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Cooking on the Car at Beaner’s

Jason Wussow and Dan Dresser’s adventures in cooking on the exhaust manifold of a 1989 Toyota Camry continue tonight. They’re making a special meal for the mayor and his wife. A screening of the short “Cooking on the Car” movie will be part of the event.

Friday, Nov. 27, 8 p.m. | Beaner’s Central

Speaking of coffee shops, the Red Mug in Superior is celebrating its 5th anniversary with prizes and specials all day today.

SNL Skit: Duluth Live! from 2006

I had been trying to find this clip for ages, turns out it was right under my nose at I’m not sure if this has posted before, but I’d thought I’d share it anyways. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Sadly, there is no longer an embeddable version of the video online, but it is available on

Duluth TV ads from 1970

Eight classic TV spots from 1970, in all their sexiness.

Twelve Moons on Gichigami – Canal Park Film

Not sure if this has ever been posted here before, but figured I’d share it just in case.

More retro Duluth TV

Someone just posted a bunch of old WDIO news, sports and weather promos on YouTube. Here is an assortment of 1970s-era holiday spots — lots of glimpses of old TV news sets and technology … and a brief appearance by Dennis Anderson.

California Camry Cuisine

Jason Wussow and Dan Dresser, the guys who made the movie Cooking on the Car, are taking their mobile kitchen on the road again soon. They’re hoping to challenge Jay Leno to a cook off – putting their Toyota Camry up against one of Leno’s fancy schmancy cars. Or maybe Conan is still driving his Taurus.

Follow them:

Cooking on the Car will also be showing this Saturday at that Zinema.

Trampled by Turtles — “Duluth” live in Cleveland

The title track from the latest release by Trampled by Turtles, performed at the Beachland Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio on June 8.

(not so) Fresh Duluth

Fresh Duluth

In 2008 Pro Video Productions in Duluth, in cooperation with a number of big employers and produced a slick documentary “Fresh Duluth.” It was posted and discussed by many of us here on Perfect Duluth Day

I liked the film just fine and from my lay person’s perspective it was well done. The idea was to use it to lure employees to the city and maybe some businesses or conventions or whatever … It features great action shots of the outdoors, culture and business and interviews with a number of well-lit, Ken Burns style “expert” interviews with prominent folks talking about how great the city was including …

–Ann Klefstad DNT arts and culture reporter who was laid off in one of several mass lay offs that the DNT did that same year. Just a few months after the video premiered

–A Cirrus Design Exec (Alan Klapmeier, I think) who was fired/quit/demoted from the organization earlier this year.

And rounding out the list …

–Rod Raymond a prominent local businessman, endurance athlete, and (somehow he also finds time to be a) fitness professor at UMD whose name and reputation are now bound up in allegations of Sexual Harassment at UMD, plus lots and lots and lots of rumors and allegations, that may never end, regardless of the truth.

Now … I’m having that not so Fresh Feeling …

Indie Film Night at the Zinema, Nov. 7


Duluth in song and video

The pictures and the lyrics seem to be sending mixed messages.  I wonder, if a blind person and a deaf person experienced this music video, what would their discussion about their perceptions of our fair city be like?

Twin Vs Tigers Live Stream Online – Tie Breaker Game

Twin vs Tigers  – One game tie breaker game on TBS.

So if you do not have TBS here you go:

UPDATE: New stream

Twins vs Tigers

Twins vs Tigers

Herb Brooks “Miracle on Ice” speech reenacted by 4 year old

Here is a great speech reenactment of Herb Brooks “Miracle on Ice” speech by 4 year old Rizzo.

Red, White and Bruised – Harbor City Rollerdames

Harbor City Rollerdames video courtesy the Dusu.

Which Camcorder?

Looking to buy a camcorder for taking music videos of myself singing/playing acoustic guitar for Youtube upload.  In the $200-350 range.  I haven’t had much luck  finding something with better  audio quality that works well in low light conditions.  I was told that flash memory format is the best option but what about other formats that might have better audio quality and lowlight performance?  The criteria I’m most interested in are 1. Ease of upload to Youtube/internet; 2. Better sound quality; 3. Image quality/good low light performance; 4. Ease of use;  5. Has image stabilization; 6. Prefer Mac/PC compatible; 7. Longer battery life.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions.  Thanks for you help.  Please respond to me at [email protected]

Fall Colors – Trestle Inn – On the Road with Jason Davis

Good “On the Road” segment that aired a few weeks ago on KSTP 5 Twin Cites. It was nice to see my friends at the Trestle Inn get some free advertising. I was up there on Grouse opener to have lunch and a couple drinks and was talking to the owners and they have got a lot calls since the airing with people asking, “Where are you? I put you into our GPS and it can’t find you.” Sue says, “OK first turn off the GPS and I will tell you how to get here.” They insist, “But my GPS can’t find you. What is the problem?” She politely says again, “OK if you want me to help you find us just turn off your GPS and I will tell you how to get here.”

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