“I’ll give you a medal if you get out alive.”

“You’ll never see another town like Duluth.  It’s not a tourist destination, but it probably should be.  Depends what season you’re in there, though.  There are only two seasons:  damp and cold.  I like the way the hills tumble to the waterfront and the way the wind blows around the grain elevators. The train yards go on forever, too.  It’s old-age industrial, that’s what it is.  You’ll see it from the top of the hill for miles and miles before you get there.  You won’t believe your eyes.  I’ll give you a medal if you get out alive.”

Bob Dylan,
Rolling Stone #1078, May 14, 2009

The heart of commerce is… Superior, WI?

And to think, some of us thought it was the armpit…

Heart of Commerce

“The American Geographical Society Library has acquired an extremely rare and unusual map, The Man of Commerce, published in 1889 in Superior, Wisconsin. The highly detailed 31″ x 50″ map/chart conflates human anatomy with the American transportation system, in an apparent attempt to promote Superior as a transportation hub.”

From: Strangemaps

Oh Hell Yeah!

Park Point here I come. I think we need to have a wearable towel pub crawl this summer, order yours now!

Where is it?

Teal Doors

Benefit concert features Bill Bastian

The Northland’s tenor extraordinaire, Bill Bastian, will headline a concert to benefit two Iraqi refugees attending St. Scholastica in the fall.

When: 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 2
Where: Mitchell Auditorium on the College of St. Scholastica campus

Duluth Superior Sailing Association Open House June 6 from noon to 4

Come learn about Duluth Superior Sailing Association and its programs June 6 from noon to 4:00 p.m. Sailing season and classes for children and adults begin.

Rubber Chicken’s Humpty Dumpty: The Musical Free Preview

Come see this great show… One weekend left!

May 29-31
Friday and Saturday shows at 7pm
Saturday and Sundays matinees at 3pm

Marty McFly’s house

The real McFly house used for exterior shots in Back to the Future.

The real "McFly" house used for exterior shots in Back to the Future. Click for Google maps link.

Malt Shoppe gets big Shout Out

Portland Malt Shoppe – Duluth, Minn.


“I appreciate places that know they’re the best but are still nice. You find that kind of friendly cockiness at this art deco shack set on Lake Superior. I’ve never had a better malt in my life (716 E. Superior St., portlandmaltshoppe.com , open summers, malts from $6).” – Danny Meyer


From MSNBC (via the twitterverse)

Very Illustrated People Tattoo Studio

V.I.P. “Very Illustrated People” Tattoo Studio is business in Duluth, Minnesota. Owner Brian “B.C.” Carlson, a Duluth native, has been tattooing since the age of 13. Starting out as a hobby tattooing friends, it has blossomed into a great new business. After obtaining and successfully completing a professional tattoo apprenticeship with Dave Zappia, Brian has decided to continue professional tattooing in the Northland. Whether it’s tribal, old school, new skool, oriental, realism, black and grey, or custom, the clients ideas get manifested on the skin. Getting a tattoo at V.I.P. is easy and safe. The personable attitude of the crew, commitment of professionalism, and up-to-date safety precautions makes V.I.P. a great place to get inked.

Call for details. 218-728-8995. 5 North 19th Ave E, right around the corner from Amazing Alonzo Paperback Exchange. http://www.viptattoostudio.com/

Click more to see a cool starwars tattoo!

Liquor Store Math

The Next Level column in this week’s Transistor answers an important question for Duluthians:

Is it worth driving to Superior to save money on off-sale alcohol?

Duluth Does Cash and Young

This Thursday, 7 pm at Sacred Heart Music Center.

Tickets only $10 online at www.sacredheartmusic.org, at the Electric Fetus or at the door. Proceeds to benefit the Sacred Heart Youth Program Fund to foster music and art education for local children.

Over 40 local acts performing Johnny Cash and Neil Young songs.

Some of the artists scheduled to appear include Jamie Ness, Max Dakota, The Fish Heads, Rivulets, Rachael Kilgour, Sara Thomsen, Jerree Small, Chad Lyons,Yeltzi, Lookdown Moon, Bill Flannagan, Dave Mehling, Leanne Perius, Centerville All Stars, Clyde Iron, Paul Newberg, Hattie Peterson, Old Knifey and many many more.


Farmers Market at UMD this Wednesday!


UMD Farmers Market 



UMD Kirby Plaza Bus Hub

LOCAL Produce, Music and Artisans!


Leah Nelson

[email protected]


Campus Map: http://www.d.umn.edu/parking/lots.html


Ride the Bus or Park Free!


What you might find at the Market:

· Fruits and Berries

· Vegetables

· Flowers

· Maple syrup

· Baked goods

· Transplants

· Herbs and Spices

· Much more!


Minnesota Refrigerator

The realization that I'd stacked all the drinks next to the mini-fridge struck me funny, somehow.  Never mind me.

The realization that I'd stacked all the drinks next to the mini-fridge instead of in it struck me funny, somehow. Errr, never mind me.

Where else in the entire nation can you get cheaper refrigeration?
To tell you the truth I like it in Duluth.









The Day Your Childhood Died

This is a public continuation of a conversation I had with my girlfriend this morning.

Sjixxxy C. 1989

We were wondering how many other people can remember the moment when they realized that toys no longer were fun? Not your adult toys like jet skis, cameras, or hand guns, but the stuff you had while your age was in the single digits. Blocks, GI-Joes, a hoop with a stick, etc..

My moment came when I was about ten. My older brother’s friend came over and gave me this little toy metal truck he had to play with. I instinctively took it to the living room floor and started pushing it in circles. It took several laps until the newly forming adult parts of my brain woke up and sparked off some internal dialog.

Adult Brain: “Why are you doing this kid? It’s not any fun.”
Child Brain: “But it is a toy truck. I’m suppose to be pushing it around and pretending that I am hauling away sacks of grain from the imaginary mill to be delivered to the grocer under the couch!”
Adult Brain: “Do you really think the imaginary people under the couch need you shipments of invisible wheat to stay alive any more?”
Child Brain: “Of course! They’ve always relied on my grain!”
Adult Brain: “Not for long sonny. You’re childhood is being pushed aside much like your pretend mill and grocer will be once that Wal-Mart under the ottoman finished construction.”
Child Brain: “Waaaa! I’m just a kid! Leave me alone! This is suppose to be fun.”
Adult Brain: “Not for long. Face the facts boy. You are not finding this fun any more.”
Child Brain: “You’re right. My childhood is dying. What should I do?”
Adult Brain: “Check in the bottom of daddy’s night stand for some matches.”
Child Brain: “Then what?”
Adult Brain: “Burn things!”

At that moment, I realized my innocent childhood was drawing to an end, and my simple toys would no longer be fun to play with.

Does anyone else remember this exact moment in their life? Please describe it in the comments.

Some dialog may be embellished for dramatic effect.