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Roscoe’s Pioneer Bar

This post originally contained a video about Roscoe’s Pioneer Bar on Blip.TV. The video was eventually removed from the source.

Fiber Optics: The Final Frontier

Some of the Google Fiber videos from a few months ago never made it to PDD. Since there seems to be renewed interest in the subject following the release of Google Goes to Twin Ports, it seems like a good time to highlight some of the good work put out by a wide variety of people. The director of the above video is 14 years old.

Duluth Google Fiber Movie!


Island powered by renewable energy

Don Ness interviews Skeeter Moore in 1986

Regretfully, this video has been removed from YouTube.

Equal Xchange — Stage Presents

Directed by Edgewood Smith

Another selection from the 2010 Homegrown Music Video Festival.

Deer break into the Stout Ale House in Menomonie, Wis. — patrons were ironically watching Milwaukee Bucks game

Above is surveillance video from May 2. Watch as two bucks smash through the doors.

Homegrown Kickball Classic 2010

Ryan from presents an 8-second montage from the infamous Friday Rawkers vs. Saturday Rollers Kickball game.

Playback issues? Turn off HD playback.

The Bitter Spills — “The Old Clyde Road”

Here’s another video from Monday night’s Homegrown Music Video Festival, in case you weren’t there. It’s Josh Carlon’s fantastic animated video for “The Old Clyde Road” by The Bitter Spills.

A majority of the videos from the festival are now available on the fancy PDD page linked to this sentence.

UMD Students Engage Chancellor Martin About Race Relations

At Monday’s race relations rally, my friend, local videographer, solar power activist and occasional political candidate Jay Cole of Youth Video Quest captured video of the remarkable and very emotional exchange between UMD students and Chancellor Martin.

The conversation will no doubt continue here and elsewhere. It must.

Related: Minnesota Public Radio has apparently been hosting an ongoing dialog about race relations and on Friday May 7th, 2010 they will have an online chat about race relations including a discussion about Duluth both on and off the UMD campus. As far as I know, any reasonable person can participate in the chat. Here is the link they sent me: How do we talk about race relations?

The Boomchucks – “Good News / Bad News”

Directed by Rich Narum. Digital animation by Saša Kološnjaj.

The Moon is Down – “My Amazing Kite”

This must be posted for your adoration. Great video featuring Abe Curran and Braxton Baker. Way to go!

Dancing Boyz of Minnesota

Music by Duluth native Bo Conrad and the Bo Conrad Spit Band

Teague Alexy is just trying to get a good clean high off a dirt cheap bottle of wine

In addition the Homegrown gig next Tuesday, May 3, at Carmody Irish Pub, you can also catch Teague Alexy …

Thursday, 4/29, regular ol’ gig at Carmody Irish Pub
Friday, 4/30, performing on Almanac North on WDSE-TV
Saturday, 5/1, Respect Your Mother EarthFest at Leif Erikson Park

Bike Safety Tips from Dr. Dog

One band that I really love and beg to come to Duluth made a great video for bike safety.  FYI Critical Mass and tourists coming to Canal Park.

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