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Price Check: Pint of Bent Hop

Frigidaire Dishwasher

Bent Hop is a golden India pale ale brewed in Duluth’s friendly West End by Bent Paddle Brewing, a 30-barrel production brewery and taproom that uses water from Lake Superior. Bent Hop has a big citrus bitterness with a medium malt support. The alcohol by volume is 6.2 percent. Compare that to the domestics with an average ABV of 4.2%, and you have yourself a craft beer that’ll bend you over during hoppy hour.

For the purposes of this price check, we compared prices of Bent Hop on tap rather than in a can.

Here lies the sixth feature for the Price Check series where we compare prices of products — from bars and restaurants in this case — in Duluth and Superior. The prices below reflect the rate the establishment charges with tax included. For the most part, bars factor the tax into a flat, rounded off price. Many restaurants, however, don’t mind picking up pocket change. Duluth establishments charge 13.125 percent tax on alcoholic beverages; Superior establishments charge 5.5 percent tax. Since the taxes are extra complicated on this Price Check, we break them down at the end of the list.

Price Check: Frigidaire Dishwasher

Frigidaire DishwasherAre you sick of arguing with your spouse and children about whose turn it is to wash the dishes by hand? Do you despise the smell and texture of greasy, pruney phalanges? Perfect Duluth Day’s Price Check series has a solution for your loathing: The Frigidaire 24-inch Built-in Dishwasher in Stainless Steel.

This model # FFBD2411NS dishwasher features a spacious, removable silverware basket, a delay start option so it runs on your schedule, a removable, stainless steel filter, five wash cycle options, and a control lock option.

Perfect Duluth Stargazing Spots

Can anyone recommend good spots for stargazing in and around Duluth? I’m sure there are many places out of town along the shore, but which spots do you recommend and why? Thank you.

Perfect Duluth Easter Brunch?

So, being of a mindset that doesn’t lean particularly religious, the wife and I tend to sleep in on Easter Sunday. I had always been under the impression that Easter brunch was sort of a big thing, so a few years back we ventured out seeking a leisurely breakfast/lunch combo with bloodies and mimosas, only to discover all the usual downtown brunch suspects were closed!

We probably gave up a bit too early in our search since we ended up at the bar at Tycoons, but there were surprisingly few open places. To save me from that situation again, what does PDD suggest as the best place in the area to get a proper Easter brunch?

Not your typical cookbook review


Once upon a time we stopped caring about where our food came from, and had no knowledge of the people who grew it. We stopped cooking, ate out of boxes, and tore cellophane wrappers off microwaved “TV dinners.” We even ate fast food meals in our cars without stepping foot outside. Sounds crazy, but it’s actually true! Americans across the socioeconomic spectrum came to rely solely upon international corporations to feed us, even though they’ve proven time and again that their only care is for profits.

Slowly, surely, relentlessly, we are waking up. There is another way. The Duluth Grill Cook Book II is the latest contribution toward our community’s drive to create a sustainable local food system. I lingered over a scratch-made pie and perused the book for a couple hours while taking in the atmosphere. Read my thoughts on Ed’s Big Adventure.

Price Check: Iggy Pop and Gwen Stefani


On Friday, March 18, two solo artists released their newest albums. As usual with Perfect Duluth Day’s Price Check, the cost of purchasing said albums varies — in this case not just from store to store but by format and artist. Odd as it might seem, Iggy Pop tends to be a tad more expensive than Gwen Stefani.

Price Check: Cuisinart Griddler Grill

Cuisinart Griddler GrillWhen you decide a Cuisinart Griddler is the most valuable appliance in your home, you will find yourself mollycoddling it like a 4-month-old tot. This brushed stainless steel grill functions as a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, or half grill / half griddle. It has a hinged floating cover that adjusts to the thickness of hamburgers, paninis or steaks.

The cooking plates are removable, reversible, nonstick and dishwasher-safe, with an integrated drip tray to collect grease. The two temperature controls make it easy to cook eggs and steak at the same time. It’s also BPA free for those concerned with the health effects of potential poisonous packaging.

Here lies the third feature for the Price Check series where we compare prices on basic, practical products and services around Duluth and Superior. The prices below reflect the rate the establishment charges with tax included. Minnesota and Duluth sales tax total 7.875%. Wisconsin and Douglas County sales tax total 5.5%.

Logo Design and WordPress Site Developer in Duluth

I’m a small business owner/consultant looking for someone to help me with branding, and to refresh my current WordPress website. Anyone have a list of local folks that they would recommend?

Behind the Curtain at got a pretty sweet write-up today by the Duluth News Tribune. is dedicated to celebrating all things Duluth. highlights sustenance, adventure, fun, and the people of our community because each business, person and activity contributes to Duluth’s unique brand.

Whatever you do:

Price Check: Women’s Columbia Fleece

Columbia JacketStores are shifting from winter to spring gear and this means one of many things: clearance coats everywhere. The most common women’s Columbia Sportswear Company product is the Columbia Benton Springs Full Zip Fleece. This fleece features two zipping pockets so there is a slim chance of your precious iPhone falling to its death. It can also be dressed-up with a scarf and heels or dressed-down with sweatpants and your favorite hoodie.

Here lies the second feature for the Price Check series where we compare prices on basic, practical products and services around Duluth and Superior.

The prices below reflect the rate the establishment charges with tax included. Clothing is exempt from Minnesota’s sales tax. Wisconsin and Douglas County sales tax total 5.5%. 

Price Check: Oil Change

oil changeThe light on the dashboard catches your eye. Add an oil change to your list of mundane, human deeds to complete in the near future: file taxes, buy milk and diapers, DMV to renew tabs, post office for stamps, gas, and now, an oil change.

Here lies the start to a new series where we compare prices on basic, practical products and services around Duluth and Superior. First off, oil changes.

The prices below reflect the rate the establishment charges with tax included. Wisconsin and Douglas County sales tax total 5.5%. Minnesota and Duluth sales tax total 7.875%.

One family, many businesses: Max Organics, Ben’s Blooms, Duluth Trading Company, and more

Max and garlic

The inventor of the Bucket Boss and founder of Duluth Trading Company, while declining to pay allowances to his children, has infused his kids with entrepreneurial skills that will last a lifetime. This was an interesting visit, and an incredible story I’m excited to tell. Learn more on Ed’s Big Adventure about the creation of these incredibly ambitious kid-owned businesses: Max Organics and Ben’s Blooms.

This story traces a genetic lineage that began with the closure of the U.S. Steel mill, which ultimately prompted the formation of one of Duluth’s most successful homegrown businesses, and continues to thrive in this next generation. This story will inspire you to think outside-of-the-box when it comes to running a business, instilling entrepreneurial skills in kids, and to live and buy locally.

Best/Hottest Wings in Duluth and Superior

My friends and I are having a bit of a competition/pissing match. We’re having two side-by-side debates. Here are the questions: What are the best wings in the Twin Ports (and why)? Also, what are the hottest wings in the Twin Ports? This debate will culminate in a wing-off with the four of us, based on your suggestions, agreeing on the establishment and seeing who can make it through the hottest order of wings in the Twin Ports with the most grace and bravado. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Myers-Wilkins and Lincoln Park Experiences

My family and I are currently considering a home in the Myers-Wilkins / Lincoln Park / Denfeld school boundary and are looking for some first-hand experiences. We definitely do not want to open enroll. We like the idea of our daughter going to school with her neighbors and I don’t want to be driving her to and from school every day.

I have heard mixed things about Myers-Wilkins, but as of right now, we feel OK about potentially sending our daughter there (she is 1, so it’ll be a few years). Same for Denfeld, but I would love to hear some first-hand experiences.

My mom used to work at Lincoln Park Middle School about 15 or so years ago and her experience left much to be desired. I have heard recently of some people pulling their kids out of Lincoln Park (all second hand stories) because of bullying problems. We are of the mentality that if she has good parents at home, she will do fine anywhere; however, we don’t want to send her somewhere we know could cause problems during middle school, and we all know how awesome middle school is…

I am hoping to hear of some positive experiences, since I have pretty much only come across negative opinions (none of them first hand), but any and all opinions are welcome and appreciated!

Cider in Duluth?


Although off the beaten path, I enjoy Endion Station‘s cider selection.  Is there anywhere else in town with a comparable cider menu?

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