Green Brief 7

“Mousavi and Khatami’s offices have told their supporters to use a different tactic to get their demands by going to the bazaars with their families everyday starting Tuesday at 9 and not buy anything at all. If anyone is to ask them, they’re to say they’re there to shop.”

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Snow in June


Dandelion snow or cottonwood seeds or willow dust or something.


The YWCA Spirit Valley Supportive Housing Program will be collecting new and gently used pajamas and night wear for women and children at the historic YWCA Trepanier Hall on Wednesday, June 24th (tomorrow!) from 10-4. All pajamas will be donated to local women’s shelters.

Trepanier Hall is located at 212 W Second St. in downtown Duluth.

If you can’t make it during those times, you can drop donations off at the YWCA administrative offices at the Building For Women, 32 E First St. anytime this week.

Questions? Contact Tammi at 624-5451 x 10

Outdoor concert at Wade Stadium Sunday

An outdoor concert featuring Shinedown, Saving Abel, Pop Evil and Sick of Sarah will be held Sunday at Wade Stadium. Read more.

Howie Blog: Pies ‘n boats

Volunteers have prepared over 900 pies for Saturday’s 5th annual Rhubarb Festival.

“We are even selling rhubarb burritos again this year,” Pies and Treats committee co-chair Char Juntunen said in a prepared statement. “We tried the Burritos last year at the last minute and they were a hit!” Read more.

Row, row, row your boat

Over 250 rowers from more than six clubs are expected to compete in the Duluth Rowing Club’s 51st Annual International Rowing Regatta on Saturday, July 11. Read more.


From the Ripsaw Archive | June 1999


Ten years ago, cartoonist Israel Malachi poked fun at Duluth City Councilor Marcia Hales for pushing an ordinance that made it a ticketable offense to play a car stereo loud enough to be heard 50 feet away.

Perfect Duluth Domestic Partnership

The city of Duluth opened Domestic Partnership registration yesterday (apparently nobody showed up). You can find info & forms here.

Farmers Market At UMD: Wednesday 6/24

Farmers Market at UMD


UMD Kirby Plaza Bus Hub

LOCAL Produce, Music and Artisans!


Thurs, July 2
The Bike Cave, 1712 Jefferson St.
8pm- Potluck
9pm- Film screening

Bike on down to the Cave for an evening of food and film! We’ll be screening Veer, a new documentary film that follows five bike enthusiasts over the course of a year, illuminating their struggles and triumphs while depicting different aspects of today’s bike culture.

Veer trailer:

Ride your bike, bring a friend, and bring something to share!
the B.C.C is a sober space.


new Mars Volta album


Their new single, “Since We’ve Been Wrong,” sounds so Low-esque. Are the Angelenos acquainted with the Sparhawk family or is it just affinity?

“Kiss Off” from the Free Range Film Festival Players

Directed by local hero Mike Scholtz for the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. Featuring a cameo by Minnesota State Representative Roger Reinert.

Identical cousins?


I was at 26th Avenue East and London Road when I saw these two cars. They’re a little unusual, so I thought it was funny to see two together. The question that lingers for me: Is it possible these people are together? Do friends ever buy the same kind of car so they’ll match?

Critical Mass Bike Parade! (Friday, June 26)

Come join us for a casual bike ride through downtown Duluth, Canal Park, and wherever else our wheels may take us to celebrate cycling, promote sustainable transport, and take back the streets from automobiles’ boring and destructive business-as-usual.

Critical Mass is a leaderless ride that happens in cities throughout the world on the last Friday of each month.  Everyone is welcome to attend and participate!  Come dressed up in costume, birng noisemakers, decorate your bike!  (this is a parade of sorts)

In Duluth we meet at Leif Erickson Park by Leif’s statue at 5:30pm.  After the ride, riders tend to congregate and socialize in a public area, whether it is Leif Erickson, Lake and Superior St, etc.  Food Not Bombs will provide free food.

Hope to see you this Friday!

Speaking of Anniversaries …

It’s been one year since Starfire’s 100 Pushup Challenge. Did anyone make it? I’m still stuck on week four of the workout. Six weeks? Yeah, right!