition to Lake Superior Brewing Co., Fitger’s Brewhouse and Thirsty Pagan Brewing, Carmody Irish Pub began brewing beer recently and a brewpub is in the works at Clyde Park. Further into the future, another brewpub could be popping up in Canal Park at the old Duluth Spring Co. location. I wonder how the total gallons produced in the area will compare to 50 years ago.

Lake Superior wins Gold Medal at World Beer Championships

Video from Northland’s Newscenter: Lake Superior Brewery Wins Big at World Beer Championships (warning the video starts with a 15 second ad that you have to watch to see the story)

Not sure why I feel like the resident apologist for Lake Superior Brewery especially since I’ve never tasted the stuff but … somehow I am a big booster of this gem of a Duluth business and I was very glad to see them get some recognition. Who knows? Maybe this is a stepping stone to better and better things for them and our fair Lincoln Park. Congratulations Dale and boys.

Last-minute Christmas

So, I have waited until the last second to buy my Christmas gifts. As someone who does not drink (ever) I need some help.

Which area microbrewery is the best? Where can/should I buy their products? Can anyone recommend any Minnesota-made wines? Where can I buy them in Duluth?

The Fractals. Beer. Pizza. Prizes. Tomorrow.


Weather doesn’t look great, but it’s sure to be better than last year’s miserable conditions — and that was a blast.