Found objects on the trail

As the ice and snow have melted from the trails, I notice more have ventured out. These two found objects on the Miller Creek Trail sure beat the graffiti that has been the predominate human additions to the trail the last couple years.

Jewel in tree

Jewel in tree


live among duluth’s greatest expats

So you’re thinking of moving to the Twin Cities. Duluth is home, but you have to trek south for a year. Perhaps it’s for a job, or the love of your life, or you just want to be closer to the Sonic that opened up last year. Whatever your reason, I have a deal for you. Move into the Carleton Artist Lofts and the month of May is rent free.

I know, you’re thinking “What the Gary Doty does this have to do with Duluth?” Well these particular artist lofts are also home to one Dr. Thunder (aka Erik Pearson) and Crystal Meisinger. How could you not want to live alongside these giants among men?

Here’s the linky linky for info.

Looking for a paralegal – inexpensive

We need somone to write an easment so we can run our new sewer line under our neighbors’ yard. Any recommendations?

Any One of Us: Women’s Words from Prison — from the folks that brought you the Vagina Monologues

V-Day Ending Violence Against Women

Any One of Us: Words From Prison evolved from a decade-long writing group with Eve Ensler and 15 women at Bedford Hill’s Correctional Facility. This piece is a collection of stories from the raw voices of fierceness and honesty written by the original 15 women combined with writing from women in prisons across the nation moving forward toward healing, understanding and change with the ultimate goal of using their writing and voices to impact policy, laws and treatment of incarcerated women. Together these writings reveal the deep connection between women in prison and the violence that often brings them there.

Wednesday, April 22, noon
University of Minnesota Duluth campus – LOCATION CHANGE!  KSC 268
Admission: $2 or a non-perishable food item
All proceeds go to the Duluth Bethel Women’s Program
Sponsored by V-Day UMD, UMD Women’s Resource & Action Center, UMD Women’s Studies Department & Kirby Program Board

oh noes!!!

probable unemployed actors attempting to act afraid of the gays

see a snippets of the horrendous auditions for the “storm of gays” video.

In search of art/Earth Day/craft fairs for vending…

Does anyone know of any good spring art/craft/Earth Day fairs coming up?

Progressive Action Spaghetti Dinner April 17!

Progressive Action is holding its annual Spaghetti Dinner Extravaganza! on Friday, April 17, at 6:o0 pm at Peace Church, in the downstairs hall. It’s going to be a fabulous evening of FOOD (spaghetti! meatballs and veggie options, bread too) live music (Mad About Jane!), a silent auction with some seriously great items, a kids activity area, AND a keynote speech from Minneapolis Mayor RT Ryback! How cool is that? The evening MC is City Councilor Jeff Anderson. Tickets are $15 each, children 10 and under are free. You can buy tickets in advance at the Green Merc or buy them at the door. For more information, or call the lovely and talented Barb Olsen at 349-6681. BE THERE.

A Small Request


Can we all please STOP referring to this place as “Carmody’s”? The name of the bar is Carmody. Singular. Or, alternatively, Carmody Irish Pub.

It does not belong to a person named Carmody. Look at the sign. There is no apostrophe. There is no “S.”

Carmody. Plain and simple.

Anything else sounds, well, kind of stupid.

Dining Al Fresco …

That ever expanding city within a city, or as I like to call it, SMDC-opolis played host to a shockingly pleasant dining experience today …

After the first dr visit of her 10th month of pregnancy my partner and I were both famished and agreed to visit that behemoth’s  hearthstone grill (I refuse to put the extra “e” on grill cause that just grates on me, they are trying way too hard to be something they are not).

Anyway, the food was really good. Nice variety, well prepared, and yeah, it’s cafeteria style, but the service was still really good and quick, and it’s nice to pick out your own serving sizes sometimes, especially when you’re rushed or have a big appetite.

And as my impromptu photo will attest, the view and ambiance were very very pleasant. Although, if you are a neat freak keep your food on the tray as the outdoor tables had a thin, barely noticeable layer of grime on them.

The cost for this very gastronomically and aesthetically pleasing lunch for two cost (that’s one giant and one very pregnant lady so we are talking appetites here folks.) Well, it came in well under $20.

So I’m wondering to myself, am I crazy, or did I just stumble upon a fantastic new lunch place? And even more shocking to me … did I just find the new best place to dine outdoors in the Twin Ports?

1st outdoor lunch of 2009 at the new(ish) SMDC clinic building

Our 1st outdoor lunch of 2009 at the new(ish) SMDC clinic building

Your thoughtful thoughts?

Homegrown Schedule Announced


Not sure why it took a square like me, but if you’re interested, the schedule is here.

Talk of the Nation

C-Freak – was that you on npr today, giving the bizness to Ms. Maggie homophobe? If it was, fucking right on!!!

I about threw my radio when she played her ad. “Gay marriage will take away rights from straight marriages!” WTF?!?!?

Best of luck to Marry Me Minnesota!

“This play takes your guts out.” – NY Times

Sarah Zastrow, Jody Kujawa and Ellie Martin in Renegade Comedy Theatre's production of "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" by Martin McDonagh (photo by Ken Koolodge)

Sarah Zastrow, Jody Kujawa and Ellie Martin in Renegade Comedy Theatre's production of "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" (photo by Ken Koolodge).


In the mountains of Connemara, Ireland, lives Maureen Folan, a 40-year-old spinster. Her sisters have long escaped into marriage and Maureen is stuck caring for Mag, her aging, manipulative mother. When a man shows up on their doorstep offering Maureen a last chance at happiness, Mag interferes, setting in motion a chain of events leading to a shocking, terrifying conclusion.

Halloween, Alaska

Halloween, AlaskaHalloween, Alaska

Tuesday April 14

9:00 PM

In the Rafters on the University of Minnesota Duluth Campus

FREE for UMD students/$5 Non-UMD

Their 3rd full length, album, CHAMPAGNE DOWNTOWN, just came out on April 7, 2008.

Dave Mehling will Open the Show.

Check out the website for more details

Also, the next night, Wed April 15, Alan Sparhawk will be performing in the same space, at the same time.

Rafters, 9pm

Damn But I Need A Party!

The last few months for my kids and I have been, how shall I put it, challenging???

Hopefully, within the next month, we will have officially changed our last name. Yeah, you know it’s been rough when your whole family feels the need for a major reboot.

Anyway, what I need from ya’ll is a good place for a gathering of twenty or thirty people of all ages where we can eat, celebrate our new last name, celebrate a new beginning, and not have to pay any kind of a fee up front to rent the space. Basically, a restaurant that could accommodate us without having us at a bunch of small tables, maybe just two or three?


Easter. Hidden Eggs. Pancake Breakfast

Easter at Hillside Church Duluth