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Duluth Does Cash & Young

Following in the footsteps of the Duluth Does Dylan and the Duluth Does White tribute, Sacred Heart Music Center is putting together a concert to showcase local talent featuring songs by Johnny Cash and Neil Young.

Performers of all genres are encouraged to sign up; klezmer groups, barbershop quartets, jug bands, tuba trios, pan flute players or whatever as well as the the usual guitar strumming suspects. This is to be a (mostly) acoustic show so no Marshall stacks allowed, sorry.

Concert will Thursday May 28 and registration is open until April 17th. Sign up at Duluth Does

Artists chosen to participate will receive a copy of the show recorded by Sacred Heart Studio, free pizza and beer and a stipend.

Ian Gillan Band – “Clear Air Turbulence”

“Get in to Duluth!”

Thanks to Dan for the hot tip, related to the “Songs with Duluth in the lyrics or title” post.

Tisdales at Carmody


In conjunction with Concert for a Home: Music Opens Doors, Heading Home St. Louis County is also pleased to be working with The Tisdales! They are the head-liner band for the LATE-NITE PARTY at Carmody! Donations will be accepted at the door.



Keep up the great work, Walt and Starfire.

Friday at Beaner’s

img_72701The Alpha  Centari Cancelled!

Portrait of a  Drowned Man

Infected Wednesday

Dave  Mehling

List of songs with “Duluth” in the lyrics or title

This post was launched in 2009 and the list of Duluth songs continues to expand as new ones are reported. In mid-2018 the gradual process was begun of including links to posts with audio (and video if available) of the songs.

This Saturday


Venus from ATPH is DJing space-lounge music @ the Main Club on Friday night, too.

Setting the record straight

The best song by the Replacements is “I’m in Trouble” from  Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash. The best song by AC/DC is “Back in Black” from Back in Black. The best song by Ol’ Yeller is “Sulfur” from Nuzzle, and the best from the Glenrustles is “3 Perverts” from some Shaky Ray comp.  G’n’R’s best song is, of course, “Paradise City”, but mainly because of Slash’s guitar freak-out at the end. We all know that the best song featuring a sample from the theme song to “Sanford & Son” is “Old Man” by Masta Killer, featuring ODB and the RZA.

“Six Days”, “Dean’s Dream”, “Tacoland” and “Take Me Apart” are all tied as being the Dead Milkmen’s best songs, which means either a) the Dead Milkmen are really good at making mediocre songs I like or b) the Dead Milkmen are really good at making a bunch of really good songs.

Finally, I’m sure we can all agree that the best song ever is “Debaser” by the Pixies, from Doolittle.

Hip Hop at the Main Club


Early Warning


Hoops for Healing



This is my very first time doing this, so please bare with me…

YOU SHOULD BE HEARD!                                                                                                                                                                                             

I bought a house so I would have a place to build a recording studio. Well, Bar None Recording and Graphics is up and running (still with a couple of fine touches to deal with!)and we’re looking for local musicians who want to make a decent demo! We have 32 tracks, effects, a vocal booth and a drum tank. We also feature sleeve design, logo design, even t-shirt design!

We’ve waited for a long time to get started, and I kniow it’s a long road ahead, but now is the time!                                  YOU SHOULD BE HEARD!

I’m just going to post this and see what happens … HAVE A GOOD ONE AND STAY KIND.

“The Local” Podcast

I won’t be making a habit of promoting my Podcast but I was accepted in the iTunes store. The link is below. Subscribe and enjoy. You can also subscribe to my podcast and many others at the KUMD website.


Ides of March


03.17 @ Quinlan’s


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