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Where is it?

Teal Doors

Go Sit on a Wall photo contest winner


Congratulations to Beverly Godfrey, who submitted this winning photo of her children in PDD’s “Go Sit on a Wall” contest. Thanks to all who participated.

Rubber Chicken Theater‘s production of “Humpty Dumpty” opens tonight.

Pastel Houses


Hillside Tree Hits the Medium Time

Big Tree in the Hillside, Duluth, MN

Big Tree in the Hillside, Duluth, MN

My tree snapshot was selected for the MN DNR Arbor Day photo gallery, they are looking for nominations of Minnesotans favorite trees and mine made the list. Or “a” list, anyway, not sure if it’s “the” list. Submissions are open for at least the rest of the month.
Try the DNR Photo Gallery here, my pic is about half way through MN DNR Arbormonth Photo Gallery

$25 for priceless

Jay Cooke Park 5.03.09

Jay Cooke Park 5.03.09

Took the kiddies out to Jay Cooke Park yesterday. Including the newest gosling on his first ever trip to nature.

Homegrown 2009 Slideshow Retrospective

Watch it in this small form right here, or click here to see a larger version of the slideshow. And if you want to add your photos to the show, by all means post them on Flickr and tag them homegrownmusicfestival2009. They’ll be added automatically.

Homegrown Slideshow Index
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homegrown magic

paul hannu & grandaughter. homegrown 2009. teatro zuccone


Where in duluth is this?

HG’09 Experimental Tuesday Photos

HG’09 at the Blue Crab

Experimental Tuesday?

this was no experiment



Alright, alright, alright!

Thanks to an overwhelming amount of donations to Renegade Comedy Theatre, members of DINK TANK will be camping out tonight at the Duluth 10 theatre to be first in line for tickets to the latest Matthew McConaughey opus, GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST.

They will spend the night on the cold concrete, playing their bongos and challenging all comers to a round of hacky sack. And, if you drive by and scream “McConaughey!” at them, they’ll be forced to respond with a chillaxed, “Alright, alright, alright.”

All of this will be filmed for posterity, edited for hilarity and posted online for public consumption and mockery.

The next evening, Friday, May 1st from 6-8pm, they will be joined by local conservative radio host Brad Bennett at the DUNK TANK FOR DINK TANK outside the theatre.

$10 gets you one ball; $25 gets you three, and you can take your pick of who you’d like to dunk – members of DINK TANK or Brad Bennett and members of his radio station staff. All proceeds go to benefit the Renegade Comedy Theatre, a local non-profit committed to providing the Northland with bold, high-quality productions that enrich, enlighten and, above all, entertain.

After the dunking is through, members of DINK TANK will dry off and head in to see the 9 o’clock showing of GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST.

Come down tonight or tomorrow and show your support for local arts…or to mock them. Totally your call.

JK livin’, everybody.

Other Signs of Spring …

Homegrown Week, I know.

My Lilac Bush 4.28.09

My Lilac Bush 4.28.09

Homegrown Festival is a sign of spring for many PDDers, no doubt. But for me one of my favorite signs that Spring is underway is when my lilacs bloom. Or appear to be near blooming, as is the case here.

Vote Spud!


I spotted this sign along Wisconsin Highway 13 between Ashland and Mellen a few weeks ago, right before the spring elections in Wisconsin.

I got a kick out of so many things about the sign – the use of “Spud” as the primary name, the (afterthought?) addition of “AKA Ryan Collins,” the use of scrap wood and (probably) leftover purple paint, nailing the sign right on a tree trunk… Small-town, north woods campaigning at its best. Well, except for that whole nailing to a tree trunk thing. I’m not a big fan of that.

Apparently Spud won a seat on the town board (scroll to the bottom). Godspeed, Spud – I hope you serve the Town of White River well.

Chem-Trails over Duluth. Show the kids!

Large chemtrail over Duluth threatening to obliterate the sun. Picture taken from 4th Street 04.16.09.

Here we have a small jet crossing back and forth over the central hillside/downtown area. The trails behind this jet are not to be mistaken as “Con-trails”!

Con-trails in warm weather will dissipate immediately if they are even visible at all.  Who knows, maybe it is just white flour to excite the chattering class … bring out the weirdos, know what I mean. Perhaps entertainment or to mess up our eyes as we repeatedly look toward the sun. Do you suppose they are disabling our pineal glands, disrupting our inherent clairvoyant abilities? Will I wake up tomorrow with an arm growing out of my ass? I hope not, but in a strange way, I do. View an essay.

From the Photo Archive | 1979


Thirty years ago, Bud James was one of the custodians at Laura MacArthur Elementary School. All the kids loved him.

Because I was so young then, my memory of Mr. James is fuzzy. What I do remember is that he used to sing all the time, whether it was at assemblies or just randomly in the halls while cleaning up puke. I don’t remember if he was good at singing, or if he was just a ham, but it was great either way.

Every kid should grow up with a singing janitor. Thank you, Mr. James.

Homegrown Banners

Hey kids, we know you’ve got ’em, and we want to see ’em. Turn your best Homegrown photos into PDD banners. We’ll try to rotate Homegrown-specific banners during the Homegrown Festival. Same rules apply, the image must be 960 pixels wide by 167 pixels high. Don’t stretch or squish the image to make it fit, that always looks bad. The Perfect Duluth Day logo will be added by PDD’s art department. Or, if you’d like, you can add it. 

E-mail if you want the Photoshop template with the logo

E-mail your banners to [email protected], and we’ll start organizing them.

Also, a reminder, the banners go up on Flickr eventually. If anybody wants to add info about their shots in the Flickr comments, that would be cool.

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