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Grandma’s Marathon Bloody Mary Bar

Bloody Mary Bar

Thanks to everyone who came to my shindig. Aside from Bloody Marys, we had Mimosas, Coffee with Bailey’s, Biscuits and Gravy, lots of Fruit, a Ginormous Donut (thanks to Lucie and Jason), Lil’ Smokies, and Miniature Quiches.

Oh yeah, we watched people exert themselves while we sat in the shade sipping cool drinks. All in all, a really good day.


Bain News Service photo c. 1913

Bain News Service photo c. 1913

Pretty sporty.  Reminiscent of Soviet combat snowmobiles in basic concept.

Duluth Party on Madeline Island 2009

Isolate the hole, people. Isolate the hole.

Postcard from First Street

1st st crop

This is one of the ways I see the city I love. I saw the shoes hanging from the wire, the clock tower, and that brilliant blue sky and I needed a picture.

Where in Duluth…

Is this?

Where in Duluth?

… is this?




Jacobs Lake, Minnesota

Turtle Lake, Wisconsin

trailsendsaloon34895672 jesusfarm34857

Where is it?

Teal Doors

Go Sit on a Wall photo contest winner


Congratulations to Beverly Godfrey, who submitted this winning photo of her children in PDD’s “Go Sit on a Wall” contest. Thanks to all who participated.

Rubber Chicken Theater‘s production of “Humpty Dumpty” opens tonight.

Pastel Houses


Hillside Tree Hits the Medium Time

Big Tree in the Hillside, Duluth, MN

Big Tree in the Hillside, Duluth, MN

My tree snapshot was selected for the MN DNR Arbor Day photo gallery, they are looking for nominations of Minnesotans favorite trees and mine made the list. Or “a” list, anyway, not sure if it’s “the” list. Submissions are open for at least the rest of the month.
Try the DNR Photo Gallery here, my pic is about half way through MN DNR Arbormonth Photo Gallery

$25 for priceless

Jay Cooke Park 5.03.09

Jay Cooke Park 5.03.09

Took the kiddies out to Jay Cooke Park yesterday. Including the newest gosling on his first ever trip to nature.

Homegrown 2009 Photo Retrospective

View the full set of 495 images from Homegrown 2009 on Flickr.